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My Panty Fetish


Panties! Does that word make all you men get an erection! Men have no idea how wet a pair of panties can become after a work out at the fitness centre. Or maybe they do!! In the changing room are lovely girls peeling off their panties which have accumulated sweat, pussy juice and other fluids that have leaked into the gusset as they go for their shower. On the bench seats are rows of the panties --mostly g strings and thongs which are becoming increasingly popular among the female sex. The smaller the gusset the moister hey become. I find g strings and thongs very erotic- tiny string fits snugly into the crack of my arse and tight against my pussy- one size smaller than I would normally wear, massages my clit!

Guys are always looking up girls' dresses and seeing whether they are wearing panties, what kind they are wearing or if they are not. When girls wear a very short skirts and sit down, crossing their legs, guys like to stare up their skirts. I enjoy looking at girls who wear very short skirts and have long well shaped legs and can understand the pleasure looking at them gives the male sex. Similarly, seeing girls in tight trousers, where you can see the outline of their panties they wear beneath is a very erotic sight and I know lots of girls who like wearing these types of clothes that show their underwear as a tease for guys.

Being a bi girl, I get very wet, seeing all those lovely girls in their panties. I can only imagine if a guy was in the changing room, how sexually excited he would become upon seeing those intimate item of clothing.

On occasions, I have taken a pair of panties home for my solo sex activities. I rarely find girls who share my fetish, but many men who do. Most men will admit that they like to watch 2 chicks get it on, or perhaps be tied to the bed and teased until they beg for sex, but I don't know of many men who admit to having a panty fetish. Yet, surveys have been taken in Europe and America, indicating 1 in 10 guys indulges in some ways to this kinky fetish and I admit it is one of the most erotic fetishes around- something that you can indulge in with your partner or can do alone. There are not many other sexual fetishes that you can indulge on your own.

Panties can contain all manner of liquids. Pussy juice, sweat, pee, shit and even menstrual flow! When I have my period I am at my horniest.

Take last month. At the fitness centre there was this trim19 yo girl, tall with 36c breasts in my Pilates class. When she was on her hands and knees there were a couple of guys who had their eyes glued on her breasts and easily able to look straight down her top and see the tips of her firm breasts. I was behind her and could see her panties under her Lycra work out pants. They were thongs. She was Asian and was a size 8. I knew I had to have them. My panties became wetter and wetter doing the workout until they were absolutely soaked.

After the Pilates class we all went to the changing room and I made sure I was beside her and watched her peel off her clothing. Her panties were tight against her pussy. That only made my pussy wetter. She removed them and made for the shower. While nobody was looking, I picked them up and put them into my bag. My hands were shaking from what I had done and from the excitement of what I was going to do when I got home.

I decided not to have a shower and went straight home. As soon as I got in, I took the panties out and put them to my nose and smelt them. I lay on my bed and undressed, taking my thongs off which I had been wearing for a couple of days and compared the smell of hers to mine. Hers were almost as smelly as mine. I inspected the gusset and could see the white pair had piss stains and a little blood in the gusset. .The little vixen was at the start of her period! I put them on. It was very tight as I am a size 12, but when I had them on they fitted into my crack like a glove, rubbing against my dirty, wet pussy. I put my own panties over my face and wore them like a nose bag so that when I breathed I had no option but to inhale my own juices and could also lick my own gusset. My fingers strayed to the gusset between my thighs and slid the material into my cunt as I imagined that the hot young Asian girl was in my bed. Her tongue, in place of my fingers, eating me out in the 69 position ,while I could dine at her Y, licking all her lovely juices from her tight pussy, including the start of her menstrual flow. I Imagine I am stuffing a pair of thong panties into her hole and asking her to leave them in for a few hours so that they can soak up all her lovely juices. I imagine I am being voyeured by dirty old men, masturbating, naked in a theatre where I am on the stage as the object of their kinky lusts.

I imagine, as my fingers frig my panty clad pussy, that the hot Asian chick is wearing a pair of white thongs and is lying on top of my panty clad pussy, pressing her clit against mine, tribbing me and her to an explosive climax. Then she sits on my face and grinds her pantied cunt on my face. It feels heavenly wet, with her pussy juices. I look up at her tight, athletic, sexy, slim body, smiling at her. She looks down at me and lets fly with a stream of piss soaking into her panties as the material is so thin and small it cannot contain all her golden liquids. I lap it eagerly up, gulping the stream of piss down my throat. After she has emptied her bladder ,she again grinds her cunt into my face, using my nose as a cock to satisfy her burning, horny pussy until she cums. She peels her panties off and shows me her gusset which contains a few spots of blood. She lets me lick it for a few minutes before tying me to the bed and shoved them into her own cunt together with my thongs and walks around the room, driving me absolutely mad with horniness. Later, she straddled my mouth and got me to use my teeth to remove the first pair from her hot wet, dirty hole and when fully pulled out, places them over my mouth. Then she slips the other pair out, places them around her boyfriend's cock who has been watching us play together, and masturbates him to a climax, cumming in the material. She then stuffs them in my mouth and gets her boyfriend to mount me- my legs having been tied spread. Gives him unfettered access to my juicy cunt where he thrusts his cock deep inside and fucks me roughly with the encouragement of his girlfriend until he spurts again, inside me.

As you can see my panty fetish is very intense and my fantasies can lead to some kinky solo activities which I am forced to indulge on my own as I am unable to find a girl to share them with. Oh there are many men I have shared the fetish with, but for me it is not very satisfactory. The guy gets too excited and cums before I am ready to climax.

I go shopping wearing 2 or 3 pairs of tight thong panties, one over the other, a tiny micro skirt over them, tight white singlet and leather boots and enjoy the looks I get from guys with their female partners or guys on their own. Sometimes, I will go to a pub and sit on a bar stool, letting my skirt ride up my thighs and seeing what effect I have on the guys there. I nearly always get propositioned, but when I say that I charge for sex they are not interested and continue to stare at me, knowing they have no way to relieve their sexual tension they feel between their legs. Oh! How my panties get wetter and wetter filling the gusset of the 3 pairs with more and more of my sex juices.

I return home in a high state of sexual arousal, feeling so kinky that I lick my own tampons that I keep or from other girls that have shared my bed. I am feeling so kinky that any guy who wants a fuck would be welcome to shove his cock into any or all of my 3 holes as many times as he wanted until he is sexually satisfied. He could use me as a personal toilet, invite his friends around and rape me! Aren't fantasies fun? I explode in a series of mini orgasms, spurting all my juices deep inside the panties until after a half hour I am finally sexually satisfied and fall into relaxing sleep.

Then I saw an ad on the internet for "The island of perversion", but that's another story for another time. . Any guy or girl who shares this fantasy can email me.

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by Anonymous12/10/17

Ex girlfriend had panty fetish too

One of my serious early girlfriends was a closet bi sexual and happily admitted to me that she's always been attracted to boys and girls. She told me that when she was at high school she used to regularlymore...

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