My Only Talent Ch. 02


I could barely breathe! She held a more conventional toga style costume up to me. It had wide shoulders like a dress with shoulder pads, but a bare midriff, a waist band, and then a flowing robe below. "No underwear for you either, so I have something to think about during the party!" she said with a mischievous grin. She put it on me and cinched up the waist band, then stepped back to examine her handiwork. "That will do fine" he said. "It shows off your abs, which I really like, by the way."

By the time we arrived, the party was already in full swing. The frat president was standing on the porch near the front door, and he saw Suzanne when we exited her car, almost a block away. He stopped talking and even breathing and just stared at her. When she walked up the steps, her landing on each new level was punctuated by his increasingly awed facial expressions. He would not have even noticed me if I hadn't punched him lightly on the arm and thanked him for inviting us. Then his eyes got even bigger and he immediately swiveled to look at Suzanne again. Ms. Super Body was just inside the door and saw me first and smiled, and then her face froze in icy chagrin when she saw Suzanne.

I have heard it said that many women dress to outdo other women, not just to attract men, but I never realized that the envy and hatred of the 'herd' for the best dressed and best looking woman was some kind of tribal force akin to a basic drive like sex. I heard a new kind of signal on a whole new wavelength below but nearby the normal Suzie signal, and it was emanating angrily from Ms. Super Body as she realized she was now Ms. Also Ran Body! As Suzanne walked into the room and more and more woman saw her, the new signals began to sound like an angry murmuring mob. Every woman who saw her was 'muttering' that new and very unhappy signal!

All the woman were watching her walk in, and all the men were too. I don't think any of them even noticed me for the first several minutes! I heard several of those 'adjacent channel' signals from some women responding to Suzanne with desire. Ms. Super Body was not among them, but Lou and Jersey were! They had a freelance photographer taking party pictures that he would sell to the attendees, and he was no fool: he began taking pictures of Suzanne nonstop. I also realized that there was another signal, even 'lower' than the female herd envy signal. It must have been the massed desire signals of all the males in the room. I had never heard it before, but then I had probably never encountered it with so much 'power' before!

Suzanne was blissfully unaware of all these signals and turbulence, but she was enjoying the party and all the attention. I whispered to her that she should be careful as most of the women here would cheerfully kill her because she looked so good. She leaned over to me and said "This is the first party I have been to in three years and nothing is going to stop me from enjoying it!" The band started playing again and Suzanne was overwhelmed with invitations to dance. She danced the first few numbers with me, then joined something they called a "Roman Conga Line" with most of the guys in the place while I watched. The guy right behind her in the line was almost in a trance, and he was not letting anybody join the line between him and Suzanne! Kevin walked up and stood next to me and said "Holy Shit! If I had known you were bringing a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model to the party, I would have sprung for a limo!"

I laughed. "She is in much better shape than most of those models! She has completed several marathons and she played soccer most of the afternoon before we came to the party!"

He looked at me seriously. "Where did you meet this woman? Can you take me there?"

"We met at the running track around the football practice field near the dorm. Why do you think I have been running so religiously every MWF at lunch?"

"I would crawl around that track every MWF to worship her! Our photographer is going ape taking pictures of her, and I am planning to buy them all. I hope the other women don't try to kill her, because I can feel the hate from here!" Kevin may be much more perceptive than I first thought.

The band took a break and Suzanne came back over to me. Kevin whispered as she approached "Please God just once in my life let me have a woman like that!" and then he smiled benignly as I introduced him to Suzanne.

"Take good care of your roommate Kevin. I am very fond of him!" Then she held my hand and at least 50 guys now hated me!

The frat president announced a wet toga contest as he took to the little stage set up for it. Suzanne giggled. She asked Kevin if she could enter. He said "Oh God, Yes!" She giggled again. She went over to the punch bowl, which tonight was filled with a particularly potent grape juice and EverClear mixture that Kevin had been bragging on for days. He said it was their secret fraternity recipe and was known as 'instant stripper' for the effect it had on women. Suzanne filled up a big red plastic cup! I said "Careful there beautiful, they call this stuff "instant stripper'!

She laughed. "Don't worry. I can drink any three guys in this frat under the table, and still run five miles in 30 minutes! Would you mind so much if I had a little fun tonight?

"Just be careful" I said "If the women don't kill you first the men may stampede!"

She laughed again and leered at me. "You just take good care of me after the party, okay?

The contest consisted simply of playing the music from "Debbie Does Dallas" while the guys in the audience used squirt guns to wet the contestants down as they danced. There were some very nice looking girls on stage, but it only took about thirty seconds to figure out who the winner was going to be. The real contest was to see who could get enough water onto Suzanne to figure out whether she had panties on or not. One of the other contestants was insulted, as she was left almost completely dry. When the president announced that here were only ten seconds left in the contest, Suzanne stood still with her arms akimbo and allowed the squirt guns to drench her completely. I knew she had no panties, but even with the area wet the fabric was opaque enough to make it uncertain. She won the contest by acclimation, though!

At least six guys brought her a towel, and all offered to dry her off. She thanked them, but did it herself then wrapped two towels around her shoulders. She thanked Kevin for letting her enter the contest and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. He stood with his eyes closed like he was savoring the moment. Lou appeared at his side, reasserting herself in the battle for his attention. She spent most of her time looking at Suzanne, just like I did. It was mostly anticlimactic after that, and we made our way toward Suzanne's car about midnight. We drove to her apartment in silence, and then walked up.

"You looked great dancing tonight! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!"

"I enjoyed it!" she smiled. "And now I am going to enjoy teasing you." She pushed me down on the couch and began slowly dancing sans music. Her Suzie signal was throbbing and trilling all over the scale. She was really enjoying herself. She really was teasing me, too, and it was wonderful! She slowly raised her diaphanous skirt, almost showing me that she had no panties. It took a long time, and I almost wished it had taken longer, but she finally was naked. She had no panties, just a beautiful closely trimmed dark 'landing strip' between her legs. She was casually throwing off dance moves that would have made most professional strippers fall over, but she kept perfect poses like a dynamically balanced sculpture. She could have won any limbo contest ever held. She had me stand up and she removed my costume, too. Her Suzie signal continued to throb.

She cupped her breasts as if she was offering them to me, and it drove me crazy, and she knew it. "They say some women are only attracted to 'bad boys' or 'dangerous men'. They also say 'nice guys finish last'. Not with me. I'm attracted to nice guys like you, and I want you to finish first AND last!" She began kissing my nipples, driving me absolutely crazy. She worked her way down to my abs, and finally started kissing me right above my knees and was slowly and obviously working her way up. She tickled my balls with her hands, and then began to lick the underside of my cock. I don't know how long it lasted. I never wanted it to stop.

Then she stopped, with her lips just an inch from me, and began talking again. "I suppose you have built up quite a bit of tension over the course of the evening. It looks like it to me." She was sending the same kind of Suzie signal that Mrs. Douglass used to send when she was teasing me. But I also heard an undertone of the signals Janet sent when she wanted me to fuck her face! Was she teasing me hoping I would do that?

Her tone got more teasing, and she was talking in a breathy, exaggerated manner that made sure I felt her words through the volume of air on my dick. She also got more of a 'naughty little girl' inflection that was driving me up the wall. I noted that the teasing Suzie signal was dropping, and then grabbed her head and shoved my dick in her mouth. She looked up at me with wide, smiling brown eyes that said 'glad you finally figured it out' and then sucked me hard. I kept one hand on her head, and her Suzie said yes please! I got a little rougher, pushed in a little deeper, and her Suzie said more. She began to move her tongue all around me as I plunged in and out, and sucked harder when I almost popped out of her mouth. She must have sensed that I was just about to come, because she grabbed my ass cheeks in her hands and squeezed in time with my thrusts into her mouth. I wanted to come, but I also wanted to stay right on the edge of coming forever. Then her Suzie signal washed over me and acted directly on my brain and I exploded into her mouth, shooting again and again until there was no more. She emptied me and just kept sucking me in and out rapidly over about a half inch distance, just using her lungs and diaphragm and keeping her lips fixed, and I realized that I was going to stay hard even through I just came.

Finally she moved back a little and then she said,"That's the way I like to start out, with the nice guy coming first!" She pushed me down to sit on the couch and then straddled me so that her breasts were level with my mouth. My dreams came true anew as I gently kissed them, then rubbed them while I kissed her mouth, then alternated back to her nipples. I don't know how long, but her Suzie signal was a loud continuous droning noise like a didgeridoo played by a giant that never ran out of breath.

Then she squatted like the world's most beautiful sumo wrestler with her feet out wide on the couch and raised herself up slowly. I began to kiss her incredible abdominal muscles slowly, surveying each one carefully like a blind man taking an anatomy exam. Her Suzie signal looped the loop when I stuck my tongue in her navel and again when I started to just touch her outer lips. I tried to just go on automatic and synchronize my lips and tongue directly to her signal and maximize it. Her signal began to growl and she squirted as she came. I sucked it up, waiting out the short gap in the signal and then did it again. The second wave tasted even better than the first. She put one leg up over my shoulder and pulled my face even further into her, and I rolled my tongue up into a circle and stuck it in her as far as I could, and got squirted again. She pushed my head back up onto the back of the couch and then crawled up with her legs on either side of my head and just plain fucked my face with her pussy. I don't know how many times she came or how I managed to breath but nothing mattered to me but pleasing her and tasting her.

Finally she put her legs back down on the couch and kissed me on the lips very tenderly. Then she smiled and impaled herself by slowly dropping down on my achingly hard cock. I can't really describe the sensations fully, except to say that she had muscles everywhere and knew how to control them perfectly. She began moving up and down slowly and grabbing me and letting me go as she moved. I felt hard as a rock and just didn't seem to even be close to coming. But she did. The signal had a whole different quality when she came. I don't know if it was clitoral versus vaginal orgasms, or just that so many muscles were involved, but it was the best exercise I ever had! She did most of the work and just got herself off at will.

She relaxed for just a minute and I switched positions and bent her over on all fours on the couch and entered her from behind. My tenderness and patience disappeared and I fucked her like a man possessed, which I was. I could feel the heat from her muscles on mine and the incredible feeling of pounding against her solid walls of muscle and being gripped by her hot pussy. I kissed her shoulders and back and got as deep inside her as possible, then came in a spastic rush that almost sent my legs into cramps.

I kept my arms around her and rolled back onto the couch with her on top of me. She pushed back, keeping me inside of her and grabbing me and stimulating me even as I softened inside her. I stayed about half hard and hugged her tightly, still kissing her neck and shoulders. She laughed deep down in her throat and said "You really did take care of me after the party!" She turned toward me and we kissed and just held each other for a long time.

Her energy soon bubbled up again. She jumped out of bed and said "let's go get some breakfast and then get you back to campus. I have a soccer game late this afternoon and I need some sleep, which I won't get if I can just reach for you again!" We took another shower, and I did succumb to the desire to get on my knees and just worship her ass a bit. She aided and abetted me by putting one leg up on the little shelf in the corner of the shower and her Suzie said 'yass for her ass' and let's do this some more! She drove to another greasy spoon looking breakfast place in another cheap looking strip mall with signs in the window for grits, egg sandwiches, and 'super migas'. Like last time, the food was tremendous, and I had maybe the fluffiest and best omelet ever, with chorizo and fresh habanera salsa. Doing my best to diligently plan ahead, I proposed a return engagement next Saturday. She smiled and said she had two 'away' soccer games next weekend on Saturday and early Sunday morning, and she would be car pooling to them with three other girls on her team. But, she expected to be back Sunday afternoon about 3PM and she would cook me dinner if I would be her sex slave for the evening! I smiled and said you don't even have to cook dinner. She dropped me at the dorm and got out and gave me a frank, lingering and completely wonderful kiss, and several guys hanging out on the front steps looked at me like I had won the lottery! I think this was better.

I set an alarm so I could get up in time for my 11AM tennis game with Lara, and was dead to the world until the alarm went off. I was tired, but it was still a weekend and I was willing to do my dating duty! I was looking forward to seeing how Lara responded to my sonar drill!

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