tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 17

My Only Talent Ch. 17


Chapter 17

Happy landings there, Buddy!

Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.

Suzanne almost fell off the roof herself when she looked down and saw Pavel point the gun at Robbie, and then something landed on Pavel, making a sound sort of like a big watermelon dropped from the second floor. Some guys in dark grey suits held guns on the other caterers, put plastic cable ties around their wrists and ankles, cloth hoods over their heads, and then shoved them in the back seat of their black Tahoe. An ambulance arrived almost immediately, and the attendants put Pavel, who was unconscious, on a back board, and then she realized that the guy that had fallen off the roof must have jumped on Pavel deliberately. He looked familiar. They strapped him to backboard too, and then loaded both of them in the ambulance and took off in less than two minutes. She suddenly placed him: that was the guy who had followed her to Waco. She saw Robbie stand up, but he looked a little woozy. Her phone buzzed with a text from her father. It had a photo of a red headed guy in his thirties and one line of text "Find Agent Smith and ask him how you can help".

She looked up and saw the guy in the photo talking with Erminia and Brujo, and hurried down the stairs. She first checked on Robbie, getting there right after Lara did, and Robbie didn't have a scratch on him, he was just having an adrenalin reaction. Agent Smith hustled over and asked her to sit with Robbie, give him some water, and watch for signs of shock. He told her a drunken guy had fallen off the roof, but he was the only one hurt, and that was all she had seen.

Suanne said, "What about Pav..."

Agent Smith was adamant. "A drunk guy fell off the roof and that's all you saw, right!" as he looked her right in the eyes. "Tell Robbie to say the same thing."

By this time the two other guys in suits were talking to all the other people that had seen the guy fall. This early in the morning, there really weren't that many people here yet. A big white Cintas step van showed up, and two guys in funny looking rubber suits with gloves and plastic bags on their feet and plastic hair nets ran to pick up Pavel's gun, and Robbie's racket, and everything the bogus caterers had put out for snacks, and all the stuff that had fallen off the roof with the guy who fell. Agent Smith got in one of the black Tahoes and then he and the white van took off, disappearing down a road that was marked 'no outlet' and about two minutes later two city police black and whites rolled up from the other direction, followed by an EMS unit. Her phone buzzed again, her father texted again, "stick to that story, will call you later, and do not turn your phone off." She saw a bunch of characters flash on her screen, and then it showed only a jumble of nonsensical symbols.

The EMS guys went over to look at Robbie, shining lights in his eyes and asking him questions. He kept saying "I did not fall off the roof" and then, "the guy who did almost hit me" and then "they took him away in an ambulance", then "a regular ambulance, just like yours". The cops were talking to everyone around the court and taking notes.

When they got to Suzanne, she opened her mouth to speak but they said "I think I already know, Miss. Some drunken guy fell off the roof and that's all you saw, right!"

"Actually officer, I didn't see anyone fall, I just heard a big thump. I came down the stairs from the roof to look and the ambulance was already driving away. You guys sure are good!" She gave him her best breathless coed look, but he did not respond. He must be gay, or maybe really married.

The cops came over and said they were confiscating her phone, but when they tried to page through it, they saw it was trashed. "This one is fried, too, Sarge. What the heck is going on?"

The EMS guys wanted to take Robbie to the hospital, but he absolutely refused, saying, "I didn't get hurt, just surprised!"

The police radio crackled, and the speaker/mics on the cop's shoulders all announced "Unit 1311, 10-61" The sergeant stepped away from Suzanne and Robbie, and dialed his cell phone, and spoke into it for a moment.

He then motioned to the other cops and said "10-24, 10-22, and you are all 10-8! Roll out a here forthwith!" The radio crackled again with another set of ten signals and some addresses.

The cop that had been talking to Suzanne said "What's the deal Sarge? We are told to disregard, back in service, and then we get immediately sent to routine burglary calls we don't normally roll on!"

"Stow it, Stowkowski! Talk to Sergeant Vincent if you think you have a problem. Do you read me?"

All the cops and the EMS guys were gone in thirty seconds, but with no squealing of tires. Suzanne's phone rang; she listened for second, and then handed it to Robbie. He listened, with an increasingly serious expression, for several minutes.

"Yes, sir, I understand. No sir. My pleasure sir, uh, I think," and then handed it back to Suzanne.

She smiled. "Well, I guess you have now met my father, at least telephonically!"

Robbie still looked tired and pale, as he was still coming back from the deep crash right after the adrenalin rush. "He talks as fast as you do, perfect grammar, never pauses, never repeats himself, and he sure sounds like he knows what to do! Let me rest for a few minutes, get some water and a little food, and then I want to play the tennis match."

The tournament director started the match that was scheduled after Lara and Robbie's first, and then they would play theirs, and in just a few minutes, it was like the incident never happened. More people began arriving to fill the available seats, and Lara went and got Robbie a plate of food from what the real caterers had put out, and then she and Suzanne sat on either side of him, kissing him, touching him, feeding him, and making sure he was okay. He was looking better with every bite and every kiss, and soon got up and asked Lara to go warm up with him. They found a racquet for him to use, and then hit for a while until their match was called, and they stepped onto the court to play doubles against an older couple from Italy, who were equipped with complete matching sets of Ferrari logo tennis gear. Where was Theo the clotheshorse when you needed him?

Suzanne watched, remembering the way Lara talked about her first tennis date with Robbie. Thinking that she was going to beat him, like she usually trounced all her tennis opponents, and make him her submissive 'spanky' like all those other loser boys that tried to date her. Then the incredible rush of excitement when she realized Robbie might be good enough to beat her, and the last few points of their match were like her sexual fantasies, suddenly admitting that what she really wanted was somebody strong like Robbie to make her submit to him. As Suzanne watched the two of them move in those short and tight tennis clothes, she recalled she had never been much for tennis, but coupled with a sexual submission wager against either of these two, she might get more interested, win or lose. But then again, why waste time on the tennis part?

She could tell that Robbie and Lara were much better tennis players than the Italians, but they also understood the social graces of charity tennis tournaments, and kept each point close, until the Italians made enough unforced errors to lose, without making them feel that they had been pounded by better players. There were hearty congratulations across the net, and then they joined Brujo and Erminia for brunch. Robbie again ate very heartily, and drank a lot of Perrier water, while everyone else talked.


I figured after the tennis match and lunch I would catch a nap, but I discovered we were all scheduled for one of several 'work parties' to get ready for the 'addicted to' after party. My older sister had organized her senior prom, and I followed her trials and tribulations as they were explained in laborious detail across the dinner table every night, but that was nothing compared to this event. There were multiple work parties, a walkthrough, and a dress rehearsal to go, all in the next two days. Lara, Suzanne and I started over to Spear's place early, but most of the other folks would not arrive until after their normal work days ended.

On the way, I thought about Dwight, the guy who had jumped from rooftop onto Pavel. Suzanne's dad had given me the background on his training as an agent and a very sketchy idea about the still unnamed OGA he worked for, and the basic plan of what would happen to him next, but only Suzanne and I knew even that much. He was in the hospital downtown, under an assumed name, in the burn unit because it was more plausible to keep outside contact to a minimum there. That must have made Suzanne think about her first love Mike, who had spent the last three years in a coma at the burn center hospital down in San Antonio, after what probably should mercifully have been a fatal collision caused by a deranged truck driver. Dwight, however, was in a physician induced coma, drugged and fed intravenously to reduce the chances of swelling and brain damage over the next few days. They had patched up his multiple broken bones, torn ligaments, and cuts and bruises, and there were no neurological problems evident from the fall itself, but there was a chance of later inflammation and swelling damaging parts of the brain. When that risk was in the past, they would wake him up and send him to rehab somewhere unknown to us, under still another name. I guess he was going to miss the big party.

I had read somewhere that living through combat, being shot at and not getting killed, made you horny as hell. In my case, just looking down the barrel of a gun and not even getting shot at was sure making me horny as hell, in fact, I was desperate. My Suzie receiver went on overtime, sniffing like a radar detector in a speeding car, and I picked up some wonderful signals from Lara and Suzanne. Their desire to not see me shot had turned into a drive to make sure I was alright, and that made them want to take care of me, and I knew exactly the kind of care I needed taken.

When we got to Spear's nobody else was there, and no one was expected for a while. Suzanne and Lara began explaining all the party plans to me, and I had trouble absorbing it all, until I put it in a project management context. Until then, I had not realized the scope of what they were doing here. They had a complete stage show planned, with music and dancing in between their 'acts' and a grand finale number that they guaranteed me would rock everyone's world, and make them want to come back next year. The remodeling of Spear's party house was primarily to fit in the stage and dance floor in front of the frosted glass that obscured the view into the pool and hot tub area, plus some crowd control and security measures. They would bring in a rented stage set and lighting, and had recruited a bunch of ESU theatre majors to do the stage design and management during the party.

A conference call with both girls and Cindy Nelson, the beautiful, talented and supremely ambitious would be party planner to the stars left me with 45 minutes or so to myself. Rather than take a nap, I listened with half an ear and got my laptop out and worked up a project plan for the party, trying to incorporate everything they had told me about the plan. I saw three critical resource and calendar issues that would jump up to bite us. During the call, one other big problem had surfaced: the local big trick magician, stage show mind reader, and prestidigitator who was scheduled to be one of the key acts had gotten a big break and a lucrative booking at a major Las Vegas hotel, so he was cancelling his union minimum scale only gig at our party.

After the call, I showed the girls my project plan, and they could see the schedule issues once I laid it out in the calendar with milestones format for them. Then they started to get a little freaked out. I showed them how we could add some bodies to our crew and change the order of some of the steps, and demand that the caterer and decorators deliver faster completion of some activities on the critical path, and they relaxed quite a bit. Suzanne smiled and said "Now if you could just do card tricks, read minds and make a ski boat disappear on stage, we would have everything covered. What the hell are we going to do?"

I saw opportunity, as I was getting hornier by the second. I hoped my Suzie receiver could tell me how much I could push it to make it pay for me. "Well, if I could give you a substitute act, that actually fits into the theme of the party better, and gives you another hook to lure people back for next year, would you two be willing to do anything I want, and I do mean anything I want, until 6 PM when our other workers arrive?"

I sensed two wonderful, interested Suzie signals, but I saw suspicion in their faces. Lara spoke first "We would have to agree that your proposed act is as good or better, and would really keep people spellbound, because I have seen that magician and he is good!"

Suzanne chimed in "What exactly do you have in mind?"

"Well, I would have to use Millie as my stage assistant, and we would use some real world 'magician' tricks to pull it off, but what if I could give you act called something like "Sexual Fortune Teller", for women only? We would bring a woman on stage, ask her a few questions, and then tell her, and the audience, what she really wants and needs sexually, and what she will have to try to achieve total satisfaction?"

They both looked interested, and their Suzie's popped and sizzled, but they had some doubts.

Suzanne spoke first. "I realize you had some remarkable insight into what Lara and I needed, and Millie too, but how many women would be willing to go on stage and have people know who they are and learn that much about them, and how could you get even close to really telling them that sort of thing?"

"Well, one of my magician tricks is that we are going to 'pre-select' the women beforehand, so I can have Oiler and Cisco do a little research on them, and get some ideas to work with. What if we have them wear masks on stage and be anonymous, but ask really personal questions to keep the audience interested?"

Lara looked thoughtful. "I like the mask idea, it's very mysterious, but let's up the ante a bit and make sure the women who go onstage are really motivated to reveal the truth and get some answers. Let's make then come on stage masked, but naked!"

Both girls Suzie's sparkled and I knew Lara had it right, that would rivet the audience, and make the women hotter too.

Suzanne said "What if we don't get any volunteers to go up on stage?"

I hadn't thought of that. "How many do we need for a thirty minute act?

Lara giggled. "Well, if we don't get enough applicants from the party, we will have to have some women teed up who have previously agreed to go on stage if we don't get enough volunteers. Maybe Millie can make the Phi Phi pledges do it as an initiation ritual?"

Suzanne said "That's hot! Will Master be the fortune teller?"

"No. I will talk to Millie through a headset, and she will be the mysterious gypsy and tell the fortunes out loud, taking my directions. We can ask lots of questions beforehand via a questionnaire. We could also open it up and maybe some women would be willing to do it to get invites to the party?"

Lara smiled a wicked smile. "Bingo, Master! We can use our addicted to party Facebook page to take applications, and pick the ones who will stimulate the audience the most. Maybe take some from the regular party invitees, and some from the contest?"

Suzanne smiled "I like it, and I want to talk to Cindy, too. She seems to have a remarkable talent for 'sexing things up' for a party and making the public excited about them!" Then she looked at the clock, and got down on her knees, saying "we have about two hours, Master, how may I serve you?"

Hot dog. I looked at Lara and arched an eyebrow at her. I was rewarded with a wonderful version of her tight little smile, and she began to strip and kneel. Happy days are here again, plus two wonderful bubbling Suzie signals ramping up in amplitude. What did I want? It was time for some stream of consciousness erotic thinking. But I never got the chance. I began kissing Lara, and then Suzanne kissed her too, and then their Suzie signals sort of harmonized and just grabbed my brain. I was just subconsciously doing what made them the hottest, and they were doing the same for me. I spent a long time on one of Lara's breasts while Suzanne obsessed over the other. I couldn't believe how wonderful and responsive it was in my mouth. Her nipple seemed to breathe in and out, swelling and flexing as her Suzie trilled in my head, and Suzanne was just as fascinated with the one on her side.

I opened up my pants, and my Suzie receiver, and found I just lost myself in my girls and their signals. It was almost as if the three of us were sharing all three bodies together. As soon as I realized Lara liked something, I made it happen, and likewise for Suzanne. I could also tell that almost everything they did to touch and excite each other worked wonderfully for them. Lara took me in her mouth, and Suzanne went down on Lara. Then I entered Lara and Suzanne kissed us both just where I moved in and out of Lara. Permutations and combinations! Lather, rinse, repeat! I was so totally concentrated on their pleasure that I took no notice of my own, and thus never moved toward a climax. I was in the stone zone, hard and willing. Lara came very hard, squeezing me with her magic box and raking my back with her nails, but I felt not even a tickle toward an orgasm of my own. I sensed Lara was in a refractory phase, and got myself into Suzanne by the quickest route possible, her clarion Suzie telling me I had done the right thing for her. Suzanne pushed me onto my back and rode me hard, Lara sat on my face and kissed Suzanne. It seemed so perfect I almost forgot to breathe.

Lara began to fuck my face the way Suzanne sometimes did, and I liked it just as much. Suzanne had another sneezing orgasm and her pussy clamped down on me so hard it hurt. Baby make it hurt so good. I twisted over and put my cock between Lara's wonderful breasts, sliding in and out of the magical triangular tunnel they made. Suzanne leaned over and stuck her tongue out and licked me as I emerged from the top of Lara's breasts, and it was fascinating to feel and watch. She alternated between licking me and sucking hard on Lara's nipples, and Lara began to groan and to roll her head from side to side. Both girls were breathing like sprinters.

Suzanne pulled her head up and said "Come on her nipples, Robbie!" The whistling of Lara's breath through her nostrils was my sonic trigger. Suddenly I was around the bend. I did my best to target one nipple and then the other and my ejaculation somehow felt harder, hotter, denser, and somehow more profound. When it landed on Lara's nipples she came hard, and Suzanne said "Oh yeah! Look at that!" and then proceeded to suck it off of Lara's chest. I least I think she did, but I'm not sure, because I passed out.

When I woke up, I was in the bed under the covers in a third floor bedroom in Spear's party house, and it was already fully dark outside. There was a dim light on nightstand table, and my clothes were hung on a chair nearby. I dressed and made my way out the door and down the staircase, hungry, and still a little wobbly. I saw Suzanne, Lara, and now Millie, all three in jeans and tee shirts up on the newly constructed stage, putting down blue masking tape and conferring with Cindy Nelson and the remodeling contractor. There were about a dozen really nice looking girls on stage in dancing tights and tee shirts holding onto each other's shoulders and high kicking like a chorus line at the Follies Bergere. There were guys with little meters of some kind taking lighting and noise level readings, and another group standing offstage and arguing with each other. As I got closer, I realized that the arguing group included five or six tall women and the musicians from the Goompers, the very talented band that shot the video with the girls and me at the UDP Halloween costume party, and I re-introduced myself.

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