tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 23

My Only Talent Ch. 23


My Only Talent Ch. 23

Hey There Lonely Boy!

Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events. The delay in posting this chapter and perhaps the next few may be ascribed to some unexpected turbulence and travel in the author's recent schedule.

I got back to the dorm just in time to pack up all my stuff before it closed down for the holiday: having Erminia send a limo was proving very convenient. After our 'training session' with her ended this evening, the driver was instructed to take Millie and me anywhere we wanted, including summoning another limo if required to take her east to Houston and me north to Prosperous. Unless we finished very early, that well might be needed, as the last flights either one of us could catch to make it home tonight were around 9 PM. Millie had a lot more stuff packed to take home than I did, and it took us a while to get everything into the cavernous trunk of the limo. Kevin had left the dorm early this morning, to spend the holiday break in Vegas with his dad, stepmom, and Lou Baby.

Nora was also long gone, having taken at her father's direction the "oh dark thirty" Jet Blue flight from AUS to JFK to then catch a British Airways flight to London. She told me she was puzzled by his plan because she didn't think she could make the connection unless the London bound flight was quite late, but her father assured her that he had things handled. We were going to touch base via email or text message later so we could meet up in London when I knew my exact schedule for my trip with Barry Fermy. Suzanne was off to spend her holiday in Washington DC, where her dad had taken a gig as a visiting professor in international studies at Georgetown, presumably until the next presidential election cycle allowed him access to some other opportunities. Lara was off to Beaver Creek, Colorado, where her family had a summer house to escape the crushing Dallas heat of July and August, but this year they were going to do a white Christmas there, with Lillian Gish, her dad's new significant other.

I was going to spend one night and day with my folks in Prosperous, before heading to London to meet Barry Fermy and his team and Abelard Peters for a whirlwind tour of current and potential construction sites, and their corporate offices. I would take an afternoon flight from DFW which put me in London early the next morning GMT time. I was supposed to sleep on the flight and then immediately get on London time when I got there, to reset my circadian rhythms and minimize jet lag. I was going to studiously ignore Barry's other suggestion: fast for eighteen hours before boarding the fight, to facilitate allowing my appetite to reset my circadian rhythms even more easily. If I did that, I was sure that my overactive Suzie receiver equipped and therefore inordinately sugar hungry brain would shut down in a coma long before the flight arrived. Barry even gave me business development homework on the flight – get three business cards from passengers near my seat and do a 'six degrees of separation" analysis on each of them to find out who they could connect me with. Barry was quite the slave driver, but according to the annual report I perused, he also made $3M in bonuses last year. I would get back home on Christmas Eve, spend the a few days with my family, and then head back to London on New Year's Day for the more mysterious second business trip, this one to meet with some prospective clients of Abelard's firm, although I still didn't know where.

The Christmas decorations on Congress Avenue were ablaze with light and tossing about in the winter wind as we left Millie's sorority house and headed south toward Sapiento's newly completed high walled three house complex just south of the river, and the Austex locals were surely ready to enjoy a few days without the student population pressure. I could see the east side of Lara's high rise off to my left, and if I closed my eyes I could also picture Lara. Colorado seemed very cold and very far away. My phone beeped with a text from Nora. Her dad had 'surprised' her with a Christmas planned away from London, so she didn't catch that flight to London, but rather found her whole family waiting for her plane at JFK. After a few family rituals, they grabbed a charter for Bermuda and a big rent house, hopefully with Christmas weather a little warmer than they wound have found at home on Eaton Square. I guess I wouldn't be held warmly in the bosom of her family for the next week or so, then. Was I relieved or sad about that? Were they avoiding me? It certainly meant I had less promising social prospects while in the UK before Christmas. If Peggy wasn't around, I was going to be the lonely little drummer boy, focused on business development and nothing else. Maybe I would be good for me.

The driver pulled into Erminia and Sapiento's place and I found it decorated in full Christmas holiday splendor, complete with tall evergreen trees and short waxy holly bushes in big ornate planters. The guards were still dressed in understated grey suits though, not elf costumes. They disappeared as she ushered Millie and me into the 'salon' that housed our sexual therapy sessions. Erminia was in a smiling good mood, and if my plan for this evening worked, she would be smiling even wider still. Millie was also feeling foot loose and fancy free, having finished all her classes. I certainly had 'loose' plans for both of them, and I decided I had better fully slake my sexual thirst tonight in case my London trip turned into a long dry spell.

As I turned to look avidly at her, Ermie suddenly seemed a little shy and apprehensive, perhaps anticipating that this might be a breakthrough session for her. My idea was to keep her totally off balance and focused only on pleasing Mille and me, so she would respond involuntarily and autonomically to her own pleasure, without thinking or associative guilt. She was perfectly made up and in a basic black dress that probably cost more than a semester at ESU.

"Strip and get on your knees, slave! Tonight you must demonstrate total focus on pleasuring your Mistress and Master! One moment of distraction from that task and you will be punished very severely." This brought a quick gasp: Erminia lacked Millie's affinity for pain, and truly dreaded such punishment. The prospect of it did excite and focus her, however. She quickly shed her clothes and dropped in front of me.

I took off my pants and underwear and offered my dick to her. She sucked it in with complete concentration, ably demonstrating the skills she had learned this semester. She lacked Lara's fervent devotion or Suzanne's insouciant flair, but she was still in the top 1% of the female population, at least by my best estimate. I did feel a duty to gather more data, though. I was soon hard as hell, and she began to tease and titillate me. I took of my shirt while she toiled away.

"Finish me off quickly slave, and then keep me hard for your Mistress!" She complied, beautifully, and as Millie looked on, I was soon pumping 24 hours' worth of stored up hot stuff into the mouth that had been pictured and written about in so many glossy European magazine gossip columns. It felt great. She cleaned me out, and worked her well-studied Suzanne style low excursion suck magic, and I remained hard as a rock. I kissed Mille, and slowly removed her clothes as Ermie watched, still kneeling on the floor.

Tuning in to her Suzie signals, I slowly brought Millie to higher and higher levels of excitement, reveling in the pungent perfume she began to pump into the room. Soon I noticed that Ermie's distinctive aroma was joining and mingling with it. Stage One, check! I picked Mille up and put her on one of the red leather chaise lounges that were part of the salon's décor, turning her on her side in front of me and holding her top leg up high, indicating to Erminia her target.

'Slave, get your Mistress ready for me!" Erminia had a recent and very complete working knowledge of what it took to get Millie wet, and her talented tongue soon had Millie's Suzie signals playing beautifully: Millie was hot to trot. Ermie seemed to be concentrating completely on Millie, but her own signals began to swoop and soar, too. I must have been a great conductor. I also knew what it took to please Millie: sometimes she liked it rough! I grabbed Millie's arms and put her in a full Nelson hold as I lay behind her on the chaise, locking her arms up above her shoulders and instantly gaining complete control and submission. Her Suzie pinged like an alarm going off. I turned her and stretched her, and her Suzie told me that it hurt so good. She was ready.

"Slave, use your well trained tongue to lubricate my cock, then slip it into your Mistress!" Both girls' Suzie signals sounded loud and clear: they both liked this little scenario, and I knew I would. More importantly, Erminia was rabid with excitement but I detected not even a hint of guilt. She licked me very thoroughly, and then used one hand to spread Millie's inner lips while the other lined up my cock up and slipped it in. I heard an instant signal peak from Millie, and then Erminia held her face about three inches away from our joining and watched slack jawed while I moved in and out of Millie, trying to expand my penetration with each stroke. Her Suzie swelled in time to my motions.

"Suck my balls, and then suck her clit until she comes!" Erminia did not need to be asked twice. She serially sucked each of my eggs into her mouth, engulfing it fully and then pulsing it with negative pressure alternated with tongue jabs. She stopped just short of too hard, meaning it was the perfect stimulus and I got even harder. I was almost sad when she turned her attention to Millie's swollen clit, but I heard Millie's signal soar and knew it was going to be a joy to listen to. Ermie locked on her target, beginning with gentle flicks in time to my strokes and quickly escalating to almost the same strong technique she had applied to my scrotum. Suddenly Millie gasped and her pussy gripped my cock just as her breathing halted and she shook, still locked in my wresting hold. She had told me that being restrained made her come harder, and this one was a doozy. It triggered a second one a few moments later, and then Erminia gasped as Millie squirted on her face. I looked over Millie's left shoulder to see Erminia chasing down the wetness like she was eating a juicy peach, and perhaps she was, as Millie came again from the tongue work. Damn these two were so beautiful.

I pulled Millie up a little, away from Erminia's face, and they both gasped and tried to catch their breath like panting dogs. I was about to try to be the big dog, and soon I hoped to panting too. I released Millie from my hold and pushed the two women onto each other, head to tail. "Eat each other's pussies until I decide which one to fuck!"

I was totally just moving forward with what turned me on, but I may have found a wonderfully technique, for like Suzanne, they responded like never before. They dove into each other and each did their best to get the other one off first. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen, and they were both quickly successful, too.

I grabbed Erminia by the hips and pulled them up so I could fuck her doggy style. Millie must have been totally in synch with me, because she instantly turned and slipped her head between Ermie's legs, suddenly enjoying a perfect close up view of her pussy and what was about to happen to it.

"Slave! Concentrate completely on gripping me and pleasing me with your pussy. If you even think about anything else you will be punished!"

Ermie groaned way deep down in her throat. I positioned my cock just at the entrance to her now dripping pussy, realizing that I was about to fuck her for the first time. I was hearing her Suzie notes like never before either, and they sounded great, with still no hint of guilt or hesitation. Once again on autopilot, I paused and began to spank her, in time to the rhythm that I planned to penetrate her in. She tolerated it, concentrating on my pleasure and not hers, just as she should. But it had unexpected benefits, as Millie was driven crazy by the sight and sounds of Ermie clenching with the sound of each solid spank reverberating through her ass and thighs. Millie was envious – she wanted to be the one getting spanked and queued up to be fucked. All in good time, my dear, all in good time.

Finally I entered Ermie almost full depth with my first stroke. She was hot and wet and her Suzie sang in exultation. She wanted more: she wanted all I could give her. I did my best. So did Millie and I felt her tongue moving all over us like a hummingbird dosed with Dexedrine. I was in John Henry land again, stroking away like a machine as Erminia was racked with her first orgasm. She froze almost in rictus, and then drew in a huge breath.

"Concentrate on gripping my cock slave!" She bore down on me with all her might, and suddenly came again, her Suzie singing sweet jazz with a desperate downbeat. She was now guilt free, and she was an animal, a beautiful animal! I grabbed the front of her thighs and got even further into her, just letting my pure animal lust out without any thought to her pleasure. It turned out to be the gentlemanly thing to do. She came again, now three times total in rapid succession, and I felt her juices dripping down my thighs and onto Millie's face. Millie didn't miss a drop. Erminia's breath came in sobs.

I turned her over again so that she was lying in the middle of the wide chaise with Millie and me on either side of her, and slipped her left leg up and over mine so I could stay inside her. She sobbed and cried as Mille tried to kiss her tears away. I kissed the side of her face and her neck. Millie was crying almost as hard as she was.

"I suppose I should yet punish you, slave, for losing your concentration on me and having so many orgasms, while I haven't had one yet!"

Millie looked alarmed, but then she saw the wide grin on my face.

"But I can't fault your performance, as it was very pleasurable for me."

Ermie smiled and giggled.

"But I am going to fuck you now again, and I want you to grip me with that slave pussy for all you are worth until I come in you." Her eyes got big. So did Millie's. "And after I shoot some in you, I am going to finish up in your mouth and you are then going to suck me dry, do you understand?"

She got a bemused expression on her face remarkably like Lara's when she was being dominated and liked it. "Yes, Master. I will do my best to please you!"

Millie's eyes sparkled. "And you, Mistress Millicent, will rim my ass as I come, and then clean Erminia out for me!"

Erminia's expression was a priceless mixture of shock and excitement. But her Suzie was not shocked, at all. It was singing in the shower, reverberatingly ready for some action. I slipped out of her and repositioned myself on top, missionary style. I spread her legs wide and high with my knees and entered her slow and deep, watching her face all the way. She smiled up at me with wide eyes and flared nostrils. Now that was the picture they should have run on the cover of Bella or The Tattler!

I accelerated my pace as quickly as possible, doing nothing but trying to get myself off as quickly as I could. She smiled like a predatory cat, and a very beautiful one at that. Millie did a little improvisational routine of her own, clamping her mouth onto one of Ermie's nipples and sucking it, and using one hand to caress my ass. With that kind of help, it didn't take me long.

"Grip me, now!"

Erminia bore down on me for all she was worth, and I felt my flood waters flow. After two deep squirts, I pulled out and shoved myself into her mouth, and she sucked me down like she was born to do so. She nursed my cock hungrily, and I was suddenly spent and ecstatically empty. I lay back and watched Millie watching her, then sliding down to clean out that freshly fucked pussy. Erminia's eyes stayed locked to mine as Millie slowly kissed her way over her breasts and abdomen as she worked her way down. As Millie's head disappeared below her waist, Ermie's eyes got wider than saucers. She mumbled something in Italian, and then shook her head from side to side, having one more massive orgasm as Millie finished her task. Millie always was very thorough.

We lay there and cuddled for a while, and then we all got in the shower and washed each other. I developed a fascination with Ermie's newly liberated and washed ass, which was convenient since she was preoccupied with eating Millie's pussy again. When she had had enough, we hugged each other again and began to dry off.

"Erminia, your training is now complete. You know what you like and you like what you know, don't you? You know what Sapiento likes, and you can give it to him easily. Now you must go and teach him what you like, so he can give it to you. Be completely honest about what you want, that's the key, and concentrate on pleasing each other."

She smiled beatifically. "Without the guilt, I think I will like almost everything, although I am going to ask him to kiss my ass in the shower like you did a few minutes ago. How can we ever thank you?"

"You already have. Watching you come alive and come again like that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It makes me proud to be a man!" Not to mention that Brujo had fixed me up with that research report that could earn me a lot of commission plan credit with Barry Fermy.

"I am going to be with Sapiento now! You two are always welcome here, and anything that you ask of us will be done, anything, do you understand me? You can stay as long as you like here, and then the drivers will take you home." She slipped her dress back on and headed upstairs, the guards opening the door for her at the top of the stairs as she approached. When it closed, I closed the door to the salon again, and grabbed Millie.

This would be my last 'shot' at her, so to speak, so I wanted to make it count. The red chaise lounge had a few hidden features, including some silk restraints that were attached to it underneath the corners. It also had the ability to fold in some interesting ways: in this case, I could move the middle and either end up or down, so that Millie's lovely young body could be positioned in any way I desired. I put her on her back, with her legs up and held apart by the restraints, with her middle elevated and her head down, just dropping over the edge of the chaise cushion. She responded to being restrained as she usually did: her nipples got hard, her chest got red and flushed, and her breathing accelerated. A hint of her lovely fragrance found my nostrils, and life was good. Her Suzie sang a song of need: she needed to be treated roughly and painfully, and then finally brought off to her release. But I would gently tease her first.

I took my time looking her over. Had it only been a few weeks ago when I spotted this one, after being introduced to her via, of all people, my wild and crazy roommate, Kevin K. Kretzman? She had helped me rescue Lara's purloined image from the AGs, and deftly settled an old score of her own along with it, proving a trustworthy ally and very effective leader. In the process, I learned that she was wicked smart and highly interesting, and my only talent told me she was also smoking hot inside that polished but reserved exterior. She faced her inner desires forthrightly and honestly, and explored them fearlessly. She bonded with Lara and Suzanne in a way I still couldn't fully understand, and that told me a lot, too. She was also a tremendously talented lover, and I loved her, but I wasn't in love with her, and she told me that before I even admitted it to myself. She also told me I was in love with both Lara and Suzanne before I was willing to accept it. And I cleverly introduced her to Jay Kincaid, who she was probably going to end up with in the long run. How dumb was that, Robbie?

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