tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 22

My Only Talent Ch. 22


Chapter 22

Just Ask Dallas

Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.

I was looking forward to my first official Marathon run, in my home town to boot. Suzanne had sent in my registration for the race and attested to a qualifying time to get me registered for the race, I had no clue how. Bigun had picked up our race packets for us yesterday, and Lara and Suzanne argued about attaching my number to my 'Team Robbie' jersey properly, but finally decided that the rules prevented that and they would just put the official race shirt on over my jersey. I needed the extra layer, anyway, because it was cold and windy this morning. Grandma served up a very early breakfast of bacon, sausage, and lots of buttermilk pancakes full of pecans: the best kind of 'carbo-loading' there is. Suzanne was enthusiastically downing them almost as fast as I was, and praising my Grandma's cooking skills in between bites.

Finally she polished off her last helping, and looked at me funny. "By the way, Robbie, when we get back to Austin tonight we are invited to Strelsa and Günter's for dinner. I figured that should be relatively restful for you, after all your race exertions, without being too boring! Don't you think?" She put her tongue up on her upper lip and leered at me. Lara giggled and Suzanne tried to kick her under the table. Did Lara know about her plan?

Alley and Bigun showed up to accompany us to the starting point downtown, and Grandma insisted in sending Eldee along for security, giving her a leash to comply with the local law, even though that dog off leash was more reliable than any thousand other dogs on. Bigun, Lara and Millie would constitute my cheering section, and Jay would join them down there, although I assumed that all his attention would be on Millie, rather than me. Good call, buddy. I would rely on Suzanne for pacing and race tips and she had somehow already gerrymandered her starting group such that she assured me she would be able to join me right away, despite the staggered start.

The rest of the drive down and final check in was kind of a blur, and suddenly I was doing my stretching and warm ups and waiting for the starting signal. Eldee stayed right on Lara's left at all times and sniffed and checkout out everything and everybody, but raised no alarms. Suzanne's group was starting just a few minutes behind mine, which was certainly a tribute to blatant sexism and ignorance, given our relative running capabilities. There was no danger of getting lost, especially for the first few miles, as the streets were lined with signs and spectators. Suddenly we were off. We left Main Street behind and went by a children's hospital that I knew Sapiento had made a big donation to.

I had studied the route briefly and knew many of the major landmarks along it. It was basically a big loop from downtown, out to White Rock Lake, all the way around the lake, and then back downtown to finish at the Convention Center. When I was a little kid, we used to go to White Rock Lake for picnics and it seemed like a long drive to a whole 'nother country to me. It was cool for me to think that I could now run all the way from downtown, to the lake, and back. I was officially a big boy now, if I made it. Or maybe I was just too big for my britches? We had started out heading west, which confused me a little, but then we turned back east and north.

As we passed by the Turtle Creek neighborhood, a very expensive area very close to downtown, I pointed out to Suzanne the direction of Lara's dad's house. There, condos were often $2M or more and most homes $4M or more, and some of the older homes were being torn down and 'gentrified' to $20M or more. When I was a little kid, we used to go to a hotel in an historic old house there for dinner on my mother's birthday or when my dad closed a big deal. Lara's house was pretty close to the old mansion, now renamed and even ritzier than ever, but Lara said that their house was really on the 'wrong side of the tracks' so that her dad could be walking distance from the heliport. We stayed on course for White Rock Lake. It was pretty windy, wasn't it?

We were getting very close to my old neighborhood and passed just a block from Alley's old house, and then we went by Greenville Avenue and began climbing a gradual rise, moving toward the north end of the lake. Suzanne said we just crossed the halfway point, and I felt pretty good. I suddenly remembered, or at least my cock remembered, what happened the last time I finished a long distance run. Down boy! Suzanne told me that marathoner's often have post-race rituals: they drink a certain beer, recite a favorite poem, or dance to a favorite song. I wondered if any did a ritual sexual submission to two very hot women. I bet they would if they could. Should I?

We passed around the east side of the lake going south and turned west and then rounded the lake again and north to get back on the route toward downtown, climbing another damnable hill. Suddenly we were surrounded by Dolly Parton impersonators. WTF? Was this some kind of message from fate to me that submitting again was going to turn me into a female impersonator? Didn't Dolly herself once enter a Dolly impersonator contest and lose? Did that mean I was losing myself by submitting? I was starting to get a little silly. I was not paying attention to the pace, relying on Suzanne, but it did not seem like that many people had passed us. I expected to see a lot of them pass me. There was a gaggle of maybe 100 runners strung out in front of us, and I had lost sight of the ones way out in front about the time Suzanne said we reached the halfway point. Was that good or bad?

Finally we turned left again which meant we were headed west and back toward town. We went close to Lakewood, one of the two places where my dad forced me to learn to play golf, a required career skill, he said. I like tennis better, you see. Then I recognized Swiss Avenue, and then we could see the skyline clearly. Suddenly we were getting close to downtown, and I hit the wall. This was just like being on that treadmill at maximum tilt, except those buildings looked miles and miles away. Why was this happening so much sooner than when I did this distance in Austin? Maybe there actually was something badly wrong with my metabolism. I decided to treat it like Duke Knorr had told me to, don't worry if it hurts: just keep going until they tell you to stop. It hurt. Darth Vader began breathing for me, and Suzanne was saying something but I couldn't quite make it out. I was glad she was beside me, but it might be better if she was in front of me so I could just focus on her ass. Damn she has a nice ass. Someone started playing the tom-toms again, fast, and even louder than Darth Vader was breathing. I couldn't decide if my legs or my chest hurt worse.

We turned left again and I think I saw a sign with a G. Gee! We crossed Main Street. Wasn't that close to where we started? There were some trees, and a bunch of people, and then, was that the convention center? Suzanne said something else, but the tom-toms completely drowned her out. A bunch of people were jumping and moving their mouths, but no sound came out. Some photo flashes went off, right in front of me. Should I stop? No! Keep going. Finally Suzanne was pulling on me, and everyone in front of me was stopping. I guess I shouldn't run them over. Did they hurt as much as I did? I just want to lie down, but Suzanne won't let me. She's shaking me! Trying to make me your little bitch, huh, bitch? Not me, baby, I won that tennis match, not you! Wait a minute, wrong girl. Which girl is the right girl? Who do I thrust, or ah, trust? Whom?

There was some skinny Russian looking idiot up on a platform. He looked a lot like Pavel! Where's my racket? There were two other guys up there with him, but they didn't look like Russians or caterers. They were skinny black guys waving little red, black and green flags. Suddenly someone was talking loud enough for me to hear them. "Keep walking Robbie, don't stop yet!" Suzanne handed me something.

"Drink this!" I would if I could get it up to my mouth. She helped me. Boy, was that ever good! More please?

Oh! They did have another one. That Gatorade stuff is the bomb. Some of that jelly in the little envelopes again. Why do they never have any damn toast? Wow, I am feeling better already. My ears popped and suddenly hundreds of people were talking all around me. Wow. Look at Suzanne. She is really sweaty, her hair is a mess and she looks totally wrung out. I have never seen her that raggedy looking.

"Are you okay Suzanne?"

"Yes, my animal, and so are you! Two Forty Nine Robbie! Two Forty Fucking Nine!"

"That's my best time ever, isn't it, Suzanne!" I smiled a stupid grin. I knew it was a stupid comment, but that didn't stop me from saying it. I seemed to remember that three hours was pretty okay.

She laughed. "Mine too, Robbie, mine too! I think it was those pecan pancakes that did it for me!"

There's Lara with Eldee, and Millie, Alley, Bigun, and even Jay Kincaid. Now I was feeling a lot better. Suzanne took me over to a little tent with some big video monitors, and keyed in our race numbers, and I saw photos of us crossing the finish line. We both looked pretty rough, but Suzanne was smiling VBG style. I looked drunk. There were some other monitors showing crowd photos, not the runners. Lara, Millie, and Alley seemed to be overrepresented, along with several other hotties, and there were several cute pictures of Lara with Eldee. Millie hugged me, gave me congratulations, and said that she and Jay were going to lunch with Jay's folks at the Adolphus and would meet us at Lara's dad's house a little later for the trip back to Austin, winking at Lara and Suzanne.

I suddenly felt pretty damn good, and pretty damn horny, too. Somebody handed me a breakfast taco. Not bad for only two bites. Hey, with just Lara and Suzanne there, maybe I should take a chance and see what they had cooked up for me, if I turned things over them? Will they make me dress up like Dolly? I don't think I would like that. We watched some more people finishing, lots of people coming in behind us. That was kinda cool! When we got back to the car, Lara drove with Suzanne in the front seat and Eldee and I crowded into the tiny back seat. I got my phone out of my duffel bag to enter the race into my exercise diary. I put in 26.2 miles and then it asked me my weight and time, and I proudly enter entered 175 pounds and 2:49 and it computed to over 3,000 calories! I guess I could have dessert tonight.

Lara's dad's place made even Alleys' folk's ostentatious new estate seem like a restroom at a truck stop. It was on more acreage than our place in Prosperous, even though it was practically downtown, with a house that was at least 20,000 square feet. I figure if this was the wrong side of the tracks, it means her dad probably owns both sides. It had two tennis courts, one of clay; and one composition. I could get used to this. Lara stopped at the guard shack, which was apparently manned 24/7, and checked us in. She drove on around the circular driveway and hit a button on the Mini Cooper dash and a big garage door opened, letting us in to a garage that had six other cars in it, and room for several more. We went up the garage stairs to a big hall that seemed to serve the same purpose as our new mudroom in Prosperous, only was about six times as large. There was already a dish of water out for Eldee, and she immediately took advantage of it, then curled up on the tile floor and watched us carefully.

Lara totally took charge. "OK you two, first a shower and then we have steaks, baked potatoes and a fruit salad for both of you." She marched us into a huge shower just off the mudroom and proceeded to strip both of us, Suzanne first. Eldee checked out the room, decided that there was only one entranceway between this bathroom and the rest of the house, and promptly platzed herself right across it, ever watchful. Before Suzanne could get in the shower, Lara grabbed her, and said "Suzanne, haven't you ever heard that the even the sweetest meat tastes better with a little salt?" and then she laughed, not a giggle, but a lecherous rattle.

Suzanne put her tongue up on her upper lip, leered at me, and said "I think I have heard that somewhere before!" These two girls did talk about everything, didn't they? Everything?

Lara proceeded to kiss every square millimeter of Suzanne's very funky and buff little body, and I envied her the task. Suzanne cooed and giggled, and finally put one leg up on a little stone shelf to allow Lara full access to her pussy. Lara smacked her lips and Suzanne sneezed explosively. Lara spanked her butt and said "Off to the shower with you, young lady."

Lara kneeled in front of me, never taking her eyes from mine. "You are truly fetid, Master! But I will accept my punishment, by serving your stinky cock like a good slave should." She held my gaze and began to lick everything but my now aching cock, sending it into obsidian like hardness and making me want to beg for her to touch it. What a tease she was! Every little motion was calculated to enflame me and prolong my agony. I looked up and saw Suzanne peeking around the corner of the shower, her nipples hard and covered with goose bumps, her entire body covered with little drops of water. She watched with big eyes, her tongue up on her upper lip, and her hand between her legs, and I realized that I had never been so excited in my life.

Finally Lara began to tentatively lick my dick with little butterfly kisses, and Suzanne sighed loudly. After what seemed like an eternity, her flaming blue eyes never leaving mine, Lara suddenly engulfed and devoured me. I was unable to resist, and suddenly my knees were weak and my blood pressure dropped, and I held her head to steady myself and pumped my essence into her. Lara hummed, and Suzanne, from about ten feet away, groaned. Lara sucked it out of me like she owned it, and she did. I stood for a minute to catch my breath and then she took my hand and led me into the shower, shedding her clothes as we went.

Soap is a wonderful thing, and washing these two women was surely its highest and best use. Suzanne and I were both suddenly desperate to please our wonderful Lara, and we finally hit on something she liked just fine. She was bent over at the waist with one leg up on one of those little shower shelves, with my cock in her pussy, my hands gripping her wonderful ass to steady my aim. Suzanne was kneeling down underneath her and licking us both, but mostly Lara's golden curls and hardening clit. I could feel Lara quivering, and knew that her Suzie was just about to spike. Suddenly she drew in a big breath and said "Oh yeah, just like that, right there!" and then shook with big orgasm, gripping my cock and squirting a little. Suzanne made a loud sucking sound like she was slurping a milkshake through a straw, but I would prefer what she was having to any milkshake, even in my immediately post-race and very hungry state.

Suzanne switched her tongue's emphasis to my cock and said "Hurry up and come in her Robbie, I'm hungry!"

Lara said "Oh, I suppose that would be okay" and then her perfect pussy began milking my cock like a pink steel vise. No one could resist that, and I didn't want to anyway. It hadn't been that long since Lara had finished me off with her mouth, but it did not take long for her powerful pussy to do it to me the second time. I made the hottest and deepest delivery I could, but then that pesky Suzanne did her level best to remove some of my best work. Lara grabbed Suzanne's head and said "Oh yes baby that's it!" and then came one more time. I sat on the little shower bench in awe of the two of them.

One more quick rinse and we dried each other off, put on some jeans and shirts, and headed for the kitchen, if you could call it that. It was the about the size of a medium ESU lecture hall, and had two of everything: two sinks, two dishwashers, two giant and perfectly restored vintage Viking commercial gas stoves, two convection ovens, two microwave ovens, two refrigerators, two freezers, two big island workspaces and two giant walk in pantries, one a 'butler's pantry' that connected to any equally huge formal dining room. Eldee sniffed around and found a spot near the door to lie down in, and Lara touched off the microwave ovens that hummed in concert as she pulled a big fruit salad out of the nearest fridge. When the oven timers beeped, Lara served up two picture perfect post-race meals for her hungry, clean, and recently very satisfied lovers and a small portion of cut up steak for Eldee. We all chowed down contentedly for a while.

The Eldee gave out two quick and not so loud barks, which meant 'someone is coming, but no threat detected' and a few seconds later the guard manning the gate called with notice that Alley, Jay, Millie, and Bigun had arrived, in two vehicles: Alley's roughed up but highly functional Suburban, and her Dad's gleaming white Bentley. The Bentley, at least, looked perfectly at home in the circle drive outside this house. The new arrivals streamed in though the front door, and there were hugs and congratulations all around.

Lara, as hostess, took the lead in greeting everyone, and I took the opportunity to give Suzanne a hug. "If we had more time, beautiful, I might have let you two take me on another little magic carpet ride."

She smiled a smile with a funny little tilt to it. "We couldn't do it here, Robbie. We do have a plan, you know. We will have to have some notice and make some preparations, so it will have to be in Austin. But are you sure you are ready for some new and challenging experiences?"

"No. I am not sure I want to submit to anyone, anytime. But you and Lara are the only ones I would ever consider it with. I did get really excited, but I am still not sure it is a good idea."

She smiled. "We promise not to shoot you up with heroin, Robbie. But I also promise we will give you some very exciting experiences you never had before!" I heard a funny little Suzie overtone that I had never heard from her before.


Suzanne felt no need at this point to tell Robbie that if he accepted their offer again, he might soon find himself on his knees, with his hands bound behind him and a little yellow leather hood on his head, eating some strange pussy and ass, and doing it with an audience, and that was just the next step. Therefore she also could also not promise that he wouldn't get 'shot up' with a few other 'something's' later on in their planned progression, either. Robbie thought he was having his wild college days before he settled down, but he might need her help to make sure they were wild enough. After all, what was good for the Gander should be good for the Goose, hum?


A few minutes later we were all packing up for the return to Austin. Jay's folks were already on the way back to Waxahachie, Alley's folks had taken the Ferrari back home to Prosperous after their lunch, and Bigun was going to drive the Bentley back to Prosperous and reclaim his truck. Eldee was going to ride back with Bigun, her first time in a Bentley as far as I knew. The Bentley should be honored. Alley gave Bigun a final lingering kiss, and we headed out. Alley drove the Suburban, with Jay and Millie joining her, and Lara drove the Baby Beamer with Suzanne up front with her and me lolling in the back seat.

I had plans for a serious conversation with both girls about our relationship going forward. But the road noise, room to spread out, and my two recent orgasms and marathon-depleted energy reserves conspired to send me off to sleep before we even got south of Interstate 20. I had a phantasmagoric dream that might best be described as 'Robbie-Locks and the Four Girls', wherein I appeared with ridiculous long blonde hair, perhaps inspired by the sight of all those Dolly Parton impersonators on the race route and/or my personal and sexual insecurity issues.

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