tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 10

My Only Talent Ch. 10


Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.

All Hallows' Eve

Monday morning dawned, and there were no prizes for guessing that I was hungry, horny, and covered up with school work. I was craving protein at early breakfast, but I remembered to tank up on carbs and water, too, since I was trying to go for 14 miles on MWF days this week and thus skipping lunch. In Rhetoric and Composition, Ms. Wyrickie was smelling tobacco free again, and Sarah was back, saying she had the three day flu but was feeling better. In engineering, Professor Lillehammer was playing catch-up since his absence, and loaded us up with 4 big reading assignments on engineering and the law, all naturally to be covered on the exam this coming Friday. I got to the track and kicked off a pace that I thought would get 7 miles in before Suzanne showed up to do seven more with me. It was several ticks faster than our normal pace, but it was my only choice to get to a regular 15 mile routine given the schedule that I had this semester. I was soon feeling it and breathing hard, but by the time Suzanne showed up I was huffing but had reached a steady state and was not in any real trouble, yet.

She did notice my faster pace, and said "Do you want finish at this new pace?" I nodded and continued to move at the new pace, and she joined me. Of course the new pace was no challenge for her at all. She took up the conversation, which was just what I needed to take my attention off of my legs and lungs, and let me move air wholesale instead of talk. "Lara and I have the costumes all ready to go, and I am looking forward to seeing some real bitch envy!" She laughed way down in her throat, kind of evil like. "There is no chance that any other woman will be wearing the same costume, but there is a chance that no one will notice anybody else's costume except maybe Lara's!" Even in my semi-distressed state, I could not mistake her Suzie crowing in anticipation of singing 'nanny-nanny-boo-boo' to taunt all the other women at the parties.

She continued, really just warming up. "Lara went a little overboard on the new collars and chains and some matching stuff for you. I asked her about it but she said her daddy was so happy about her new attitude and her grades that she could probably buy Neiman's out and he wouldn't care! Some of this stuff was custom, and then when she told the snooty jewelry designer that it had to be ready for Wednesday night, the woman giggled and tried to get Lara to tell her all about us! Lara said she just smiled, and then used your line about 'they are wonderful ladies and gentlemen and I am lucky to have met them.' Then the designer lost her haughtiness and said 'now that's hot, honey!' and gave her a high five. She is going out Wednesday morning to pick the stuff up. I am having Nora cover for me in my class so I can go too. I think that will be fun. I might be a few minutes late for running on Wednesday. Can you give me an idea of our schedule for Wednesday night, so we can plan a little bit?"

I was able to talk, but not very loudly. "Start at the Phi Iota Gamma frat party for about an hour, then the Zeta Zeta Zeta frat bash for another hour, then a visit to the Phi Phi sorority house to see Mei Ling and introduce you two to my prospective sub trainee, and finally settling in at the UDP house to win the costume contest and ring in midnight with them. Mei Ling and Cisco and some other folks will probably be at both the Phi Phi party and the UDP party."

"That sounds wonderful!" She sounded like a kid on Christmas morning. "I need to call a few friends to get some details on those other parties."

I huffed like crazy through the last lap, and was genuinely worried about finishing the sprint. Just as we started, Suzanne spanked my ass with one sharp swat and said "Nice guys finish sprints, and you do remember what I like to do to nice guys!" She took off and I did my best to keep up with her. I just managed to survive. I could not even begin to talk on the first cool down lap. Suzanne realized my state, and said "Let's walk three cool down laps." My response was just a gasp. I was feeling a little better as we walked through the second lap. Then Suzanne smiled, and said "Do want to stop somewhere for lunch so I can blow you under the table?"

I almost stumbled, but I was not ready for any extended conversation. As always, Suzanne filled in any gaps. "Yes, Lara told me about that. She said it made her so hot she almost passed out, and her dad's new girlfriend had to help her out by providing a diversion. But we also figured something else out, my Animal." Her tone bespoke attitude and challenge, her Suzie sparking. Suddenly Suzanne had a crafty little Suzie just like Lara did, or maybe even craftier. WTF! "Lara told me that a certain dominant male got really excited too, perhaps very excited by apprehension at the prospect of public exposure, eh? She said your leg was shaking under the table, and you came really fast, not at all your normal pattern, and you came so hard and so much that she almost couldn't swallow it all, and that girl loves to swallow you as much as I do! She said you even tasted different! Do you want to talk about that?"

I did not, but that probably wasn't really an option. "Well I asked her to get under the table because my research said it was a relatively 'normal' way to get Lara all fired up." I went on to tell her about accommodation, and how happy I was that Lara could have really big orgasms and really get a release without always being whipped or getting kinkier and kinkier.

"I got all 'A's in my Psych classes, Animal. In fact, I never got a 'B' until graduate school. But now that you mention it, I see the problem, and I have been researching things a bit, too. But would I be too bold to say that Lara felching your fresh come out of my very recently fucked little ass still qualifies as 'kinky'? And I have been amazed at how much getting spanked and/or whipped gets me in a real frenzy and makes my orgasms almost apocalyptic! You should try it sometime!"

I laughed. "Well I guess there is kinky and then there is kinky. What made me nervous as the idea of having to hit her more and more and getting to the point where she would be really hurt or scarred, and that really freaks me out! And I just don't think I'm wired for being submissive."

She looked at me funny. "I think you should try it once, to see if you like it!"

I thought I heard Mrs. Douglass laughing again. I told her about what I thought about Lara (but not about what Asa told me) and her need to see me as a constant in her life, and my belief that if I appeared submissive to her or around her or even hinted that I would allow her to be with another man, it could knock the underpinnings out from under her current happy state. Suzann looked thoughtful. "I buy that. She has told me that you are her rock, and that your insistence that she belongs to you and you alone makes her incredibly happy. She said would rather watch you do 100 other women than have you tell her she could be with another man!"

Suzanne looked thoughtful. "So that's why a threesome with another guy is not on the menu for Lara's kinky agenda, either, huh?"

I nodded. "Plus I don't think I could handle it, despite my supposed enlightenment."

She looked really thoughtful, and her crafty Suzy sparked again. "Could you handle it with me?"

Oh shit. I really did not want to have to consider that. "I have to be honest, beautiful, not right now."

She laughed, a little too much. "It's not a big issue, right now. But take warning, I may bring it up again in the future. But I am very happy to enjoy what we have and be with just you and Lara right now."

I relaxed, but then she got me again. "What about being submissive to me, to see if it got you off? Just one on one, so it would have no effect on Lara?"

I just looked at her, and then she smiled and did not press the issue. I guess I dodged the bullet this time, Mrs. Douglass.

At least all this disturbing talk had taken my mind off the oxygen debt and lactic acid from my run. I took a two minute shower, and dashed to my afternoon classes, where I was treated to two pop quizzes (actually practice tests for the exams on Friday) while my classmates were treated to some major growling from my empty stomach. After class, I took my study materials and practically sprinted to the dining hall, and was literally waiting at the door when the serving lines opened up. I worked on school assignments and review doggedly until 2AM, and then hit the sack.

Tuesday morning I was still feeling a little sore from the longer run Monday, and the Tuesday classes were further reviews for the exams on Thursday. In between classes I did my 'teaching to an empty classroom' routine and it helped me focus my work. I also took the practice exams I got from Oiler and found a few more things to bone up on. I managed to fit in all my meals to fill my suddenly hollow leg and spent the rest of the day studying.

Wednesday morning I felt better, like I was adjusting to the longer run. I had a big breakfast, and I thought I was ready for the exams. Suzanne was a little late getting back from her jewelry shopping trip with Lara, but she was smiling like a catbird when she arrived. I had a little more in the tank when we finished, and she spent most of the time filling me in about what was planned at some of the parties, although she said UDP always surprised everyone. I told her she would like the band at UDP. She gave me a little kiss, and said "See you at Lara's at 7:00 PM for your final costuming, Animal. And don't worry you get to be the dominant male and hold both our leashes tonight, all night. As with Millicent this weekend, too. But some weekend when Lara goes out of town, I might lure you into my spider web and bite you, big boy. So think about that! Dream about that!" She laughed and kissed me again. I had to be careful with this woman. She was wicked smart and suddenly growing very crafty.

After a shower and my afternoon classes I had a very early supper and a short nap, and then got to Lara's a few minutes before 7:00. Both girls came out in pajamas, led me back into Lara's bedroom, and proceeded to fit me out, and slapped away my attempts to fondle them. When they pulled out my costume, I was taken aback by its brevity. "What the hell, Lara, there are big holes in the pants!"

"All the better to let your cute little butt cheeks show, my dear!" she said in a fake deep voice.

"What about the hole in the front?"

Suzanne piped up. "That's going to be filled by some custom jewelry, Animal. How many guys can say their girlfriends had custom jewelry made for their cock?"

"But there's no shirt at all!"

"There is a shoulder piece attached to the hood, and it is going to look awesome on you!" Lara continued adjusting the little pants. It felt like the vast majority of my butt was out in the air. I looked in the mirror, and it was, but it did not even look like my butt.

Suzanne leaned down and kissed one my butt cheeks. "Looks like all that running may have qualified you for some ass worship, too, my Animal! Your muscular ass is now smoking hot, thanks to your good looking and highly effective running coach, your abs look even better than they did at the first of the semester, and I think you can thank the two of us for all that vigorous fucking that is developing your lower back so nicely. Lara kissed the other cheek. Maybe this outfit would be okay.

Then Lara opened up a Neiman's box and pulled out something that looked like a silver armadillo, with interlocking articulated sections, like overlapping armored scales on a fish. It was slightly bigger and longer than my fully erect cock, but had extra thick material on the outside that made it bigger and look almost sinister. The mushroom shaped head was a slightly different color, and there were diamond studs on it. Suzanne laughed. "We are going to start a trend with this thing. It combines two things women find very hard to resist, fine jewelry and a nice cock!"

She snapped the fasteners at the base of the codpiece into mating fasteners on the little black leather briefs, and then added gold testicle covers which hung down out of the black leather! They moved back a few inches and admired their work. Lara took out the black leather hood and put it on my head. It was like a Batman mask that just covered the top half of my head, and someone who already knew me well could probably tell it was me, but most folks would not be able to indentify me later. It also had some diamonds on it, and some added material on the top of my head that made me look taller and more menacing, I suppose. The hood flowed seamlessly to some black leather things that looked sort of like quarterback shoulder pads. They made my shoulders look big and more powerful by making them look wider and taller. Lara pulled out another Neiman's box, and began snapping some gold chairs from the top of the leather briefs to the bottom of the shoulder piece, forming a sparse metal curtain that somehow seemed to emphasize my abs.

Suzanne whistled. "You are right, Lara, that does make his abs stand out better. Those fashion electives you took last year won't be a waste after all, besides the 'A's helping your GPA".

Then they had me put on some high heeled black boots that matched the rest of the costume. As I stepped back, the overhead light fell on me differently and I noticed that the head of my 'cock piece' or whatever you call the thing was not just a different color, it was semitransparent. Lara said "One more test" and took a remote control out of the box and pressed a key, and a strobe light flashed from the end of my dick. There were some other features of the costume that they did not share with me until later.

Finally they pronounced me ready, and Suzanne took pictures with Lara's camera. "For her design portfolio!" she exclaimed. Then they banished me to living room while they helped each other don their costumes.

I was using Lara's laptop to surf for more dirt on the AG scandal. The DA was now charging only the guy who used the welding torch with the destruction of evidence, but apparently he did it at the behest of Little Jimmy Craig's daddy, who was trying to save his political career. The DA did take possession of the backups from the webhost, and her office was officially silent, but 'a source close to the case' told a reporter that the videos were shocking and went back for years. The source also said that 'other charges may be filed.' One video reportedly showed a seventeen year old pledge with several other men's semen on his chest, and that may qualify as child pornography. Since no one knew exactly which video that was, all the TV and legit websites had dropped them, but most were already out on the web via screen capture, but apparently they had not been widely circulated in the crystal clear HD format I had seen. The webmaster could not really say where he was and when over the weekend. Several witnesses saw him at a popular river float launch point early Saturday morning, but the next documented location for him was when the Mexican Federales turned him over to the border patrol at the crossing near Nuevo Laredo Monday afternoon. There was reported to be some cell phone video of him cheering wildly for a donkey show at Boy's Town Sunday. The GPS track on his phone stopped at the river on Saturday morning, and he could not explain where he was or how all those files had been uploaded to the web host from his computer and under his password. The ABC news IT consultant said the fraternities' IT security was 'execrable', which seemed to describe the current AG public image pretty well, too.

The two girls emerged from Lara's bedroom and I was paralyzed for a few moments when I first saw them, and then a few seconds later I learned how tightly fitted my 'cock bracelet' was. Lara came through first, resplendent in a white leather outfit and boots, and then Suzanne strutted out in a similar red leather get up. I can only describe them as 'sex suits'!

They were skin tight, and had buttock cutouts like mine, and the breast supports were highly 'ventilated' to show all aspects of their breasts except the nipples, which were obviously encased in littlie zipper covers that could be removed to expose them completely. There were two similar zipper covers over their crotches, and their placement left no doubt as to what was underneath each. Little chains emerged from all those covers, and were attached to diamond studded gold collars around their necks. The also had color coordinated knee pads and gloves that only covered the heels of their hands but exposed the fingers. Both girls had their hair up in 'Big Texas' style and they both looked tall and hot as hell. Matching leather boots with spike heels completed the outfits, and suddenly submission to either or both of these two seemed like a pretty attractive option. Both had on bright red lipstick, perfectly applied makeup, and an expression that said 'drop and kiss my boots, worm'. Lara carried a white version of her multi-stranded whip, and Suzanne was fondling a red leather riding crop. They were incredible. Lara said "I almost forgot!" and from the closet pulled a big black cape and clipped it to my shoulder piece. I felt like a super hero... with a major hard on.

Each girl took out a black leather leash, clipped it to their diamond studded gold collar, and handed the other end to me. Now I felt like a 15 year old student driver that had just been handed the keys to a matched pair of red and white Bugutti Veyrons. I was speechless. They were not. Both shot out a hip and struck a pose. "Is Master pleased with our efforts?" Master could only make clicking noises. The girls gave each other high fives, and Lara opened the door to the hallway. They pulled me towards the elevator like two eager show dogs anxious to get into the ring. Clearly I was the handler and they were the champions. But I wouldn't miss this night for anything.

A black stretch limo waited in the garage, and the driver opened the doors for us. He was in his fifties with a weightlifter's build and he looked and sounded like a cross between George Carlin and Ice-T. He stared incredulously at the girls, and he really only noticed me because they insisted that I sit between them. He introduced himself as Rodney Driver, and said 'Yes, that is my real name!", then chuckled and said "This is one of those rare nights when I am really pleased with my choice of career!" and got into the driver's seat, whistling. He looked at his clipboard, saying "First stop, Phi Iota Gamma house! Glad to see you are getting that over with early!"

Lara leaned up towards the front seat and began talking to him. It turned out he had seen it all in driving for not only her dad for all the football games and the music and film festival bigwigs that come to town every year, but also almost every fraternity and sorority related event over the years, and he had formed some clear opinions about the relative worthiness of the various houses, and the Greek crowd in general. The Phi Iota Gammas ('PIGs') were third from the bottom, with Alpha Gamma ('AGs'), on the bottom and Kappa Kappa Alpha ('KKA' AKA 'KKK' for their penchant for flying the Confederate flag) in between. Laura asked if he had been following the problems the AGs were having, and he laughed. "That has me watching the six o'clock news every night these days!" he added that he didn't know much about Zeta Zeta Zeta ('ZZZ'), but that the Phi Phi Omega sorority ('Phi Phi's' AKA 'Bi Phi's), Beta Omicron Theta sorority, ('BOT' AKA 'Booties") and Upsilon Delta Phi fraternity ('UDP') were the "only real class acts of the bunch". "Therefore", he opined, "you guys have filled out your dance card just about right."

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