tagIncest/TabooMy Other Mother Ch. 05

My Other Mother Ch. 05


Part 1

Having slept on the outside, Mum was able to get out of bed without waking me the next morning, but she did wake me later. By bouncing on it.

She was wearing a black wrap style skirt and a long white blouse along with a child like smile as she called for me to rise and shine, finishing by collapsing on and almost knocking the wind out of me.

"Guess what I did while you were sleeping, hon?" she asked cheerily.

God, she looked so good.

"Huh," I asked, my penis waking up with the rest of me.

"Can't you smell it?"

"Your perfume? Yeah, it's nice."

"Not that, horndog! I went and got breakfast and coffee at Mc Donald's."

"Mc Donald's?" I asked incredulously. "You never get that stuff, you always ragged on me when I ate it."

"I know, hon, but it's cheaper for us to eat their garbage than it is to buy our own groceries, especially considering that we're limited to a microwave oven. Besides, it's your birthday and it won't hurt. C'mon, get up and eat with me."

So I did and it was pretty good, too. Part of the reason was because I was eating it with my new and exciting, other mother. She hurried me off to the shower afterward, completely immersed in her fun persona, the one I just couldn't resist and I was still hard when I got back, dressed and ready for whatever she had planned.

"Geez, is that thing always like that?" she asked, looking at my equatorial region with a raised brow and a smirky smile.

"Whenever I'm around you lately, yeah."

"You're so complimentary. Makes me feel good. Here, take this and these."

From under the bed, she grabbed and handed me a zippered duffle bag, then the keys to Jamie's van from somewhere down between her boobs. Grabbing a second duffle from under the bed, she opened the door and held it wide for me, as wide as her excited smile.

The van was at the sidewalk outside the building and I had a funny feeling Jamie had personally delivered it as I let her in, she reminding me about its schizophrenic transmission. Always staying near the coastline, she directed me East and we soon found ourselves leaving the confines of the city proper, passing through a large, semi-industrial area to eventually reach a very nice, picturesque coast road.

Part chip seal, part asphalt, the patchy route wound through the trees, up and down steep hills while the woods to the right would sometimes part, giving us a great view of the bay and the city. I realized why they call New Brunswick 'the picture province' as we trundled along in the beautiful heat with the salt breeze from the bay. I was as happy and content as she was, even mostly forgetting about our down and out status.

Finally, after executing a curving downhill grade, she pointed through the windshield at a parking lot with what looked like a small canteen, excitedly reporting, "Here, right here where the gate is."

I slowed, activated the turn signal and pulled in, allowing the dirty old, blue Camaro that had been crowding me the whole way out to pass by us with a roar.

It was a beach. An incredibly beautiful, long, crescent shaped beach with a high sandbar a little way out. To the left, the sandy shore was bordered by a tall cliff with trees covering the top, jutting right out into the water, to the right, lower rocks that people were walking on. The parking lot was elevated by about twenty-five or thirty feet, the top of a wooden stair set visible from where we parked, and the view was just magnificent.

"Wow..." I commented.

"I know, isn't it nice? It's called Mispec. Some of my earliest memories are of Dad taking us out here for the day. I couldn't even remember how to get here, I had to ask people. Sure has changed a lot since then."

"I didn't wear swim trunks."

"I brought some for you, they're in one of the duffle bags."

"But I don't even own a pair anymore."

"You do now, I bought you some. Go ahead and change."

"Here? In- in the van?"

"Why not? The windows are tinted and if anybody walks along the front of us... Well, so what?"

" ... Umm... Actually, I'd kinda rather you stood up and blocked their view with a towel or something."

"You'll be fine, just get changed so we can get down there. Wow, there's hardly even anyone here."

Five minutes later, stepping off the bottom stair and starting out across the hot sand towards the lower, tumbled and water eroded rocks to the right, I complained about her fashion choice for me again.

"Stop whining, you have your pants on over them and they're really nice. Daniel Craig looked great in them as 007."

"I'm not Daniel Craig."

"No, you're a swimmer and a Jujitsu black belt and you know what that makes him?"


"Just an actor."

" ... Okay, I know you're complimenting me and thanks, but I have to take my jeans off at some point and-"

"Oh, good god in heaven! You wore Speedos in the pool!"

"That was different."


"I was competing, that's how. So did everyone else along, with cap and goggles."

"What, you don't think women check out male athletes?"

"I- ... (sigh) It'll be pretty embarrassing if I get a hard on, that's my point. You've seen the trunks I wear to the beach and that's why I wore that kind."

"Used to wear," she corrected. "Anyway, there's hardly anybody here, nobody at all over there by the rocks. So what if you do get a hardon? Besides, Mummy loves when that happens. (giggle)"

She chose a spot that was quite isolated on the large beach, far enough from its rocky boundary and the people climbing over the easy, broken surfaces. Close to the abrupt tree line that had long since replaced the steep, grassy slope between the parking lot and the sand, she got out a large blanket and spread it out for us, kicking her sneakers off to get on, kneeling to dig further through her duffle while speaking over her shoulder at me.

"Hop on my magic carpet, Son. No shoes or sand allowed."

She'd brought a modest spread of things including a small radio, two towels, sun block, a medium sized camping thermos, sub sandwiches with pop, (yes, pop!) straws and a fanny pack for our money and stuff. Printed in black marker on the top of the thermos was, 'Bob Leblanc'.

She soon had us set up with a smile, encouraging me to remove my jeans and shirt as she began unbuttoning her blouse on the blanket with me. Her suit was a two piece black bikini, the top featuring those long triangles that tied around the back of her neck, covering her nipples easily but leaving a whole lot more to help the imagination. To put it simply, it would have fit Staci just fine, but she wouldn't have looked anywhere near as appetizing in it.

" ... Ho-ly... Mum..."

"You like?"

I was almost completely hard again by the time I could answer.

" ... Oh my god."

"I'll take that- and that," she said, pointing at the sudden tent pole in my trunks, "-as a 'yes'."

Quickly re-arranging myself, I fretted, "Mum, people will look. Somebody might even come over and say something, this is a public beach with fam-"

"Stop worrying, this isn't about them, it's about you and your birthday. God, I love those on you, especially with a hardon."

"Oh, boy."

"Here, sit down and have some of your Mum's magic potion so you can calm down."

That seemed like a pretty good idea. We settled across from one another, me with my back to the rocks so she'd have hers to the rest of the beach population as she dug two Styrofoam cups out and filled one from the thermos. She handed it to me and then filled the other for herself while I took a sip, trying not to stare at her totally awesome tits.

"Whoa! What is this?" I asked, looking at the cup of strong, yet tasty beverage.

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's really good. Strong, though."

"Kind of my own recipe. I haven't made it in years. The main ingredient is spiced rum."

"You should call it, 'Mum's Bikini'."

"Flatterer!" she accused with a big smile, totally pleased with that as I straightened my back, looking over her head and around us to make sure nobody was approaching.

"Y'know, I'm not even legally allowed to drink. Maybe you shouldn't be feeding me alcohol, especially while wearing that-"

"I'll feed my son alcohol if I want, where I want and to hell with what the law says. Don't get used to it, though, this is just a special little thing for us. And stop worrying about my bikini."

I took another sip, looking between her legs, before taking another quick look around.



"You look like a prairie dog when you do that."

"Oh, very funny," I said, but with a smile.

"They can't see us from way over there any better than we can see them."

"It's just... un-nerving," I told her.

"You don't seem like the kind of kid who'd run around during class, sealing all the bathroom doors in his school shut with construction glue."

"See, when I did that, it was during class. Nobody was around, if you see what I mean."

She took a sip during my defense, momentarily gazing at the hardened maleness underneath my trunks before she looked back up and said, "Fat lot of good it did you. You got caught."

"I'll have you know I planned and carried out that operation perfectly. I was ratted out by Leonard Keeping."

"Still your fault. You didn't need any help, you did it by yourself. Why did you have to tell him?"

"I had to brag about it to someone," I explained, shrugging my shoulders and taking another drink.

"Heh, yeah, that figures. Notoriety is a double edged sword, isn't it? Have you at least learned your lesson about how loose lips sink ships?"

"Totally. Boy, ya think you know someone..."

"That's what I thought when I found out for sure your father was cheating."

"Not to mention the fraud charges, huh?"

"Still can't believe I missed that... I got soft and slow in my old age, I guess."

"Mum, you're not old and you never had a soft or slow day in your life. Geez, the look on your face when you came to pick me up that day after I glued the bathroom doors... and when you told me to wait in the car while you went into the office... I almost went and hid in my locker."

"Well, for god's sake, why did you keep doing all those crazy things?"

"I don't know. I just got the idea that I could and that it would be funny. I couldn't resist."

"They almost expelled you. I had to pay for that with your father's money just to keep you in class long enough to graduate, and then hide the payment from him."

"Yeah, but after you let me up, I was grounded for two months."

"What do you mean, 'let you up'?"

"Mum, you threw me down on the couch as soon as we got in the door and put your knee on my chest while you flipped right out. You were really mad."

"Well, I had to do something. You were getting to a point where your antics were beginning to make even me wonder and no matter how hard I was on you, I knew I could only expect another call within a month. Sure, there was some darned funny stuff, some of it I can't help but be proud of you for, but I was afraid you were going to get yourself expelled, or worse."

"Sorry, Mum."

"How in the world did you even know about that stuff, anyway?"

"What stuff?"

"Construction glue, you... Jr. Super Villain!"

"Oh. You remember Colin Parker?"

She nodded.

"His father's a carpenter, he mentioned it during shop class when we were using wood glue and told us all about the real good stuff. I call it 'havoc in a tube'."

"Good god, you really are like me!" she laughed.

"But why didn't you ever get mad when I got into fights and stuff?" I asked.

"Because you never started them. I knew you didn't when you told me what happened and the whole reason I pushed you into Jujitsu was so you could defend yourself when someone tried to pick on you."


"Anyway," she said dismissively, pausing to take another sip while I did the same, "I didn't have to ask. You made it abundantly clear that your preferred target was the faculty. For whatever reason, it was almost always them you terrorized."

We continued talking for another several minutes, drinking Mum's magic potion which did indeed relax me, and she was right; nobody seemed concerned. When we finished them, we decided to make our way down the hot beach to the sandbar and its surrounding, hard packed, wet sand at low tide. The back of her bikini bottoms showed quite a bit of her cheeks, again bordering on the obscene if not a few inches over the line and my hardon raged like it had been since I first saw her like that.

Oh, so hot.

"Isn't this neat?" she asked, looking around herself in a happy little spin. "The Bay Of Fundy has the highest tides in the world, so when it's out like this, it's way out."

"How high?"

"See the watermarks on the cliffs over there?" she asked, pointing in the distance to the other end of the beach, the light breeze moving her long, blonde hair in the sunshine.

"Wow, that is high."

"Be careful of riptides. The people I talked to about finding our way here all mentioned it."


She suddenly darted off ahead with an energetic burst of speed, calling, "Last one in sucks Joe's cock!"

Seconds later and just before the edge of the water, I overtook her, suddenly stopping up in shock just before I got crotch deep, hollering and turning around as Mum splashed by me in the frigid water, laughing wildly.

"Whoooop!" she yelled, throwing herself in headlong while I hurried back out.

"Oh my god!" I managed.

"Hey, come on!" she called, standing with her hair drenched in water that barely touched her boobs.

"It's freezing!"

"I know, it's so refreshing, come on in!"

"My penis will retract inside my body!"

She laughed again, trying to splash me with the ice water that surrounded her, but she was way too far. She dove under and swam a little closer, hurrying the rest of the way in on her feet to grab my hand and drag me in despite my misgivings, getting me deep enough to pull me under with her.

"Oh my god!" I repeated when we resurfaced. "So cold!"

"I know! It's only a few degrees warmer in the summer than it is in the winter! Isn't it great!? Look at my nipples, sweetie pie!"

It was so cold, I actually missed them, though I don't know how I could. The words, 'big and erect' couldn't have covered them. I gawked until a wave came in and covered them momentarily.

"Come on, it's better to keep moving!" she advised before throwing herself in and swimming down towards the rocky end of the beach, parallel with the shore.

Since I was already in, it made sense and I set after her, soon catching up and grabbing one of her feet. She playfully kicked a little as my hands grabbed further up until she had to stop and get to her feet, laughing and bouncing a little in the water, playing with her temporary buoyancy.

"I thought I was being attacked by a sea creature!"

"Just Moby Dick."

She found this hilarious and threw her arms around me, giving me a big kiss. I'd never seen her so happy, even her strange, sharks eyes could only hold smiles.

"Mum, people might see."

"So, what?"

"You're my mother."

"No, hon, I'm your girlfriend. From their perspective, I'm just a woman who's robbed the cradle and that's my business."

She was right, of course. I just had a hard time moving into the part like she did.

"Plus, nobody here knows us and we don't even look alike. I look like my mother and you look like Dad, so... there." she finished simply, happily, smooching my lips again before throwing herself back in to continue her progress to where the rocks reached out into the water.

She angled in when she neared them, past the seaweed covered parts that were subject to the tide and all the living things that came with it to the shore, standing when it was waist deep. Her bikini bottoms had worked their way between her cheeks and what a beautiful sight to watch her hurry up to where the waves couldn't reach her, out of breath and turning around as I stood up in the waves.

She smiled excitedly again, laughing a little and bouncing up and down as I walked out watching her tits, the bottoms of which were uncovered after our swim. They bounced and threaten to slip out entirely, her nipples just spectacular behind the shiny wet triangles. She was looking at me as well, actually licking her lips as she stared at my midsection.

"That was even better than the movie!" She shivered, standing by a shoulder height slab of rock.

"Aw Mum, that's embarrassing," I complained with a smile, looking around before pulling her bikini top down with some jerky, wiggling movements that she giggled at.

"My shins are numb!" she amazed.

"I know, that was..."


"Yeah, that's it," I laughed, shivering like she was in the blessed heat of the sun.

"Wheeeee-! Oh, look, I remember these...!" she suddenly exclaimed, looking down and walking up the wet sand a little way before squatting, knees apart to pick up a small snail making its eternal way to the water. Holding it up, she asked, "Know what these are?"

"Snails." I answered.

"Wrong. Periwinkles. They're shell fish and delicious. We could grab a whole bunch of these some nice day with a bucket and take it to Pitbull and Agnes's house and boil them up. The four of us would have a great feed."

"Looking between her legs and moving forward, I asked, "You eat th-?"

"Hey, watch out! You're driving them into the sand!"

"Oops, sorry."

"It's okay, but you have to be careful, hon."

"I will."

Okay, no way was this any sociopath.

"You'd like them," she went on, "you like shellfish."

"Did you and your family eat them?" I asked, carefully stepping closer to squat across from her and pick one of them up to inspect for myself.

"Yes. We all helped gather them, even Mum. She actually loved it out here most of all and it was the only time she wasn't bad to be around. Really fun times. You want to get some next time we're here? We'll be better prepared then."

"Yeah, sure. It's nice here."

"Sure is. And the water... I don't blame you for liking Saint John but, as I say, there's other nice places like this, nicer even. Some of them closer than you might think and they're not going anywhere."

"Okay," I said with a trusting smile.

(We don't transplant well. We always have to come back.)

"Let's go check out these rocks," she suggested, standing and moving off.

I rose and followed her a little way to a natural sort of staircase that allowed easy access to the elevated bedrock, watching her ass as we went.

"Remember to watch your step," she lightly reminded.

"Yup," I said, suddenly looking down and back to see if I'd done it again while distracted by her body. Again.

"We won't go far because we want to keep an eye on our stuff over there, but we can take a bit of a look-see, anyway. ... Okay, just give me your hand here..."

I didn't know if she needed my other hand on her ass to steady her ascent or not, but she giggled when I applied extra support there. Moments later, I skipped up behind her and we walked carefully around, taking short, easy leaps across deep cracks, stepping down here, back up there and really having a great time. The warm rocks, smoothed over by millions of years of salt water crashing against and over them, felt great against our bare feet and the sun re-heated us as we poked around hand in hand.

Back at our blanket and after making sure there was no sand on either of our feet, as per Mum's demand, (she giggled like a child when I was cleaning it off hers), she broke out the sun block.

"Let's lay on our fronts first. Stand up and I'll do the backs of your legs."

She did, not shy at all about doing my inner thighs. Afterward, she had me sit down so she could kneel behind me, doing my back, arms, etcetera.

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