My Only Talent Ch. 14


Professor Lillehammer then approached us and greeted her warmly, and introduced us formally, along with two other former students who were going to speak. They had similar stories, one from an electrical engineering background, and one from chemical. The professor then took me over and introduced me to three fellows in their fifties, who apparently were recruiters for firms that hired from the program. I guess that was his agenda, and I certainly had no objections. The presentations were concise and very helpful, and I understood completely now how the program worked and how I could fit in.

The meeting went long, and wrapped up around 7 PM. I walked by the Economics building and met Suzanne, and then we met Millie on the way downtown from the Phi Phi house to the downtown hotel where the reception was held.


Dwight had grown complacent as he sat surveillance on Suzanne Pliskin at the Economics building. He knew her routine by heart: no running on Tuesday or Thursday, and she would have lunch at her desk while she prepared for her afternoon office hours by grading student papers. He had two remotes in her office, complete with video, and a tracker on her car in the parking lot. He wished something interesting would actually happen. But, no, she opened up her door and worked through the queue of waiting students, most with lame excuses or dumb questions, in Dwight's opinion. She even stayed a few minutes extra to help one student laboriously work through a problem from the last exam, and then closed her door. Dwight knew that she would pack up her lunch stuff and head to the car, then drive to her apartment and study some more. She appeared to do just that, until she got to the car. She put her lunch stuff in, but then took a hangar bag out of the back seat and went back up to her office. Dwight watched with interest as she took off what he thought of as her dowdy TA outfit, panties, and bra, and slipped on a basic black dress that hugged her body like a glove, with a plunging neckline that prohibited a bra and donning no panties at all. She put her hair up with some sort of bejeweled hairpin, did some eye makeup and lipstick, and suddenly Dwight was looking at a supermodel. What a transformation.

She put her dowdy TA clothes in the hangar bag, and went back to the car to drop them off. She took a raincoat from the trunk, and then turned on her heels and began walking south toward downtown. Dwight had to decide whether to try to follow on foot or in his car. He texted his boss to tell him that Pliskin was on the move and out of her routine, and drove his car quickly out of the parking lot to try to keep her in sight. She pulled her raincoat on and moved rapidly south, making Dwight run a gauntlet of stop signs and student pedestrians to keep up. Robbie joined her at the south of the edge of campus near his dorm, and they then walked at a fast pace to the west, meeting Millicent outside her sorority house. The three of them then headed due south, the traffic making it hard for Dwight to keep up. What were they up to?


I was waiting when Suzanne came around the corner strutting in her raincoat, and I could not wait to see what she had on underneath it. She looked amazing, even all wrapped up in that coat, and she knew it. I gave her a hug and we started toward the Phi Phi house. Millie was on the porch, wrapped in a similar coat, looking very good too, and wearing a smile as big as Dallas. She was fired up to go to the election night reception. We both hugged her and then headed for the hotel. The reception was held at the oldest hotel in town, right in the middle of the entertainment district and close to the capital. It was the site of many political battles, celebrations, and a more than a few shady deals. The guest of honor, who trounced James Craig in the primary, was well ahead in the polling, and his Senate race was expected to be called early, setting a celebratory tone for the rest of the evening. The girls left their coats at the check station, and we headed into the reception hall, with me greedily eying them in their little black dress outfits. Life was good.


Dwight was just able to keep them in sight as they ducked into the hotel entrance on the east side, and was lucky to find a space in the small parking lot just west of the south side of the hotel near the bar entrance. He texted his boss again, and went into the lobby bar. A few seconds watching the calendar of events on the video screen gave him a few rooms to look in, and he was glad he always wore dark suits. He blended in well with the crowd in all three likely rooms, and spotted the Pliskin girl in the third one. He texted the boss again, and began a circle search to find all the exits from the area. Survey completed, he found a spot where he could watch all the avenues of egress, and settled in again.


I spotted Winifred almost immediately and we made our way over to greet her. I introduced both girls, begging her to pardon me for presuming to bring Millie too, but she laughed and said, "You look great dear, but with a less metallic outfit than the last time I saw you. And you must be Suzanne, and the little BBD suits you just as well as the red leather did! Both of you lovely girls should be on red alert for getting pawed by inebriated politicos."

Her assessments seemed purely intellectual, as she was sending zero Suzie for either girl, but was transmitting some strong popping for me. I'm not sure I would have picked Winifred for a straight arrow, but there you go. She dragged us over to the guest of honor, and introduced him as our senator to be. He barely noticed me as he took in Suzanne and Millie. Millie was flummoxed, almost going groupie on the guy. Sheesh! He, on the other hand, was captivated by Suzanne, but she sent almost immediate Suzie revulsion, and I soon learned why: his wife Heidi was two feet away, waiting not so patiently to be introduced. Winifred jumped in to try to save his bacon, and made the introductions herself. His wife immediately took Suzanne and me aside to talk to us, leaving Millie to bat her eyes at one of her new political heroes.

"My husband is a little dazzled by all the attention tonight, I'm afraid!" she began. She was almost my height, razor thin, and perfectly turned out, with the ubiquitous basic black dress to highlight her medium length honey blonde hair. Her arms were tanned and muscular, not the least bit anorexic, though, and her eyes danced with intelligence and charm. I liked this one, but she was sending no Suzie for anyone right now, including her husband. "Aren't you ambassador Pliskin's daughter, my dear?"

Wow. Maybe she was the real brain behind this successful Senate campaign. Suzanne laughed, and replied, "Yes, although it is not something I like to call attention to. I strive to stay in the background if I can. I think you understand?"

My, I do like smart girls, and Suzanne was very quick on the uptake, too. Heidi smiled at me, and said, "You make a nice foreground, young man!" I smiled, somewhat uncomfortably. At this point, Winifred pulled Heidi back toward her husband for another introduction, and Suzanne snagged the adoring Millie by the elbow and pulled her away from the Senator, walking the two of us toward the bar.

Suzanne spoke sharply to Millie: "Close your mouth before some insect flies in! Are you always that star struck by politicians?

Millie looked sheepish. "I am sort of wowed by politicians. That's the first senator I have met in person! Was it that obvious?"

Suzanne snorted. "We should have put your chastity belt on under that dress! Master and I will have to punish you later for your wanton lust."

Millie smiled wickedly. "Promise, Mistress?"

Suzanne steered us into the line at the bar. I got a Coke, Suzanne had a Tito's screwdriver, and Millie had a White Hat and Coke. I guess I was the designated driver and chaperone for these two hotties, even though we were on foot. I knew Suzanne could hold her liquor, but Mille was an unknown quantity in that regard. She downed her drink in one gulp and got back in line for another one, and her Suzie signals began to sound like an air raid siren.

Suzanne looked at me with one of her smoking hot looks, tongue on upper teeth, which set my loins on fire. "We need to discipline Millie, right away!" She made an evil grin. "When she finishes that second drink, I have a plan."

That sounded good to me. We watched Millie in line as she got hit on by three different political types, grinning widely and looking intrigued and fascinated by all of them. When she finally returned to us, Suzanne took charge.

"Will you flirt with anyone in politics, you shameless hussy?"

Millie eyes got wide and her face flushed. "Yes, Mistress, it seems I cannot help myself."

Suzanne took her by the arm, grabbed my elbow with the other arm, and steered us out toward the hallway. We went down two flights of stairs to the basement level. She took us toward the oldest part of the building, and into a little bathroom marked with unisex and handicapped signs. It seemed incongruous, and was probably remodeled not so long ago to meet the obscure dictates of the Americans with Disabilities Act, having to be so many steps from the stairs and elevators and from rooms on this floor, and having a door of a certain width, fixtures of a certain height, etc. and I don't know when Suzanne learned about it, but I was soon to be very glad she had. It had little white hexagonal tile on the floor and low on the walls, trying to remain faithful to the 1890's style of most of the hotel, with dark walnut paneling above, with large brass rails in multiple locations for those who needed them to navigate and use the bathroom, and to my surprise, mirrors covered the ceiling.

Suzanne locked the door behind us, and stood with hands on hips. We were both willing to do anything she asked, but she barked commands at Millie. "Strip and get on your knees, slut!" Millie literally giggled, and hurried to comply. She slipped her dress eagerly over her head and hung it over one of the wooden inner walls.

"Leave those Louboutins on your slut feet, and hand me your panties, you bitch!" Suzanne did not have her riding crop, but she needed one in her current mood. Mille surrendered her panties willingly. "Take Robbie's cock out of his pants, but no hands!"

Millie used her teeth to pull down my zipper and open the little flap in the front of my underwear. I was glad I wore some new ones. She really didn't have to work too hard to free me, as I sprang out and to attention with just a little urging. She opened her mouth and was about to engulf and devour me when Suzanne said, "Oh, no you slut. You don't get that. You get to eat my pussy! She put one foot up on the closed toilet lid, grabbed the back of Millie's head, and shoved her pussy right into Millie's face. I almost wished that Millie would register some disappointment about not getting to suck my cock, but she made no protest at all and hungrily chowed down on Suzanne's savory snatch, making some very appreciative guzzling sounds as she did so.

Suzanne smiled at me and opened her mouth, urging me to imitate her, so I opened mine a little. She stuffed Millie's panties in my mouth, and reached down with her other hand for my cock. Her ministrations and the beguiling aroma of Millie's little black panties were having quite an effect on me. Suzanne was rocking back and forth as Millie's head moved about her, and I could feel her Suzie growling with pleasure. She came once and it just made Millie more enthusiastic to continue, and with her second orgasm Suzanne made one of her little sneezing sounds, which meant it had been a really good one. I reached down with my left hand and began spanking Millie's little tushie as she worked on Suzanne. The harder I swatted her, the more she seemed to like it, and the more aggressive she became towards Suzanne's perfect pussy. I set up a little syncopated rhythm as I spanked Millie, saw her lunge forward while tonguing Suzanne, and then I saw Suzanne's eyes get a little wider with each stroke. Millie's Suzie signaled she was just about to come from the spanking, so I adjusted my position a little for more leverage and really began popping her, alternating my blows on both cheeks. Her legs shook and she sucked on Suzanne's pussy lips so hard that I thought she might swallow them.

Suzanne then pushed Millie's head away and moved me back behind her, then put her left leg up on one of the big brass rails on the wall, and slipped me into her doggy style. Once I was fully inside her, she moved the leg even farther up along the rail like a stretching exercise for a very advanced Pilates instructor. It gave me even more penetration, but she had a second purpose – she reached out and directed Millie's mouth right back between her legs.

"Work my clit and the underside of his cock, too, you little slut!"

Millie's mouth was full, but she made a muffled noise that sounded a lot like, "Yum!" She spent about 80% of her effort on Suzanne, but when she flicked her tongue along my cock and snuggled my balls it seemed like the perfect recipe to me.

Suzanne gave me a wicked look and began spanking me to encourage even greater penetration. I suddenly realized I liked it. Suzanne's Suzie signals soared, and Millie's sang with hers. They were both having a great time. Suzanne sneezed again and I was getting close. I groaned and Suzanne knew I was about to let loose.

"Take him in your mouth slut, make him come, and don't you let even a single drop touch the air. I would like us to go back to the reception without any come stuck in your hair!" Suzanne commanded.

Millie sucked me in with little fanfare, but tremendous effect. She took me way down deep and then kept me there, varying her suction artfully. Suzanne daintily lifted her leg over us and pivoted easily, pushing me slightly toward the center of the stall and ducking her head between me and the wall. She gave my butt cheeks a few preliminary kisses, and then stuck her tongue right up my ass. Resistance was futile. I came a few seconds later, so strongly I almost passed out. Millie's pulsing Suzie signal told me she actually had an orgasm herself when I shot in her mouth. She was so perfectly my kind of girl. Suzanne got her tongue right up against my prostrate, and I felt her push against it for my last squirt. If I never had sex again, I would be happy remembering this little tableau.

I realize I had both hands clasped over the top of the stall wall to hold myself up, and had to plan the tension in my legs before I released my hands. Suzanne moved her head back around me and kissed Millie deeply, which thrilled me no end. I sat on the closed toilet lid and waited for my heart rate to come down. Suzanne went to the mirror and began to touch up her makeup, and Millie joined her. Suzanne laughed, saying, "Will that be enough to keep you satisfied, at least to avoid your grabbing any politico penises at the reception, slut?"

Millie giggled. "Well, it was pretty good, what there was of it! But I could use some more!" She giggled again.

I pulled myself back together and checked my hair in the mirror. I didn't have a comb, but Suzanne reached up and slicked my cowlick down in the back. Both girls gave themselves a little modified Sitz bath with paper towels, and then slipped their dresses back on and we emerged from the bathroom into the hallway. I spotted a very young looking guy in a dark suit on the landing at the other end of the hallway, but he turned and spoke into a cell phone held up to his ear. Did he look familiar? Maybe I was just paranoid about the Russkie crew, but I could not be sure if I had seen him before or where. He continued down the stairs, and we turned to go up the stairs at the other end of the hallway.


Dwight was certain the Roberts kid had spotted him in the stairwell, but he tried to act naturally and turned back down the stairs. The threesome had been in that basement bathroom for some time, and he had no way of monitoring them, but he had a pretty good idea about what had been going on in there. That lucky little son of a bitch.

He was expecting lots of help from other agents upstairs, so he just had to cover the Pliskin daughter. The governor was on his way to the reception, and he had a pretty good DPS detail on him. Some FBI guys were there just because it was a high profile event, as was Dwight's boss. Sapiento and Erminia were together in their suite in the Four Seasons a few blocks away, where they would stay until the repainting and redecorating job was done on the house they had leased, so that team was nearby if needed.


When we emerged from the stairwell, Heidi was standing in the hallway talking on her cell phone; she took in all three of us in a lingering glance and then got a knowing smile on her face. I blushed. She smiled even more widely. When we tried to slip into the door to the ballroom unnoticed, she slipped in behind us and spoke into Suzanne's ear, saying "Did you kid's enjoy yourselves?"

Suzanne giggled. "Yes Ma'am, we did!"

Heidi giggled, too. "I bet that was a lot more fun than the speeches we are about to endure!"

We found a place standing near the bar as the outgoing Senator, who kicked off the primary race when she decided not to run again, began to speak in introduction of the newly elected Senator, Heidi's husband. The former Senator had been an ESU cheerleader before she went to the ESU law school and had many terms in office. She did pretty well. Millie was enchanted. Suzanne and I endured. The governor made an entrance. There was much speculation about his next career move, after his primary run as a presidential contender ended early and not well. He had been governor longer than anyone, and he could run again in two years, but it was no longer the sure thing people originally thought.

Millie was up on the latest, however. "The governor has to appoint several members of the ESU Board of Regents before his current term is up. They serve six year terms, and four terms will expire in the next year and half. Just changing four of the eight regents would change the balance of power dramatically. If the rumors are correct that one or more of the other regents will resign before their normal terms end, the situation could change even more. That could mean a new university president, new policies on admissions, expansion, budgets, anything. There are also rumors that he was horse trading for his next gig, be that a cabinet position, a party leadership post, or a spot in private industry."

He made his way through the room toward the stage, greeting many people warmly and on a first name basis. He had that politician's gift of focus and making someone think he was really interested in them and listening to them. Millie almost swooned when he walked by and winked at her. "He's been governor since I was a little girl!" she whispered. I had only one data point on him. When he faltered so badly in the primary debates, my father told me, like a previous governor that went on to actually become President, that "he is dynamite in person, but he does not come across as well on television."

His speech was predictable, but thankfully short. Millie was all fired up again. She went back to the bar and immediately was surrounded by several guys, including the governor's chief of staff. At least they had good taste. I could hear her Suzie sparking again. Suzanne suggested that we all separate and mix a bit, I suppose as her father had taught her to work an event. As soon as she split off, a crowd of guys moved around her like ants to honey, at least the ones who could see. I decided not to torture myself watching guys hit on her, so I focused on the first woman I saw, and proceeded to chat her up like she was at one of the fraternity mixers.

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