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My Own Turkish Delight


Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to read this story. It contains graphic sex and should not be read by those who find such aspects objectionable.

This story belongs to me and should not be used commercially without my permission.

I write for my own enjoyment and am sharing this with other members of the MC community after spending many years being entertained by numerous authors, too many to mention here.

This story was inspired by pictures of a girl I know on holiday in Turkey.

Any feedback is much appreciated.


My name's Joanne and my boyfriend told me to write to you to tell you about the amazing circumstances that led to us getting together a couple of months ago.

First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself. As I said my name is Joanne and I'm 18 years old. I'm 5ft8" tall, with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a sexy face. I also have a body that turns heads. My vital statistics are 36C-24-36. I am lucky enough to possess big firm tits and a very sexy arse which have always attracted considerable attention. I definitely don't have the stick insect figure of most models but have a curvier figure similar to that of Kelly Brook or Scarlett Johannsen.

I am from the leafy suburbs of Surrey in England and have just finished my A Levels with excellent grades and I was about to start University about now.

However all that changed on my holiday to Turkey. It was meant to be a 10 day holiday as part of a post exam celebration with my friends Michelle and Imogen but it ended up changing my life forever.

It started off as a typical girly holiday. The weather was hot, we had plenty of alcohol and ended up getting off with lots of hot British guys. They were our own age of course and we never let anything go too far. It was just a bit of fun. Naturally with my looks I got lots of offers and practically had my choice of the hottest guys about.

The worst part of that is that I received loads of unwanted attention as well, especially from Turkish guys. I was warned before I went on holiday that they were obsessed with western girls with blonde hair and blue eyes, but nothing could prepare me for what they were actually like. They were so chauvinistic, thinking that us women were sex objects who could be leered at as much as they liked and make lewd comments to us.

It did not spoil the holiday but it did mean we had to be careful about where we went and who we talked to. After the first week, we knew our way around and we became more confident.

In the final few days we decided to venture out to a Turkish market. We needed presents for people back home and we thought we could get a taste of Turkish culture. The place would be crowded so we worked on the basis that there was safety in numbers.

It was a very hot day and I put on my tight dark blue vest top, with a white trim. It showed a hint of cleavage although not too much. I also had on matching dark blue shorts that did show off my sexy thighs.

As we went through the market I was receiving many pervy looks and I even heard a few comments, but I chose to ignore them. It seemed to work and I was beginning to feel comfortable about being in the market.

But then I made a decision that was to change my life forever...

As we walked through the market I spotted a stall selling herbal teas and Turkish Delight. I looked at my friends, "Oh look guys, that would be perfect for gifts for everyone at home," I said. They nodded and followed me as I wandered off to the stall.

I began to look around the stall, looking at the wide array of teas laid out.

Imogen looked at me, "Errrrrr, Joanne shall we move on. This stall isn't ideal," she said.

I was surprised and looked back at her, "Oh but there is such a wide selection here," I replied. And then I looked up and realised why she said it.

There in front of me was the market stall seller. He was leering at me with a disgusting pervy smile on his face. As I looked at him I could not believe how ugly he looked. I thought he must have been over 50 years old. He was smaller than me, probably about 5ft5" with hair that was more grey then brown and he was unshaven. His eyebrows were thick and seemed to hide his pervy eyes and he had what can only be described as a big nose. His pervy smile showed his awful teeth and his body was puny.

"What can I do for the pretty blonde girl?" he said in broken English as he carried on leering at me, up and down. It felt so disturbing as I could tell he was undressing me with his eyes.

"Errrrr, nothing thanks. I was just looking," I said, trying to find an opportunity to move on.

He nodded as his eyes carried on roaming my body, settling on my breasts, "Oh so was I," he said, licking his lips, "you're fucking sexy," he added, "fancy having some fun with me, I'll show you a good time."

It should not have surprised me, but as I looked at him ogling me, I could not help but feel angry, "Look, shut up. You are absolutely the last person I would ever 'have fun with'. I would never dream of it. Now leave me alone," I said emphatically.

He just carried on leering at me, smiling his pervy smile, "Oh sexy girl, you are feisty aren't you. I will be dreaming of fucking your hot body tonight."

I shook my head, "You're...you're fucking deluded. How dare you talk to me like that. You're worse than the other Turkish guys and you're also the ugliest," I told him in no uncertain terms.

"Oh you sexy western blonde girls are all the same. Teasing us guys with your hot body and then getting annoyed when we leer at you. Your body was made for fucking you big titted tease and that's exactly what I'll be wanking over tonight," he said.

Imogen and Michelle heard every word, the shock on their faces was clear, "Come on Joanne, let's get out of here," said Michelle. I nodded, "Yeah, with pleasure. I can't listen to this anymore."

I started to walk away, "Oh Joanne, that is a very sexy name and a very sexy arse as well. I am sorry Joanne, seeing such a hot girl has made me not think straight," he said, "let me make it up to you, you can have as many free herbal teas as you want."

I should have walked on, but I stopped. I had spent an awful lot of money on holiday. The idea of getting free herbal teas for presents was just too tempting, even if it meant putting up with a few more crude comments.

I turned around, "Really?" I said, "I can have as many herbal teas as I want."

The guy nodded, "Yes Joanne, on one condition," he added.

"No way, get your filthy mind out of the fucking gutter," I reacted anticipating exactly what the one condition would be.

"Oh no Joanne, I will give you free herbal tea if I can take a picture of you on my mobile, so I can capture your beautiful body forever," he said with an ugly grin on his face.

I looked at my friends, and then at the guy, "Errrr, well, maybe. Ok, I'll do it, but I get all the herbal tea I want," I demanded.

"Are you sure Joanne? You know what he's like," said Imogen.

"I do, but it's only a couple of photos and what harm can it do. I'll end up getting all the herbal tea I want for free. It's...it's a good deal," I answered, "I'll do it."

I went back up to the stall and started to pick out all the herbal teas I wanted. I could see him gawping at my body as I picked out the teas. I could see his surprise at the amount of teas I selected but I figured I might as well use the situation to my advantage.

When I had finished I looked at the guy. He already had his mobile phone ready, "Ok, Joanne, you've had your fun, now for mine. Look at me and give me that sexy smile," he told me.

I put the tea down and looked at him. He was clearly revelling in the moment as he held his phone up and proceeded to take what seemed like lots of photos. All the time he kept muttering, "Oh that's good Joanne, that's very good Joanne. You are a very sexy girl."

I decided to ignore him and as he took his phone down was relieved. But he smiled again, "Oh Joanne, I ask for one more picture, with me and you."

I looked again at my friends who were shaking their heads, "Come on Joanne, you've done what you agreed," said Michelle.

I looked at the guy perving over me again and nodded, "They are right," I said.

The guy shrugged, "Oh Joanne, you take loads of tea from me and then refuse another picture. You are just another stuck up western girl."

"Well, after that remark, you can forget getting any more photos," I said.

"Oh come on Joanne, be reasonable. What about if I offer you 5 boxes of Turkish Delight," he said.

Once again I stopped in my tracks, "You'll give me five free boxes of Turkish Delight for a picture of me with you. Fuck me, you are sad and desperate."

"What can I say Joanne, all I want is a picture of me with a hot girl like you, so I can dream," he said in a very pervy manner.

"Come on Joanne, he's just a dirty pervert. Leave him alone and let's get back to the pool," said Imogen.

"Oh Joanne, I'd love to see you in the pool in your bikini. I bet it's very tiny," he said.

"You are such a dirty pervert, fuck off, I'm leaving," I said.

He just smiled again, "Oh Joanne, do not take offense. I was just remarking how beautiful you are. I will give you ten free boxes of Turkish Delight for a picture with me."

I stopped in my tracks again. Imogen and Michelle looked at me, "Oh leave it Joanne, he is gross," said Michelle.

"I know, but I might as well milk him for it," I replied, "we'll have enough for all our presents, just for a few harmless pictures," all in the earshot of the filthy pervert.

I turned around again, "Ok, if you're sad enough to offer me that, I'll do it," I agreed.

The pervy guy looked delighted, once again his big toothy smile flashed over his face, "Oh great Joanne. Thank you for agreeing to pictures with me," he said. He then summoned a guy from the stall next door and speaking in Turkish handed him his phone.

The guy then came up and stood next to me, perving over me more than ever. Without any warning he put his hand around me, "Smile Joanne, pretend we are a happy couple."

I sighed, "Fuck off. We are not a happy couple. These are just a few pictures."

"For you Joanne it is, but for me, I will be wanking over these pictures imagining you are my sexy girlfriend and that I get to fuck your sexy body," he replied, stroking my arm even harder with his grubby hands.

"That is disgusting, I...I don't want to know that," I replied.

"Oh Joanne, you have such sexy soft skin, I'm imagining you naked right now, showing off your big hot tits and sexy arse, begging me to fuck you. I'm going to love fantasising over you being my dirty fuckslave doing anything for my cock," he said to my horror as his hands started to wander over the rest of my body, brushing my breasts and bum.

I could not believe what I heard, I pushed the guy away, "Right that's it, fuck off. Do not dare talk about me like that. Do not dare touch me like that. You are a filthy, disgusting crude old man," I shouted, creating a bit of attention around me.

The guy shrugged as he looked at the guy taking the photos, who was laughing as well. He handed the guy the phone, "Here we are Mehmet, she is a very sexy girl. I know you will enjoy those pictures later."

"Oh I will, Joanne is made for wanking over. She is such a fucking cocktease," he replied as he took the phone and looked at the photos, "Mmmmmmmmm, Joanne, I will get you your reward, ten boxes of Turkish Delight for endless wank material. A good deal for me."

I was fuming, "You sick man. You filthy, sick, disgusting, ugly, old man. Just give me my Turkish Delight and let me get out of here."

Mehmet, as the guy had called him, just smiled again, his eyes roaming over my body even more, "Yes Joanne, just come into my store and I will give you your Turkish Delight," he said beckoning me into the back of the market stall, hidden from the view of the public.

I looked at Imogen and Michelle who came up to me, "Come on Joanne, we'll come with you. Let's just get the gifts and leave," said Michelle.

We followed Mehmet inside. As soon as I walked in I could not believe it. Amongst hundreds of boxes of Turkish Delight and herbal teas there were endless western porno magazines and pictures on the wall of western women, all of them blonde with blue eyes from what I could see. In the centre of the store there was a gross looking statue of a Turkish looking guy with a cock out of proportion to the rest of his body.

"What the fuck...," is all I could say as I looked around, unable to take in what I saw.

"It's like...it's like a pervert's den," said Imogen.

"You're not wrong Imogen" I agreed, "I knew you were a pervert, but fuck me this is too much," I told Mehmet.

He looked around his store proudly, "I thought you would like it Joanne," he said, "I am going to put the pictures of you here, so I can leer at you whenever I want."

"Just give me my Turkish Delight and let me leave. I don't want to talk to you anymore," I snapped.

Mehmet took hold of the statue, "What do you think of my statue Joanne. It is supposed to have special powers," he told me, "look at how big his cock is. I bet you'd like to play with a cock like that," he goaded me as he came up to me and ran one hand up my arm as he held the statue in the other.

By now I had had enough. I pushed Mehmet away from me, "Fuck off, fuck off and leave me alone. I've had enough of your disgusting comments."

As I pushed him Mehmet slightly lost his balance, "Oh fuck, fuck nooooooooo," he muttered as the statue toppled out of his hand. With a loud crash it fell to the floor as we all watched. I laughed as it laid in bits.

"How could you...how could you Joanne," said Mehmet. "That was...that was my lucky charm."

"Well it didn't bring you much l..." I started to say but then smoke started coming from the statue. First a few puffs, then increasing amounts. Suddenly there was a loud bang and stood in front of us was what could only be described as an odd looking man, resembling the statue, only without the massive cock.

There were gasps from Mehmet, Imogen, Michelle and myself as the odd looking man looked around.

"Oh Mehmet, you finally released me from my captivity. My humble master, I am soooooooooooooo grateful," said the man.

"Oh fuck me, what is happening? Who the hell are you," I interrupted.

Mehmet looked at the man, "Yes, who the hell are you? And how...how do you know my name?" He asked.

"Mehmet, my master, I am what is commonly known as a genie and you have released me. I am eternally grateful. I am in your service forever," said the genie.

"Oh fuck, this is too ridiculous, what sort of fucking stupid show is this," I said.

The genie smiled, "Oh this is no show Joanne, this is very real."

"I don't like this Joanne," said Imogen.

Mehmet smiled, "Wait a minute, you are a genie? And you are in my service forever. What exactly are you saying?"

"Yes Mehmet, I am a genie, and you are my master. I have the power to make all your wishes come true. Anything you desire can be yours," the genie told Mehmet.

Mehmet showed of the ugliest toothy smile ever as he looked from the genie over at me, his eyes once again undressing me, "Fuck off Mehmet, you don't believe him do you. There is no such thing as genies."

Mehmet smiled again, "You better hope there isn't Joanne, otherwise you know exactly what will happen," taunted Mehmet as he looked at the genie, "So what is the deal? Do I get three wishes? Can I wish for anything I want? How do I make my wishes come true?"

"Well Mehmet, the three wishes thing is something they have used for dramatic effect. You have unlimited wishes my master and yes you can wish for anything you want. All you have to do is summon me and then say, 'I wish' followed by your wish and I will grant it. It's that easy," explained the genie.

Mehmet looked back at me, seeming to ponder what the genie said. "Unlimited wishes Joanne. Now where to start?" he said.

"Fuck off, you don't have any wishes, stop this fucking stupid act now," I replied.

"Come on Joanne, let's get back to the hotel," said Imogen, "let's leave here now."

"Oh thank you, you've given me my idea for my first wish. You were about to go back to the hotel and put your bikini on. Well why don't I save you time. Genie, I wish Joanne was wearing just her tiniest, sexiest bikini right now," said Mehmet.

I laughed as I heard Mehmet say the wish, "Oh fuck off. You can't change my fucking outfit. Keep your perverted ideas to your fucking self," I responded.

The genie nodded his head, "Oh master, your first wish is granted," he said out loud as he looked at me. He clicked his fingers. As he did a strange sensation went through me. I looked down and to my horror saw I was in my tiny black bikini. My breasts strained against the thin top and my bottoms clung tightly to my pussy and arse.

It was the most horrifying moment of my life, "ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, IT WORKED, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN, HOW AM I IN THIS," I exclaimed as I looked at Mehmet.

Mehmet gawped at me, his pervy eyes taking in the sight of me in my bikini, "Oh fuck, it did work, fuck me, it did fucking work. Oh Joanne, you look sooooooooooooooo fucking hot in that bikini. Oh genie, you really are real," said a clearly bemused but delighted Mehmet.

I looked at Imogen and Michelle who had just screamed as my outfit had been changed in front of their eyes.

"I told you I was real Mehmet. You have total power now. You really can make all your wishes come true master," said the genie.

"I don't like this Joanne, let's get out of here. Let's get out of here now," said a panicked Michelle.

Mehmet looked at Michelle and Imogen. Then he turned to me, "Oh I don't think so, you don't think I am going to let you go with you looking so hot in that bikini and me having total power. I wish you girls forgot all about leaving here and that you can only leave when I give you permission," said Mehmet.

The genie smiled, "Your wish is granted Mehmet," he said clicking his fingers again. Suddenly all thoughts of us leaving the shop disappeared from our minds. I just stood there terrified at the power Mehmet had.

"That's better. We have all the time in the world now. That really is a hot body Joanne. You really do have great tits and arse, and it looks soooooooooooooo good in that bikini," gloated Mehmet, I wish you'd tell me your vital statistics," he added.

"Shut up, stop fucking gawping at me like that. You are disgusting," I replied.

"Yeah, but Mehmet is in control now, his wish is granted," said the genie, clicking his fingers.

I looked at Mehmet, trying to hold back from telling him, "I'm a 36C-24-36," I said involuntarily, "Oh fuck, I hate you. How could you make me do that?"

"Very easily Joanne, haven't you realised Joanne I can make you do anything I want," boasted Mehmet.

"Noooooooooooo, you can't. Pleasssssssssssssse leave me alone. I hate you sooooooooooooo much," I responded.

Mehmet laughed, "Oh believe me Joanne, with the power I have the last thing I am going to do is leave you alone. I've got plans for you."

I watched as Mehmet stared at me, "What...what are you going to do?" I asked nervously.

"Well Joanne, let me see. I'm going to do exactly what I've been fantasising over since you walked over to my stall. You see I'm going to turn you into my sexy little girlfriend. You'll find yourself lusting after this body more than you've lusted after anyone before and then some. You'll want to do anything to pleasure me Joanne, in fact you'll be my filthy fuckslave Joanne making all my dirty fantasies come true," Mehmet gloated as I listened in horror.


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