tagMind ControlMy Only Talent Ch. 35

My Only Talent Ch. 35


Chapter 35

Suzanne Takes You Down...

Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events


I woke up fresh and feeling good. It's amazing how relaxed you feel when you have no deadlines. At least at the end of a semester you feel that way. Then you realize there are still deadlines: to move out of your dorm room, to report for your summer employment, plan for the upcoming fall semester and to arrange an air tight gang bang for your girlfriend sometime this week before you leave town. Modern life is complicated!

Last night, Suzanne revealed that she had just completed her comprehensive orals, which apparently had no sexual meaning in the context of her formal education. I always thought she was both excellent and comprehensively oral, in another context. In any case, it meant that she would spend the summer in total concentration on finishing up her dissertation, not having to take or TA any classes.

Lara had news of her own in the form of an acceptance letter from her first choice: Wharton/Penn which also approved her unusual combination degree program that ended with a JD and MPH in human genetics. No wonder Asa Weltschmerz was impressed. Lara just needed 6 perfunctory ESU required semester hours to graduate, and she was taking them in summer school. Easy peasy compared to what she had accomplished so far. I expect lots of professors would have some trouble reconciling this incredible six-foot-tall blond bombshell with her intellect and ambition. Just don't get in her way, people! Both Lara and Suzanne were already working daily on their academic tasks.

Nora had moved out her coop, which would sorely miss her cooking skills, and moved her stuff into Lara's apartment for a few weeks before she headed out for Massachusetts for her MBA program.

But this morning, she was going to help me move my stuff out of the dorm, after a breakfast of leftover pizza (the dining hall was shut down until the summer semester began) and a session of yeasty pizza smell inspired hard fucking all her own. I was still incredulous of how much the three girls told each other, as evidenced by both Suzanne and Lara sending little hand drawn cards wishing us a 'happy final Jester pizza night' complete with scatological drawings accompanying their signatures.

Kevin was already sleeping over at the ZZZ house, but most of his giant traveling collection of stuff was still in the room, fortunately including the small microwave oven we used to reheat the pizza. I now knew what a magnetron was, thanks to Professor Lillehammer and Engineering 101, and how the controller board was made and programmed, thanks to Embedded Systems.

Thanks to my Suzie receiver, I also knew that Nora, after only two bites of pizza, was ready, willing and able. I also knew I needed my strength, though, so I grabbed her head and applied it liberally to my cock, while I stood above her and finished my two pieces of pizza. After all, I had to be properly prepared, nutritionally speaking, to do my duty.

She won that little race, riveting me with her shining grey eyes and getting me fully erect and crazy for her while I was still stuffing down the last few bites of pizza. I tried to act casual. I bent down and gave her a big tomato sauce and pepperoni kiss and her Suzie kicked into high gear, now frantic to get me inside her. But I needed to maintain control. Tease her, then please her was my motto. I slowly kissed down her front, unbuttoning her blouse and planting kisses on the way down. Her slacks and panties just seemed to melt away, as my kisses neared her center.

She was frothing, fragrant, and fantastic, and as my gently lips touched her mons, her Suzie signal exploded into me. We were joined again. Brain to brain, hand in hand, gland in gland. I felt every nuance of my caresses just as she did. I teased her, circling her clit for several minutes before ever touching it. She grabbed my head and tried to center it, but I resisted, and my neck and shoulders were stronger than her arms.

She came first with just little tongue flicks on her labia and platinum pubes, then I spelled out 'I love you' ten times in slow cursive writing with my tongue on her clit, and she gushed a second time. I turned her over doggie style and entered her swiftly, almost a joint reflex that coursed through both of us. It felt so right to be in her.

I pushed slowly in all the way, then shivered with pleasure and emotion. This was where I belonged. She spread her ass cheeks a little wider and pushed back against me. With another strong thrust I pushed her up against the little built in dorm room shelf, and grabbed the bookcase to steady myself. She tucked her neck up against the cushion and I used my other hand to grab a big hank of her silver hair.

Her Suzie told me that at this point I could not possibly be too rough on her, so I pounded into her with every iota of strength I had. A little wave of sadness passed through me, as I realized there was no egg in place to fertilized. Damn. This had two effects. First, I felt weird for knowing this and even weirder for being so sad about it. It would not be a good idea to get Nora pregnant right now! Then why did I want to so much? Second, I realized I could now decide whether to come or not -- it was completely voluntary. If there had been an egg in there, I'm not sure I could have held out. Is that a talent, or a liability?

Nora came again and clamped down on me. Suddenly her Suzie clamored for me to come in her hot little box. It was the neural equivalent of a non-maskable interrupt. I had no choice. I rammed myself as far into her as I could, and it felt so damn good. She turned and looked back over her left shoulder at me, platinum eyes blazing with fire. "Give it!" she cried. Damn that was hot, in more ways than one. I gave her all I had. I always would.

It didn't take long for us to pack up my stuff, thanks to my Dad's advice about traveling light. We moved everything down to the loading zone and Nora waited while I walked over to Lara's building, got in my car, and drove back to the loading zone. It only took about 20 minutes, but there were two students and a Dad hitting on her by the time I got back, and she was clearly enjoying the attention. Jeesh!

Kevin's stuff was another story. He not only brought much more than I did to school in the first place, but he had been accumulating all sorts of crap throughout the two semesters. His dad had hired one of those dorm mover services, and they had shipped Kevin several big thick folded cardboard boxes. He just had to unfold and tape them together, dump all his stuff in, seal them, and then scan the labels with his phone. They would text back a pickup time later that day, and two guys with a cart would pick up his boxes in the dorm room and ship it all back to the Hamptons, where he would 'summer' as a verb. Such a deal.

I took one last look at Jester, slightly nostalgic, but very determined to find a better place to live for the fall, with the UDP house as my minimum standard. Nora gave me a little kiss and we drove to Lara's place to unload my stuff, also my temporary quarters until I left for the "Chunnel" job.


Kevin had given me the okay for using the condo for Suzanne's little party, saying it was available umtil Friday, when one of his dad's NFL clients would use it for a weekend party pad, so I picked a specific night and began my gang bang planning. Cisco had promised to do one more sweep to check for webcams, bugs, sniffers, etc. I texted him the night it would all go down, so to speak. He replied right away, saying he would do a bug sweep and a war drive on the planned afternoon, and give me the all clear right before the 'event' as he called it. When I hit send on a final "thanks" to him I realized I had sort of crossed the sexual Rubicon, to paraphrase one of my dad's favorite sayings. He usually musically accompanied it with a smooth 70's oldie that went something like "It's too late, to turn back now." I guess it was.

I had no trouble planning and choreographing Veronica Tappert's little rodeo, but visualizing Suzanne getting similar treatment was much more difficult. At least I knew exactly what she wanted. Four guys -- me and three "trusted dicks" that would last a while. Shit. I knew it had to include Husky Varna and Ralph, based on her autonomic and immediate Suzie reactions to seeing them in action. I also knew the third should be Kevin, the luckiest fucking roommate in Texas. I had already had Lou Baby, with him watching and even holding her knees apart for me at one point, plus he had already seen Suzanne naked, and Suzanne had told him that his dick looked good to her. Bitch.

I also knew the permutations she would require. She would get to suck all four of us, in random order of her choosing, and make us all come the first time. What a slut. She admitted it. She was proud of it. Then she wanted to be the proverbial sexual 'push me pull you', with alternating and rotating players on each end, and then she wanted what she called "the triple play" and "the hole Magilla" (not a typo) being penetrated in the pussy, ass, and mouth, with all three guys coming as close to the same time as possible for the grand finale. Apparently, she had discussed this briefly with Veronica Tappert, who had called it a complete and transcendental experience, insisting that it was something Suzanne had to try to paste in her "wild college days" mental scrapbook. Now I had to describe and plan all this in excruciating detail to my team of "trusted dicks". Ugh.

I was going to have supper at UDP anyway, since the dorm dining hall was already shut down, so I brought the subject up with Ralph and Husky at dinner, when it was just the three of us sitting at the table. Both of them looked at me in shock and surprise, and I have to give them some credit for almost immediately suppressing their automatic shit eating grins.

Ralph cleared his throat. "Well, this is something we have talked about before, Robbie, so I guess all you can do is just see what happens." He looked serious and contemplative, but he was probably contemplating Suzanne's perfect little bod, not my dilemma.

Husky asked what he meant.

"Well, we have previously speculated about our girlfriends' hypothetical fantasies of making it with more than one guy at a time, and what effect it would have on the relationship if they were to actually do it." Ralph looked calm, but he was fidgeting with his hands, something he used to do obsessively when we were in middle school together.

Husky just stared at him, and gulped very audibly.

"I said that if she did it once, and then told me she had her thrill but didn't need to do it again, then things could go on, if not happily, then begrudgingly. But..." Ralph made a funny face. "If she said it was wonderful and she wanted to do it several times a week from now on, the relationship would be over. The only positive would be that I found out about it before I fell in love with her."

Husky grunted, then looked at me. "Too late for that, eh, Robbie?"

I shook my head. "Unfortunately, that is true. I have already fallen for her, sometime ago. She has assured me it is a onetime 'bucket list' kind of thing. But if that turns out not to be true, things could get ugly. But, I don't want you guys to 'point shave' so to speak. If it doesn't seem hot enough to her, she may want to try it again to see if it could be done better next time. So, I need to have it be super good, in the hope that once will be enough."

Ralph nodded his head, knowingly. Apparently both Big Liz and Little Marilyn had the same idea. At least for me it was only Suzanne, so far as I knew.

Husky looked troubled. 'So, as I understand this, you want me to do my best job of fucking your best girl, with you there too? Shit Robbie. She is so smart and so hot, what if I fall in love with her?"

"It's risky business, Husky"

Ralph looked thoughtful. "So, she wants three guys, huh?"

I must have looked sad. I felt sad. "Nope, four for good measure. My roommate Kevin will be there too!"

The both looked at me like I was crazy. At that point, I was. I managed to get through the planned order, and the restrictions, or really the lack thereof. She wanted it all, from all of us. Shit!


I had almost forgotten our dinner date with the Tapperts. All three girls had been excited about coming along, so we all piled in my car and drove to their suburban abode. Mr. Topiary Trimmer across the street was still working in the front yard, perhaps his primary avocation. He had almost cut himself while staring at Lara on our last trip, but when he saw her again this time he just put the electric trimmers down and gaped. So, he was in less danger when Nora and Suzanne unfolded themselves from my backseat and stood up. He still managed to trip over the cord and went down hard.

Suzanne, surprisingly, hurried over to help him up. She checked him over, and waved to his grey-haired wife, who had emerged from the front door when she heard the hedge trimmers shut off. Suzanne strutted back across the street towards the Tappert's front door.

I was amazed. "Do you know that guy, Suzanne?"

"Yes. He was my first professor on my first day of school here at ESU, when I thought I wanted to be a botanist. He is kinda infamous."

Nora piped up. "Is that Irving Schmear?"

Suzanne laughed. "The one and only. He's retired now. He loved to torture obsessive compulsive pre-med students by making sure they didn't get an A in his introductory botany class, which before he arrived had traditionally been an easy A. He had just been granted tenure and he changed his Casper Milquetoast routine to something more akin to a psychopathic torturer. There were rumors that one pre-med student even killed herself after making a 92 average and still getting a B after Irving 'curved down' the raw grades so that nobody in that class got an A. A group of parents tried to get him fired, but he hung on. He got crosswise with an early LGB group called "The Sexual Freedom League" which was considered ironic since he and his wife were rumored to be swingers, yellow dog Democrats, and ACLU members.

Nora said, "I heard they finally made him retire after he burned down one of the off-campus biology labs in an accidental fire. What's a yellow dog democrat?"

I knew that one. "Even if the best candidate the Democrats can put up is a yellow dog, he would still vote Democrat!"

"Did they really call him the 'bagel boy'?"

Suzanne giggled. "Yes. He wrote a paper about 36 different plants you could make bagels from. Supposedly his greatest intellectual achievement."

By this time, we had had ascended the stairs and rang the doorbell. Veronica opened the door. Her eyes got big when she saw all four of us on the porch.

"Oh, come in! I am so glad you could all be here tonight. I have to admit, seeing all of you together again gives me palpitations, even if you don't have your leather costumes on." She stared at Suzanne.

"Are you the young lady that spoke to me so sharply at the beginning my rodeo?"

Suzanne put her finger under Veronica's chin and lifted it up. "You mean the one that made you go down on her, front and back?"

Veronica gulped. "Yes, Mistress!"

Suzanne gave her that sweet smile, followed by the thousand-watt dominatrix stare. It made my knees a little weak. "No, Veronica. She is a sweet little thing, but she went much too easy on you. I would train you more strictly!"

Veronica cast her eyes down. "Yes, Mistress."

Suzanne took her by the arm. "I do want to talk a little more about what you felt later that night, though."

The rest of us followed them into the big kitchen. There were two long islands: one set up as a tapas bar, and the other as a 'make your own cocktail' bar. The sun was setting in the big picture window. I hit the food, everyone else mixed a drink. Professor Lillehammer and his wife Dorothy had already made drinks. The professor must have already had several.

"My Dear Mr. Roberts! Are you the only teetotaler among us?

I shrugged.

"I suppose these three beautiful women are so intoxicating that you need no other chemical assistance?"

Dorothy blushed. "Oh, brother! Three tequilas and suddenly my husband is Mr. Smooth Talker?"

"Just making an observation, my dear! Perhaps you should have some more tequila and talk to everyone about your reaction to that night?"

She gave him a very dirty look.

Suzanne came to her rescue. "It had the same kind of effect on me, Dorothy! Perhaps we should talk about it."

The five women drifted off together and spoke in hushed tones, occasionally giggling and looking at the three men, and making another drink.

We men gathered around the tapas plates, and proceeded to decimate them.

Rock Tappert spoke up. "So, Professor Lillehammer, did you know that Roberts here was issued his first two patents last week?

Say what? Lillehammer looked shocked. I'm sure I did too.

Rock Tappert continued. "After the prank that he arranged, I was inspired to finish four patent applications that I had been struggling with for weeks. That exciting evening freed me from 'inventor's block' and gave me the insight to move forward and finish them. So, I named Roberts as co-inventor on one of them. My IP attorney split it into two applications, and both got fast tracked and approved. So, Roberts, when the Business Journal lists Austin area patents next month, you will be listed, too."

Lillehammer clapped slowly. "Well, well. That should improve your resume immeasurably, Roberts. You can probably get lots of much better internship placements now."

Nora had been listening to our conversation from across the kitchen island. She had the best ears of anyone I had ever known.

She leaned over and spoke to us. "That's very cool Robbie. I can talk to an acquaintance at Stanford and very likely turn that into a Kaufman fellowship as soon as you graduate with your BS degree. That would be perfect connector between completing your engineering degree and starting an MBA."

"But speaking of BS, you should consider doing something of note yourself, too, Roberts! Instead of just getting listed on a patent by sheer luck." Lillehammer was in his cups and back in his challenging professor mode.

Rock Tappert, upped the ante. "Got any good ideas of your own, Roberts?"

I sure do, you condescending little pricks. Like fucking your both your wives in front of you! My brain was having a little shit storm. Maybe it was their tone of challenge, or feeling humiliated in front of Nora, but my emotions got the best of me. Despite the pointed warnings from Asa Weltschmerz, I engaged my mouth without putting my brain in gear first.

"How about a large thin film array of little nanoscale fractal antennas, insulated from each other and cross connected and linked together to detect very small electromagnetic, gravitic, or yet unknown signals?"

Lillehammer laughed. "That's pure speculation, Roberts, how in the world would you...."

Rock Tappert interrupted him. "Not so fast. Hold on. That's actually a pretty good idea. I just read some speculative physics stuff about quantum entanglement, and one of the ideas was sort of the equivalent of a photo-multiplier tube, where one signal triggers a cascade of more signals, a chain reaction so to speak, that would make it possible to detect and analyze some very weak and previously undetected signals. Couple that with one of my new ideas for photonic interconnections between rectennas, and we might really have something!"

Lillehammer looked incredulous. "You can't really actually believe his bullshit, can you, Tappert?

"Oh, but I can. How many patents do you have, Professor Lillehammer? Two? Roberts will soon have three, maybe more, because I think this cross connected fractal antenna thing will turn into several patents. Even better, it might actually work. Let's set down tomorrow and whiteboard some of this out, eh, Roberts? Classes are done, so I have time. Can you come by the office at 9:00 AM?"

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