tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 21

My Only Talent Ch. 21


Chapter 21

The Marathon Man: Finished?

Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.

Wednesday marked the start of the last three days of class for this semester, and then there would be two official 'no class days' before final exams kicked off next Wednesday. Oiler, who was developing a nasty habit of forwarding supposedly humorous emails to a 'recipients undisclosed' distribution list that included me and other unfortunates, sent one this morning saying that in College Station, every day was a no class day!

Suzanne and I would run today at lunchtime, a full fifteen miles with a longer sprinting finish according to the official Pliskin Pre-Marathon Physical Training Plan that she had developed for me. I tanked up at breakfast, as always, anticipating no lunch and doing the run instead. As I had diligently since Saskia gave it to me, I entered everything into the exercise and food diary app on my phone. It found the physiology department servers via Wi-Fi or a cell site wherever I was and kept them instantly updated. It was easy to use, and had drop down lists with all the dorm food and almost all commercially available foods built in. My classes were all review for the exams, but in Rhetoric and Composition there was no exam and I had already turned in my final paper. Sarah was there: she smiled at me vacantly but said nothing. I kept having the feeling that I had forgotten something important, but I checked my do to list and all my class prep notes and didn't find anything left hanging. Still, there was that vague feeling.

In Engineering 101, Professor Lillehammer led a brief review of the entire course, which in his mind also covered the entirety of engineering thought and the history of man, and then did ten minutes on choosing an engineering discipline for those that had not yet done so, with a few pointed looks at me. After he dismissed class he asked me to stay for a moment and reminded me that I needed to turn in the paperwork for the 'distributed engineering education' program by the last day of class. I told him that I already had. He also said that with the program's normal schedule that meant I would work this summer and then I would also have to work rather than attend school next spring semester and then do summer school, and that scheduling all my required classes became more difficult because of pre-requisite requirements and fewer course offerings in the summer, so finalizing my major soon was even more imperative.

I went up and quickly changed clothes, wearing my cold weather running gear even at mid-day because it was pretty chilly out. Suzanne looked ravishing in her all white with stockings running outfit, and we started toward the track. "Let's do the Town Lake Loop instead, my Animal, because the track is a little bit boring by comparison."

"Nothing is boring when I am with you, Suzanne."

"Oh, my! Cold weather must make you extra charming." She affected an exaggerated southern belle accent. "Be still my heart. My heavens, this smooth talking gentleman may make me swoon!" We went south on Lavaca, weaving our way through the traffic on the street and sidewalk.

"And then he will have his way with me! I will be a just another poor defenseless young girl, forced to give in to his animal nature and unnatural desires!" This outburst got us a few sideways glances from other people near us.

"I'm pretty sure most of my desires are pretty natural, beautiful, but I'm not so sure about yours." We crossed First Street and turned east, taking the little ramp down and then running under the 'bat bridge'. All the bats were in Mexico, and I was beginning to wish I was too. I glanced over, and she had a smug and satisfied look on her face like I had just walked into her trap.

"So let's review, my Animal. It's perfectly natural for you to want and to have two or three girls at once, as I have seen you do enthusiastically several times, but it's unnatural for me to want to try having two guys even once? I have to admit you do it pretty well, so I really can't fault your performance in such a situation. But I like to think I would be good at it, too! In fact, I think I would be very, very good at it!'

I didn't doubt that either, damn her eyes, but I really didn't want to think about it.

We plodded along in near silence for a while, until we got onto Longhorn damn and headed south across it. There was a fire and police department training center nearby, and a gaggle of twenty or so burly young candidates was just finishing an apparently taxing training run, pulling up to a walk with red faces, soaked sweat shirts, and expressions of incredulity as Suzanne jogged by in the other direction six feet away. Nobody noticed me at all. They were like a living gallery of cartoon figures, staring open mouthed and slack jawed at the Amazing Pliskin moving in their midst. It looked like a series of those cartoons where the reader is supposed to supply the caption below each image. In my mind's eye, they almost wrote themselves: from the relatively polite looking male face that said 'That's what I want to protect and serve' to the frankly predatory 'Slice me off a piece of that' their prurient interest was obvious.

Was that the kind of attention what she craved? "You might have a chance right there, beautiful, but it looks like more than a dozen to me." She snorted.

"That's not my style, Robbie. I would want to play with them for weeks and build up the suspense, so to speak. You can't do that anonymously or on the spur of the moment. It has to be someone you know, and I only want two guys, or maybe three." She held her tongue up to her upper lip and leered at me. Damn her.

"You really taught me something about myself, too, Robbie, and you started this whole journey of exploration for me. When you lured me into helping you get Lara excited, I had thought about being with another woman, and been propositioned by some of the soccer girls, but I never really seriously considered actually doing it. Then you made it seem almost safe and sound. I thought I could dominate some little bitch to get myself off, and if I didn't like it just forget about her and even you if it didn't work out."

That brought me up short. Had I been that close to losing her?

"Then Lara turned out to be wonderful, just like you. In my first appearance as a dominatrix I discovered that my 'sub' was a very superior human being and I fell for her. I think you did too! You do seem to have a way of finding good women, Robbie. Why is that? And watching her with you turned me on, like I was sharing her pleasure and yours. Watching her with you still turns me on, and being with her right after she has just had you really turns me on, too."

I saw my opening. "But I am certain that watching you with some other guy is more likely to turn my stomach, not turn me on, even if I know you are enjoying it. Maybe especially if I know you are enjoying it!"

We ran on silently until we reached IH35. The afternoon traffic was merely congested, not impossible like it would be in five hours or so.

"I'll admit it will probably fire me up to see you and Strelsa go at it, but because I know you: you are both wonderful and exciting and trustworthy and not because you are two random sluts that I just get to watch."

"So you are not like every other guy who just wants to bang some sluts? You can't understand that I might just want to bang some studs?"

"I don't really know for sure what other guys want, but loving real women that I know and care about is much hotter for me than banging random sluts I don't even like that much. Banging some semi-anonymous drunken slut is just one step up from fucking an inflatable doll!"

She looked mad. "So you would rather see me make it with someone like Günter, who you know is a good guy rather than just letting me pick up some random dicks?"

"Yes, damn it, for your safety alone! Somehow having you fuck Günter with some sort of emotional connection seems superior to just random sex. But in all honesty I just want you to do me. Seeing you with Günter will not turn me on, and I certainly have no desire to mess with Günter myself, and I am most assuredly not excited by the idea of having you right after Günter."

Another few minutes of silence; this was very unusual for her. Then "Do you hope I do you and Günter a few times and then the novelty wears off and I will go back to just doing you?"

I guess honesty is the best policy. "Guilty as charged, your honor. One time would be preferable to a few, and zero times would be best!"

There followed another unprecedented period of silence. This must be some serious shit for her. "So that's why you can let Millie go after her training period, without keeping her around as a 'bang slut', huh?"

"Yes." I tried not to smile.

"You son of bitch! You know you can booty call her anytime and she'll do anything for you."

I had no answer. That was true. It was going to be tough for me to have to give Millie up when Erminia's training was complete. We plodded on until we went under Mopac and back to the north side of the river. My wariness grew with every additional silent step.

"Well, Robbie, with that subject still completely unresolved but with it as background, then what about Millie's so called graduation party this Friday? Let's talk about that. Do you know what she wants to have happen at her party?"

I thought about it, and recalled her carrier and the images it had carried last time I tapped into it. "To be spanked, whipped, and fucked by all three of us, and then sent to her fuck rug to be used by anyone else that wants to have her?"

Suzanne snorted. "That's just about it, but do you know who else she wants to be there to have her?"

I didn't answer. I didn't have to, because she continued "Not two girls, not two guys, not even five! More like ten!"

That was a little too close to Melanie meltdown territory for me. I really cared for Millie, not like Suzanne or Lara, but, as Millie herself had described it, "love with a little L". l only wanted the best for her. Was it hubris for me to think that she would be better off with me than with a bunch of other guys? Wasn't I the one that had told her that she was a complete slut and fuck toy? But didn't I have a responsibility to protect her from going the way of Melanie? What if she just was going the way of Tessa, and she was happily adjusted to it?

We made our way past the high school and then took a loop around the Congress Avenue Bridge to add some miles to our total so we could get to 15 before the final sprint. I was feeling very good, and would have been physically able to talk animatedly like Suzanne throughout the route, had I wanted to. As it was I just ran silently and thought frantically. What should I do for Millie? Should I arrange for a cast of ten to bang her like she wanted? Could I handle watching that? Did I want Suzanne to get even more ideas? Did I want Lara to get any ideas at all? I thought this was just going to be a party, not a morals quiz! I had to make some decisions in the next 48 hours or so, not to mention for the future in general.

After the added loop, we crossed over under Mopac again, turned east and then headed north on Lavaca. Just as we passed the Governor's mansion, Suzanne broke into a sprint. "Catch me if you can my animal!" I stayed right behind her, surprised at my obviously improved wind. She may be a vexing lover, but she certainly was a great running coach! When I caught her at the economics building, she reminded me that she was also a great kisser.

When the kiss broke, she said "You know I love you Robbie. I just need to know if I need other lovers or not. I know I want you, and that I'll always want you. I hope you can let me experiment a little."

I sighed. "I know I promised to be your meat puppet and take you anyway I could have you. It's just that now I have higher aspirations than that."

She kissed me again, and looked very thoughtful. "That's a pretty damn good answer, Robbie. You are such an intriguing man!"

She jogged up the back stairs, leaving me staring at her magic ass in those white iridescent tights. I just had time to run up to the room and grab my back pack, but not to change. I went to my two afternoon classes in my running gear, clearly a step below even dressing 'campus casual'. I did spot a couple of coeds checking out my legs, even though they sent no Suzie. What good was that? No surprises in those class sessions: I was ready for the final exams, and the last class ended early. But I might not be ready for Millie's party.

I was certainly ready for Lara. She had invited me over for 'a very early supper' so I could get back to Belmont Hall at 6 PM for my stress test, but still be fully fed and watered. I hoped that she had some other things in mind, too. I took a very quick shower and left early: it was clear and cold as I made my way south from campus to her high rise apartment building. I was due to arrive at 4, but I was already hungry and unless I took a detour, I would get there more like 3:30. I didn't mind appearing eager for Lara, because I clearly was. She must have spotted me on her lobby cam, because her door opened before I could knock, and Lara had on a white terrycloth robe and a clear plastic shower cap over her blonde tresses.

"I was just about to get in the shower, early boy! Dinner is already in the oven, but it needs to cook for a while. Make yourself comfortable and I'll be back out in a few minutes."

I noticed some brightly colored elastic isometric exercise bands on a hook on Lara's closet door, complete with a tablet computer on a fold down shelf at eye level, on which an exercise video was paused. Lara did seem to be a little more buff looking lately, if that was even possible. There were some text books on a bookstand at her little bedroom study desk, and a yellow legal pad with a handwritten checklist of review items for a class, with most of the them checked off with a flourish, in bright pink Sharpie marker, along with a tablet computer logged into the 'blackboard' software that administered most ESU classes.

I wandered into the kitchen and caught a tantalizing whiff of tortillas, chicken and hot peppers. A recipe card was displayed on a little stand next to the cutting board, and it detailed her recipe for 'King Ranch Chilaquiles Casserole' complete with elegantly penciled end notes that said "Robbie - add 1 ch. large Anaheim pepper, 1 ch. med. Jalapeño with all seeds, and 1 tsp. Xochil XXX Habenero hot sauce". That sounded perfect, and how could a little hand written pencil note make me feel so damn good? The oven was on: I clicked on the oven light switch and saw a cheese and sour cream covered casserole beginning to bubble slowly.

Lara swept into the kitchen accompanied by a little steamy humidity, her perfume, and a hint of sandalwood and leather. I closed my eyes and took in the aromas, then looked up at her. Her long blonde hair was up in a tight bun with that magical leather and chopsticks thing that I liked so much, and even without the matching leather boots, it was already having its usual effect on me. Then I took in the rest of her outfit: a set of pink 'footie' pajamas like a little girl would wear, but Lara was most assuredly no little girl. They were old and thin and well worn, and looked like a layer of pink bubblegum poured over her spectacular body. They had a little pink zipper down the front which was open all the way to her navel, and her amazing breasts seemed to defy gravity as they pushed against the thin fabric, holding the zipper aperture wide open and displaying a verdant fleshy valley between them. Her nipples were easily pushing their erect outlines through the pink fabric.

She did have a way with clothes. Suzanne said you could drop Lara off naked in a Wal-Mart with a $20 bill and she would come out looking like a million bucks, having put together a super-hot outfit from the cheapest stuff on the discontinued and sale racks and still have some change left over. She hadn't just taken those fashion electives and made A's; she had devoured the subject, read all the reference materials, bought the classic books, and mastered her own special spin on haute couture. Monthly she scoured the vintage stores, of which Austin had plenty, and magically found the hidden gems and perfect combinations that others had missed. Not to mention that only one woman in ten thousand had the looks and body to challenge hers.

Suddenly she was glued to me and me to her. I hugged everything I could find, and kissed her enthusiastically. Her hands found my cock through my jeans, and she giggled. "I thought you would like this outfit Robbie!"

"It makes me want to chew some bubblegum, beautiful!!" She didn't call me 'Master' so often now, but the way she said 'Robbie' made it sound even hotter than 'Master'. When she did call me 'Master' it meant she needed a spanking, and now more and more often she let me know her need that way even before her Suzie signal revealed it to me, despite our now almost hard wired connection whenever I was near her. She put her arms above my shoulders and around my neck and jumped up and crossed her legs behind my back, Indian wrestling style. Why did that turn me on so much?

I was enjoying myself so thoroughly that I saw no need to move, but she broke our kiss and hissed "carry me to the bed, Robbie!" I could never refuse a lady. I put her hands up on the headboard, with the 'magic ropes' now being understood between us when I did that. She stretched and pulled against the headboard with her arms, the result being that both her perfect breasts popped up and out of the front of little pink outfit and begged for attention. Her nipples were much tastier and more satisfying than the best bubble gum I ever had, and they got harder and tastier as you chewed them, not softer and blander. I plugged into her melodious Suzie signal and devoured her perfect nipples, listening for her responses and trying to push her excitement forward. It was a very functional feedback loop and soon she was twisting under me and pushing her hips up against my weight.

A growling Suzie sliced through my head, and I realized she was about to come just from the nipple stimulation. Her neck arched back and her strong legs lifted me about a foot off the bed with a pelvic thrust that signaled an orgasm, just as her Suzie signal pealed through my brain like she was ringing a giant bell. She broke our kiss and hissed in my ear again. "Fuck me Robbie, fuck me hard and fuck me now!" I put my weight on my knees and used my hands to pull the fleecy pink pajamas down and off of her completely. I pushed her legs together a little and entered her already frothing wet pussy, and then she pointed her toes like a ballerina, and I put my legs outside of hers, trapping her between mine. I could balance my weight on my knees and her pelvis, and control our motion completely. I don't know what this position was called in the Kama Sutra, but I called it perfect: I could penetrate her deeply and still watch her face and kiss her.

We found a rhythm and thrust together joyfully. She was making a giant and very fragrant wet spot on the bed. I broke our kiss and watched her face, as her Suzie told me she was about to come again. Her neck was flushed red and goose bumps covered her shoulders. She began to turn her head from side to side and her breathing accelerated. Then she threw her head back and her pussy clamped down on me. She was so beautiful! I stopped moving for just a second and it grabbed me three times, and then relaxed, and I started my motions again.

She smiled up at me, and I heard that challenging little Suzie signal. "You did hear me say hard, didn't you, Robbie?" I took the hint, summoning up my inner John Henry and concentrating on slamming her against the headboard. We quickly built up a little layer of perspiration between us, and it worked like a slip and slide, letting me slam into her faster and harder. It seemed I could feel her individual abdominal muscles corded up and supporting me like the wet rollers on a boat trailer. She closed her eyes and put her tongue up against her upper lip, almost Suzanne like, and came again, grabbing my buttocks hard and growling. I was moving inexorably toward my own release, and I took no break; showed her no mercy. Then she looked up at me wide eyed as she realized I was about to come. She reached her fingers down between my buttocks and pulled my ass cheeks apart, and urged me even further into her.

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