tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 31

My Only Talent Ch. 31


Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.


Candy Caning, Professor Paining, and Brain Draining

I shut the dorm room door, but did not lock it. Perhaps I really am becoming a wild and crazy guy during my college days. When I turned to look back at Suzanne, she was holding her new turquoise blue panties up in front of her. They were damp and fragrant. She was too, and she had nothing else on.

She was certainly wild right now. Feeling the sap rising, in season, hot to trot, or whatever catch phrase you wanted to use, she was ready. She was ready for me, and given her current mood she was probably also ready for Freddy, and for Tom, Dick, and Harry, too. Don't think about that right now, Robbie. Just channel your angst right between her thighs, and a few other places. I remembered that the best way to please her was just to let myself go wild, and please myself, which always seemed to work best for Suzanne. I used my left hand to grab the back of her neck and my right hand to grab her ass, slamming her against me. Her hips involuntarily pushed forward toward me and her knees moved wider apart as she did. So fine.

I pushed her down to her knees, holding both her hands above her head. "Suck me, slut! Use your teeth to pull down my zipper."

She did her best to take my cock in her mouth through my jeans, then she bit it, and not gently. The jeans prevented a really painful nip. She stopped, pulled her head back, and looked up at me defiantly. Then she put her tongue up on her upper lip, waited until I did a double take, and then stuck her teeth out and rooted for my zipper tab. She took it between her teeth and pulled it down all the way to the bottom. My dick was fully erect now, and it popped through the zipper opening in my pants, but still inside my underwear, creating a light blue cylinder sticking out the front of my dark blue jeans.

I realized that her highly anticipated 'porn star for a night' gig had been prematurely interrupted by Gunter's little problem just as she was really getting into her role, and now I was her only available co-star. "I've never sucked a blue dick before," she gasped. "A girl likes to have a few new and exciting experiences, you know!"

She engulfed my cock, and soon the blue cylinder of underwear fabric was soaked in her saliva, and I felt the heat of her mouth through the cloth. Then she pulled back and gave me another amazing porn star look, her eyes wide and her nostrils flaring. "I've never sucked an Austrian dick, either, although I did get to lick one once."

She used her teeth again and popped me out of the opening in the underwear, and the light blue fabric, under tension from being pulled through the opening, was now tight around the base of my cock like a cock ring in one of my roommate Kevin's favorite weird German fetish videos. It was certainly not preventing blood from flowing in, as I had what was for me a very impressive erection. But my poor penis was wet and suffering from evaporative cooling now that is was exposed to the air. Not for long. Her eyes got big, and then she got a truly feral look on her face and sucked me in all the way to the hilt, with her eyes glued to mine.

She lunged forward and improved her 'bite' a little bit and got even more of me in her mouth, and then as I looked at her in a state of almost shock, she arched her eyebrows with smiling eyes and used her tongue with great flourish on the underside of my dick. No man could possibly resist this, but I intended to try. She was clearly planning to get me off just as quickly as she could, a tour de force demonstration of her awesome slut power. I was determined to hold out as long as I could.

She once again swallowed me whole, nuzzling her chin against my balls and sucking for all she was worth. Then she pulled back and licked the entire surface of my cock teasingly, her tongue flitting like a hummingbird. I was just beginning to enjoy that when she sucked me all the way in again and sucked so hard I was afraid of a 'cock hickey' if there was such a thing. I have heard of 'contrast therapy' but this was a whole 'nother rub, so to speak.

Suddenly she took one of my balls in her mouth and sucked and tongued it avidly. It didn't drive me toward orgasm like the same motions would have if they were applied to the head of my cock, but it did drive me crazy, or crazier. Back to the hummingbird flit, then a full depth plunge, then the other testicle. God she was good at this. How could I resist?

Distract yourself Robbie. Multiplication tables, trig identities, sequentially fill some 'spdf' orbitals with electrons, anything! It was working a little bit. I smiled, perhaps a little too smugly.

She saw my expression, and upped the ante, taking her mouth off of me for just a second. She shouted "Come for me Robbie. I want it now!" She then did a series of in and out total immersions, using her tongue like wet carpet beater on the bottom of my cock as it plunged in and out of her very pretty mouth.

Then she sat on my ankles, strongly rubbing her now gushing pussy up and down against the bottom of my shins as if she was humping my face on her couch. I felt the squishy wetness on my legs, as the smell of the perfect Pliskin Pussy wafted up to my nose and wormed its way directly into my brain. What else could I do to resist?

I tried the recalling the equations of wave motion from physics class, and suddenly realized I was plugging things in to solve for the amplitude and resonant frequency of our leg-pussy-leg oscillations. What was the coefficient of friction between my wet jeans and her pussy lips, given the presence of that incredible Pliskin Pussy juice soaking my jeans and running down to my feet? Obviously the coefficient of static friction was not applicable here, but what was mu-sub-k for pussy juice lubricated skin and denim? That sure as hell wasn't the in the CRC tables. This wasn't helping.

"I love you Robbie. I want your come. Please now!"

That just wasn't fair.

I resorted to the only tactic a novice Master has when a sub threatens to become a sexual Leviathan, taking my cue straight from Millie's summary of modern political tactics: re-frame the narrative. I twisted Suzanne's arms up behind her neck and pulled her mouth closer to my crotch. "You better swallow every drop, slut, or you are in big trouble!" I let the floodgates loose, and pushed my hips forward toward her.

She gave me a look that said 'You have got to be kidding' and sucked me so dry I was sure there wasn't a single sperm cell left in my balls, all the while making wet, slurpy yum-yum noises that made Strelsa's sounds for Günter seem lukewarm.

But then I lost my heart and soul to her completely when she smacked her lips and said, with a look of genuine gratitude on her face and sweetness in her tone, "I just love it when you come in my mouth, Robbie!" Who could resist her? Not me.

She then took me in her mouth again and did her little low excursion suck trick, keeping me hard. My body shook with devotion to this woman. My Suzie receiver reached out and locked onto her, seeking to learn everything she wanted, so I could give it to her.

It was a new kind of connection, one I had never achieved with her before. Her normal 'main Suzie' was broadcasting strongly that she was about to be fucked hard like she wanted it, but her fantasy carrier and historical 'black box recorder' were all linked in and open and obvious too, sort of like a 'multi-cast' or three screen linked simulcast. And some secrets were thus revealed.


Dwight was in a quandary. He had to play to the camera, to whoever might be watching from HQ, and still try to solve the problem. He decided to act like the over enthusiastic corporate suck up, seeking favor with the CEO. From what he had learned so far about some of the members of the management team, the CEO should be very used to that.

"Dwight Dewitt, Sir, from the coding team. I just wanted to let you know that I have found a solution to the slow software response problem, and I am staying here tonight to install and test the fix so I can report that issue resolved at the product review meeting in the morning!"

The CEO, the highly esteemed (at least in his own mind) Dr. William John Perchépomé ('Perch Uh Pom May'), and known to several as "Professor Jack", looked at Dwight as if he was a very inconvenient interruption to his plans for the evening, plus he really didn't seem to know what Dwight was talking about.

"I also wanted to tell you what a great honor it is to work with a scientist of your stature and a promising company like this one! I am going to do my best to contribute everything I can!"

The older escort giggled. "Boy you are some kind of geeky suck up, aren't you? I wish all my escorts would show that level of servility to their clients. Before you offer, you should know that Professor Jack here prefers female cocksuckers to male ones." She laughed again. "Although his horizons have expanded quite a bit since he met me, and he might be willing to try something new."

Dwight decided to just stay silent and look confused, hoping the CEO would jump in. Sure enough, second only to hearing someone sing his praises, he loved hearing the sound of his own voice.

"Hold on a minute, Shaniqua my dear. This is business, and I am Leader. I do need to attend to my relaxation time to function at my usual incredibly high level, as you well know, but right now I have to make some time for my people."

He sat on the edge of his desk, and looked down his nose and over his glasses at Dwight. "I tend to leave such minor details as software as an exercise for the reader, so to speak, so that my new management support team can learn its way and earn its pay. But I certainly understand and accept your devotion. "

Even Dwight had trouble keeping a straight face on that one.

"I'm sure you can report your issue through the appropriate channels, er, ah, Dwight, was it?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Then, if you will excuse us, we are going to continue with our little recreational musical interlude."

Shaniqua laughed again. "Voneitra needs some throat work, and Professor Jack has graciously agreed to help her practice. Unless you want to stay and offer some suggestions on her technique, there little Dwighty Whitey?"

Voneitra was quite pretty, and if she was 18, she had only been so for a few weeks. She looked embarrassed.

"I'll close the door on my way out, Sir. Thank you again, Sir!"

Dwight turned and pulled the door shut, just as Voneitra went to her knees. At least the door was closed now. But that was about all Dwight had accomplished. He needed to think this situation through. Roger Sherman would be expecting him at dinner at Buck's tomorrow evening, and he better have a plan by then. Otherwise Roger would develop a plan of his own, and that was sure to be ugly. Not only would Roger's plan be ineffective, but his report back to HQ would be constructed to reflect that they had developed it together, and any problems would be framed as due to Dwight's poor execution. Dwight's first step: do a little background research on Shaniqua.


I was determined to tease Suzanne and then finally please her. But I realized that her Suzie signals were telling me that hard penetration was the only thing that would really please her right now. So I could really drive her crazy by first making her come every way but that.

I put her up on the edge of the bed, centered her on my ESU logo blanket, and began to kiss her tenderly, slowly moving down from her lips to her chin, then her neck and shoulders, taking my time and enjoying her impatient squirming. She was building up quite a head of steam, and when she finally exploded it should be amazing.

At first she gloried in all the attention, spreading her legs wide as I grabbed her and pushed her thighs up off the bed and towards my face. But I just kissed her midriff, slowly trending down. I stopped and lingered at what would have been her panty line if she was still wearing any, as if there was some invisible barrier there that I could not go below. I kissed, licked, and then roughly sucked on her skin just above that line, making all sorts of loud and showy noises. She began to raise her knees up and try to push my head further down, and it was all I could do to match her strong legs with my arms and resist her.

Finally she put both hands on my head and gave it a massive push while at the same time pulling her knees up until they were over her head, thus directing my head right to her snatch. I stopped resisting, and easily over shot her target, fastening my lips down on her inner thighs and kissing and sucking like a mad man. I could feel the titillation and frustration in her Suzie. I could see new images on her fantasy carrier, too. She was on her knees in front of three guys, one of them me, the other two appearing with just blurs for faces, alternating from cock to cock, avidly licking and sucking. Holding all three in her magical power, then making blazing eye contact and triumphantly swallowing everything they could give her.

But she was in the moment right now. She growled, low and gruff. "Damn you Robbie. Eat me!" Her pussy was now pumping its beguiling aroma into the room like one of those electrified air fresheners that plugs into a wall socket.

I chuckled, hopefully loud enough for her to hear, and slowly began to move my lips slightly higher. I grabbed the insides of her knees and pushed them roughly apart, almost playing 'wishbone' with them, raising her hopes a little, and then settled back in on my slow progression up her thighs.

I took my sweet time, literally counting out the minute I spent on each inch moving up her thighs, finally reaching her outer lips about the same time she grabbed two handfuls of my hair and tried to force my mouth onto her snatch again. One hundred slow licks on the left outer, 100 slow licks on the right outer, then butterfly flicks back and forth on the inner lips. Her Suzie signal dopplered like a fire engine going quickly by. Her fantasy carrier now portrayed her up on all fours on a linen table cloth on a big dining table, with one of the generic guys in her mouth, and the other in her pussy. They switched positions twice, and then I stepped up an entered her ass. Her Suzie carrier spiked up again. Now her fantasy foursome was on full display in her mind. She came and came, and shivered, and then each guy finished off one last time in her mouth, with me going last.

I began to spread her inner lips by licking them from inside to outside, slowly opening them wider even as they became more engorged. She growled and gurgled way down in her throat. It was music to my ears. I licked the skin just inside her inner lips and teasingly tested pushing my tongue into her. I licked up and blew on her clit, not quite touching it. Just as she thought I was really about to address her clit properly, I moved by lips down a few inches and blew on her amazing little rosebud.

I pushed her sharply back onto the little wall mounted bed that sported my ESU logo blanket, raising her hopes that the hard action was about to begin. But then I spread her legs and lay gently on top of her, and began to kiss her tenderly, slowly moving to her chin, and then her neck. She cooed for a few moments, and then became obviously impatient with my progress.

I moved slowly towards her breasts, never quite touching them. Her pussy smell increased, and surged again when I finally took her nipples in my mouth. Her Suzie cried for hard sucking and biting, but I gave her tender hummingbird flicks like she had started with on my cock. She began to chug her breaths, and ensnared my legs with hers, trying to push me to her center.

"Damn you Robbie. Fuck me!"

One did not need any special talent to understand that message. I flipped her over on her tummy, and pushed her head into the little wall mounted cushion. Her Suzie trumpeted. She thought she was about to be catchin' what I as pitchin' doggie style. But I fooled her one last time, and fastened my lips on her pretty little asshole, flicking but not penetrating. It drove her wild. My plan was working.

I lightly flicked her sweet little butt, pushing in just a little more about every tenth flick. She soon recognized my pattern and pushed back against me with all her might, trying to urge my tongue deeper. After about ten more such thrusts and parries, I pushed up on my elbows and used my hands to open up her sweet little cheeks and plunged my tongue into her ass as far as I could.

"Yes, oh fuck yes!"

Just as she was really beginning to enjoy that, I pulled myself back upright on my knees, and pushed my now John Henry class erection all the way into her pussy. Damn that's good.

She growled, deep and throaty, her tone almost inhuman. I deliberately paused between my thrusts, counting to five before launching myself as hard and deep as I could back into her. She broke that code very quickly too, and on my third thrust she reached back and grabbed me behind the knees, so that by the time I was ready for thrust number four she used her hands to pull me deeper into her. It sure is nice to be wanted.

I lost count of my thrusts, as her Suzie soared and just I timed my thrusts to pump her signal. I was rewarded with a grunt and a sneeze. The cutest little sneeze in the world. I paused for just a beat, and then started in on her again. Soon another cute sneeze and a gush of juice. There is something about this dorm room that really worked for her. There was something about her that really worked for me.

Have to keep them guessing, Robbie. Just after her third sneeze, I suddenly shifted my cock to her ass, pushing up with my legs to get further above her and get even more penetration. She was so flexible and so turned on that I could have tied her legs in a knot and she wouldn't have complained as long as I kept fucking her. She didn't miss a beat, grabbing the backs of my thighs a little higher up and urging me on again. Another cute sneeze ensued.

I pushed against her buttocks with the front of my thighs and moved her body further toward the wall, so that her face was now above the cushion and rammed right into my little bulletin board. I was a lizard now, fucking on automatic out on that rock in the sun. She came again, really hard, drawing her breath in as if she was going to sneeze, and then screaming instead. This was just about as much fun as I had ever had.

"I am going to pull out of your dirty little ass and come in your little slut mouth, so you better make it good for me!"

Three more deep thrusts were met with a breathy "Please" so I assumed she was on board with my plan. Not that it mattered one whit. I pulled out, planning to grab her head and spin her around toward me, but she spun even faster, reached for my ass with both hands, and engulfed my cock. She squeezed my butt checks and pulled me towards her. She took control and I lost it.

She smiled up at me, riveting me with her beautiful brown-eyed gaze and doing very showy things with her lips. I was done for.

When she had it all, she smacked her lips. "You're a pretty hot little fuck, Robbie!" Damn it, she got me this time.

We lay back on the little bunk. I was still laboring to catch my breath when the door slowly opened and Lou Baby walked in, followed immediately by Kevin, who had held the door open for her in an uncharacteristically gentlemanly fashion. I instinctively reached over for the covers to pull them over us, but Suzanne held them tight against the cushion, leaving us (especially her) brazenly uncovered.

Lou took one look at us and then sniffed the air, a very funny expression on her face. "I guess I needn't ask what we missed!" She then fixed her eyes on Suzanne and left them there.

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