tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Own Heaven Ch. 37

My Own Heaven Ch. 37


This story is based on people, places and events, mostly from my life. Most of the things in this story, or something very similar, have happened – or been done – to me. It's not necessary, but I strongly suggest that you read the previous chapters before you read this one.

I love feedback, comments, and criticism; it helps me to improve my writing, and encourages me to continue writing. Also, take a moment and vote, your vote tells me how I'm doing.



My Own Heaven

Chapter 37


The guys each took us by the hand and led us to opposite ends of the six foot wooden picnic table that had been the stage, so to speak, for our "preparation". This time, they had us facing the table lengthwise. When they bent us over and secured our hands to the table, our upper bodies flat against the table top with our bare asses sticking up in the air; while we faced each other.

I spread my legs, expecting to have my feet tied, but that didn't happen. Keith walked over to the clear bag, which was still hanging high up, close to the ceiling of the deck, and took the hose in his hand. The bag was completely full again and had to hold at least a gallon of water – probably more. The water looked like it was clear, but I would have to wait until the water started filling up my ass before I would know if it was warm or cold.

The hose was a little less than a half inch in diameter, about same as the hose that connected to the plugs they used to fill us up earlier. But, there was no plug at the end of the hose; it was more like a tip that rounded off the end of the hose. Probably because I knew where it was going, it seemed like the hose was fifty feet long. It was really about eight feet long, and it took almost five feet of the hose to reach from the bags near the ceiling to the level of our pert little asses sticking up in the air.

Keith walked behind me so I couldn't see him anymore. I looked up, over Tina's naked body, and I could see Phil, holding the hose to Tina's bag, walking behind her. Tina was looking at Keith when she noticed that I was looking up, too. Our faces were about a foot apart and our hands were tied to the sides of the table just far enough away from each other so we couldn't quite touch to give each other moral support.

I was worried about what was going to happen to us... to me. I looked at Tina and, while she looked apprehensive, I could tell she was looking forwarded this. Knowing Phil had done this to Tina before, and she seemed to like it; I calmed down a little. She smiled at me; it made me wonder if she wouldn't have rather waited until the rest of the guys arrived so they could see our abuse and humiliation.

Phil applied what appeared to be lubricant to the end of the hose at the same time Keith applied the cold lube to my exposed and puckered asshole. Again, the thought crossed my mind that they must keep the lube in the refrigerator. I wouldn't put it past Keith; just to add one more thing for me to deal with while he tormented me.

Tina gasped and her head shot up, eyes wide and mouth open. Phil was standing behind her with his hands out of sight behind her and I knew he had started pushing the tube up her ass. Her gasp was still echoing in my ears when I started gasping and wiggling my bare ass as I felt the tube slide up my ass.

It didn't hurt at all, which relieved a lot of my apprehension. However, I could feel the hose sliding against the ring of my asshole as it made its way up into my ass. I wiggled my ass; I couldn't help it. You know how sensitive I am back there!

At first, I could only feel the hose rubbing against my asshole, but after a few seconds, I could feel the tip moving inside me. He was pushing in an inch or two and then backing off a little and pushing in another inch or two slowly working the hose deeper into my belly. To me, it seemed like he had a couple of feet of hose in me already, but it was only about six inches or so.

Tina let out a long, low, "Ooooooooohhhhhhhh", and I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed and she was wiggling and shaking her ass. I could see Phil's arms moving as his hands worked at her ass and I assumed he was pushing more of the hose up her ass.

Keith stopped pushing the hose up my ass, and I was quickly wiggling my ass frantically and moaning submissively as the warm, almost hot, water started pumping up my naked ass. I could feel the water moving inside of me, then I could feel the hose pushing deeper into my belly while the water flowed into me.

Now it was my turn to "Oooohhh" and "Aaaaahhh" as my ass filled with water and the hose slid slowly deeper and deeper into my colon. I couldn't keep my feet still and my ass bounced and jiggled, as I danced, trying to stop the feelings in my belly – or make them intensify – I wasn't sure which.

Keith kept the water running into my ass. The water stretched my colon, so he could feed more hose into me, which expanded another section of my colon so he could feed in more hose. I could feel the hose moving inside my body. It was so erotic; like something was alive inside of me. And still, the hose moved deeper and deeper.

Tina was moaning and shaking her head so I looked up. Phil wasn't behind her. When I found him, I moaned for Tina. Phil was standing on a short ladder next to Tina's bag which was less than a quarter full and he was adding even more water to her bag. I couldn't believe he was going to make her take even more water.

"Would you like me to top off Heather's bag?" Phil said calmly, as if he was asking Keith if wanted another drink.

"Oh, no, please sir, no more water." I cried turning my face to look at Tina, "My bag is still almost half full and I can't take much more." Tina had a surprised look on her face and slowly shook her head.

There was a loud 'Pop' and my ass exploded in pain. I squealed, and shook and wiggled my naked ass trying to cool the fire that Keith's sharp slap suddenly started on my ass cheeks.

Keith slid a few more inches of hose up my ass, "Thanks, Phil. I wasn't going to go more than a bagful, but the extra water will keep the pressure up." I moaned as Phil 'topped off' the bag of water destined for my belly.

Now I realized why Tina shook her head when I protested having more water added to my bag. We were there for Phil and Keith's pleasure and amusement and I had no say in what happened to me. I shuddered to think what else my Keith had planned for his little submissive.

I raised my upper body up off the table as best I could and looked down underneath me, past my tits with their hard nipples. I couldn't believe how swollen my belly was. I was cramping a little but there was no urgent need to empty myself. I later learned that Keith slid the hose up my ass before he turned on the water, and kept sliding the hose in deeper while the water was running so my colon filled with water, but not my rectum, at least not yet.

I let myself back down onto the table top and Keith kept sliding the hose slowly deeper and deeper into my body. Feeling the hose rubbing against my asshole and moving inside me was really getting to me. I was wriggling my bare ass and now, to add to my humiliation, my pussy was getting that itch and I could feel that little hole between my legs getting very wet. My humiliation and 'abuse' was getting me excited. I shivered realizing what a little slut I truly was.

I was dancing from foot to foot now. It must have been quite a show for Keith; my bare ass split by a rubber hose, wiggling and bouncing atop my long naked legs and high heels. I wondered if Tina was right. Maybe we should have waited for the guys to get here so they could watch us get our final cleaning out. Just the thought of the guys standing with Keith, seeing what he was seeing, made me tingle.

The water stopped just in time. I thought my belly was going to explode. Keith came to the side of the table next to my head. I turned to look up at him, but stopped at the very large bulge in his pants. Teasing and torturing my naked body got him as excited as it did me.

"Now comes the real fun." he chuckled as he untied my hand. He went to the other side and untied my other hand but put his hand on my back to keep me from standing up. "I'm going to help you stand up," he said, "But you are not to move until I tell you to."

I understood the words, Keith's orders, but I didn't understand why. He helped me to stand in my four inch heels and gently put his arms around me, holding me against him. I could feel his hard cock against my swollen belly and it felt soooo good. I wriggled against him just to tease him a little.

That's when I understood why he told me not to move. Lying bent over the picnic table, the water pooled in my belly, my colon actually, and standing made me a little light headed for a second or two. Now that I was standing, gravity did its thing and I could feel the water bubbling and gurgling as it worked slowly from my colon and into my rectum. I needed to get to the guest shower room. It wasn't bad...yet, but it was getting more urgent by the second.

"Please sir, may I go to the guest showers?" I asked shifting my weight from one foot to the other. He looked down at me and I knew he could see my distress in my face. "In a minute, Heather." he said still holding me in his arms, but looking over at Tina.

I was going to have a serious problem in a minute, I thought to myself. I looked over toward Tina where Keith was looking. Phil was helping her to stand and her belly had a slight bulge and she moaned as he helped her stand up straight. I looked her bag and it was less than half full. She had taken at least a bag and a half of water; no wonder she was moaning. If it weren't for her firm stomach muscles, I'm sure she would have looked six or seven months pregnant.

Lying bent over the table, I could feel the water, but now, standing up, I could feel and hear it churning and rumbling as it moved around in my belly. I thought about my bag and, almost with dread, I looked up to see how much Keith made me take. Like Tina's, my bag was just about half full, but Phil refilled my bag when it was about half full so I had taken almost a full bag compared to Tina's bag and a half. I looked down at my belly and it was more swollen than Tina's. I was going to have to work harder on my sit ups and crunches.

Tina was begging Phil now for permission to go to the guest shower room. "What do you think, Keith? Should we let them go?" Phil asked casually as Tina and I danced and squirmed naked in our high heels.

"Please sir?" I moaned softly looking up at Keith.

"Yeah... sure," Keith said with a smile, "You girls did good."

We both ran for the shower room, naked in our high heels. We must have been quite a sight. I wondered if we would have made it to the shower room if Keith and Phil's friends were here.

When we finally got rid of all the water the guys had filled us with, I stood up and looked down at my belly and I could not believe it. After three enemas, there was actually an indention where my flat belly used to be. My belly was so empty; it curved in instead of being flat.

"Did Phil really do this to you in front of a bunch of guys?" I asked Tina.

"A few times," she said casually, "But he doesn't use as much water when guys are around. They usually don't let me go and empty myself right away, so Phil uses enough water to make me beg to be allowed to go, but not so much that I can't hold it."

"But, isn't that terribly humiliating?" I asked.

"You can't imagine." she said with a smile on her face. "The guys tease and taunt me as my belly fills, seeing how excited they can get me. Then, when Phil stops the water and removes the hose, they torment me even more. The feel me up while they stop me from going to the bathroom. There are so many hands I can't stop them from touching me everywhere. It drives me crazy.

"They finally let me go, and after I get cleaned up and come back to the guys, they actually do the things to me that I offered to let them do when I was begging to be let go. And I make some really outrageous offers when the need to go gets really bad."

"Then why do you let Phil do that to you?"

"Because, I love being displayed and tormented in front of a bunch of men and then being made to let them do what they want to me and Phil knows it. The more the merrier and the harder it is for me to endure without using my safe word, the better I like it. I can't explain it; it's just something about me. I see all those men looking at me, wanting me, and then finally getting the chance to do whatever they want to me."

"Phil let's those guys do anything they want to you?" I asked a little more curious than shocked now.

"Phil is always there," she said, "Just like Keith is with you. It's always the guys in the group and, while they can get real inventive, they know how far they can go. Sometimes they hold back a little too much as far as I'm concerned, but Phil is there to make sure I'm safe. It's just seeing all those guys, and knowing I'm going to have to satisfy all those cocks that feeds the exhibitionist and masochist in me."

My mind was really churning now. I knew what she was talking about. Maybe not to the extreme Tina had experienced, but I could imagine how excited I would be with a bunch of guys.

"We better get back out there before the guys decide we need another cleaning out." Tina said. I groaned at the thought of having my ass probed again and my belly full of water.

We went back to the deck and Keith took me into his arms and kissed my cheek. "You girls go upstairs and get ready before the guys to get here. Your outfits are on your beds. Make sure you are perfectly shaved. Inspection is in one hour." Keith said with a smile.

Tina and I scampered up the steps; tits and asses bouncing as we ran in our high heels. Tina went to the guest room and I went to my bedroom. Sure enough, my outfit, such as it was, was on the bed; a blue bikini, and five inch blue high heels. The bikini was skimpy, but not as bad as most of the bikinis Keith made me wear. I examined the bathing suit and, just as I thought, the lining had been removed. This bikini was not for swimming... I hoped.

The top was held on by a string that tied behind my neck and another behind my back. The bottom left half of my ass exposed and was held on by two strings that tied at my hips. I knew immediately that if the guys decided they wanted this bikini off; it wouldn't take much to strip me naked.

Tina came into the room as I examined my 'outfit'. "Yours too, huh?" she said with a giggle. "By the time this day is over, we are going to be well and truly fucked."

Tina was carrying her 'outfit'; identical to mine, but in bright yellow. "I figured if we got ready together, we could help each other with the hard to reach spots." she said.

And that's just what we did. After making sure we had gotten all the water out of our bellies, we got into the shower. We washed each other, making sure not to miss a spot. We shaved each other, even though we were both perfectly smooth already. We didn't want to take a chance on failing our 'inspection'. Then, we washed the places again that we knew were going to see the most activity.

We finished dressing, such as it was, and headed back out to the deck. Even though we weren't exactly sure about what was going to happen to us, Tina was excited, looking forward to whatever 'it' was. I, on the other hand, was nervous.

I knew Keith would never let me be injured, but I knew he was going to let some of the guys fuck me; a new first for me. I also had no idea what else he had planned for their amusement and our humiliation. Whatever it was, it would be starting soon.

We walked onto the deck and the guys had been busy. The picnic tables had been laid end to end lengthwise making one big long table. There were three ice chests, a small one with beer and coolers and two others with soda, ice tea, lemonade and the like. It seemed like anytime the guys got together with any of the girls, the use of alcohol was severely limited.

The guys looked us over, even making us turn around slowly so they could see us from every angle. They even pulled down our bikini bottoms and rubbed their fingertips over our shaved pussies to be sure we were smooth. Then, they switched so Keith could inspect Tina and Phil could inspect me. I suspect they did that just to embarrass us more than to actually inspect us and it worked.

They pronounced us ready and asked us to get the table covers, plates, knives, forks and stuff to set the table. "How many are coming?" I asked, more to find out how many guys Tina and I were going to have to deal with than concern for setting the table.

"Well," Phil said rubbing his chin, "There will be us four and six guests... that makes ten."

We hurried off to the kitchen, in our little bikinis and five inch heels. The guys never took their eyes off of our legs and asses until we were out of sight in the kitchen. "My god, Tina," I gasped grabbing her hand and turning her toward me, "That's eight guys and two of us. That means four guys are going to fuck each of us."

"Your math is right," Tina said with a smile, "But you're assuming they will be divided evenly and that there won't be any seconds or crossovers."

"Crossovers?" I asked not understanding.

"Yeah, you know, when a guy is done with you, he takes a turn with me... or vice versa." she said with an eager look in her eye.

I hadn't even thought of that possibility. Would Keith allow that? This could be a very long afternoon for both of us. We gathered all of the things for the picnic table and went back out on the deck to help the guys prepare for our "guests".

While we finished setting everything up, the guys fired up the grill. Then they brought out another ice chest with all the stuff to be grilled. They made us drinks that they served in tall glasses. Then they started grilling since the guys should start arriving any minute.

"After all the guys get here and we're about ready to eat," Keith asked, "could you girls bring out the stuff in the refrigerator? The coleslaw, potato salad and stuff like that; I don't want it to sit out in the heat too long before we eat."

We both nodded our heads. I don't know about Tina, but I was wondering what a hamburger would cost in a restaurant with waitresses dressed like us and then giving the extra 'service' that we were going to be made to provide.

We sat at the table with our drinks and in less than five minutes, the first guest arrived. It was Joe, our company lawyer. I was both shocked and relieved. Shocked that Joe was going to see and participate in whatever Keith had planned for me, but relieved because I would know at least one of our six guests and I really, really liked Joe.

He greeted both Tina and I with a kiss on the cheek, but when he kissed me, he let his fingertips slide ever so lightly down my sides; from the string holding the top of my bikini on, down over the curve of my waist to my hips where the bow held my little bikini bottom on. I tingled all over. He must have seen me shiver at his touch; he smiled at me and kissed my forehead and walked over to the guys at the grill.

We started back to the table when two more guys walked in. Keith must have left the front door unlocked so we didn't have to go to the door each time one of the guys arrived. I recalled the last time Keith made arrangements for me to answer the door as each guest arrived. It was the night he made me "dance on the pole", my pussy tingled just thinking about it.

I recognized one of the guys; Frank from the poker game. He was the guy that spanked me in front of everyone. Tina knew them both, and she introduced Michael, who I didn't know. He was in his late twenties, dark hair, brown eyes; about six feet tall and medium build. He had a short sleeved shirt on and I could see his arms were well defined and I found myself wondering if the rest of him was as well defined as his arms.

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