My Only Talent Ch. 21


My heart began to beat faster, for some reason. "Just what is in that plan?"

She grinned, and I swear she put her tongue on her upper lip with an expression just like Suzanne's! "The only way you can find out is to let us carry out our plan on you, Robbie, meaning trusting us to take care of you again. Didn't you take good care of me whenever I submitted to you?"

Except for that time when I got your nude video and picture and address on an improper photography web site for the entire world to see, I thought. Suddenly I felt shame and humiliation like no sexual situation could produce. I hope to God she never found out about that. And I realized that Suzanne had played a big part in saving my bacon on that deal. I said nothing.

She smiled. "I thought I had figured out that letting someone else be in control really got me off. But it may have been just because it was you, my love. I might have discovered that submitting to some other guy would have left me cold, and then I would have had all the humiliation without any of the satisfaction." She kissed me, perfectly. "But you know you can trust us. We would take care of you. We would do things that excite you, but never anything that would actually hurt you."

I needed to change the subject, fast. "So then how do we take good care of our thoroughly Modern Millie? How do we excite her and get her off without hurting her?"

Lara looked thoughtful. "I think I have an idea. Let me work it out in my mind and make a few calls and then let's talk about it later. Won't you 'see' Millie Thursday night at Erminia's, Robbie?" She smiled. She knew damn well I would, and why, although she didn't know the lurid details. "See if you can figure out what it would really take to fulfill Millie's fantasies at the party so she knew what it was like to have them come true. Maybe I can enlist a few trusted helpers to see if we can do it without any harm coming to her."

As I walked back to the dorm, all this was percolating in my mind. I knew exactly what I wanted with Lara, I told her and she wanted the same thing. I knew what I wanted with Suzanne, and I had pretty much told her, but she had not agreed, plus I had promised to be her meat puppet and to take her on any terms she wanted. I realized that I had to let Millie be Millie, and I was not going to be in her life in the long or even medium term, but I also still wanted the best for her. As for Nora, I told her with complete honesty what I wanted, and I was certain she knew what I wanted, but she was only 'considering' a relationship with me and I had no answer from her. I hoped to have an answer from her when she returned for spring semester. I decided to just not worry about all that right now and concentrate on doing well on my exams. I had more control of that. I could not shake the feeling that I had forgotten something: probably an exam question that had occurred to me that I had not written down to follow up on.

When I got back to the dorm, I updated my diary app with our fruit snack and late night 'sexercise'. I didn't think there was anything really wrong with me, despite Saskia's contention that my metabolism 'made no rational sense' but since I got so hungry so often I had decided to be completely accurate about everything in that diary, even the sex, just in case. Amazingly, my stress test had already been entered in by Saskia; apparently they monitored the actual energy output and put it in the database. I was surprised to discover that the pull down activity lists in the app had lots of different categories of sexual activity, with a calories expended estimate for each. I decided that what Lara and I had done was best described as 'vigorous intercourse' of 'one hour duration' and chose that from the pick list. Then I decided to log some 'deep sleep' until breakfast. I was already hungry.


Thursday morning I was amazed to discover Nora waiting for the breakfast line to open. Hallelujah! She looked tired, with slight circles under her eyes, no makeup, and no smart looking business outfit: but she was still totally stunning in just a tee shirt and jeans. She may have looked even better without makeup. Her skin was so clear and unblemished that makeup only hid its true beauty. I was overjoyed to see her nipples move a little bit through that thin tee shirt when she saw me. Hot damn! She might be able to suppress her Suzie signal, but maybe not some of her other signals. Life was good. What a wonderful Texas morning it was. We started through the serving line together.

"Good morning Nora. It is wonderful to see you. I have missed you!"

"Hi, Robbie. I have been going crazy trying to get everything finished for this semester. I wish I could go to Dallas to watch you run that Marathon, but I just can't fit it in and meet all my academic commitments. Scratch Eldee's ears for me, will you?"

That answered one of my questions: she and Suzanne were still actively communicating with each other. "I'll do it, but I am sure she would much rather see you in person. I think I'm ready for my finals, and I have completed my class registration for next semester."

"Me, too. I only need 9 semester hours of required classes to finish all my degrees, so I am taking two electives purely for fun. It seems so out of character for me to have some blow-off classes!"

Given her super brain she was probably taking Symplectic Topology and Astrophysical Gas Dynamics, like my buddy Ralph just got permission to register for them as an undergrad. "When do you leave for home? Can we spend any time together between your last final and when you have to go to the airport?

She shrugged. "My flight is two hours after I have to upload the exam grades from the Econ 101 final, which I also have to proctor, and it's chock-a-block with the exams I have to take before that. I am afraid we won't have a chance to talk much again until spring semester starts."

"Well, it turns out I might be in your neighborhood over Christmas break."

"Really? Well you have my cell, email, and Skype, so let me know your schedule as soon as you know. I suppose it might be best if you met my parents, although it might turn a bit dramatic when you do!"

"Truth is truth, beautiful. At least they will see I don't actually have horns and a tail." I gave her a hug and we both headed out for class. Something got in my eyes, and I had to rub them. I had that feeling again that I had forgotten something.

My Thursday classes were completely unremarkable. I walked over to the UDP house and asked Oiler the one math question I was still unclear on. He straightened me out and then we double checked the old test files and I had already worked through everything that even touched on the classes I was taking. He convinced me to stay for lunch, not too difficult a sale since there was fried chicken on the menu, and as we sat down, Cisco joined us.

"Hi Robbie! Mei Ling tells me we are going to a late night party in Millicent's honor at Lara's place after the ZZZ party Friday night. It sounds kind of mysterious to me. I think she wants me to help her act out some fantasy scene for Millie's benefit. Do you know what that's all about?

It seemed that Lara had already started 'making some calls'. I wondered what she had in mind. I also realized that Lara was a prime party mover. Now that I thought about it, most of the 'big ideas' for the addicted to Austin party had been Lara's doing: Suzanne and Cindy Nelson, nascent party planner to the stars, had mostly been implementing and extending Lara's ideas. Mei Ling was Millie's sorority sister and close friend, so it made sense Lara would enlist her help. Who else would she press into service? What exactly did she have planned for Millie? Two plates of chicken and a big piece of pecan pie later, I hugged the comely cook and headed for my afternoon classes.

They were completely as expected. I had a final exam in one, and not the other. Grades were already up on blackboard for the one with no final: I got an A!

As I was basking in my first official college grade, my phone beeped with the distinctive tone for an incoming email from someone on my "VIP" list. It was from Barry Fermy, Sales VP extraordinaire and contained a brief summary of two trips he would require me to make: one before and one after Christmas. The first was to London to meet with Abelard Peters and some of his people, with a side trip to Milan, then back to London and then to a meeting in DC and then back to DFW. An e-ticket would be waiting for me at the Admiral's club. He included a USPS Express Mail label with an address on K Street in DC, which I was to use to drop my passport at the post office before 4 PM today so visas could be attached for the second and now somewhat mysterious trip. It would be sent back to me at my home address in Prosperous before the departure of the first trip. He gave me the dates of that second trip, but not the destinations. There followed a lengthy discussion of the business entities related to Abelard's firm, and Barry's estimate of their insurance needs and current suppliers. I was to memorize this information and brainstorm ways to break through and get some of the action, and also memorize the included cast of executives listed and figure out how to schmooze them. I dashed back to the room to get my passport and print out the label, and then walked to the on campus post office in the WMOB. It took about 30 seconds to fold up the little envelope and stick the label on, and drop it in the box.

My feeble brain suddenly put some things together. Maybe I could see Peggy AND Nora on my trip to London. Then I remembered: what about that 'report' on the USB disk that Sapiento's money man Brujo had given me? I hadn't even read it yet. I went back to the room, dropped off my backpack and books and grabbed my laptop, inserting the USB drive and heading for the dining hall. I was enough of a multi-tasker to chew and read at the same time, and my stomach was growling.

I loaded up my plate and headed for a corner table so no one could look over my shoulder while I read.

Just as I sat down, Lizzie Faye Reagan and her roommate Orinda walked over to me. "Hi Robbie. We wondered if you wanted to come to our AKA last day of class party tomorrow night."

Suzie signals pinged in my receiver: two lovely girls with two lovely signals. "I wish I could, but I have promised to go to another party, and then a celebration for a friend of mine that is graduating. But let there be no mistake: I would love to spend some time with you two. Maybe when we get back from break we could all three do laundry together?" They gave each other a scandalous look, and while so distracted I stood up and hugged them both, with not so subtle crotch to thigh contact with each of them. I did so enjoy being a dirty young man. And damn but they looked good, especially as they walked away, and I don't think that was their normal gait.

I began chewing and turned my attention back to the laptop. I tried to open the big PDF file and found it was password protected. There was only one other file, a 'readme.txt' file with an oblique password hint, and it took me several tries to figure it out, but it referred to Speer Overtop's Halloween party, and I finally got it: 'Fiat MILF'. It took a few seconds for the big PDF to open, and the first page was almost covered with one of those 'electronic sticky note' things in florid script handwriting, which I assumed was Brujo's.

"This information may be useful in your upcoming travels. You may read this report and use the information in it to make decisions. You may not show it to anyone, or even hint that you have it or have read it. As far as anyone else is concerned, it doesn't exist."

The report was entitled "The Future European Landscape in Industrial Risk Mitigation" with a formal cover letter in Italian from Brujo to Sapiento. It described the report as containing "the basis for the following recommendations to you" but those recommendations were all blacked out and completely unreadable. The report was in English had three major sections: from the different footers on the pages it was apparently put together by three different and very famous big consulting firms; probably each was unaware of the other's work. The first section was a summary of the last 30 years or so of the industrial markets in Europe: market sizes and trends for various industries, regulatory changes, consolidations by mergers and acquisitions, and major casualty losses from weather, accidents and political instability, including nationalization, revolutions, and wars.

The second section was a very comprehensive competitive analysis of the companies Sapiento either owned or did major business with, and their direct competitors. It included reports on each firm from many big investment banks, discussion of their strategic priorities, and ten year forecasts of their results. The third section laid out in summary form a judgment call on the expected big winners and losers in each industry, the most attractive acquisition targets, and the ones that might suffer significant losses because of their exposures in various industries and countries. It would take me two weeks to get through this thing. Then I noticed something else: there were little yellow dots on each page, and when I clicked them, they popped up to reveal more 'sticky notes' handwritten in Italian, in the same hand writing as the cover note. These looked like crib notes from Brujo to Sapiento, or to someone else on their team. One, in a paragraph about the expected management change at big shipping firm said "this guy won't last 3 months much less 3 years, and the agreement we are working on won't be worth a damn when he leaves" The whole document was littered with such comments. "May be useful" was putting it mildly! After my last final exam this PDF was going to be my textbook for a while, and I was going to have to brush up on my Italian. What was it that Brujo said about "taking pride in gathering information and anticipating problems"? I reckon he did, I reckon.

I got one more plateful of food and then headed upstairs for a quick shower and change of clothes. The limo picked me up downstairs and then we picked up Millie at the Bi Phi house. She looked stunning, dressed up in a charcoal grey 'power lawyer' style suit but with a frilly pink blouse underneath. To me it said "Fight me or fuck me, I can handle either one!" But could I handle watching other guys fuck her?

I turned my attention to Erminia's training, reviewing where we had left off last time as the limo pulled into their riverside complex. Construction was continuing on the two new flanking houses, and even more planting had been done and despite most of the new trees and shrubs being dormant in winter, you could tell the place was going to look fantastic in spring bloom. At the end of our last training session, Erminia had made somewhat of a breakthrough: being able to totally concentrate on fellating me without thinking about herself at all, and taking pride in her ability to please me without it triggering the guilt that had repressed her sexuality and soured her marriage to Sapiento for years.

The next step was to try to distract her with whipping and spanking, forcing her to concentrate completely on me and my pleasure and ignore her own. If we did it properly, we could then transition from un-pleasurable to pleasurable distractions, forcing her to continue to concentrate on me, and perhaps her body would respond naturally to the pleasure, without her mind stepping in with inappropriate guilt over having survived her first husband.

She greeted us at the door and she looked markedly better than our last visit. I even saw a hint of the shyly smiling young girl she must have once been. I was very pleased to see that, but I acted cool and when the guards closed the door to our training room, Millie took over, all business. "On your knees, slut, and lose those clothes!"

Erminia stripped, dropped to her knees and dropped her eyes to the floor. I stood right above her and slapped her face with my suddenly firming cock, then offered it to her mouth. She took it automatically, and began a much improved routine -- she had been studying and doing her homework. Millie found little to criticize, and neither did I, having to actually fight to not come too soon. Ermie began to take me even further down her throat than ever before, and I realized she had completely mastered her gag reflex. She was now a masterful and thrilling cocksucker. My leg vibrated a little bit involuntarily, and I heard a note of proud Suzie from her. Excellent! Her tongue flicked and lingered right on the opening at the tip of my dick, and she sucked mightily and suddenly I was done for. Just as my first spurt filled her mouth she looked up and right into my eyes, her eyes smiling in triumph, and sucked even harder. Even Mille was speechless for a moment.

Somehow Ermie increased her suction, and her tongue strongly strummed the bottom of my cock. I certainly could not deny her even a drop: I gave it up and she sucked it down. She got it all.

Millie went to the next phase perfectly. "Not bad, trainee. Now let's see if you can keep your focus while enduring some distractions. Ermie did the small displacement tango with her lips and lungs and I stayed hard. She began her progression again, mixing things up and surprising me with her virtuosity. Mille pulled out a cat o' nine tails and began to slap Erminia on her ass. At first I could feel Ermie flinch with each blow, but soon she stopped anticipating them and concentrated on my cock. I noticed subtle variations in her tongue work that she could not have managed without real concentration. Damn she was good! Millie expanded her target area to Ermie's legs, and then to her back and shoulders. Her concentration remained virtually perfect, and I filled her mouth again.

It reminded me of the way I was taught to teach bite training with our dogs. Once the dog learned to bite the bad guy, you strengthened their resolve by trying to distract them: banging pots and pans next to their head, hitting them at first lightly and then strongly with sticks and ropes, and pulling on their coats, and finally firing a starter's pisto right next to them. They learned to hold on until they were commanded to let go, and not to let anything else affect them. Their bite got stronger and more reliable, and a dog with a strong will would never give up.

Once again she kept me hard, then switched to sucking my balls. I'm not sure I had ever had it like that. She must have been a very good researcher. And I suspected she had a very strong will.

Millie said "Now back to that cock. No matter what I do to you, keep your focus on that cock. That cock belongs to you and his come belongs to you, make him surrender it to you, and suck it out through his balls so hard he'll wonder if they didn't shoot out of him too!"

That was kind of scary. Millie dropped the whip and began spanking Ermie, hard. I knew it would take me longer to come this time and that Ermie would really have to work for it. She was concentrating totally. Millie's blows changed to spanks follow by a quick caress. I don't think Erminia noticed it, at least consciously. Millie began pinching Ermie's nipples fiercely. They got red and hard, but she kept up her amazing pace without any hint of distraction. Millie went back to spanks with even longer caresses. Ermie sucked on, but I detected a change in her Suzie signals. There was pleasure, but no guilt! Maybe this was going to work after all.

Mille moved behind Ermie and spread her butt cheeks and began pinching them, then caressing them. Her concentration on my cock remained total, and I was starting to feel the boil right down at the bottom of my balls. Millie's hands went under Erminia where I could not see them, but from their motions I could guess that she was pulling on Erminia's outer lips. A few weeks ago that would have triggered such guilt that she would have run crying from the room. There was no hint of that now. In fact, I even detected a whiff of Erminia's distinctive sweet pussy perfume in the air. That was incredible. Millie, I presume now acting as a loyal pack member, began with her own pheromones and perfume, and the smells drove me further toward a third and final orgasm. Millie then put two fingers inside Ermine and frigged her so strongly it must be painful, but her sucking remained constant. I honestly think that Ermie did not know that she was now dripping lubrication like a young girl. She smelled wonderful.

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