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My Panties


I have been dating Mary for about 5 weeks. Mary stands 5'5" with a set of legs that go all the way up , and you know the rest of that line. In a bra and panties she makes me so hard I would fuck a duck if she told me to. I would say about a 34 b. Just the right size. Mary had spent a few nights at my place and I have spent a few at her place.

Monday is wash night for me. Mary has never been over on that night. So that is the night I wash my panties. Yes, panties. I have about 5 pairs of them. No one knows that I have a thing for them. I like to wear them from time to time. They are all lace. Black, white, red and blue. All in lace. The type that you can see right through. I just got done doing, my lingerie when I heard a knock on the door. I open it and saw Mary standing in it.

"I need to use your bathroom. I have to pee and I'll never make it home." In she walked. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and went right to the bathroom. The door closed and in a few minutes out she came. "Thanks love. I would have pee my pants if I had not stopped. So what have you been doing."

"Nothing. I just got done with the wash." Just then I remembered that I had hung my panties in the bathroom by the tube. I just looked at Mary. "Care for a beer." I was hoping that she had not seen them.

"Sure. I would love a beer." I went in and came out with two beers. We sat on the couch. Talked about work and things. She drank her beer and then looked right at me.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, anything you like." By now I have forgot all about her and the bathroom, with my panties hanging by the tube.

"Are you dating anyone else?"

"No. Why would I do that?"

"Jack, I know that I'm not the prettiest girl that you know. And I do not have a great shape. I just would like to know if you are seeing anyone else. Are you?"

"No. I'm not seeing anyone else."

"Then can I ask, Who's panties are in your bathroom?"

What could I say? If I said they are my panties, she would think I'm nuts. And get up and leave. If I said they were someone else's, she would get up and leave. I just looked at her. I took a deep breath.

"Mary. No matter what I tell you, you might leave me. And I do not want that. So can we just drop this for now?" Now I knew that she would not let me drop it.

"Jack, are you seeing someone else?"

"No I'm not."

"Then whose panties are in your bathroom?"

I guess with that she knew what I was going to say. Her eyes never left my eyes.

"Are you telling me that they are yours?"

I swallowed hard and looked at her. A tear came to my eyes. All I could do was say.


Mary was looking right at me. She stood up and started for the door. She got half way to the front door and turned towards the bathroom. Walked in and came out with my panties in her hand.

"Are you telling me that these are yours? Do you wear them?"

I could tell that she did not believe me. I stood and took them from her. I looked down at them and then back up at her.

"Yes, they are my mine. And yes I do wear them. But I can explain. I only...." That is all I got out. Mary took them back in her hand. Held them and then said.

"Show me. Put them on. If they are yours they should fit you. Let me see you in them." She handed me the blue lace ones. And then sat down. What could I do?

"Mary, I have never let anyone see me wear them. Can we talk this over?"

"No, put them on and show me that they are yours. If not I'll leave right now and never come back. Put them on right now. And right here. You told me once that you love to watch me take off and put my panties on. Since you love it so much do it for me. NOW!"

I held them in my hand. No one had ever seen me wearing them. I looked down at my hand. I felt funny and I knew that Mary would leave if I did not do as she said. "Please Mary. I feel strange doing this in front of you. Could we do it some...." Mary stood up.

"You put them on right now, right here in front of me or I'll leave. Is that what you want?"

"No." I felt my hands undoing my belt. Then I pulled my zipper down. Then as I was looking into her eyes I pulled my pants down. Next came my boxers. I have taken off my things in front of her many times but this was different. As my shorts fell I heard her say.

"The shirt to. And this must be the reason that you shave. Right?"

"Yes." That was all I could say. I was now standing in front of her. My cock was not hard and I knew she was looking at it. I put one leg in and then the other. I started to pull them up. My heart was beating so hard and fast I thought she could hear it. I now had my balls in and I was pulling them all the way up. I knew, from looking in the mirror that Mary could see right through them. My cock was about half hard.

"They do fit. I thought that they wouldn't. Turn so I can see the side."

I turned slowly to the side. I could feel her eyes looking at me. Burning right through my panties. Now I had my back to her. I knew that she was looking at it and I kept turning. Now I was facing her once more.

"You do look great in them. Now come stand close to me. I would like to feel your cock in them."

I moved so she could feel me. I knew that she was starting to enjoy this. I knew I was. Her hand came up between my legs and cupped my balls. I could see in her eyes that she was getting hot. She bent towards me and took the tip in her mouth. This was the first time that anyone had sucked my cock when I had panties on. This was the first time anyone saw me in panties. SO tonight was a night of firsts.

Mary kept this up for a few minutes. Then as she pulled them down some. Her tongue licked up and down on my cock. She was getting into this more then I thought she would. Soon she had my cock going in and out of her mouth. In all the times she was sucked me this was the best. She was sucking me like she loved to suck cock. She was making love to my cock, not just sucking it. As her mouth went up and down she undressed. Soon all Mary had on was her panties. Her mouth came off.

When you cum I want you to cum in "my" panties. I'm going to pull them away from my pussy and I want you to cum in them as I have them on." As she told me this she was jacking me off. The idea of coming in her panties was almost enough to make me shoot. Her wet mouth took my cock once more. Faster and faster she bobbed. More and more of my cock went into her mouth.

"I'm going to cum. Yes... Now. Fuck this is great." That was all I could get out. My cock came out of her mouth and I knelt down so I could put it in her panties. Her hand pull her panties away from her pussy and I jacked off looking at it. She had shaved it weeks ago. I always love that shaved look. I was close to coming. My hand moved faster and I felt myself coming.

"Now. I'm going to cum now. Let me cum in your panties and then lick you clean. Let me fill your panties with my cum and then suck them, sucking my cum out of them." I have never talked like that to Mary. As I shoot my load into her panties I could hear her say.

"Yes shoot your cum on my pussy and fill my panties. I'm going to make you suck them when you are done. Your cum is so hot on my pussy. Do it. Do it now...."

I came and came. I could see my cum on her cunt and dripping onto her panties. I milked my cock and the last few drops went in her panties. Mary rubbed my cum into her pussy and finger fucked herself. I had pulled my panties up and just looked as she got herself off. Soon she was coming in her panties.

Mary had me lie on the floor and then she sat right on my face. I felt the heat from her cunt and I felt her lace panties rubbing my face. She held my head to her pussy and told me to suck it and lick her panties. "That's a good panty wearer. Suck my pussy and lick my panties clean of your cum. Lick it, then tell me what it is like to be a cum licker. Pull my panties down and clean my cunt. Lick all your cum off me."

I did as she told me to do. And loved ever minute. Since that time I have put panties on for her. She has had me cum in and on her panties. She also loves when I cum in my panties so she can suck them clean.

I'll write later and tell you how it felt to show my panties to other woman... and men.

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