tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy One True Love Ch. 06

My One True Love Ch. 06


Thank you all

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the kind comments! I didn't think it the previous chapter was that strong of a chapter but people seem pleased. For those of you who may be wondering I will be continuing this story further, though not sure for how much longer. My initial intent was to follow the story through college, and eventually marriage, but I don't know if the fan base will be around for that long (I may accelerate some instances).

As for the anonymous comment about my female characters experiencing multiple/hands free orgasms and males only one. I'm basing this off my own experiences. So far when I've had sex, my partner has usually ended with multiple orgasms (while I've only had one). As I stated at the very beginning of the story, this character, Jay, is based on me (and my experiences)).

This is a rather short chapter, so if you're looking for sex, this one's for you!

Again, thank you all for the kind remarks! And a special thank you to the lovely Joscelyn! She truly is an inspiration to my stories and to me!


Chapter 19

That amazing night had to come to an end. Now you might've thought that I was having second thoughts again about being with Lindsay. To be honest, those thoughts did run through my mind, but my heart proved to be stronger than my logical side. This was the one time I was glad for that. My logical side told me Lindsay was still genetically male, no matter how much surgery or hormones she took, she was still genetically male...

My heart though proved its worth. I couldn't give up Lindsay again, there was no way! I dearly loved her, with all my heart. Something as silly as a penis was not going to change my mind, she was a beautiful girl that I loved and that's all that mattered.

It was now early March. And since this was our senior year in high school many of us were expecting college acceptances (or refusals) soon, if not already. I was no exception and this time of year was exciting but also frightening. Some of my friends already got early notices to places they've applied and the rest of us anxiously awaited our results. Since I came to this school this year, I did all of my applications at my old school, not knowing anyone from here or even knowing I'd be here now. I bring this up because it just so happened that Lindsay and I applied to many of the same schools, namely the state college, which was a pretty good university. I really hoped I got into the state college because their engineering department was quite good. In passing, from our conversations as friends, Lindsay talked about wanting to go to the state school as well. We were both anxious for our acceptances to any of the schools we applied to, me more so for the ones Lindsay and I shared. I hope she thought the same way as well. Other than Lindsay, that was what was on my mind.

A week or so after getting back together I suggested that we both enroll in the GLBT club. I figured considering our situation it would be a good idea to see what the community was like at our school. We met quite a few people. Most of the students there were either gay or knew someone close to them was gay. Lindsay and I were the only seemingly 'straight' couple – I use the term loosely because even if Lindsay and myself consider us to be a straight couple, I'm sure most people there wouldn't – I think there may have been another straight couple but wasn't sure. As far as transgendered or transsexuals were concerned, Lindsay was the only one I knew of. The GLBT club was interesting to say the least. It was actually pretty cool meeting these people and learning about how they've struggled through tough times of their own, at home or at school. Considering it was still taboo, I didn't learn too much about transgendered people. Every once and a while the topic might come up, but nothing earth shattering or nothing new was ever said. That was a slight disappointment, but as a whole I'm glad I joined. It gave me a greater appreciation for Lindsay's trust in me, especially after what I had done to her.


Weeks would pass and acceptance letters came and went. I was still waiting on state, as were most of the students. By this point, I had been accepted to the other four colleges I applied to, though some were my 'safe' schools. One of my reaches was out-of-state and they didn't offer me a whole lot when it came to scholarships, so state was what I was now banking on (the other schools did offer me a lot of money though).

Lindsay was in a similar situation, though she got rejected by two already. She was really upset about one of them; it was in-state but a private university. As a good boyfriend I helped console her and took her out to try and forget about 'those mean old meanies,' as she put it.


April was nearly upon us, just two months to go, through April and most of May. Lindsay and I had sex when we could afford the time, mostly when her mother wasn't home. She always wanted more; we were only able to do it, at most, two times a week. I didn't fret about it though, once summer rolled around, we'd be able to do the nasty like bunnies. I was getting more and more comfortable with myself, almost to the point now that Lindsay's special qualities didn't affect me at all, or at least affect me in a bad way.

When we did have sex, it wasn't like that Friday that we made love passionately after getting back together. Due to time restraints (Lindsay's mother coming back home) we had to keep things rather quick. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I didn't try to keep it romantic and loving, I tried to almost always. It's just that we had to do the express version on some occasions, almost getting caught too!

In the second week of April I finally got the results from the state college. I was walking Lindsay back home. We held hands; she skipped lightly, giggling like a little girl. I loved watching her be her bubbly self. Before going to her house we stopped by her mailbox, as we normally did. I waited for Lindsay to grab the mail, enjoying the nice spring weather. And then I heard her scream. At first I was alarmed but when she threw her arms up and had a huge smile I knew it was good news, if not great.

"I got in!!!" she yelled, "I got in!!!!!!!!"

"You did baby?" I became excited.

"Yeah!!! I got in!!!!" she repeated again.

"I'm so happy for you!!!!!" I rushed to hug her and then kissed her softly.

"This day can't get any better!" I knew she meant it. She got into the school she really wanted, her mother just got a raise at work just recently, emotionally she had been as happy as could be, hopefully because we were together again. It really couldn't go much better for her. We hugged again before breaking away. She practically ran to the house, jumping, giggling, and prancing about. Her perfect smile couldn't contain me much longer and I had to run after her. "I'm so happy for you baby!!!" I congratulated her again. We kissed at the front door, me fumbling to get the door open. Being the silly girl she was, Lindsay had her leg propped up on me before I got the door open. She then jumped up into me, instinctively I held her, though grabbing her ass while doing so. It wasn't as graceful as I had hoped but I'll take it.

Our lips stayed connected as I carried her to the living room couch. I playfully tossed her onto the couch, laughing as I did so. She giggled and smiled, like the happy girl that she was. "Want anything to drink?" I asked.

"Mm, maybe some juice. Please!"

"On the way," I smiled. I got up to leave and get my girl a drink.

"I still can't believe it!" I heard her yell across the room.

"I know!" I yelled back, "I'm so proud of you!"

"Thank you baby!!!!!" I grabbed our drinks and a bag of snacks. I turned the corner to see my girlfriend relaxed on the sofa and with the xbox started up. She already had a game in and had the second controller waiting. "Here babe," I handed her the drink.

"Thanks!" she lightly kissed my cheek, "Now to whoop your sorry ass!"

I laughed, "Okay... I'll let you win, only because you've had such a good day..." I said sarcastically.

"Whatever!" she giggled, "I can beat you any day of the week!" Lindsay's competitive side always came out when we played games together. I knew it and she knew it. I always teased her about it even though more often than not she won. Lindsay had one of her fighting games, which I never cared for, and I picked my guy. She had her girl and we were soon off.

Six rounds later, I was down six to nothing, she was toying with me. I didn't care too much; I was having fun with my girl, that's all that mattered. "Okay, I can go one more round of kickin' your ass!" she taunted.

"Whatever! Remember I'm letting you win!"

"Haha!" she laughed, "Ooohhh is my boy a sore loser?"

"Naw!" I laughed, "just lettin' my girl feel good is all." We both broke out in laughter, knowing full well the situation. I loved this, doing this with Lindsay, just horsing around, having a good time with my girl. We kissed, showing our understanding.

We played one more round. She killed me... again... I was hoping I might get one win in, but to no avail, oh well. I went to go put our glasses away and the empty snack bag in the trash. I came back to Lindsay lying lengthwise on the sofa. I sat on the edge, right about where her breasts were and looked to my beautiful girlfriend.

"I'm so proud of you; let's just hope I get in too."

"Thanks Jay, it really means a lot, and I hope you get in too!" I leaned down to kiss her. I intended it to be a simple, quick 'I love you' kiss, but she wanted more. Lindsay pulled me in and devoured my mouth. She caught me way off guard almost losing my balance. We broke into laughter as I fell sliding off the sofa.

"Let's take this upstairs..." she seductively said, her mood changing dramatically. I'd been lying if I said I wasn't interested. We hadn't done it in nearly two weeks now. Ever since being with a girlfriend, either Lindsay or Barbie, I 'practiced' less on my own. For one I felt guilty doing it on my own and two, I wanted to share it with my girl. Plus it made orgasms that much better, saving up, the anticipation, and being with my girl.

Lindsay practically ran up to her room, barely giving me a chance. She giggled the whole way up, me following behind a bit slower. I'm guessing she was already in her room by the time I got to the bottom of the steps. I figured I'd give her the head start, thinking she may surprise me with something sexy waiting for me.

Making my way up, I peered around the corner to see Lindsay dry humping her stuffed teddy bear I'd gotten her for Christmas. I entered the room; Lindsay saw me come in and smiled to me. She didn't even stop her dry humping. Her clothes were still all on, a simple tank top and some skinny jeans. She kept humping the teddy and smiling to me, "Mmmmm, this feels sssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo ggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd!" she moaned rather forcefully, but playfully.

"Looks like you're having a good time, doesn't even look like you need me," I chuckled.

She pouted and stopped, "But I need a big boy to help me. Plus, it's not proper for a girl to do this to herself!" she smiled at the end.

"Well, then maybe I should help you," I smiled. It all played out like a bad porno, but that was on purpose. We both knew we were kidding around, and that's what I liked about Lindsay, she and I always knew how the other would respond in a given situation. Sometimes it was playful, like this, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes I just knew when to back off and vice versa. Sure we'd only known each other since the beginning of the school year, but our friendship at the beginning was what helped make our relationship that much stronger. Another part of that, though, and I'm pretty sure of this, was her specialness. She trusted me with her secret and despite breaking up; I never revealed it to anyone and never will.

What was I talking about?



Oh yeah! So... it was playing out like a bad porno, but we had this rapport with each other. The little nymph on the bed dry humped her teddy again, though slower. I didn't know why, but it was really hot seeing Lindsay do that. I guess because, like most guys, I enjoyed watching a girl masturbate. It was probably the first kind of porn I looked up when I was that ripe age of 12 or 13. And here was my gorgeous, unbelievable girlfriend masturbating in front of me. And in spite of having her clothes on, or maybe because of it, it shot my cock straight up in my jeans. Lindsay giggled as the bulge became very apparent.

"Looks like I may have a playing partner!" she giggled. I didn't say anything. I walked forward towards her bed and climbed aboard. Lindsay met me as I sat on the bed, kissing as we fell back. I was above her. She still had her teddy, kept in between her legs. It was in my crotch as well as we both began dry humping the poor stuffed animal. Lindsay kept moaning into my mouth as did I hers.

Taking initiative I grabbed onto her and rolled her over so she was on top. A small giggle left Lindsay but we stayed connected at the mouth. This gave me a chance to hold her slight frame, which I loved doing; feeling her smooth flat stomach and cupping her bra clad breasts.

Lindsay finally pulled away and gave me some breathing room, jesh! The girl wouldn't leave me alone! Her beautiful blue eyes looked to my brown ones. A loving smile came across her cute face. Her hair cascaded around her head, creating a makeshift curtain for the two of us, our own little private room. The last bits of her dyed pink hair were at the tips. I really liked the highlights, I usually didn't like it when girls dyed their hair, but Lindsay really pulled it off. We stayed there like this for a good long time, it was nice even though we weren't really do anything. We just stared and stared into each other.

A quiet giggle broke our moment and Lindsay planted a soft soothing kiss before she grabbed onto my shirt, ripping it off me. "Oh so you wanna play that way do ya?" I asked rhetorically. Lindsay smiled and giggled. I grabbed her tank top and ripped it off her. Without even hesitating she unclasped her bra letting it fall on my bare chest. "Mmmm, the cool air feels nice on my girls!" she moaned. I discarded her bra and gazed upon her breasts. They hung, not too low, and were already getting excited. Her pink areolas were a stark contrast to her fair pale-ish skin. I raised my neck to lap at her nipples. Lindsay giggled as they grew hard almost instantly. I kissed both nipples lovingly. "I love your twins!" I remarked.

"Me too!" she smiled, "they're so sensitive! They love it when you do that!" That encouraged me even more so I took more time on her lovely nipples. I played with them like a kitten. I was still learning the intricacies of foreplay and loving every minute of it.

Lindsay seemed to have enough after a little while longer because she scooted down and unzipped my trousers. They were off and thrown wildly off the bed. My boxers bulged with their contents. Lindsay bit at the waistband and tugged them down with her teeth. My cock flopped out and smacked against my lower belly as it was freed. I was already fully erect, eager for what was to come. My girl didn't use her teeth the whole way down my legs; just enough till my cock and balls were free. Soon enough my shorts too were thrown off the bed. I fully expected Lindsay to tease me but she didn't, she scooted back up to me. She held my cock and stroked me a few times before kissing me again. "Should I join you?" she asked as we parted. I knew what she was asking, "Yeah, I'd like that," I smiled. Lindsay rolled to her side and I rolled on top of her again. Like her, I did what she had just done to me a few seconds earlier. I scooted down and unzipped her jeans. They were a little bit more difficult to take off since they clung to her legs so tightly. She shimmied her way out of them and I threw the pair next to mine. The only thing left were her cute panties. Other than Barbie I wasn't sure what other girls wore for underwear, but Lindsay kept it simple, which I liked. Her pink panties dotted with white little hearts really fit her personality. They were full-cut cotton panties. They didn't hide her secret too well, but I think part of that was she didn't have to hide from me anymore. Still, even though she was a big girl, she hid pretty well considering what was in them. Like her, I bit at the elastic waistband and pulled her panties down. She didn't flop out like I did, and was only semi hard, I knew that was going to change quickly. Past her hips and I, more gracefully, threw her panties to our pile of clothes.

"Mmmm, feels nice to be free!" she purred. The smell of her arousal filled my nose soon after. Certainly a new aroma to get used to, but I was beginning to enjoy the smell of her penis and juices.

"I bet babe, It's nice to see your little girl come out and play!" I smiled. I didn't expect to get such a reaction from Lindsay but I did when I looked up, smiling to my girl but she had tears in her eyes. I was worried, had I said something wrong? "Baby? What's wrong?" I asked sounding more worried than I had hoped.

"It's okay Jay, I'm not upset," she tried to say calmly, "you called her 'little girl'!" It took me a moment to figure out what she was emotional about, I didn't think it was that big a deal to call her private secret her 'little girl,' I mean, she asked me to say that and not use the 'C' word or its derivatives. I went through my mind to try and remember if I ever called her penis her little girl.

But now that I thought about it, I never referred to her little girl since the first time we got back together when I called it her cock. After hearing her the first time, I took it to heart about her being sensitive about herself. I didn't even think about it, I wanted to make Lindsay feel as comfortable and safe as she can. It just wasn't a big deal to me to change my vocabulary, but Lindsay got something out of it from me.

She began sobbing. I was still hovering around her waist and had to come up and console her, "Baby, don't cry, you know I love you."

"I know, it's just..." tears streamed, "it means so much to me when you said that..." I kissed her lightly and smiled. She understood and calmed down a little. I held her face, "Of course babe, I'm here for you..." we kissed calmly again.

I fell to my side, so we were facing. We cuddled, completely naked. I never thought I'd be one for all this gushy stuff, but I was. We held each other, stroking different parts of our bodies, not necessarily always our genitals.

We stayed like this until Lindsay calmed down, it got to be really playful as her arousal returned. I would tickle her, and she'd giggle like a little girl, so cute! At one point Lindsay must've been thinking sexy thoughts because I felt a warm presence on my belly and chest. I looked down, forgetting about her little girl (thinking she had a pussy). I smiled seeing the pink bellend bobbing up and down on the bed. It glistened in the afternoon sunlight. I wanted to touch it, so I did. I grasped Lindsay's womanhood gently giving her a few teasing strokes. A low moan came from Lindsay and I looked up to see her eyes closed and with a huge smile. God I loved that smile!

Seeing her like this made me so happy and aroused. My cock was soon fully erect. Lindsay noticed my arousal as it touched her belly. She smiled, "looks like you're ready."

"Of course I am, with this cute little thing right here next to me how could I not be?" Lindsay didn't say anything, only kissing me. Lindsay rolled over to her nightstand, exposing her perfect heart shaped butt. A thought ran through my mind. I'd never done cowgirl with Lindsay, Barbie loved it, and to be honest I liked it too. Not because I didn't have to do the work, because I did, but because I liked watching my girl bring herself to orgasm. Watching my girl bounce up and down my rod, trying to make herself cum. My cock pulsed at that thought and as Lindsay rolled over I asked, "Can we try something new?"

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