tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 27

My Only Talent Ch. 27


Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events. The delay in posting this chapter and perhaps the next few may be ascribed to some unexpected turbulence and travel in the author's schedule.


Orinda looked so fantastic standing by the door that I couldn't believe it, and her Suzie sounded crystal clear, pure and relaxed, too. She must have done something special in the 30 minutes since dinner, because she looked scary good. I couldn't figure out exactly what it was, though. She had changed her clothes, but they weren't that different from what I had seen her wear before. Was it her hair? Maybe it was the way she was tilting her face slightly or the light in her eyes or the enigmatic smile she wore.

It was a miracle there weren't ten guys standing in a line trying to hit on her. Her skin was so black it was sort of a dark purple/blue, and by contrast her teeth were blazing white, the whites of her eyes a creamy white and her pupils just were a little lighter than her skin, with some multi-faceted highlights that were more than just slightly different colors. Her face was perfectly balanced and symmetrical, and I realized I was staring at her. This amazing woman was willing to give herself to me? She had a spectacular figure, she always had, but her face was riveting. I almost lost my edge.

Almost. I walked over to her and put my hand on the small of her back, which was warm and firm and wonderful and seemed to fit my hand perfectly. "Are you ready?" When she looked up at me, her Suzie answered my question all by itself. She was ready: she was open, willing and wanton. She was terrific. She leaned over and kissed me lightly on the cheek, and I felt a lightning bolt go straight to my cock. Wow.

She had on a simple white blouse with some blue highlights, and it was thin enough that her nipples still looked crinkly and delicious though it. A simple blue skirt picked up the blue color in the blouse but did nothing to spoil the line of her generous and fabulous hips, her legs were accentuated by some dark blue high heels, and I noticed a little touch of blue makeup on her eyelids. Nice. I remembered she had no panties on, either. Nicer still.

With our contact came a fast Suzie channel connection and I sought out her 'black box' sexual event recorder and also looked for her modulated fantasy images. Both were big surprises.

The fantasy box was full; the event recorder was almost empty. There was a young black guy pictured, maybe one or two years younger than Orinda, in some early explorations while playing doctor, and a few backyard petting sessions in late June when the days were long and the nights were warm, and some very brief, very protected intercourse on prom night, but not much else until she came to ESU. Then there was a steady stream of frustration and of her fighting off the 'smooth' APA frat rat boyfriend who seemed to have no concept of whether she was actually receptive or not, and just plunged ahead clumsily until she literally slapped him away.

Her fantasies were another matter altogether - some of them would have made Millie blush! She seemed to have two kinds: the ones that got her hot but that she knew she would never actually try, and the ones that she wanted to try but hadn't been able to arrange yet. The central problem was a profound distrust of men, and fear of their sperm - instilled by her maternal grandmother who mostly raised her to not get pregnant before she finished school, like she and Orinda's mother both unfortunately had - and ably reinforced by her recent ex-boyfriend, plus a fear of being ridiculed by the women she might approach and admit that she was attracted to. Her fantasies were something I intended to study further, and I parked my Suzie tuner on the proper channel to continue monitoring it throughout the evening.

I leaned towards her and spoke softly into her ear. "Orinda, you belong to me to do with as I please for the next three days. Then things go back to normal, but you will know just what you are capable of, sexually, which you will discover is anything and everything. I will never tell anyone, even Lizzie Faye, the details of what happened between us. If anyone asks me, I will only say that you are a lovely young woman and I am proud to be your friend. But in these next three days, you will learn how to please me, and to do it exceptionally well. I will learn what truly excites you, and may choose to do it for you. Are you ready?"

She gulped, and in a quivering voice said, "Yes, Master." She was so my kind of girl.

Our first scheduled stop was just north of campus at the recently remodeled Phi Iota Gamma house. I had to put in an appearance out of semi-respect for Theo Cadwallader, their frat president, whose family had paid for the remodel, but there was little if any chance I would pledge the PIGs.

There was more construction planned as they had bought the lot north of them and were going to demolish the old small house on it and build an addition and annex to their stately southern style mansion frat house. While Orinda and I walked north along the Drag toward the PIG house, I began to recall the summary of the ESU Greek scene that Kevin had tried to give me, as a PNM, or Potential New Member, as indoctrination for Spring Rush, before the various Rush Captains got me in their clutches.

According to Kevin, you could divide the Greek scene up into three major groups: the old guard, the new guard, and the new age or 'multi-cultural' houses. The old guard was composed of the oldest and most established fraternities and sororities, mostly founded pre-1900 at colleges mostly on the Eastern Seaboard or in the Midwest, and that had been on campus at ESU for many, many years. Their membership was primarily white bread white people, with, as Kevin put it, some 'Suitably Semi-Sephardic Jews' and some 'Barely Blonde Jews' thrown in for window dressing.

Phi Iota Gamma considered themselves the number one most powerful, wonderful and desirable frat of this group, along with three other frats that were collectively referred to as the 'big four', not just at ESU, but most places. They didn't officially do Spring Rush, because they had so many potential members in the fall that it filled their quotas. This reception at PIG was not really Rush, nor for any official invitations or bids, but Kevin explained that I was a special case: they would invite me to join in the spring because of my rep.

There was also a corresponding 'big six' sorority group. After the top four, there were the 'middle tier' and the 'lower tier' with appropriately declining degrees of looks, style, panache, and wealth. Pledging one of the fantastic four or significant six might determine who you dated, married, and may inherit a fortune from, plus joining certain country clubs, yacht clubs and law firms, think tanks, PACs, secret societies, and the client list of certain specialty drug dealers, escort services, law firm 'fixers', and psychiatrists.

Being part of the middle tier might determine who you bought your Tahoe and Buick from, or who you sold real estate and insurance to, with perhaps a modest inheritance here and there thrown in. The middle and lower tier were more active in Spring Rush, hustling to keep their membership up, and they had much more modest houses, cars and clothes. Being part of the lower tier mostly determined who you continued to get hammered with long after college and complain to about your lousy dead end corporate job. All of these organizations had lots of mottos, manufactured traditions, and nice and not so nice nicknames, and at any given time several were either banned from campus or on probation for hazing violations. There was a constant slow turnover, as some failed to attract enough members to keep up a house, or got the Dean's death penalty for repeated and awful infractions, usually involving a hazing death or other outstandingly bad publicity for the university.

The new guard was composed of the non-white 'establishment': the Latino houses, the Black houses, and several varieties of Asian houses. They were mostly founded in the 1960's, 70's, and 80's and were thus newer and less established than the fantastic four, but would love to have the kind of pull that the old guard did. They were working on it.

The new agers were 'multicultural' and 'diverse' with memberships theoretically composed of all racial and cultural groups, and many of them declared that they recruit members 'regardless of sexual orientation'. The perception among the old and new guard was that the new agers were people who were not cool enough to get into any of the old or new guard houses. UDP was sort of an outlier as an older (1930's) 'new guard' group, except its membership was just about proportional to the ESU population in general: mostly white guys, but with some of every other group, too. UDP alums tended to make their own fortunes rather than inherit them, and because of their fearsome reputation as geeks and hackers, none of the other frats messed with them, preferring to maintain diplomatic relations instead.

We arrived at the PIG house to find the front door open and a big steel BBQ smoker set up in the side yard, along with two kegs and a punch bowl, and a trio playing reggae style. The guys standing around the door, who probably didn't recognize me without the costume and/or the two hot girls in skin tight leather, gave me a look that said 'you aren't planning to come in here, are you?' They did obviously consider Orinda some pretty fine eye candy, and would have loved to have her come in as a single girl, without me.

The PIG house had some recent problems with people just walking up and joining the PIG yard parties, and the new expansion plans included a 12 foot high wall and some more secluded outdoor party space, and they also planned to make even more use of the lake house, and a hunting lease. Theodoric Aloysius Cadwallader the Fifth spotted me, put an arm on me and steered us both inside, and began his sales pitch.

"Just another typical weekend at our fabulous house, Robbie, with the best food and the best looking girls on campus!" I had to admit the girls were gorgeous, especially the ones that were standing in groups of three and talking to each other. Orinda walked over and began talking to one of the groups of girls, and I got a 'ping' from her of attraction for one of them! Spring Rush was looking up.

Theo leaned over and spoke into my ear conspiratorially. "Here with still another exotic beauty on your arm, eh, Roberts! I just know you will fit in here, and your dates will too. Where did you find her?"

"She lives at the freshman, dorm, Theo, and her roommate practically threw her at me last night at dinner. She just broke up with her frat rat boyfriend, who in my judgment qualifies as a certified fool for letting her get away. She is in need of some comforting, and I couldn't refuse such a noble mission, could I?"

"Of course you couldn't. If this fellow is Phi Iota Gamma, I shall personally drum him out in disgrace. He should have at the very least steered her to cry on another Phi-I's shoulder!"

"You have avoided that kind of humiliation: he is an AKA pledge. Excuse me, Theo; I need to see if my date needs some punch."

I moved over to the group that Orinda was talking to, and began to introduce myself, all the while listening carefully for any reaction from her Suzie, and theirs. I figured out which girl had prompted her to come over here. Nice choice. Perhaps Orinda was preparing to come out of her shell? I was disappointed to learn that the other two girls were much more interested in Orinda than in me. Another group came in the door, and it included Jackson Pollack Jackson III and the incredible water skiing Candy, in a killer strapless dress that showed off her shoulders and tan. I heard an instant 'ping' from Orinda!

Orinda leaned over and spoke in my ear. "That hot chick with the cool tan is giving you the stink eye, big time. Did you do something to her you shouldn't have?"

I laughed. "It's more like I didn't do something that I should have, from her point of view."

She continued. "She also does not like that overdressed guy she is with very much!"

"Same song, different verse. She has been dating him since September and he hasn't completed a pass yet, if you know what I mean. He's not overdressed; he's just Phi Iota Gamma."

"There must be something wrong with both of you guys. She is hot enough to get any guy here if she wants to, plus half the girls, including me."

Those simple words resonated with me. Suzanne and even Nora kept talking about making sure they had some 'wild college days'. I decided right then and there to make the next three days some of my wildest ever. I had no classes and no worries until then. It was going to be an early three day mini Mardi-Gras in Austin on fraternity and sorority row for one Robbie Roberts, and I just realized had the ideal companion traveler for my little adventure.

"Orinda, go over to that lovely and well-tanned young lady, who is named Candy, give her a nice wet kiss for me, and tell her I am ready to put out for her for the next three days, and that you are too. Ask her if she would like to join us later tonight for a little three person after party."

Orinda's eyeballs bounced around in their sockets, and a loud Suzie yelp emanated from her. But she squared her shoulders, took a deep breath and marched over to Candy, who was in conversation with two other girls. All three of them looked up as she approached, and I detected the same 'herd envy' signals from the two other women for Orinda that I first heard for Suzanne at that ZZZ party. These women were nice looking, but Orinda was exotically beautiful and much hotter too, and they both knew it. Candy was not sending envy - it was nascent desire. I suddenly realized that the Suzie signals were slowing down for me again, like movements did just before I attacked ponytail on the plane. I was also now reading subtleties in the signals at a much greater distance, without physical contact being required.

Orinda reached Candy. I could see Candy's face and Orinda's back. Candy smiled and then Orinda kissed her, and then whispered in her ear. Candy's face froze, and then she looked at me over Orinda's shoulder with kind of an evil grin, and then emitted a searchlight growling Suzie beamed right at me. She whispered several sentences in Orinda's ear, then grasped the back of her head with both hands and gave her what I inferred was a showy tongue kiss, judging by the befuddled expressions on the other two women's faces. Plus they sent shock and awe, Suzie-wise. Orinda spun on her heels and started back toward me. The expression on her face was almost indescribable: chagrin, shock, fear, delight? Her Suzie was just as jumbled and confusing. What in the world had Candy said to her?

Orinda whispered in my ear. "One A.M. at her apartment, #414 at the Villas, just about a block north of here." She demurely put her hand on my forearm and stood next to me, like nothing unusual was going on. But her Suzie was like a chorus rapidly chanting 'bubble bubble toil and trouble' at high volume. She tried to sound normal when she spoke, but her voice cracked a little "Would you get me some punch please Robbie?"

I smiled. "Right after you tell me exactly what else she said."

Orinda made that fish out of water gulp again, and then whispered "She said you had better be ready to fuck her, and I had better be ready to lick her clit while you do it!" She continued to grip my arm so hard that she almost cut off the circulation to my hand. It did seem to increase the blood flow to my dick, however, so much so that I had to carefully plan my steps out to the punch bowl. I got her a big red cup of the Phi Iota Gamma version of 'instant stripper'. I could never refuse a lady.


Sarah Stevens Susskind had never been this high before. Not even close. Her own breathing fascinated her. The texture of the old ratty Naugahyde couch in Billy's parent's trailer was absolutely beguiling. She loved the way it sort of stuck to her fingers and then just kind of let go with a funny little sound when she moved them. The old plastic radio in the kitchen right above the sink was playing KPYK - the real oldies - big band music. How wonderful. The breeze through the slightly open windows of the trailer was cooling her skin, but she felt the heat between her legs. She looked over at Billy, wondering if he was feeling it too.

But he was only lusting after the next marijuana bud he had just retrieved from the Coca-Cola can. He was caressing it, grooming it, tearing into three pieces and lovingly tamping one of them down in the bowl of his bong. Coca-Cola sounded marvelous right now - little fizzy bubbles on her tongue - cool liquid down her throat.

"Billy, may I please have one of those Coca-Cola's in the fridge?"

"Sure. Bring me one too." Billy said.

Emily Post he was not, but then she was too thirsty to complain. She was a little unsteady as she rose from the couch, but it did feel a little like dancing when she moved. She had to stare at the refrigerator for a moment to figure out which side the door really opened on, and then she worked the handle and grabbed two cans from the front of the red and white paper 12 pack.

She put one on the coffee table in front of Billy. Whoops. No coasters, but there were lots of can rings and cigarette burns on it already so it may not matter. Billy was still engrossed in loading up the bowl of the pipe. She popped open the can and was surprised and delighted by the snapping sound. She lifted the can to her lips and sipped - it was wonderful: sugary, tickly, and cool. Billy had fired up the bong again, and was taking another big hit.

"So, Billy, do you have a girlfriend in Dallas?"

He laughed. "Well I do have a lot of girls who drop by to see me but they don't stay long and there is no one really special." He offered her the pipe and lit the bowl for her again.

She was now worried about getting home safely, so she took just a little hit, and he snatched it back from her to suck up the smoke she had left in the chamber, then used his lighter again and took another massive hit. She leaned back, putting her arms up along the back of the couch, chest out, and neck back. Her mother would have called her posture 'too provocative'. Billy didn't notice, and it didn't provoke him to do anything other than load another bit of the fuzzy bud into the bowl. He took three big hits and didn't offer her any more. It was just as well. Sarah realized she didn't really want to go home yet, but she didn't want to stay here, either. She was now sure Billy wouldn't care.

"I gotta go, Billy. You sure have some great dope." But that's about it, she thought. He smiled and loaded the bowl again with one hand, waving dismissively at her with the other. She stood up again, a little unsteady, found her purse, and headed back outside. She spotted her car, and found her keys, but had to think for a moment about what side of the key should go up to unlock the car door. She finally got it open and sat in the seat, primly buckling her seat belt out of sheer habit. She decided to plan for a minute before she started the car.

She thought about that place out on 34. It was strictly country music, but she heard that they had a dance floor and maybe someone would ask her to dance. Back east towards town, then south towards Kaufman. She started the car. Lights on, a little voice in her head said. I probably don't need anything to drink just now, she thought, but I am hungry. Should I check the mirrors to see if they are adjusted properly?


Suzanne Pliskin woke to the sound of Lettye vacuuming downstairs. Last night's domination of Professor Auguste had been titillating, but not really satisfying, even after she made her exit with him still restrained, sputtering, spitting and cursing in French. She had heard much more guttural and artful swearing as a child in Mayotte, Senegal, and Morocco - his was strictly a whiny Parisian dialect and sounded inadequate and unauthentic by comparison. She knew he would eventually get the knots untied and release himself.

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