My Own Heaven Ch. 37


My immediate thought was that I was really becoming such a slut, but considering how Keith made me dress – or undress, what he had planned for me, and why Michael was here, I was past the point of 'becoming' Keith's slut. Besides, the way Michael and Frank were looking at Tina and I was making the butterflies flutter in my belly and that sensitive spot between my legs quiver.

While Tina was introducing me to Michael, Jake walked onto the deck. I remembered Jake from the poker game and he was at the lounge during our trip to the cabin. He came up to us and shook hands with both Frank and Michael who he obviously knew and then turned to Tina and me.

He kissed us both on the cheek, stepped back holding one of our hands in each of his and looked over our bikini clad bodies. "It seems like every time I see you two," he said with a chuckle, "you are wearing very little, and you tend lose what little you are wearing before the day is over."

Tina and I both blushed remembering the situations Jake has seen us in. "Not that I'm complaining, mind you," he chuckled as his eyes traveled up and down our nearly naked bodies.

Jake, Michael and Frank walked over to the grill where Keith, Phil and Joe were fussing over the meat on the grill the way men do. Tina and I picked up our drinks and walked over to the table and sat down. We hadn't been standing for long, but we didn't know how long we would be standing in our five inch heels later, so we took advantage of the chance to sit down.

We only sat for a few minutes when two guys walked in who, even though they weren't dressed alike, were obviously twins. Tina was on her feet before I could turn to ask her if she knew who they were and was almost running up to them.

When I caught up to her, she introduced me. "Heather, this is Eric and Seth." she said as she indicated which was which, "And, they are identical twins." she concluded with a big smile and the emphasis on identical.

They both said hi and Eric, I think, said, "So you are the one that captured Keith, heart and soul."

I blushed a little more, looked down and mumbled, "I guess I am."

"I can see why." he said, "And he says you're really smart, too."

I blushed even more as the guys at the grill called over to Eric and Seth. "I guess they can't cook without us." Eric said with a smile.

"Or they're really jealous" said Seth, looking my almost naked body up and down. "We'll see you ladies in a little bit." He said with a wave as he walked toward the grill and the guys.

Phil came over to us and said that we would be sitting down to eat in a few minutes and could we go and get the stuff from the refrigerator. Tina and I walked toward the door to the kitchen and every male eye was on us as we walked away. How could they help it, with us in our skimpy bikinis, most of our asses bare for their viewing pleasure, and five inch heels?

When Tina and I came back from the kitchen with the coleslaw and potato salad, the guys were putting the stuff from the grill on the table. Joe ran up to me to take the large bowl of potato salad from me and Michael ran up to Tina to take the coleslaw from her. They walked us to the table and put the bowls down on the table.

Keith sat at the head of the table and he had me sit to his right. Joe sat next to me and Jake sat across from me. Phil sat at the other end of the long table with Tina to his right. The guys filled the rest of the seats and we began to eat.

The food was delicious, but I didn't eat much. Not that my stomach wasn't empty, that was for sure. I was apprehensive about what was going to happen to me later. I couldn't help but look around the table and wonder which of the men sitting at the table were going to fuck me – and whatever else they wanted to do to me – before the afternoon was over.

The conversation was light and lively. Current events, sports, what was happening in everyone's lives, and a lot of poking fun at each other. The guys made sure Tina and my drinks were always full and, I didn't realize it at the time, but by the third drink, Tina and I were the only ones that had not switched to non-alcoholic beverages.

After about an hour and a half, lunch was over and it was time to clean up. Much to my surprise, all the guys helped clear the table while Keith and Phil took care of the grill. The guys rinsed the plates and silverware and left Tina and I to load the dishwasher and make sure the few leftovers were stored in the refrigerator while they went out to help clean up the deck. When we finished in the kitchen, which took no time at all since the guys did most of the work, Tina and I headed back out to the deck.

I caught our reflection in the glass doors leading to the deck and I gasped when I saw myself. I was so comfortable with the guys, I had forgotten about the very skimpy bikini and five inch heels I was wearing. I was practically naked and I remembered why everyone was here.

Keith called out, "What are you girls doing in there?" as we approached the doorway to the deck. As we walked out onto the deck, I could see the guys had been busy. They had separated the two picnic tables and placed them parallel to each other with about eight feet between them. They were standing between the tables in a group talking and laughing.

As we approached them, they separated to allow us to stand in the center of their group. They quieted down and Keith said, "Today is special for two reasons. It's the first time Heather has been the guest of honor at one of our get-togethers." He paused, looked at me and then looked at Tina, "And I am going to fulfill a fantasy for Tina that I had no idea she even had."

With that, he took Tina by the upper arm and leaned close to her ear and whispered just loud enough for the rest of us to hear, "By the time this afternoon is over, my little slut, I am going to come in every one of your holes."

Tina's eyes got wide and she looked at me. She knew I told Keith what she had said to me about wanting him to use her any way he wanted, but I don't think she expected to get her wish with so many people watching. But Keith had that taken care of. As he led her to the far picnic table he turned to me and said, "Heather, be sure and keep the rest of the gang entertained while I'm fucking Tina."

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