tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 01

My Only Talent Ch. 01


I am one of those fellows that you hear other guys talk about and wish they could be. What they say about me is mostly wrong, but even if they knew the whole truth they would still want to be me. I have one single solitary talent, but it lets me find, connect with, date and bed women with remarkable regularity, and usually gets me anything and everything I want from them once I get them in bed. And they are always very happy that I did!

What is my talent? I can't play an instrument, can't sing or dance, can't hit a curveball, can't throw a football, and I can't putt worth a damn even if I ever hit a green. I can't paint or draw, I can't time the stock market, and I can't handicap the ponies. Until I went through puberty, I had no talent at all. I am not remarkable in any other way. I'm not tall, or very muscular, or especially good looking, nor do I have a giant and/or perfectly proportioned and/or indefatigable cock the way some people say I do. I like to think it's very nice, but I know it is really nothing special.

I had a first hint of my talent when I was 13, but I wasn't able to understand, develop and refine it until after I turned 18 a few months before leaving for college. By the end of my first semester of freshman year, I had a date with a nice looking and very willing girl any time I wanted one, and sometimes more than one per day. I was invited to almost every party, dinner, picnic, and poker game. I was invited to pledge most fraternities, and some offered to waive monthly dues. I got into any and every club even before I turned 21 and I never paid a cover charge. I never paid for drinks, and I was never asked to chip in for gas money on road trips or even pay for my share of a hotel room when we went to away football games, Mardi Gras, or Spring Break.

Some guys call me 'The Cock' or 'The Cocksman' based on the misinformation about my equipment, and I suppose that's the simplest possible theory they could devise for my incredible success with women. Some guys call me 'Svengali' or 'The Hypnotist'; because they think I can hypnotize any girl and make her fall in love with me. That is not my talent. My talent is better than that.

For my initial discovery of my unusual ability, I have to thank Suzie Packard from my old neighborhood. Susie was a year older than me, and she began to develop very nicely at age eleven and had a spectacular figure by the time she was twelve. She also rapidly learned what boys want and that she really wanted it too. By the time she was 13, every boy in school claimed to have made it at least to third base with her, and the ones with access to a car or a place with no parents around said they got all the way home as often as they tried. If you were 15 and hadn't claimed to have been with Susie, everyone assumed you were batting for the other team. And Susie liked to put notches on her bed post – if you didn't go after her she would come looking for you!

I had known Susie since we were little. She was around my house a lot and I kind of liked her. But as soon as I went through puberty, I was fresh meat on her to do list, and being around Susie made me really nervous. It was like that feeling that you sometimes have when you are sure someone is watching you. It creeped me out at first, and I did not know what it meant.

I had a special problem, too, because I had been raised in a very strict and religious family, and I had promised my parents and grandparents that I would remain celibate until I was 18. Actually, they had scared the holy crap out of me on the subject. They couched it in terms of 'if you wait until you are 18 you will find things will be much better', and 'don't go for a little early gratification when you could wait and have it all.' I didn't really understand what they meant by those things, or how they did it, but they also convinced me that if I had sex before my 18th birthday, I would get some awful disease and my penis would at best atrophy, and at worst actually shrivel and fall off! So I passed on Suzie, mollifying her by saying that she was wonderful but I made a promise for God and Country, blah blah blah, and she sort of bought it and left me alone.

My next data point was Lucy Connelly, who was about 4 years older than me. She moved into the house two doors down and the first time I met her I got that same strong feeling like I had from Suzie. The day after her family moved in my mom sent me over with a casserole and French bread that they could reheat for dinner, and Lucy was home alone. She answered the door, we took the casserole in and put it in their refrigerator, and then she backed me up against the fridge and kissed me! I told her the same thing I did Suzie, and she said she understood.

I went through junior high and high school like every other guy, except they were desperately trying to get laid and not thinking about much else. I was at least observing and thinking about other things, and I was watching some of the stupid things other guys tried to get laid. I got that same feeling that Suzie gave me from several other girls, and began to be able to discriminate between a girl who was sending a very strong signal, like Suzie and Lucy always did, and a more moderate signal, like some other girls I met. Some girls, in fact most of them, sent no signal at all that I could detect.

When I was 17 and getting close to my 18th birthday, we got another new neighbor, Mrs. Douglass, who lived one street over from us so that our back yards adjoined each other. She was a thirty year old widowed nurse whose husband had been killed by a drunk driver almost two years ago. Her deceased husband had been some kind of kin to my father, and my mother also knew her from church. I had standing orders to check with Mrs. Douglass from time to time to see if she needed any yard work done, anything carried up to the attic, trash hauled, or whatever else she needed.

I went by several times a month after school or on Saturday, and she always had some chores for me, and then she would make me a sandwich and some lemonade and we would talk at the kitchen table for a while. She sent a moderate "Suzie signal" which made me nervous, since she was much older but still very sexy.

When my 18th birthday was a few days away, my parents told me we would have a 'normal' birthday party for my friends the afternoon before my actual birthday, and then a special party for family only just after midnight, at the same time I was actually born.

Lots of my friends showed up for the regular after school party. Then my mom made her famous meat lover's spaghetti, my favorite dinner, and it was just Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and me for dinner. They told old family stories and then told me to go take a nap, and then they would wake me just after midnight for my 'adult party.' That was the first time I heard that term, and it got my attention.

My mom knocked on my door just after midnight and I rubbed my eyes and joined everyone in the family room. They were all hushed and quiet, like when we were in church. My grandmother began by telling me that the males in my family had a unique talent that could only fully develop if they stayed celibate until 'their brains matured properly.' She asked me to swear before the family and God himself that I was still a virgin, and I swore I was. She asked me about the feelings I had felt from Suzie Packard and some of the other girls and quizzed me about my ability to tell 'weak' from 'strong'. Then she surprised me, and said that I was an adult and could now have sex with girls, but only with the ones that sent signals!

My father then sat down next to me, and gave me some advice that would serve me well. "Son", he said. "I know you have watched your friends do some really stupid stuff to try to get laid. I know they use fake IDs to go to strip clubs, and some of them go to hookers for sex. They also spend their money on porno, websites, and penis enlargement pumps. Those are the stupidest things they could do! I want you to get laid, and I want you to have the best sex you can! But to do that you have to stay away from strip clubs, night clubs, adult book stores, porno theaters, and anything like that. You pay too much, you get too little and most of the women are really lesbians, drug users, and biker mamas who can give you all sorts of new and undesirable microorganisms, and maybe take your wallet, too."

He went on, "What you want are nice, clean and well meaning girls who also want sex, like you. You are lucky enough to be able to tell which ones want to have sex with you and which ones don't! Don't waste your money on strippers. Even if you were not blessed with our family gift, you will get more and better sex from the dowdiest librarian if you just take her out to the movies or dancing or dinner, pay attention to her, and be honest about what you want. Since you can tell exactly which girls want to be with you, you will never have to waste your money or your time."

I had questions! "What exactly is our family gift, Dad, and how should I use it?"

He said "You know about the signals you get from Suzie and some other girls? As you start spending time with more women, you will get better and better at hearing and recognizing those signals. You must only date women that send them. The real secret, son, is that when I woman meets a man for the first time, or even just sees him across the room, she decides in less than 3 seconds whether or not she is ever going to have sex with him. Sometimes she wants it right now, tonight, as soon as possible, and she sends the kind of strong signal that Suzie sends. Sometimes she wants you to chase her, and she wants you to catch her, just not right away. Then she sends a moderate signal. And sometimes she decides she will never, ever sleep with you and then she sends no signal at all."

I was curious "What if I see a girl that I think is beautiful, wonderful, a dream come true, but she sends me no signal at all?"

He was adamant "Run the other way! Do not ask her out. You will be wasting your time, and if she goes out with you, she is just doing it so she has a date while she looks for other guys! The worst thing you could do is marry a woman like that! If you want her, and she doesn't really want you, then she is probably marrying you for money or social position, and is likely to cheat on you. Either way it will break your heart! But thanks to our gift, you will at least know about it from the start, and can avoid that kind of trouble."

My mom sat down with me. "Son, because you have the gift of knowing if a girl wants you or not, if you date her, you also have a responsibility to treat her well. You must never use your gift to take unfair advantage of girls who like you if you don't really want them! That means you must not just satisfy yourself and not make them happy, and you must not have sex with them once and then dump them. You must make love to them and make them feel wonderful, and you must stay in a relationship with them long enough to let them know you really cared about them. That doesn't mean that you have to marry them, but you should never have one night stands either."

Now I was worried "But Mom, I have no experience! I have no idea how to make a girl feel good in bed!"

She smiled. "You will learn how to do that, and your talent will make you very good at it. But right now, go down to help Mrs. Douglass out. She has some things she wants you to take care of. "

I was stunned! "Tonight?" I whined.

She smiled and laughed out loud. "Right now, young man, and go through the back yard and knock on her back door. Do whatever she asks of you!"

I had learned long ago how stubborn my mother could be, so I headed for Mrs. Douglass's place. I did not figure out that something unusual was about to happen until I went through her fence, and felt the strongest "Suzie signal" I had ever experienced, before I even saw her!

I knocked on the back door, and Mrs. Douglass let me in. She was dressed in a very sheer nightgown, and the Susie signal was now so strong I couldn't think about anything else! She took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom, and then kissed me very enthusiastically, and with a lot more skill than Lucy Connelly ever had! She talked to me for about 20 minutes, telling me about the basics and some of the differences between men and women and their responses.

The she kneeled down and said "I am going to show how easy it is to please a man." She had me take off my clothes and then she gave me my first and still perhaps the most memorable blow job I have ever had! Since I had no expectations at all, everything she did was a wonderful, magical surprise. Her Susie signal was very strong when we were touching so intimately, and I could actually sense the little changes in it when she did different things. It was strongest when she was licking the very tip of my dick and looking at me with a teasing expression, so I assumed she really liked doing that. The signal waned when I put my hands on her head, so I stopped doing that. When I started telling her how much I liked it, her signal waxed even stronger, so I kept talking to her. Very soon, I was telling her that it felt so great and I was about to let loose and expecting her to take her mouth off of me. She just smiled patiently with those beautiful blue eyes and kept working on me, and soon I was shooting like crazy into her mouth!

She looked a little bit surprised but her eyes kept smiling and soon she had sucked me dry in a way that would forever change my entire perception of woman, their lovely smiling faces, beautiful lips and talented tongues! She sucked me hard to make sure she had every last drop, and then took her mouth off of me and smiled wickedly and smacked her lips. I said "That's the sexiest thing I have even seen!" and her Susie signal blasted stronger than ever!

She said, "Wow you had some volume built up there, honey!" and then gave me another little kiss right on the end of my dick. She stood up and I felt like it was my duty to kiss her, so I gave her my best effort. Her mouth tasted somewhat salty and bitter and I assumed that was my aftertaste, but I forged ahead and gave her a proper bussing. Her Susie signal doubled! She pulled back and said "Good move, Romeo. When a lady gives you great head and stays with you all the way to the end like that, you have a duty to kiss her like a real lover! And that makes it much more likely that you'll get that same treatment again."

That was something I desperately wanted to repeat, so I took her advice to heart. I put my arms around her in a strong hug and her Susie signal grew! After a nice long kiss, she put her lips to my ear and said "Okay, big boy, it's time for some lips and tongue training for you now."

She pulled me over the bed and spread her arms and legs out toward the four corners of the bed. I told her she looked really good like that and her Susie signal peaked. She spent the next two hours teaching me how to kiss her breasts and nipples. She would tell me the techniques she liked, and then I would practice, listening to her Susie signal to tell what I was getting right and what I needed to change. Soon I had the basics down, and had learned what worked best for her.

Then we moved the classroom down below her waist, and that was quite a learning experience! But I persevered, and was soon rewarded when her Susie signal went wild – strong and a very different tone – and then she grabbed my head and made some funny noises and then her pussy got all wonderful and wetter, and then her Susie signal went beep beep beep like a smoke alarm going off! It did not take me long to deduce that reciprocity applied, and I did my best to lick up her all her juices and tell her how tasty she was. "Another good instinct, sweetheart!" she said. "Always tell her that her juices are like nectar from the gods!"

Now that she was wet and I was ready again, we spent some time on actual fucking! Again the Susie signal was working for me and I could tell how much weight to put on her, how deep to go, how fast to go, etc. and she was soon whispering words of encouragement in my ear. I could sense a coming crescendo in her signal and she hissed "come when I do" and I timed it about right. She said "Yes!" when I bottomed out and shot it in her, and I stopped for a second as there was a sudden gap in her signal. Then it got sort of diffuse and medium, which I interpreted as contentment, and I kissed her and cuddled with her and her Susie signal purred like a cat.

Over the next few weeks I visited Mrs. Douglass as often as possible, and I wore out a path through the backyards! She taught me all sorts of stuff I might never have thought of on my own, and explained to me that there were some things all women liked, some things most women liked, and some things only a few women liked, but that those few women really liked and needed those things. School was already out for the summer, and I was finished with high school, but I never wanted to miss a second of Mrs. Douglass's classroom teaching! She taught me how to lead up to some of those special things so I could listen for the Suzie signal and learn whether to try to go further or not. She told me about some other things she did not like herself but other people did, and said I would have to find someone else to experiment on in order to experience them for real.

Then she told me there was something she really liked and that she wanted me to learn. She went into the bathroom for while and then came back and taught me how to kiss and bite her buttocks and rim her. Her Susie signal took on a whole new tone and urgency. I spent the next three nights learning how to be her backdoor man, and according to her Suzie signal, she really like what I had learned! I told her I liked it too, and she said be careful, most guys like it a lot more than most girls.

It was a sad day when Mrs. Douglass told me not to come over any more. She was moving out of town to take a job at a new hospital. I was moving on to Enormous State University. She told me I had talent as a lover even if I did not have my family's 'special receiver' and that I should do my best to please the girls that really liked me, and if I really liked them, to tell them I did and then tell them what I really liked and ask them for it. It was great advice.

The ESU campus was a three hour car trip from our house. My dad drove me down and took the opportunity to administer another last bolus of fatherly advice, which actually turned out to be really valuable. "Son, nobody is going to remember anything about your time at ESU except you. The only things that matter to anyone besides you is #1 did you get a degree and maybe, someday for some job or graduate school, #2 what your grades were. The things that you will remember are the friends you make that you know you can trust and the women you sleep with that you will remember – some very fondly, and some not so fondly."

He paused while he changed lanes. "You should work on your school work Monday through Thursday all day from early in the morning until late at night, and Friday until your last class. Never do anything else during those hours except eat, sleep, class, labs, homework, and study. You will see lots of guys goofing off and watching TV or playing cards or video games or just sleeping all day. Never do that. Never miss a class. Never miss a lab. Never miss an exam. Never fail to hand in your homework. Because...."

He laughed, and continued "Beginning Friday after your last class and until Sunday at 10PM when you should go to bed and get some sleep, I want you to spend your time chasing girls and getting laid! Not goofing off, not getting drunk, not smoking dope, but finding and bedding the best girls you can! They are more intoxicating and will get you higher and happier than anything else can! And once you know who some of your real friends are that you know you can trust, do your best to get them laid, too! Don't reveal your secret talent to anybody. Keep a strict separation. Work on school and only school during the week, and dating and dating only during the weekend. Make sure you have a date for every Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, preferably for something active like sports or dancing, and make sure it is with a girl that sends you the signal. Find out as much about her as you can, what she is interested in, what she likes to do, what she wants to do after school, and once you get her in bed, what she likes the most and makes her the hottest and makes her come the best."

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