tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 08

My Only Talent Ch. 08


Chapter 08

An Unexpected Simplification

I sat transfixed and watched the video (entitled 'Crimson and Cream' on the site, which for the AGs was a surprisingly clever slap at the University of Oklahoma) a second time, and then a third, my thoughts racing through a zillion questions. How soon until the next video? What was on the next video? What exactly had we done in the window and when? How many people had seen it so far? What other sites had picked it up? Was it on YouTube? Where was it stored? Where was it backed up? Was it illegal to post it or not? I only knew one thing for sure: I was literally the fucking idiot that made it possible in the first place!

I called Oiler, my go to guy for engineering and technology. He looked at the site and quickly put two and two together and since he had just met Lara, he understood my urgency. He thought for a second, and then said "Come by here at 8 tonight. I need you to meet with a couple of my guys and find out how far you are willing to go to squelch this thing. In the meantime, we will find out as much as we can about the site and how well secured it is, and how much attention it has attracted already. We'll give you an update when we see you. I am also going to call Esmeralda Estigoy, because I think she has a bone to pick with the AGs and she can help. See you at 8!" and he rang off.

My second call was to Asa Weltschmerz. I got his voice mail and asked him to call me about Lara. Calling him would probably mean 'fessing up to Lara's dad sooner rather than later, but he also had some pull and could maybe help me. He returned the call in ten minutes, at 8 minutes before the hour I noticed, and I gave him a brief summary. He was silent for several seconds while my thoughts raced. "Well, this is unfortunate. If this were the only footage, I see no problem. But the address could be a problem, and the further footage could be a disaster. The good news is that it won't bother Lara much; it might even turn her on. The bad news is that her father woould be peripatetic. What is your plan?"

I told him about my 'super hacker' connection, and the meeting later tonight. He said he would talk to an attorney and he would ask about the legalities and email me with an update. He was also going to call an MIS expert at Lara's dad's company that he could count on to stay quiet and work behind the scenes. I promised him an update after tonight's meeting.

I tried going back to homework, but I couldn't even keep my eyes on the page. I went back to the web and researched the AGs, improper photography, and desert islands to maroon myself on. I ate dinner mechanically just for something to do, and when I got back to the room, Kevin wanted to talk.

"You know most of what I know about the AGs already, but there are two things that might help. First, the AGs have made a lot of enemies, so we need to reach out to find help where we can, but without drawing attention to the video. Second, the AGs have just settled a big lawsuit from the family of a pledge that fell while doing one of their drinking and puking games. He broke his neck and was partially paralyzed, and they had to pay out big time, so their alums and sponsors are on the edge of pulling the plug on the ESU chapter anyway. We just need to push them over the edge!"

"What are you thinking?"

"Well, my father is one of the most despised plaintiff's lawyers on the east coast, and he would like to build up his reputation here on the 'third coast". So if we could find some other potential plaintiffs on the web page, and send a demand letter, maybe they would pull the plug right away. Can I tell him about this so he can research to find plaintiffs?

I thought about it. "I am afraid there is too much potential for publicizing this thing and adding to the number of people who find the web page. But if we do identify somebody with a case, he gets first shot at them, Okay?

"That works. I also want my frat president to introduce you the president of the Bi Phi's."

I had heard a lot about the 'Bi Phi's' but didn't know how much of it was true. The were formally the Phi Phi Omegas, and their 'official' nickname was the Phi Phi's, but some people called them 'Bi Phi's' because of the rumors that a girl had to be bisexual to get in. One of the guys on my floor told us that each pledge had to eat the pussies of every girl in the sorority and make them come before they could become full members, but come to think of it, he was an AG pledge.

Kevin called the ZZZ president, and he remembered me and the great dates he had since he met me, so he called the president of the sorority. He explained that his mother was a Phi Phi alum, and she was definitely not bisexual, but since she married a Jewish guy and had only sons, she didn't have a daughter but still kept up with the sorority, so his family knew lots of the girls. He owed me, so he said he had to go over with me and introduce me to the Phi Phi president in person. He then made a brief phone call and said "let's go!"

We walked over to the ZZZ house to meet the president, and then as we walked to the Phi Phi house, he gave us some more background on them. "The Phi Phi's are unusual, and I guess that's why people talk about them so much. If they were just a little more eccentric they would not even be in the Greek system. There are no Home Economics or Elementary Ed majors; they are all in Fine Arts, or Theatre, or Political Science, or Linguistics or Physics. They are plenty smart. They are too straight to be hippies, but they are not white bread enough to be in Kappa Kappa Gamma, or slutty enough to be in ZTA. My grandfather called them 'Bohemians' but said they were all hot. The really hot independent girls that like UDP parties, for example, if they were forced to join a sorority, would probably pledge Phi Phi.

We walked up the steps and rang the doorbell, and it was answered by a pretty hot house mother in her forties, who took us to formal parlor that could have been decorated in 1870. The Phi Phi president was attractive, with black hair, bright green eyes that were shining with intelligence and purpose, and a compact but compelling figure. She was introduced as Millicent Hathaway, and she was dressed in a very elegant blouse, skirt, and sweater not unlike what I had seen Peggy wearing when I first met her. I was surprised to find that Millicent was sending Suzie for me, the ZZZ prez, and Kevin, all clearly and purely and equally! She made small talk for a moment and then the ZZZ prez said I had a problem with the AG's and wanted to ask for her help. Millicent smiled and said conspiratorially "the enemy of my enemy is my friend, eh?"

She said she needed to talk to me alone and said goodbye to the Kevin and the prez. "Tell me your story."

I asked her if she had seen the "Coed Cooze Cam" page on the AG web site, and she made a face. "Yes. Unfortunately we have had some Phi Phi's on that page in the past."

"Well, I managed to get a lovely young lady featured on that site, through no fault of her own, and now I need to fix it before she finds out or it gets more widespread attention. I need to somehow erase that footage, and any other stuff they have, before they publish her address and post any more videos or information."

"I have not seen the video. Can you describe it for me?"

"It was taken from the AG house with a telephoto lens focused on the window of a high rise apartment building, and it shows a blonde woman in a red leather outfit fellating me. My face is outside of the frame, and hers is obscured and at an angle. She cannot be indentified from that video, but might be from some later footage. It was my idea to put her in that window. I did not know about the AGs or their web page, but I should have realized there was that kind of risk in general."

"Why did you put her in the window in the first place?"

I sighed. I might was well tell her the truth. "She is my sub and I am an inexperienced master. I needed to humiliate her to get her excited, and putting her in the window accomplished that. But I should have realized the risk."

Millicent looked up and stared at me curiously. Her Suzie signal morphed and growled at me, but then she suppressed it just like Nora did! "What do you do now to achieve the same result without the public exposure?"

"I brought in another female to watch."

She sent another strong and raspy Suzie spike that was almost immediately squelched. "And how did that work out?"

"Well, a gentleman should only say that they are both wonderful young ladies and I am privileged to have met them." I could not help that a little bit of a 'shit eating grin' appeared on my face.

"Is your sub well taken care of now?" she asked with a bit of a challenge in her voice.

"Yes." I looked at her directly and tried to send a strong Suzie ping of Lara squirting.

Her eyes grew wide and a strong and unquenched set of Suzie signal pulses filled my consciousness and repeated steadily. It was almost hypnotizing. I told her about my meeting at 8 with some hackers that may be able to help, and she offered to attend and help develop a plan. When I told her it was at the UDP port she smiled. "I will see you there."

I texted Oiler, and he said come over now and have dinner with them so we could plan. He introduced me to short but very muscular guy with thick glasses and an old style 'mullet' haircut. His clothes said 'super nerd' even without a pocket protector being visible. But his eyes were bright and active. Oiler introduced him as 'The Cisco Kid' so named for both his taste in music on old vinyl records and his total command of routers and switches. Esmeralda Estigoy was there, with a big guy that looked a lot like her, and must be her older brother. He had on a pair of jeans and a khaki uniform shirt with the logo of the largest local cable and ISP franchisee, and the name 'Eddie' in script.

Esmeralda said "One of my best friends from high school ended up on that web page. She was so embarrassed she attempted suicide. She survived, but dropped out of school. I am here to help take those degenerate mouth breather AGs down, hard! My brother Eddie was her friend too, and he is one of the senior techs for the company you see on his shirt, and he just might be able to help!"

The Cisco Kid laughed. "You are a master of understatement and cute too!" and Esmeralda smiled at him.

Oiler sort of took over running the meeting. "Cisco, tell us what you found out about the site."

Cisco was suddenly all business. "It's externally hosted on a cheap and very popular host with several well known vulnerabilities. The video is displayed using the same flash server that many porn sites use, and they keep it updated and it is almost impossible to download the video directly from the site. Frame grab is easier. We have not seen the video on any other site. So far most of the hits on that video are local and it has not drawn any more traffic than the site has had in the past few months. We did a war drive and they have a WPA protected wifi network that almost everything in the house uses. There is also an old wired Ethernet with an NAT firewall, but the 'sysadmin' is just a frat rat and not a real pro or hacker; he is lazy and he usually keeps his desktop logged in on both the wired and wireless networks, and keeps a USB cord in the router all the time, and has not reset the router's factory password since he figures he has complete physical control."

Eddie laughed. "It figures that a creepy site like that would have a dork as a webmaster! And if I may interject, after Esmie called me, I took the liberty of dropping by the service cabinet in the alley behind the AG house and setting up a little linux box sniffer, installing a keyboard logger on the sysadmin's desktop, and creating mirror sites for his desktop and their servers. He pulled out his laptop and showed Cisco where the mirror sites were and how to log in. They gave each other a high five.

Cisco continued. "The site is low traffic and is not covered by the wayback machine or any other time machines I could find. And I don't think the web host company realizes this sub-page is on the main frat site, as they have a strict ban on hosting improper photography stuff. The AG network uses a commercial appliance backup, but it only writes to the offsite weekly. There isn't much chance of hacking the offsite backup server, or the web host. I think our best chance is to replace the video files on the local server with dummy files of the same size, and then let the normal backup process write over the backups on the remote server. We could do a DOS attack or DNS spoof, but it might attract more attention to the site in the long run, so it's no good unless we have destroyed the file first."

Gretchen and a couple of the other UDP guys showed up with food for us from the frat's kitchen and we all chowed down while the meeting continued. I was not following everything, but it seemed like the AG network was pretty porous. The key issues seemed to be if we should wait a week for the normal backup to overwrite the file with Lara on it, or should we try to force a backup and thus an overwrite sooner but maybe call attention to the file. They also seemed to conclude that to be really sure we had covered all the bases, we needed to get into the AG house and plant a little Linux box directly into their wired network that could transfer files via a separate wireless link to the mirror sites, and do a scan on all the member's computers.

Millicent of the Phi Phi's arrived, and accompanying her was a tall and thin young woman. She was nice looking, with dark skin and a slight epicanthic fold to her eyes, but with surprisingly light brown hair and a trim figure and amazingly active light brown eyes that portrayed massive intelligence. I made as many introductions as I could and then Millicent introduced the young lady as Mei Ling Johnson, a computer science student, Phi Phi member, and a hacker of some repute known in the underground as 'xuxiadiamond'. Cisco's head snapped up like someone had hit him with the business end of a cattle prod.

But he kept his concentration, and summarized what had been covered so far as succinctly and completely as I would have thought possible, without even altering his moonstruck stare at Mei Ling. For her part, she was obviously absorbing everything he was saying, and also sending a moderate but steadily increasing Suzie signal for him.

Oiler took over smoothly and assigned the obvious follow ups on inventorying the servers and examining all the files, and making a summary and recommendation on waiting on the regular backup cycle. The he threw the floor open on ideas for getting inside the house and plugging into their network. Some discussion followed, and we were all asked to think about connections we might have and report back to Oiler. As the meeting broke up, Cisco sought out Mei Ling and introduced himself by his hacker name 'drinkingport'. Her eyes widened in recognition and her Suzie signal amped up by several notches. Suddenly those two were in their own little world.

Millicent took me by the arm and asked how much I knew about Cisco. I referred her to Oiler, told her that I trusted Oiler completely, and said she must have noticed that Mei Ling had it bad for Cisco. Millicent laughed and said "Mei Ling has never 'had it bad' for any guy. They all chase her but none of them have been smart enough to not bore her to death in the first few minutes. I just noticed that Cisco has it bad for Mei Ling, and was going to figure out how to let him down easy!"

I laughed. "Mei Ling is very interested in him." I concentrated on her Suzie, and it was nearing the top of the 'chase me' scale and trending toward 'fuck me tonight' territory. "In fact, I bet they end up in bed sooner rather than later!"

Millicent snorted and looked down her nose at me! "Would you care to actually make a wager, young man?"

"Perhaps I would. What are the stakes and can you pay off when you lose?"

She was spitting mad at that comment, but suddenly she was once again sending a nice little Suzie signal for me. Nothing like Mei Ling was sending for Cisco, but very promising, nevertheless.

"If nothing happens between them by the end of the semester, you will spend an entire weekend as my sub, doing whatever I desire and whatever pleases me."

"And you will not interfere or try to drive them apart?"

"Of course not. Just to be complete, although it will not happen, what it is the payoff if I lose?" She looked haughty but hot.

"You will spend a weekend in complete submission to me and two women." Her Suzie spiked and flamed! I continued. "Actually you win either way. If you win the bet you get what you think you want. If I win the bet you get what you really need!" I laughed, and offered her my hand to shake. "Is it a bet?"

She took my hand, and said. "I am looking forward to whipping you into shape!" With her touch I was plugged into her Suzie now, and I didn't even need to ping. Her signal was strongly modulated with her being strapped down, being ravaged and coming like crazy!

I took her hand up to my lips and kissed it. Her eyes went wide. "I am looking forward to making you really satisfied and totally happy for the first time in your life." I hoped my faith in reading Mei Ling's Suzie signals was justified, or I might have to take Mrs. Douglass' advice about submission: try it once and see if you like it. Mrs. Douglas did and definitely did not like it.

When I got home, I sent Asa Weltschmerz an update on the meeting. He emailed back that we had talked to a lawyer and even though we might have a case, filing it would most likely ensure more publicity and more traffic to the site. If we just pressured AG to take it down, the video might circulate underground and end up on other sites or message boards, and we needed to try to find a way to erase that puppy completely. I decided to wait until Friday to talk to Suzanne about all this. I worked at my homework, taking three times as long as normal to do it about half as well as normal. I finally went to sleep.

Thursday was routine, until I got some updates from Oiler: they found some very interesting stuff on the internal servers via the wireless network, and wanted me to drop by UDP tonight after dinner to talk about a plan. There was a pool party at AG this Saturday and maybe we could slip some women in as attendees, but the AGs had a reputation for pawing and stripping unescorted girls at their pool parties, and maybe worse. Cisco and Mei Ling were trying to map the locations of the Ethernet ports to see if there were any easily accessible ones near the pool.

I walked over to UDP after supper, and Oiler took me up to his laptop in his room. "I haven't showed these to anyone yet. They are practically radioactive!" I wondered what the hell he could mean as a video began to run. It showed an old kids plastic 'slip and slide' toy like we used to use in the yard in the hot Texas summers, and panned up to show six young guys looking kind of sheepish as they looked at the slip and slide. An order came from off camera 'Pledges, Strip!' and the six young guys took off their clothes. Then about 40 other guys, presumably the AG full members, stood all along the length of the slip and slide, like they were going to watch the pledges slide.

"What's the big deal?" I said. He laughed and pointed to the screen.

The 40 older guys zipped down their zippers, took out their cocks, and began to masturbate frantically! I could not believe my eyes. It did not take long for them all to ejaculate on the slide, and although the volume was not great the slide was probably now even slipperier than water would make it. The off screen voice commanded 'Pledges Slide!' and they ran and launched themselves, face down, onto the slide. This was a two camera shoot, and the second camera showed the pledges at the end of their slide, with the sticky stuff all over their chests and faces! If the were not judged to be sufficiently sticky, they had to go back and slide again. Once they were judged to be well coated, they crawled on all fours past the line of members (so to speak) and each delivered a hard swat from a pledge paddle on each buttock.

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