tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 03

My Only Talent Ch. 03


Chapter 03

Refined Targeting Solutions

I hopped the shuttle bus to the intramural fields and spotted Lara as I approached the court we had reserved. I was tired, but my Suzie receiver must be working well, because I detected a nice clear signal from her as soon as she saw me. She was almost a complete opposite type from Suzanne and Janet. They were short, compact, and almost petite, while still being very shapely. Suzanne was dark and dusky and muscular and chiseled; Janet was a flaming red head with pale freckled skin and a soft curvy body.

Lara was tall, powerful, busty, voluptuous and bold with shining blonde hair, Wedgewood blue eyes, and fair and unblemished skin. She was over 6 feet, just about the same height I was, and I recalled Kevin futilely going after all those leggy blondes! Despite their very different looks, she radiated energy and vitality just like Suzanne did. She had on classic tennis whites, with a very short skirt, tight and very revealing, and looked incredibly hot. She greeted me warmly, and asked how good a player I was. I said I played on my high school team, but it's not a big school and we didn't exactly compete for any state championships. She looked at little guilty. "Why do you ask?" I said.

"Well I thought we might make a little... wager" she said leadingly.

"Am I being hustled? What stakes do you propose?"

"Well, not for money. But perhaps there are ... other things ..." Her voice trailed off.

"What exactly did you have in mind, Miss?" I twirled a mustache I did not have.

"Well I was thinking that perhaps the winner could specify certain things that she wanted done, and the loser would have to do them?" She smiled villainously, too.

"I hear an unproven assumption in there. May I assume that if the winner were male, the same terms would also apply?" I quickly pinged at her with an image of her naked and on her knees in front of me. Captain, Sonar! Sonar Contact dead ahead! She echoed my ping perfectly! Then I had another idea. Perhaps Lara was in contact with Lou? I sent a quick image of what Lou would have described that she saw us doing in Janet's room at the dorm. Sonar Contact! A very strong echo, with lots of reverb.

"Well, I do have some ideas!"

"Are there certain 'strokes' you are particularly interested in playing, Miss?

"Perhaps there are. Shall we warm up?"

She hit very well, and looked damn good doing it. We volleyed back and forth for a few minutes, and then took several practice serves each. I encouraged her to serve to start the match. Her first serve was a rocket! I was being hustled. She was better than any female player I had ever seen in person, and every bit as good as the very best male player on my old high school team. Fortunately, that player was me! I managed to return her first serve, but she ran me around and kept the initiative for most of each point. She was a better baseline player than I was. I was going to have to hit a good shot and try to win at the net. She got a little too aggressive and began faulting on her first serves, and I was able to attack her second serves. When she got her first serve in, she usually won the point. When she had to make a second serve, I usually won the point. I managed to break her serve.

She was able to return my first serves with alarming ease! I had to resort to 'junk balls' and risky 'drop shots' and she had trouble handling them. I was up two games. We battled back and forth but eventually I just managed a win for the first set. She won the second set. We took a water break. There were two couples playing doubles on the next court, and they were taking a break too. One of the guys looked familiar, but I just couldn't place him.

He walked over and said "Hello. I thought I recognized you! I was a guest at the ZZZ toga party too."

Lara was still at the back of the opposite court, toweling off. He continued "I was going to say I was disappointed that your date from the toga party was not here today. But this young lady today is equally spectacular, yet totally different. Bravo! I am Theodoric Aloysius Cadwallader the Fifth, of the Philadelphia Cadwalladers. Call me Theo!" He was decked out in a complete Ralph Lauren tennis outfit, and I noticed his racket cover at the corner of the court had the same plaid lining and color coordinated piping as the collar of his shirt, which also matched the inner lining of his white tennis jacket hanging on the wire barrier at the edge of the court. Wow. I bet his polo and yacht racing outfits were really something, too! Then I realized this was the guy who so zealously guarded his position in the 'conga line' right behind Suzanne! He might be rich, but he wasn't stupid.

I told him I recognized him now and it looked like he was in fine company here too, as both of the girls on the court with him were very photogenic. He smiled. "Are you a pledge at ZZZ" he asked.

"No", I said, "but my roommate at the dorm is. That's why I was invited to the party. Seems like a nice bunch of guys, but my family are all Methodists as far back as anyone can remember." Lara walked up, and it was obvious that she had been playing hard; her tennis shirt was drenched and her ample breasts and erect nipples were unmistakable through the thin wet fabric. Her legs were flushed and glowing. She looked scrumptious!

"Here, here!" he said. "We are having a big party in two weeks at the Phi Iota Gamma lake house. Let's swap numbers and I'll send you an invite. You seem like our kind of guy!" We exchanged contact information and he introduced us to the other three members of their tennis foursome. The other guy, Jackson Pollack Jackson III, could not take his eyes off Lara, and the two girls were sending her those nasty envy signals like Suzanne engendered the other night, but nothing positive for me, unfortunately. We made small talk for a minute, and then returned to tennis. Finally I won the match. Lara smiled very broadly! Maybe she let me win?

She said "I suppose I am at your mercy for the rest of the afternoon". She smiled.

I said "...for the rest of the afternoon WHAT?"

She looked at me and then took a deep breath. "I suppose I am at your mercy for the rest of the afternoon, Master!"

"I recall that you mentioned lunch?

We went to her car and she drove to an infamous local Mexican restaurant that served super spicy and unusual tacos. I made her go in and fetch me some while I waited in the car. We sat in our tennis clothes with the windows down in the parking lot and washed down these atom bomb hot tacos with lots of iced tea. She attacked and devoured her food with relish! It tasted great, but it made my forehead sweat! "Lara", I said, "I like the idea of a spirited tennis game with a hot little wager attached, and I am sure I will enjoy the rest of the afternoon, because you will be doing everything I want you to." I could hear her signal turning and groaning loudly as I spoke. "But, we don't have to play games with each other. Next time we get together, you can just tell me what you want, and I'll do it for you." Her Suzie signal flickered and almost died out. Whoops! What should I do now?

"On the other hand, I will expect you to immediately do whatever pleases me, regardless of it being humiliating or even painful for you." Her signal went crazy. It sounded like 50,000 birds trapped in a single cage. "And if you are hesitant or clumsy, you will be punished!" Her signal went absolutely wild, like someone trying to break down a door! "If you fail to learn and anticipate what I want, you will also be punished severely." Her signal was so loud it hurt me. I guess there was no chance of misinterpreting what she needed and wanted.

Then we drove to her apartment. She had her own very large one bedroom place in a swanky tower about halfway between ESU and the state capitol. Daddy's Money! There was an amazing view of downtown, the capitol and the ESU campus through the huge plate glass windows in the living room.

I decided that I could do a little research to make her afternoon the most exciting that I could. I sat in the large comfortable leather chair near the center of the room. "You may disrobe. Then stand still while I examine you and consider what I will have you do."

She slowly began to strip, and her signal grew. I managed to keep a disinterested expression while this incredible woman got naked for me! I began pinging her with a succession of images. She seemed to respond positively to almost everything I sent her, but she was particularly aroused by being restrained, spanked, and roughly penetrated! Despite her beautiful and wholesome exterior, she could be one kinky little puppy!

"You have been insouciant and disrespectful. Get me some restraints and implements to discipline you with!"

She looked very excited, and her signal was deafening! She went to her bedroom and brought out a long plastic snap top container like you would store gift wrapping paper in. She opened it and removed some leather bondage gear and a short leather whip! I am not sure why, but I began to wonder what she would want to do if she had won the match. Probably get whipped and punished, too, I realized. Or maybe she would have humiliated me if I didn't exert my will! I was determined to remain the 'top' in this relationship! What would happen if I encountered a girl that was 100% 'top' and to please her I had to be a 'bottom? I did not think I wanted to get into that situation, despite Mrs. Douglass' telling me that I should experiment with it once to see if it got me off! How could I learn about all this stuff without 'exposing' myself? Then for some reason I thought about some more modern submarine movies, in which active sonar was only used in an emergency, and passive sonar and stealth was the preferred mode of operation. Since Lara was such a strong sender, and I was becoming a better 'listener', perhaps I should try it?

I just let Lara kneel and 'simmer' a bit while I tried to quiet my mind and libido and just 'listen' passively for Lara. Sure enough, her strong Suzie signal was 'modulated' by a weak but clearly discernable second signal, and when I concentrated on it completely, I began to get little 'impressions' and fleeting images of what Lara was thinking (hoping?) might be about to happen to her. She was envisioning being spanked and whipped and called all manner of slut! I could see little vignettes of her ass being whipped red and almost bleeding, and then being fucked from behind roughly. I saw her hanging from a hook with her arms bound above her head while I had both my hands around her neck and fucked her throat mercilessly while she almost passed out. I saw her almost bent double with her ankles over my shoulders while I pounded into her! I saw her on her knees giving me a blowjob under the table of a fancy restaurant while the patrons around me were none the wiser.

This girl had some funky stuff going on! But, I felt it was my duty to take care of her and satisfy all her dirty cravings, because she was better off fully pleasing and being pleased by a great guy like me rather than falling victim to several other guys who would just mistreat her and could never really understand her and give her just what she needed! It was really an obligation I could not shirk, a duty to society I must perform! I was so noble that I felt proud! She began to breathe faster and faster, lost in her anticipation of what I could do to her. She was spectacularly beautiful! I remembered my mom saying I had a duty to make her feel good, and my dad saying to find out what makes her the most excited and makes her come the best. What else could I do? I had a sworn duty for God and Country!

"Put your hands behind your back, slut! I know what lurks beneath your beautiful exterior! You look so pretty and sweet. But I know what you really are, and you know it too! Underneath all that pretty poise and polish you are a dirty slut! I will train you, discipline you! You will give yourself up to me, and your purpose in life will be to please me, not yourself!" She quivered, she whimpered, she sighed, and tears welled up in her eyes. She shook like a puppy about to get a bone. Good analogy!

I took off my tennis clothes and stood with my cock about an inch from her mouth. She smiled up at me almost challengingly. I slapped her! "Keep your eyes down unless I tell you otherwise. Now suck my cock you cheeky bitch! Give me the best blowjob you have ever imagined. Deep throat me with that slut mouth. Make me come and swallow it all. Never let a single drop of my precious come touch the air! And keep your hands behind you and your eyes closed!"

She leaned forward and took me in her mouth. I could feel her quivering with lust. Her Suzie signal said she was right on the edge of coming. "One other thing, slut! You are not to come unless I give you prior approval! Do you understand?"

"Yes" she said. I slapped her. "Yes, Master!"

She was really into it! She was actually very good at giving head. Of course I was not going to tell her that. In fact, I was going to tell her she was terrible at it and spank her for her poor performance! She would love me for it. She was able to deep throat me. She sucked me so hard when she took me all the way down her throat that it hurt! Come on Baby make it hurt so good! She licked my balls; she took them in to her mouth. Then she licked my cock all over, and then she deep throated me again. Lather, rinse, repeat, baby! Her Suzie signal went up and down, but was the strongest when she took me all the way down her throat. I dribbled a little bit into her mouth. Her signal went wild again. She sucked me down all the way and held it there, and then sucked me in pulses. I shot, she sucked, and she swallowed. Again and again! She was wonderful. Her Suzie signal said she was again on the edge of coming, but she also radiated contentment. I grabbed her head and shoved myself down another half inch or so. She loved that, too!

I pulled back and slapped her again. "You call that a blowjob? What are you, in 7th grade? You are a college girl. You should be able to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch by now. You are going to need a lot of training! She vibrated, her Suzie signal peaked again. "If you can't do better than that, I may never let you come again!"

I paused and looked at her until she raised her eyes to see what I was going to next. I slapped her again. "Eyes down, slut! Go get me the whip!" Her Suzie signal took on a whole new urgency, a raucous and nasty tone I had not sensed before. She brought me the whip and kneeled again, with her eyes down. She quivered! She was so hot! "Move the kitchen table over into the corner windows of the living room, quickly!" Her signal soared as she did so.

"Get up on the table with your slut ass facing the windows! I don't know how many people in the office and apartment buildings have telescopes or binoculars, but if they do they are going to see a slut get punished for insufficient cocksucking! She drew in a huge breath and turned red from the face all the way down. "And if this punishment proves necessary again, I'll do a little social media promotion to draw an even larger audience for you!"

She shivered and the table shook. Her Suzie signal was like a jet on afterburners -- hot, fast, and loud! I extended my hand with the whip and measured my stance to reach her ass perfectly. I touched her ass with my hand and caressed it gently, the spanked it once. She jumped. I began a swinging motion with the whip and narrated my strokes "You....will....be....a....better...cocksucker!" I paused and she sobbed. "You....will....be....a....better...cocksucker!" I paused again and she shuddered and cried. Her Suzie signal was now a living thing! It filled the room. It dominated my senses. Her ass was a wonderful cherry red. She was so beautiful! "You will take me deeper! You will suck me harder! You will move your tongue faster and put it on more places!"

"Yes, Master! Please let me try again!"

I think she was hoping to get back down on the floor, but I stood in front of her and said "You may have drawn an audience by now, so let's see your best stuff, slut!" She quivered even more, shivering like a cold animal at the prospect of exposure in the window, but her Suzie signal was warm and happy. She took me into her mouth again and there was a greater urgency, a faster pace. Soon I was fully erect again. Her tongue fluttered even faster and over a wider area, her suction was stronger and more varied. It was delightful. I relaxed and just enjoyed it, and concentrated on her signal and its modulation. She was happy, but she was starting to feel the power over me that her improved performance was giving her! I really had to remember to stay on 'top' of this little filly, because she was always trying to get out of her corral and ride me!

"Don't even think about it, slut!" I grabbed her by her hair and spun her around onto her back. I grabbed two big handfuls of her long blond hair, pulled her head over the side of the table, and proceeded to fuck her mouth like Lou had observed at the dorm. Lara screamed in delight, at least as much as she could scream with my cock all the way down her throat! Her Suzie signal pulsed and peaked like a laser reaching its critical energy level and lasing! She was getting what she wanted! She grabbed her own nipples and twisted them savagely! She really was a beautiful but desperate female animal. I began to think I was riding a tiger! Mrs. Douglass' words about the few women who need these things really needing them came back to me, along with her advice about 'accommodation'. I would need to up the ante a little bit each time with her or Lara wouldn't get the high she craved.

"When you have sucked me dry, then and only then may you come." I leaned into her, put my hands on the table top, and fucked her mouth even harder. Her breath resounded through her nostrils and suddenly I was coming again. My ejaculation was so strong and so long in coming that it hurt. But it provided relief, almost like lancing a boil! Lara sucked hard and I was completely drained! "You may come, slut!" She screamed, she rammed her fingers in her pussy and in her ass, and she began to buck like an epileptic having a seizure.

I grabbed her nipples where her hands had left them, and twisted them. She must have come 5 times in the space of 60 seconds! I spun her around again and pulled her ass over the edge of the table, curled her legs up with my arms, and buried my face in her pussy. One lick on her clit and she came again. Just touching her was like setting off a room full mousetraps and ping pong balls! Her legs clamped on the side of my head and I forced them open again and gently licked her again. She came again. She had a hair trigger and she could not stop shooting! She had one big final orgasm and all her muscles seemed to fire at once. She didn't move or breathe for ten seconds or so and I thought she might me in medical trouble. But then she relaxed, her toes curled up and down, and she broke out in sobs and tears cascaded down her face.

I knew it wasn't a 'top' thing to do, but I kissed her tears, kissed her mouth, and smiled at her. She grabbed me with both arms in a desperate hug. "I love you, I love you, I love you!" she screamed, and then continued to sob. I just held her for a minute, and her Suzie signal of contentment soared and floated all around us. But it only lasted a few seconds, and then I detected her crafty side concluding she might have a chance to get over on me! She was a pure female animal, and I admired her, I might even learn to love her, but I could never let her get the upper hand!

I rolled her off the table and dumped her on the floor! "Go draw my bath! Make it the perfect temperature!" She looked surprised, but then I saw a sly smile as she headed toward the bedroom, eyes downcast as they should be. I had Lara wash and dry me, then give me a massage. She was the perfect servant, and her contentment signal was very deep and very real. I got dressed and she ordered some Chinese food delivered. We sat around the table and made small talk and laughed. She told me she was from a big suburban 5A high school, and she had been on two state championship tennis teams, winning one state title match herself. She said she was planning to hustle me, beat me like a drum, and then make me her little 'spanky bitch' for the night. I had really surprised her, she said. She thought I had hustled her. She liked it! She had never met a man who could do what I could do! She said she had always dreamed of a man who seemed to know what she needed and who would make her do it, make her so excited and make her come and make her feel so loved! I stood up to leave and she hung herself around my neck desperately.

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