tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy One True Love Ch. 05

My One True Love Ch. 05


Part 5

Chapter 17

I couldn't wait for the next day; it was a Thursday that day I broke up with Barbie. By the time I left Barbie's it was nearly 6 pm.

I just had to see Lindsay.

I drove straight from Barbie's to Lindsay's. My mind was racing; I couldn't believe I was getting back together with her again. On the way I texted her, though waiting until I had gotten to a red light (it really bugged me, well I hated it, when people tried to text and drive at the same time) to let her know I was coming. She responded with a smiley face . I figured her mother would be home, which was all right by me.

Sure enough I saw Lindsay's mother's car in the drive way. I liked her mother, I hoped she liked me, but with the way I treated her daughter she might be a little sour. I parked and ran up to the front door. Ringing the doorbell I waited patiently, butterflies in my stomach. It felt like the first time I was going on a date with Lindsay. I could hear footsteps on the other side, sounded like running to the front door. The running stopped and I heard nothing, what was going on? I wondered.

The door opened and I was floored with what I saw. There standing before me was Lindsay, she had dolled herself up, maybe a little too much for my tastes, but she was standing there in one of her shortest skirts. She had these knee high socks, a very tight t-shirt top which exposed her midriff, showing off her pierced navel. She looked as cute as could be. My cock instantly sprang to attention making me turn my hips to hide my excitement. We hugged, and she let me in.

"Mommy! Guess who's here!" she yelled.

"Who dear?" I heard Cheryl's voice, "Oh Jay! It's so good to see you!"

"It's good to see you as well Cheryl."

"Ah! And you've finally learned to call me by my first name!" We hugged, I was really glad I was back in Lindsay's life, along with her mother. "I'm just finishing dinner, would you like to join?"

"Oh I really couldn't," I started.

"Don't be silly!" laughed Cheryl, "There's plenty of food and you're always welcome here!" Cheryl turned to leave, not even giving me a chance to decline. I gotta hand it to her, when she was happy, she was generous, not to say she wasn't normally a generous person. Just looking at Lindsay, she spent a lot of money to make sure her daughter was happy. And I liked that about Cheryl, she loved Lindsay no matter what, and so did I.

"I'm coming mommy!" Lindsay said. She pranced behind her mother, giving me a glimpse of her panties, which she obviously wanted to showcase. And I had to look, a very cute blue pair, I didn't know what type, it was just a brief glance and I didn't see all of her panties. Just before she turned the corner she stopped and looked to me. I was caught, and she winked to me. I stood there blushing as she turned the corner. I smirked to myself as I followed behind.

Dinner was nice, it was a very filling meal and the talk was great. I really did miss talking with Lindsay. She and I always had interesting conversations that would often go on weird tangents. We'd laugh trying to figure out what we had originally been talking about. Dinner was much like that, except Cheryl conversed with us as well. It was all very light, considering the situation I didn't expect any earth shattering discussions.

We finished dinner, I helped clean up a bit but Cheryl insisted I not do her chores. I snuck in a few dishes before she finally shooed me away. "Behave you two!" smiled Cheryl as Lindsay and I left to her room. I knew what her mother meant; as did Lindsay I'm sure, as we giggled our way up to Lindsay's room.

As we stepped into her room, I saw the teddy bear I had gotten her for Christmas, I was afraid out of anger she had gotten rid of it. But no, it was there, front and center on her bed. I had already convinced myself that I wanted to take things slow with Lindsay again. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't lose her again, so the plan was not to do anything physical with her.

Other than kiss her, I had to be able to do that at least.

She made sure to flash her panties at me as much as possible going to her room. She stayed a step ahead of me on the steps and wiggled her butt as we walked down the hall. Once at her room she took a seat on her bed and smiled to me. I took a seat in her oversized chair opposite her and smiled back. I was about to say something but Lindsay started first.

"Ah... oh were you going to start?" she asked.

"I was but go ahead."

"No you go," she said.

"You started first, go ahead," I insisted.

"Um, well... okay," she thought for a moment, "I..." she paused again, "Um..." I smiled as she tried to find the words to start whatever she wanted to say. "You know what? Why don't you go first?"

"Okay Lindsay," I chuckled, "I was about to say, I want to start over. And what I mean by that is I want us to go slow, like how we first started out." I let Lindsay process what I was saying before I spoke again, "it'll be different of course, since we know each other so well, but what I'm saying is; I don't want to lose you again because I couldn't handle your... uh... uniqueness. You'll have to give me time to readjust, and who knows it may happen quicker now since I know about you."

"Oh Jay!" she began to cry, "Oh Jay! I love you!" I couldn't let her cry by herself so I got up from my chair and went to her. I put my arms around her and let her cry. She turned and cried into my shoulder. I just stayed there and tried to calm her down, gently rubbing my hand on her back up and down.

She pulled her head out of my shoulder after some time and looked to me, "I love you Jay..."

"I love you too Lindsay, now try to get a hold of yourself. I don't want your mom running up here because she thinks I did something wrong again." This brought a smile from Lindsay and she lightly slapped me.

"Dweeb," she joked.

"Ditz," I retorted playfully.

"Ah! Me?" she mocked a shocked look, "Why I never..."

I went in and started tickling her exposed tummy. She shrieked and fell back onto the bed. This is what I loved about us; we were so comfortable with each other, even with her cock, that we'd horse around. Often, before our breakup, I'd be in her room and we'd do stuff like this. It wasn't sexual and rarely led to sex, that wasn't my goal. I just wanted to have fun with my girlfriend, and that's what I didn't get with Barbie. She and I were just sex buddies basically. Which was fine, I guess, but I wanted more.

I needed better access to her so I straddled her smallish frame in between my thighs, holding her down. I made sure I wasn't too overpowering, I didn't want to be too aggressive, and tickled her again. She tossed and turned, laughing away, trying to get away. I laughed with her as she struggled until finally she told me she couldn't take it anymore. I stopped and smiled to her, "I love you so much Lindsay."

"I love you too Jay..."

I held Lindsay in my arms until she turned and looked up to me. She pursed her lips and we kissed for the first time that night. Even though we'd kissed earlier in the day it felt really great to do that with her. Maybe having the weight of Barbie being my girlfriend while I kissed Lindsay earlier was what didn't spark us as it did right then. Our passion was at an all time high. We rolled back onto her bed with Lindsay above me. Our mouths worked in perfect harmony. Our tongues intertwined and showed each other our immense love for one another. Our bodies were one despite not being connected as we would during sex. It was unbelievably hot how our making out was getting me. I was quickly getting hard and I wouldn't have been astonished if Lindsay was too.

Being the pervert I was, I had to check if she was as hard as I was. My hands holding up her waist gently made their way to her loose skirt. She giggled into my kiss. I folded her skirt so it was upturned, but I felt it just fall so it created a curtain between my eyes and my hands. I couldn't see what I was doing anyways but just feeling her soft smooth skin was so exhilarating. My hands inched closer and closer to her blue panties. My mind wandered back to when she flashed me and I wondered what kind she had on.

Her panties felt so soft and smooth, judging by the material I had to guess they were silk, it had that familiar texture to them. Again Lindsay giggled into my mouth as my hands grazed her gorgeous butt. I went between her perfect cheeks to be welcomed by her hard cock. It nestled in between her medium globes. I gently grazed it and it responded by twitching in its confined prison. When I touched her Lindsay moaned into my mouth. She pulled away from my lips, me chasing hers, "please let her free, I'm aching so much." It took me a few moments to figure out what she meant, 'let her free? Who?' I looked to Lindsay and she had this pained expression on her face. I touched her cock again and it twitched again, "Oh, her!"

"Yes her!" she moaned. She waited patiently. I was trying to figure out how I wanted to do this. Did I want to take her panties off or leave them on and just part the frontal area? I thought it'd look cute if I just parted the front so I did that. My hands wandered to her large bulge at the front, making sure to keep contact the entire way and grabbed at the front area. I was surprised with myself as I just dove in and pulled her panties aside. I grabbed her semi, with my bare hand; mind you I hadn't touched her in at least a few months and was still trying to cope with her cock, and pulled her out. With a soft thud her cock landed on my own semi-hard crotch. "Better baby?"

"Much..." she sighed and smiled softly. I still couldn't see her since her skirt was in the way but that just left me to my imagination, which was quite creative. I pictured her long cock pointing straight down, since I could feel her, and sporting all 12 inches of her. Her big pair of balls dangling low and aching to unload their hot seed. I was rock hard now; my cock was aching as well, trying to get out of my own prison. Our cocks lied there, next to each other only separated by my pair of jeans (and shorts). I began stroking her erection, only using the tips of my fingers to glide along the bottom of her shaft. I'd forgotten how long she was, I knew she was 12 inches but... I'd forgotten how long 12 inches was. I went to grasp Lindsay's cock but then remembered what I said earlier, I wanted to go slow...

I really wanted to touch her, to make her cum, to make her feel good, to share our love, but what I said earlier...

Lindsay noticed my absence and spoke, "What's wrong?" She looked worried, scared even.

"Oh nothing babe, it's just what I said earlier... how I want to go slow... I'm sorry..."

"Well if you're going to be such a tease," she began, sort of mock angry, maybe? "Then I'll just have to finish myself! Hmpf!" at first I thought she really was angry, but as soon as she smiled and rose I knew she was messing with me. She had straightened out, which made her cock come into view and distended her skirt obscenely. It stretched out in front of her, with her familiar upward curve. Her skirt did nothing to hide her arousal and I bugged out for a second before she got up and took a seat on the edge of her bed. Without even waiting a moment Lindsay started jacking herself. It wasn't super slow but it wasn't fast either. She pumped her fist along her 12 inches, teasing the head with her fingers whenever she reached the end. I just had to watch this and got up and behind her. I clasped my arms around her exposed belly and held her tight as she masturbated herself. She jolted a little once I hugged her, but she relaxed and turned her head. We kissed softly, only allowing our tongues to venture for a moment before she pulled away and focused on herself.

I was mesmerized by her technique. I really didn't know why, it was so simple. She cupped her balls in one hand, kind of juggling them, and with her right she was fisting herself, now quite quickly I might add.

It took all but two minutes before she laid back on me and started shooting cum everywhere. She moaned, groaned, grunted, and sighed for nearly half a minute. Her top, skirt, and belly were plastered in her thick, creamy, white goo. I couldn't help but smile to myself. I had the best view in the house and my girlfriend just masturbated in front of me and then she came all over herself, like she normally did. I was so turned on, I knew she knew, because my hard cock was pressing against her back. She moaned after her orgasm and rubbed my leg.

"That was sssoooo gooooood..." she sighed again.

"It looked really good babe."

"Do you need some help?" she asked.

"I'd like some, but like I said earlier I want to go slow..."

Lindsay rose up from my lap and turned around. She looked sexy and funny with her cum plastered all over her body, "What about a handjob?" She looked pleadingly at me.

I contemplated about it if that was okay, I knew I shouldn't, but she was my girlfriend and my dick was basically doing the talking now. "Well I guess that'd be okay..." Lindsay smiled and wasted no time in getting my pants and shorts down. Out I sprung out and she fisted me.

She jerked me quickly, like it was a race but I was soon moaning. Lindsay cupped my balls and fondled them in her grasp every once and a while. I was starting to thrust my hips up against her fist and she knew I was getting close. I lasted about five minutes before I moaned, "I'm cumming..." I threw my head back and my cock started spurting. Having had sex with Barbie earlier in the day, only three medium loads came out and spilled around Lindsay's fist.

I finished and looked to Lindsay who was already licking up my spent orgasm. "God I missed this!" She moaned again. She kept licking at her covered hand and finally smiled when she was done. She took her hand and grabbed at her own spent orgasm, tasting herself as well. Without thinking, I motioned for Lindsay to come to me and we kissed. There was some cold cum on her lips, her cum, and I didn't hesitate as we French kissed. It was the first time I had tasted her, and honestly it wasn't as bad as I would've thought, it actually wasn't half bad.

As we broke away she spoke, "You know, it tastes better when it's warm..." she smiled shyly. I thought maybe she wouldn't have noticed what I had done but she did. For me it was a big step in accepting her and I was quietly proud of myself that I was able to do that. I had my modesty though, I knew it was just a few droplets of her cum, but still it was her cum on her lips and I didn't think twice about not kissing Lindsay like that. I smiled back to her; I had a feeling she was proud of me as well. We kissed again and cuddled a little afterward, spooning each other, me being the big spoon on her bed. It was peaceful; we talked quietly with each other. She was obviously getting aroused, as was I, but we left our aching cocks for another time. I left a little after 10 pm that night as happy as a clam (I never really understood that expression, are clams really all that happy? Especially when you cook them, alive?).

The next day was Friday, and it really couldn't have come sooner, neither could the weekend...

Chapter 18

I woke up earlier than usual on Friday, I was excited. I went through my morning routine and got to school early. I wanted to see Lindsay, I wanted to hold her. I was disappointed when I couldn't find her in the morning and thought about her all through my morning classes.

Lunch came and I was determined to have lunch with her. I texted her so we could meet up. We decided on a spot and I was pleased to see her already seated when I arrived. She was munching on her sandwich as I sat beside her. I nearly rushed our kiss, barely letting her finish her bite before our lips were together. She giggled through the kiss.

"God I've missed you so much," I meant it in a way referring to our breakup as opposed to just through the night, although I kind of meant both.

"I've missed you too Jay," she giggled. I jolted in my seat when her hand found my cock. I was flaccid but was soon growing hard. She kept giggling as she massaged my member until it was fully erect.

"You're such a naughty little girl!" I whispered to her.

She giggled, "I know." She looked down and I followed her eyes, her legs were apart and her skirt was rising in the middle. I smiled and put my hand between her legs. I could feel her straining to get out of her panties. I wanted to release her but decided against it. Her long cock would most certainly hang below the seats and anyone could see her. I resorted to just gently stroking her through her skirt. I didn't wrap my fingers around her, just my palm grazing her. This seemed to send shivers because she kept moaning softly and shuddering. I really loved how I could do that to a girl, I was giving her so much pleasure!

"Okay stop Jay!" she almost sounded alarmed.

"What's wrong baby? I'm getting you all worked up?"

She giggled again, "Yeah, I can't be thinking about these things when we're out like this! I'll never be able to get to class or get any work done!" We still had 15 minutes before lunch was out. Reluctantly I pulled my hand away from her and kissed her lightly on the cheek. We ate our meals together, chatting to one another, almost as if we'd never been apart.

We went our separate ways, me horny as hell, struggling to get to class. Lindsay had to stay behind and let her excitement subside as well. I kept thinking to myself about what I had told Lindsay the day before about taking it slow. At that moment, in the hallway, I didn't know if I could hold out for much longer. I really wanted to be with Lindsay and show her how much I loved her.

I juggled with my thoughts all day long until classes got out. I met up with Lindsay at our usual place, when we used to be practicing for football/cheerleading. We talked and took a long stroll back to her place. We walked hand-in-hand, with her feeling me up occasionally. I guess it was a good thing she had on a loose fitting skirt because I'm sure she was straining to get free.

Once we made it inside I saw Lindsay adjust herself, she sighed quite loudly. I didn't think much of it as I left to the kitchen. I was thirsty and asked Lindsay if she wanted anything.

"Can I get some orange juice sweetie?" she asked.

"Sure babe, coming right up." I came back from the kitchen to see her seated on the couch with the xbox running and a game starting up. She had some arcade racing game in, one of her favorites. It had these cute little characters, I think meant for kids, and I guess girls. I didn't mind, I wanted to enjoy my time with Lindsay so I plopped right next to Lindsay, making sure we were touching. She emphasized this by looking to me smiling and then pressing her leg to mine. Her short skirt rode up and I had to look at her bare legs. She didn't tan, which I actually liked. I never cared for really tan or dark girls and Lindsay kept with that by being her usual white self, she wasn't pale or anything, just right.

"Okay, choose your character," she announced, this took me from her legs to the tv screen.

We played the arcade race game for over an hour before Lindsay needed a pee break. That got me wondering, does she pee sitting down or standing up, I didn't know if that was something to really ask her so I left my curiosity for another time. Soon enough she was back and smiling. She sat right in my lap this time, perpendicular to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and instinctively I held her.

We sat there staring into each others' eyes until Lindsay finally spoke up, "Are you sure you're not ready?"

I knew what she meant and thought for just a moment, "Honestly, I've been thinking about it all day. I really don't know if I can wait. I really do love you, and yesterday was a small big step, in a way."

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