My Only Talent Ch. 02


"No, I am a terrible dancer. But I would love to dance with you!"

She held her tongue up to her top teeth with her mouth open. It was incredibly sexy! "Let's wait and see if I survive the game uninjured on Saturday afternoon. See you Friday for another run." And with that she was off, heading back toward the economics building. I went back the dorm, changed, and just made my 2 PM class. I studied until 6 and then went to dinner.

I wasn't looking for any more dates, but even though I had three lined up, I was afraid I might only get to make it with Rosy Palm this weekend. I was hungry after my run, and it was steak night, so some red meat sounded good right about now. I smiled my best 'you taste good' smile at the moderately hot forty year old woman working the serving dishes with the super strong Suzie signal, and she gave me two steaks!

Then I saw a very attractive girl in the serving line in front of me. She had short bobbed platinum blonde hair and a nice figure. She seemed a little older than average, and she was definitely dressed more nicely than most in a tight grey blouse and darker grey skirt. If I wasn't watching her eat at the dorm, I would have pegged her for a highly promising first year associate at a big law firm. When she looked back and saw me, she sent no signal at all: zip, zero, nada. I was a very disappointed. I followed her into the dining area and sat one table away from her, wondering if I could run a 'sonar scan' on her even if she was not sending for me. She looked over at me and smiled, and I noticed her light grey eyes were exactly the same color as her blouse, and I smiled back. I knew intellectually that this was the kind of girl I should be interested in. She had class, panache, all that was cool, and I was suddenly doubly disappointed that there was no hint of a Suzie signal from her.

She walked over and asked if she could sit down. I nodded. "I'm Nora", she said. "Nora Upmann. We haven't been introduced." Her eyes had a brightness and fire behind them that I interpreted as substantial intelligence.

"I haven't seen you before!" I said. "Do you live in the dorm or are you just eating here today?"

"I just moved into the dorm a little late. I will be here just this one semester, and then I will move into one of the housing co-ops instead."

"I would be dangerous at a co-op. When it was my night to cook I would probably kill somebody!"

She laughed. "Actually you would never get to cook, then. If you aren't good at it then you do cleanup and other menial tasks. Cooking is my hobby, so I hope to get to cook at the co-op after I pay my dues by doing KP!" Her eyes danced and her voice had such inflection. She was lovely! But no signal, nothing at all!

"What are you studying?" I asked.

"Economics" she said. "The 'dismal science' they call it. I seem to have an aptitude for it. My mother wanted me to be a nurse, but I am not interested in that at all."

"Do you want to become a professor and teach economics?"

"Actually I want to work on Wall Street, doing analysis and forecasting. I have one more year to finish my undergrad, and then I hope to go to graduate school." We talked back and forth for almost 30 minutes. She was fascinating! I never even got to try to 'ping' her, because I was so interested in talking to her. Finally I felt like I had to get back to my Engineering 101 homework.

I stood and offered my hand. "I have to hit the books, but I really enjoyed talking to you. Maybe we could meet for more meals in the future and talk again?"

"I would like that!' she said. "I really look forward to it. I usually eat early at most meals." She walked elegantly away, but she was still not sending even the hint of a Suzie signal. Dang! I tried a belated ping with an image of me kissing her. She stopped, looked back at me with a smile, but no response at all. Then I got a brief image of her kissing me. Where did that come from?

I went back to the room, finished off the Engineering 101 homework except for one pesky problem, and set it aside for later review. At 11, I went to bed. I thought about Nora until I went to sleep, but then dreamed about Janet and Suzanne.

Thursday morning brought two new classes, and a lot of assignments. I worked diligently on school, but couldn't help thinking about my upcoming 'high and dry' weekend. I had a little trouble on one of the homework problems for Engineering, and went by the TA's office and he straightened me out. Kevin was getting ready for a big 'toga' party Saturday night, and he invited me to come by and check out the party. He said the frat president was now in love thanks to my spotting Ms. Super Body for him, and that I had carte blanche to come over to the house any time and to come to all parties. If I were to convert to Judaism, they would let me pledge immediately! I said thanks for the party invites, but let's belay all the other stuff. I got caught up with everything by midnight and went to sleep. This time I dreamed about Nora! What's up with that?

Friday I was ready for all my classes, but I was even more ready to see Suzanne again. We limbered up and started around the track, and I just waited for her to start talking. Even if the she didn't volunteer anything, I still needed to save my wind for the run! We ran the first mile without her saying anything, then she began "I suppose I owe some explanation about what I said last time."

"You don't owe me anything, Suzanne, ever. But I would like to know more about you, a lot more!"

We ran in silence for a few more minutes. "I did want you to kiss me, and I liked it when you did. But I felt very guilty about it. I had a boyfriend for my first two years here, and then he was hurt in a car crash. He was burned so badly he never really recovered. He has been in a specialty burn hospital for almost three years now, and may never leave there. I haven't dated anyone since that crash. I finished my degree and started graduate school this semester. I have been just concentrating on school and avoiding the whole issue."

My talent was no help with this, and I needed more facts. "Were you there when the accident happened?" I asked.

She drew a deep breath and sighed. "No, and it wasn't an accident, it was deliberate. A truck driver got fired from his job because he got a DWI conviction, and after they told him, he went out on the highway and drove over into the opposite lane at full speed! The truck driver and two other people died, and Mike, my boyfriend, was almost killed. He might have been better off if he had been!"

"I am really sorry, Suzanne." We ran in silence for two more laps. "What do the doctors say about his chances?"

"Early on they said he wouldn't live three months. Then they said he must be really strong to survive as he did, but he was in a coma and they could not predict if he would ever come out of it. They say now that the longer he stays in the coma, the less the chance he will ever wake up, and there is only a 10% chance left. His parents won't turn off the machines, even though he would have wanted them to. He was only 20 when it happened and he didn't have a will or directives to physicians. The doctors say his EEG indicates no dreams or higher brain function. He doesn't react or seem to know when somebody comes to visit."

What could I say to that? I knew what I wanted, but what did she really need? I didn't know, and she might not either.

"Suzanne, you know I am very attracted to you. I am only a freshman, I don't even think in terms of long term relationships and it would be silly if I did. You can have any kind of relationship you want with me. If you just want me to be your friend and running buddy and nothing more, that's okay. If you want to use me like a meat puppet to satisfy you sexually in any way you ask with no emotional entanglement at all, I'll be the happiest guy on campus! You have complete prior approval and carte blanche to dump me in two seconds if Mike wakes up and you want to go back to him. All you have to do is send me a text to that effect and I will leave you alone from that point forward and be very happy for any time I had with you. In short, I want to be with you on any terms that you will have me."

She said nothing for half a lap. "Wow" she said. "You're not pulling any punches are you? Well, you are already my running buddy and I just learned that you are also a true friend. And I am sorely in need of some attention in the bedroom department, but I am still struggling with the guilt. But it helps to know I have options!"

"It's your call, beautiful. Just let me know." I said sincerely. 'I can't pretend to know how all this feels for you."

"Well, do you still want to come to the soccer game Saturday?"

"Absolutely! We can go somewhere afterward and there is even a toga party that I have been invited to!"

She smiled. "I went to a toga party when I was a freshman. My frat rat date got so drunk he couldn't stand up and we had to go home early. But you told me you don't drink or smoke dope, right?"

"That's right" I said. "And I assume you also remember what really gets me high?"

"Yes" she smiled.

"No pressure" I said. "Strictly on your terms." We finished the five miles and she took off on the one lap sprint.

I kept up as best I could. As we were about to finish the cool down laps, she held my hand, but did not let me kiss her. "See you tomorrow. I'll send the information later today." Then she was walking away.

I went back for a quick shower and change before my next class. Kevin was in the room, and I asked him about what to wear if I came to the party. He sent me a link to the frat web site that showed how to make a toga from a Wal-Mart sheet and also had link to a local costume store that had togas for rent. The sheets were encouraged for woman because they were more revealing! Janet sent a text with the name of her team and time and place for their game. I did a quick web search and discovered it was considered the best amateur women's soccer team in the state, and that all the players were tri-athletes and 'iron women'! I knew Suzanne was in good shape, but this was amazing!

I forced myself to go to my Friday afternoon class even though I wanted to take a nap. It paid off because we had a pop quiz that was exactly like the homework that was just assigned, and I did fine. I went back to the room to rest, and when Janet called to say come down to the lobby, I put on my best shirt and blazer and headed downstairs.

Janet's parents had flown in from Miami and rented a big black Chevy SUV. Janet and I got in the back seat and she introduced me to her Mom and Dad. Janet looked a lot like her mother, but her dad was a great big guy, at least 6'5"! I could see why he needed the SUV. We drove to a well respected local steakhouse at a peak time and waited at the bar for a table. Janet and her mom had wine, her dad had a scotch, and I had a Coke. Janet's dad asked me about it and I said I just didn't drink, that one drink would knock me right out. When we got to the table her dad insisted I order a big steak, and I did not argue with him too hard. We had big salads, incredible aged steaks, asparagus and potatoes au gratin and I got very full. I thanked Janet's dad and said I had my iron ration for the week!

Janet's mother kept looking back and forth at Janet and me and smiling. I was sure she knew we were making it, and approved. Luckily no Suzie signal for me, which would have been weird. We went through the standard song and dance about where I was from, what was my major, etc. Whenever Janet's dad talked, I could tell that her Mother was sending a Suzie signal for him. I guess that was how it was supposed to work! They wanted to get on the road, and they dropped me back at the dorm just before 9 PM.

I took a long walk across campus, past the bookstore, and up and down sorority row. There was no football game tomorrow, so there was less hubbub than usual at the Greek houses. I walked past a couple of night clubs with music blaring inside, and some drunks blaring outside. As I walked back toward the dorm, I saw Suzanne on the running track. She was running like a crazy woman, sweating and breathing hard and looked like she was about to finish 20+ miles. She looked wonderful, but I left her alone. I did dream about her as soon as I went to sleep, though.

I went down to early breakfast Saturday, and was very pleased to see Nora ahead of me in line. I followed her to a table and asked if I could sit with her. She smiled and said please do! We began our conversation right where we left off, and since I had no classes and nothing scheduled until the soccer game at 2PM, I talked to her for almost an hour. Nora excused herself saying she had to go to a study group that was meeting this morning to work on a presentation for one of her classes. I went out for a run and made it to six miles, plus the one lap sprint, and felt pleased with myself. I took a little nap, then had late lunch and boarded a shuttle bus for the intramural complex where the soccer game would be held. I got there a little early and got a seat in the center of the third row up.

Someone passed out programs on cheap paper. Suzanne was listed as second string midfielder. I saw her standing on the sideline, stretching. The teams were well matched, and like most soccer I had seen, there was lots of running and very little scoring. It was still no score midway through the match. Suzanne came in with about 10 minutes left, although you never know the time exactly with soccer. She broke up a few plays, and then made a long run and a good pass to a forward who got a good looking shot on goal, but no joy. The other team got behind Suzanne's with a great long pass and shot and scored. Then a long last minute play and shot missed and Suzanne's team lost. After some time with the coach, they gathered up their stuff and began to trudge off the field. Suzanne looked up and saw me and smiled. She looked beat.

I took her gear bag and put it over my shoulder. She motioned toward the parking lot and I followed her to her car. We stowed her stuff and then sat in the front seat. "You need some water, some food, and a rub down!' I said.

She laughed tiredly. "Let's start with some food and water." She drove to little hole in the wall Italian place in a cheap looking strip center next to a nail salon, a payday loan joint, and a 'free' apartment locator office. The food was fantastic! So was the company. We cleaned our plates, and then got back in the car. She looked askance at me, and then said "Can you really give a decent massage, or is it just an excuse to feel me up?"

I laughed. "I give a great massage, and when I feel you up I will tell you first and you will know it's not a therapeutic massage!"

We drove to her apartment and walked up to the second floor. She took off her shoes and socks and jersey and shorts and stood in her panties and a sports bra. She was absolutely sculpted! She had abs and legs and arms like a marble carving and I stared at them unabashedly. She lay down on her stomach on the old couch and I kneeled next to her. I started with her feet. I actually had taken a massage class at the junior college when I was a senior in high school and only needed one 'normal' course to graduate. I was glad I took the massage course. She felt worlds better than any of the dummies or volunteers I learned on. When someone is really in shape, they have great circulation, and you can feel rapid changes in their muscles as you work on them. Her feet responded almost instantly as I rubbed on them, as did her calves. They were almost at the point of cramping when I started, but they soon became pliable and rebounded perfectly as I stroked them with my thumbs and fingers.

She sighed and relaxed and I was not even sure if she was still awake. I could feel her strong and steady heartbeat when I squeezed an area with an artery and I felt a growing connection to her with each beat. I worked up to the back of her thighs and marveled at the development of the muscles there. They responded rapidly and I felt them relax under my fingers. I worked them all the way from insertion to insertion, easily visualizing them through her smooth olive skin like the most perfect anatomical model. I worked the muscles in her buttocks thoroughly, and her gluts were highly developed and clearly defined with not a hint of extra fat anywhere. Her lower back was incredibly tight, and needed some deep tissue attention, but she was in such shape that even strong massage caused her no pain. Her shoulders were the tightest of all, pulled tight like thick bowstrings, so tight that it felt like I was plucking them for sound at first. Soon they responded and relaxed and she sighed deeply, perhaps in her sleep. Her neck felt like smooth polished driftwood at first, then responded as I worked the muscles from the back of her scalp down to her shoulder blades.

Now she really was asleep. I spotted an afghan folded up on a chair and covered her with it. There was a big leather chair nearby and I curled up in it. I felt such a connection to Suzanne that my breathing soon synchronized with hers and I fell asleep too. I don't know how long we slept, but it was just getting fully dark outside when she pulled me up by the hand and said "let's go to the party!" and she went into the bathroom and started the shower. I knew it was going to be a magic night, even if nothing else happened between us. If she gave me half a chance, I would to use my talent and try to please her with all my heart and soul.

She dropped her sports bra and panties on the floor and walked into the shower, giving me just a glimpse of her incredible ass unfettered by clothing. "I don't like drafts, so hurry up and get in here and close the door behind you!" I shucked my clothes and hurried in. She was a marble statue -- perfect in form -- and I suspected also perfect in function. The water ran over her nipples. They were erect and had little goose bumps on them -- they looked like almost ripe strawberries ready to be savored. Her pilo-erection gave me a larger erection of my own.

She stood looking at me with a smile. "At least I know you are glad to see me!" she said, looking at my obvious excitement. She took the bar of soap and gently began to wash her breasts. I stood frozen, never having envied a bar of soap before. "Can I get a little help here?" I fought the urge to just fall on my knees and worship her! I began washing her back and then cupping her breasts from behind. She leaned back into me and put a hand on the outside of my thigh! Then she concentrated on shampooing her hair and let my hands roam all over her! She felt like warm wet stone with velvet on the outside. She rinsed her hair, stood in front of me, and put one hand on my cock, washing it gently. It took all my control not to shoot right there! She stood up straight and kissed me gently on the lips for oh too brief a moment. Then she said "to be continued" and walked out of the shower. "Hurray up and get washed and dried so I can finish your costume!"

She toweled off and soon I was dry too. She had already made up Roman costumes for us, and I noticed an old sewing machine in the corner of her bedroom. She put her costume on and it was magic. It was not a toga, but more of a Roman negligee. It was so translucent it was almost completely transparent from the neck to the waist, with a tight sash high above her waist making sure that her nipples were pushed right into the sheer fabric. There was a band of more opaque material from her waist to about 8 inches above her knees, and then it was almost transparent again. It was backless all the way down to her waist. Every perfectly defined muscle showed through in front, highlighted by the shimmering material. Her breasts were perfectly displayed atop a set of pectoral muscles that would make most artists models jealous. Her incredible back muscles were bare and framed by the fabric and rippled and flowed as she moved. I could not tell if she had panties on or not. She caught me looking and wondering. "No, I don't have any panties on but that's just for you to know and think about!"

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