tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 12

My Only Talent Ch. 12


Chapter 12

Three Girls, Two Parties, One Adventure

Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.

I took a long nap after the ESU football victory Saturday, while the girls finished their three way pussy party and had a shorter nap. It was a little humbling to realize how effectively they could get each other off, and how long they could keep at it. I took a shower first, since I just had to get dressed for the party, and they had all sorts of stuff to do. I laid my black leather Master costume out on a chair, figuring I would stay cool until I had to put it on to go outside. Mille came out of the bathroom drying her hair, buck naked, and came over a lot like an enthusiastic puppy and sat on my lap and kissed me. She had a subtle way of ingratiating herself, saying, "I just wanted to tell you that I love your dick!" and then hugging me even harder. I guess that was a start. Suzanne and Lara emerged wearing white terrycloth robes.

"Millie!" said Suzanne. "We have some presents for you!" She took out two boxes and a large cylinder with a ribbon and bow around it. Millie opened the first box to find a pillow that matched the cover of her sleeping rug, and the second box was a little duvet style coverlet that would keep her warm while she was on her sleeping rug. She untied the ribbon around the cylinder to find what looked like a big bearskin rug. I knew it was synthetic and machine washable (which was probably a good idea) but it looked quite real. "You have your sleeping rug for when you are here, and you will have your training in many locations and you must always have permission to come while you are training. But this bearskin is your 'fuck rug' and there are two special things about it. First, when you are on that rug you are a complete slut and fuck toy. You will do anything to anyone that Master lets touch you when you are on that rug. If Master decides to line up the entire ESU Show Band of the Southwest next to that rug and tells you to suck their cocks and eat their pussies you will get down on your knees without hesitation and start using your slut mouth! Do you understand?"

Even the newly liberated and thoroughly modern Millie looked shocked at that image, but she gulped and said, "Yes, Mistress!" Her Suzie signal boiled and bubbled. We had no plans to turn even one other person loose on her for quite a while, if ever, but we wanted her to wonder about that, and I was going to surreptitiously monitor her Suzie modulation as she contemplated the possibilities.

"Second, when you are on that rug, you may come without asking for permission! You can totally let yourself go and get in touch with your 'inner slut'! Do you understand?" Millie's Suzie signal almost sucked the air out of the room. It had a heart beat of its own. She was speechless, and that hot but haughty look returned in spades.

"Come over here so we can put your costume on and get Master's approval!" Millie moved over between the girls and they took out what looked like a coiled up metal necklace, and nothing else.

Suzanne continued, "This costume signifies that you are a fuck toy, but you need permission to let yourself go. Everyone that sees you will know that you are a total slut, but no one will be able to get to you!" As they put it on her, I could see that it was essentially a very fancy and highly eroticized chastity belt. There were gold rings centered right over her pussy and her rectum. You could see every detail, but the diameter and placement of the rings was such that unless you actually had the mythical pencil dick you would be blocked out. They were held in place by metal and gold links like a thong bikini, and nothing was hidden from view, just blocked from access. There were diamond encrusted gold nipple clips, attached with chains to an ornate collar around her neck, and finally a gold ring that prevented any entry into her mouth incorporated into a gold studded mask that hid her identify from anyone except those who knew her very well. She looked like the sexiest jewelry store display ever created. The girls had expertly applied makeup that made her eyes look big as plates underneath the mask. I was not much into jewelry, but the whole effect made me hot as hell.

Lara laughed and said, "Holy Shit, you look hot in that thing! People will not be able to avoid staring at you!" Millie looked very pleased with that idea. "But only Master has the key!" Lara promptly gave me the key on a ring that went around my neck. I hoped it was warm at the party, because Millie was for all practical purposes going naked. The girls then went back to the bedroom to finish dressing with Millie's help.

I got on Lara's laptop and surfed the web for a while, and checked the new email accounts I had set up. Rodney Driver told me that we would meet some very interesting and wonderful people at the party, but we might also meet some very interesting and not so wonderful people. He recommended that I set up some anonymous but easy to remember 'hotmail' style email accounts for us all to use in making contacts after the party. Oiler told me how to do it myself, because he didn't want to know anything about them, and some ideas about how to set them up. I ended up on a doubly anonymous domain site pair, and after using Oiler's subroutines to look for open names, I creating accounts entitled Master231 for me, Trainee231 for Millie, Redhot231 for Suzanne, and Whitehot231 for Lara, based on our costumes and roles. I did a search for an update of the AG situation and discovered a new non-profit organization devoted to getting AG chapters removed from any college in Texas. It was called 'AG-GTFOOT', pronounced 'ag-foot' for 'Alpha Gammas Get The Fuck Out Of Texas'. The website was devoted to links to all the negative AG related news stories, to offshore sites that still showed the slip and slide videos, a special political section on how bad the polling was looking for James Craig, a tearful appeal from the moms of the two pledges that died during the hazing drinking games, and finally a draft resolution for the State House of Representatives to pass, censuring the AG's and demanding that all of their chapters close at state funded schools. It was another major PR disaster for the AGs.

The girls emerged from the bedroom totally decked out and they looked hot as ever, the effect of the three of them together being much greater than the sum of their parts. They were going to turn heads like never before. I quickly donned my costume and Lara called a cab. When the driver called to say he was two minutes away, Lara grabbed Millie's leash and said, "Come one, Wet Spot, it's party time!" and we headed downstairs. We crammed into the backseat of the cab and I was forced to let at least one girl sit on my lap. I decide I would test the effectiveness of Millie's protective rings on the way. It would be about a twenty five minute ride at this time of night with light traffic. I was paying too much attention to the girls to notice the plain dark blue Ford Crown Victoria that followed us from the alley by Lara's building.

We took the road towards the lake, then turned left towards City Park, and right again up into the hills, then left at a dead end that led to two opposing cul-de-sacs. There was a gate set up with security guards and our taxi got in line behind several cars waiting to get in. I suddenly noticed the Black Suburban ahead of us, license plate JCK5H-001, and I saw the Ford sedan behind us but did not realize it had been following us. Two people got out of the Suburban, a very tall and voluptuous honey blonde with a very pretty face dressed in mostly black as Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians, and a short, ugly, dumpy looking guy dressed as Deputy Barney Fife of Mayberry. They made a jarring and very disparate couple, but they also looked vaguely alike. I inferred that this was Winifred Wylie Coyote Wimmers, of the Real Texans for Truth Super PAC, and her trial lawyer cousin John Wimmers Blakeley, AKA 'The Wylie Fist'. I could easily see her breaking a few hearts, and saying that he had a face for radio was kind. But they were both well costumed, as were their two obvious security types, dressed as J and K from Men in Black and sporting mirrored shades and wired ear pieces.

When we got up to the gate, a guard approached the car. I rolled down the back window and stuck out my phone, displaying the QR code that Rodney had sent me. The guard scanned it with a little hand held scanner, which beeped, and he motioned us to another gate, saying, "You and your guests may go in, but the taxi stops here." Rodney had also warned us about several ground rules of the party that could result in instant ejection if not adhered to: no cell phone use or picture taking, they must be turned off, and the place had a seamless jammer system so they wouldn't work anyway; no smoking or drug use of any kind; and no roughhousing or fighting. I conveniently forgot about the 'batman cam' in the hood of my costume. We got out of the car, and I noticed lots of Halloween decorations throughout the yard, and a queue of several dozen people on foot waiting at another gate. The guards were trying to be professional, but all eyes were focused on the girls, who were strutting and posing unabashedly. I could have been carrying two rifles and a bandoleer of grenades and the guards might not have even noticed me.

I suddenly remembered something I had read in a Dallas newspaper article published years ago about a guy in the state capitol who spent all year planning and creating elaborate staging and Disney class animatronics dioramas, throwing big Halloween parties that were open to the public. He was some sort of software millionaire, who was also into elaborate puzzles and games, and his house was filled with hidden messages, secret passages, trick doors and other unusual architecture. People began queuing up for his parties days before Halloween until neighbor complaints led to invitation only parties, such invitations being highly prized, especially among the keep it weird crowd.

I spoke to the girls about it as we left the car, and Suzanne added some details from her store of local knowledge. "He started out in the early eighties making some kind of software for telephone modems, sold that company for millions, then started another one that did compression and error correcting software for voice and video over packet networks, and sold that one for hundreds of millions. Then he started a gaming company just for his own amusement and it made much more money that the other two combined. He may well be a billionaire by now, but at the least he has enough dough to qualify as eccentric rather than weird. He has built another huge mansion on a hill closer to the lake, too, but he keeps this place just for parties, apparently, and he bought out most of the complaining neighbors up on in his side of the cul-de-sac. I have never been inside, but my friend has and she described it as totally amazing. He is an astronomy buff and is reputed to be 'universal' in his sexual interests, but very guarded and private. He sounds like an interesting host, but sometimes he attends his own parties anonymously, so you never know who is who."

We did not notice the three guys that emerged from the Ford Crown Victoria behind us; all three dressed in fringed deerskin suits and coonskin caps, presumably in character as Daniel Boone, except they were wired with earpieces, too. The guards had held them in the Crown Vic until we got into the little decorated tunnel that led to the house's entry hall, probably to reduce visual exposure of the guests outside their cars. We went through the artificial above ground tunnel that was decorated with several animated zombies and a creature that looked like the one in the old movie Alien, then another guard opened the main door for us, and we stepped into the entry hall. The hall was at least three stories high, and sitting just to the right was a towering metal contraption that looked like a cross between a ladder and a train trestle. It supported a huge optical telescope up at the top, which fit like a glove into an observatory dome on the roof, but did not touch it anywhere. I noticed big springs and dampers on the bottom which presumably provided vibration isolation to keep things sharp during long light gathering exposures. Set in the floor was a set of motors and gears that I supposed turned the telescope to try to counter the motion of the earth while the camera remained fixed on its targeted heavenly body. It certainly made for an impressive entryway. But no one in the entry hall was looking at the telescope right now; they were all staring, mouths agape, at my three hotly dressed companions. Life was good. I was also hit by a raucous volley of Suzie signals, and I was able to read the coverage very quickly. I realized that this party had several times as many people as the UDP shindig, and I was going to have the opportunity to read more Suzie signals at the same time than I ever had before, and that my only talent was still developing. Hopefully, this would count toward my ten thousand hours to become an outlier at reading Suzie signals. I guess I was already some sort of outlier for being able to sense them at all.

Off to the left was a three story tall waterfall, shrouded in fog. On closer inspection, it was a tall cascade of hot water falling on gently sloping walls of native limestone and granite, ending up in a giant hot tub, about the size of a hotel swimming pool. There were tables along some of the walls, and lots of little two seat tables in alcoves up at various heights in the wall with steps leading up to them. The walls were festooned with all manner of plants: several kinds of giant ferns growing out of planters built into the walls, flowering tropical plants in huge containers, and planted fichus and other tropical trees more than twenty feet tall that seemed to thrive in the hothouse environment. The whole thing was on the other side of a three story high glass wall, which was translucent rather than transparent for the bottom five feet or so. About half the people visible appeared to be wearing bathing suits, and half were not. There was a kind of coat check station near the entrance through the glass wall where you could leave all of your clothes and jewelry and the attractive female attendants would lock your stuff up until you returned. Paired with the hot tub was a pool of just about identical size that was apparently cool, since it was not steaming, and party revelers could go back and forth from the hot to the cold water freely, and many did, including one very attractive and very topless young lady whose wonderful nipples responded beautifully to the change in temperature. There was also a swim out that connected the cool indoor pool to a much larger outdoor pool, and guests were moving back and forth through it. The outdoor pool apparently featured two swim up open bars with two bartenders each, and business was brisk.

Suzanne said, "I don't want to swim, but I want to go out to the outdoor pool to check out something my friend told me about." We spotted a glass double door that led from the entry hall to the huge patio surrounding the outdoor pool. There was a south and east facing balcony that allowed a view of downtown and the capital, and the ESU tower was lit bright orange signifying the gridiron victory. There were dozens of tables arrayed about the patio, with lots of folks sitting, drinking, and talking. When the three girls marched towards the railing on the balcony, the volume of conversations went way down and the detectable Suzie signals went way up. Suzanne led the procession to the southernmost part of the railing, where we could see out and over the railing to the southeast side of the house. A huge section of the wall of the pool was exposed glass, like a big window, and you could see all the folks swimming inside as if it were a well lit aquarium. "It does have a window!" Suzanne said. "My friend said when you swim in the pool you could look out the window and see the ESU tower and I bet you can!" It was pretty impressive.

Lara said, "This is a cool party. Even if we don't solve the puzzle to get to the other one, I could have fun here."

I could tell from the look on Suzanne and Millie's faces that they were going to solve the puzzle to get to the other party or die trying. We spent a few more moments taking in the views from the balcony, and then decided to explore the rest of the house. We soon encountered Professor Lillehammer and his wife Dorothy, dressed as Benson and Stabler from Law & Order SVU. We talked for a few minutes, and they gave no indication of knowing about the other, later, party, and so neither did we. As we covered the areas that we had not looked at, I also saw Sarah, dressed as a very photogenic Playboy bunny, with her date dressed as a doddering Hugh Hefner, and she certainly was able to pull that off well. She looked hot as hell, and she was sending zero Suzie signals for her date, but some super Suzie for me as the Master and for the girls. I do not think she recognized me, or at least there was no indication that she did. That made me remember how much I was hoping Ms. Wyrickie, our Rhetoric and Composition TA, broke her tobacco habit and collected her promised sexual rewards from Sarah and me. I would certainly have something to talk to Sarah about before class Monday.

We then went through a long hallway that was lined with life size portrait photographs, presumably taken by our host, of a tremendous variety of local people. One was a famous football running back with legs like tree trunks, another of a former Governor and US President, and a now deceased local favorite mayoral candidate of the keep it weird set that always wore frilly feminine outfits over his very hairy and usually unwashed legs. Opposite them was big print of a venerable lady and former governor, then Willie Nelson, and Kinky Friedman. It was a striking set of contrasts. The hallway ended in a mezzanine space that overlooked what looked like a large, fancy, Sherlock Holmes style library and study, about three stories down, with bookshelves extending all the way up, but with no visible staircase or doors to enter the room from.

One wall of the study was completely covered in ornate wood paneling with intricate carved designs, and the other three walls were solid bookshelves. As we watched, an area of the paneled wall opened like elevator doors and a formally dressed couple presumably costumed as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers emerged from the opening, which quickly closed behind them, seamlessly disappearing. They obviously did not know how they got there, and they began nervously looking for a way out. Suzanne called down to them, "Look for books by Arthur Conan Doyle!" and they looked up at her with funny expressions, but thinking of nothing better to try, began scanning the shelves. The young lady cried out and pulled the top of a volume, and the wall and bookshelf spun 180 degrees, making her seem to disappear before the man's eyes. He rushed over to the same spot, scanned the books approximately where she had put her hand, and grabbed one. The bookshelf spun again and he too disappeared. Suzanne was transfixed, taking this all in. "We have got to get down there!" she cried.

"Well, you have an existence proof, don't you?" We turned to see a tall and grey haired woman with flashing grey eyes who appeared to be about 60, in granny glasses. Her Suzie was calling out to all four of us, but especially for Millie and to me. "They got down there, so there has to be a way!" She was wearing a high collared off white school marm type blouse, a fake pearl necklace, a cheap Halloween costume American Indian headdress that had only two decrepit looking feathers, some cheap and obviously Chinese made Kmart Indian beaded moccasins, and a holster with a big gavel in it. She had three political buttons on: 'Let's Move On', and "I'm Affirmative on Action", and "Yes, We Can!"

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