tagLoving WivesMy Parents Warned Me Ch. 01

My Parents Warned Me Ch. 01


AUTHOR"S NOTES: This story is a BTB story with not much sex. It has cameo mentions of characters from my other stories. Most of the story is on our hero Henry finding out about his cheating wife Darcy, and the burning of his wife and her lover Chad.

This is my third LW story. My earlier stories were based on non-traditional LW plots, actions, and ideas. That attracted a lot of support and criticism (I.E. – He didn't divorce and destroy his wife. He whipped her instead and the family was whole again).

This new story is closer to the LW-BTB norm.

Feel free to comment as my feelings are protected by Battleship Iowa type armor.

All characters and scenes are fictional and involve persons 18-years and older.



My review of the Petition for Divorce was completed and just required my signature. I paused and held my pen over the signature line. I was in turmoil due to the feelings of anger, disappointment, betrayal, sadness, and regret. My parents had warned me, and I chose to ignore those warnings. They told me to never marry an actress, cheerleader, or model. So what did I do? I married a girl who was all three of them. What an idiot I was to ignore their warning! If I had taken their advice, I would not be in this painful mess.

How did this all come about?

My name is Henry "The Hitman" Heller, and this is my story.

Well it starts back in when I was a kid. My parents were the best, and they really encouraged us to pursue our dreams and be the best. I have a sister named Caitlyn a year younger than me and a kid brother named Justin who is a year younger than her. All three of us were excellent students. As for sports, Caitlyn pursued volleyball while Justin went to soccer.

My sport was football, and I played Pop Warner. My dad had played professional football for two years, and he contributed to my development as a player. He taught me how to read plays and to always trust my instincts. When I became a freshman in high school, I had skills and experience that far exceeded my teammates. I played defensive back and wide receiver. I was so good, that the head coach put me on the varsity squad the second week of the season. I was starting on the varsity squad after three games.

What made me well-known in the state was my ability to use my instincts to know where the plays were going, plus my ferocious hitting ability. During the 6th game of the season, I leveled a receiver coming across the middle so hard, he fumbled the ball. That hit made the internet as a highlight clip. My dad was managing my career, so he gave me the name "Hitman" to promote my name and that made me famous. By the time I was a senior, I had college scouts calling me.

So what does all this have to do with a future divorce?

It was because I was a football player, that I met Darcy Josephine Williams. We were friends from Grade 6. She was a cheerleader and my friend too. During our Junior year, we began to date. Darcy was like a dream girl. She was funny, smart, compassionate, and loving. During my first kiss with her, I felt that we were meant to get married someday, and as time went by we talked about it a little. She also felt the same way about me. She wore my letter jacket during our senior year, and our friends said we made a great couple. In the yearbook, we were voted as the couple most likely to be together forever.

Despite all that, I never got past second base with her. I got some tit and crotch feels, but that was all. She never let me grab her ass. There some times when I couldn't find her or got her voicemail. There also a few times when she walked funny, but I thought that was because of the cheerleading. My instincts were flashing a bit, but not enough to get my attention.

My parents didn't warn me not to date her because they figured that it was a high school romance and that it would end after graduation. They were almost correct.

Although we both loved each other, we had separate career goals. She received a scholarship to study Genetic Engineering while I earned a football scholarship at a small Division 1A school to pay for a degree in Broadcast Journalism. This meant we would be going to different universities.

So with great sadness we broke up after prom night, but not before we made love to each other in a motel room that night. She wanted to save her cherry for the man who she thought she would marry, so she gave me her mouth and ass. She didn't hardly complain or react when I put my manhood up her back door for which should have been our first time at anal sex. We both did our best that night, but I think our inexperience left us both only semi-satisfied. Over the next year, we lost touch with each other.

In college football, I struggled my freshman year, but I kept getting better with encouragement and advice from my Dad. I started in my last two games. During my sophomore year, I was near the top of my game and led the team in tackles and interceptions which included two Pick-6s. Then my head coach took a job at a bigger program, and so I was allowed to play someplace else. I was recruited heavily, and picked a top SEC school.

There was a big pep rally before the first game. I was one of the few players who volunteered to say a few words about our first game of the season. As I did, I looked over at the cheerleaders and staring back at me was Darcy! As soon as the rally was over, we sought each other. We hugged and started talking at the same time rapidly. I put my fingers to her lips and grabbed her hand so we could leave the noisy madhouse.

We ended up at Culver's and got caught up over burgers, fries, and milkshakes. She looked even more beautiful than she was in high school. Her brunette hair was a little shorter now and wavy. Her 5'4" inch body was more toned and muscular, but she still looked very feminine. Her breasts went from an 'B' cup to a 'C'. She just looked so great!

She told me that she did go to UM, but left after a bad break-up with her boyfriend. So she transferred our university. I got her caught up on what happened to me. So for the next two years, we became exclusive. It was a cliché relationship with the cheerleader and the football player in love with each other.

We had sex on our 21st date and after we won the conference championship. We left as soon as the game was over. It was a special loving moment when I took her to my apartment and slowly peeled off her cheerleader uniform. I then kissed all over her body, and ate her pussy with her legs on my shoulders, and my hands on her 32C breasts. Finally, I put my cock tip to her pussy lips, and she yelped in pain as I took her cherry, then as I gave her deep, power strokes she relaxed and began to feel sexual heat. We almost came together. During the night, we fucked like bunnies. However, we had sex without thought of consequences four days before her ovulation phase and were fortunate she didn't get pregnant.

However, our relationship was tough on me. I asked her to move into my apartment, and she refused saying that we weren't married yet. There were times when I couldn't reach Darcy by phone. One time I went to her apartment, and her roommate told me that Darcy went out of town.

When Darcy returned two days later, I asked her about that. She nervously said she had gone on a field trip to M.I.T. to inquire about a doctorate program and later visited Gen1 to do an interview for an internship. I asked her why she didn't let me know about the trip, but she said the Gen1 opening came up quick due to a cancellation, and she was too much in a hurry and nervous to call me. I also noticed that her freshly laundered clothes on the kitchen table, and some of it were sexy lingerie that I had never seen before.

My instincts told me something wasn't right, but I ignored them because it was Darcy.

Another yellow flag was that Darcy made some money from regional modeling and doing a few local television commercials. I didn't like seeing her doing bikini ads and kissing another actor on screen. I told her my feelings, but she dismissed them with a laugh.

"Oh, is my boyfriend all jealous now? Well don't be, because I am a one-man woman," she said with hot look on her face. After some hot sex, we started talking marriage and kids.

I planned to ask her to marry me immediately after the championship game with some help from our friends. With the national championship on the line and with the score 24-23 in our favor, our opponents drove down the field to our 34-yard line. There was 11 seconds left as their quarterback dropped back to pass under pressure. I intercepted the ball and ran it back for a 66-yard touchdown return. The game was over after a squib kick.

I ran to the cheerleaders as an assistant coach handed me the ring box. I found Darcy, got on one knee, and asked her to marry me. She said yes! There was loud cheering from the players, cheerleaders, coaches, and fans from both sides. It wasn't until later that we learned that my proposal was aired on national television, and it was run over and over again on different networks.

After the game, some of the players and cheerleaders, along with their significant others, went out to celebrate at a popular bar and grill restaurant. After an hour, Darcy and I slipped out, got home, and had a tender round of love-making.

It wasn't until 11 A.M. that I got up with a big hangover. As I consumed a bowl of cereal, I saw a long list of messages from well-wishers. There were also some messages from my parents. I already knew what they were going to say. I called them, and they were not pleased with my engagement to Darcy.

"Your mother and I saw your proposal on the television. Son, we talked about this. That girl is a cheerleader, not to mention a model and an actress. That's triple trouble. Girls like that are narcissistic sociopaths, high maintenance, and ego-centrist. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don't ruin it with this girl."

"Dad, I know what I'm doing. Darcy is beautiful, smart, fun, and loves me like crazy. I love her too. We already decided that we are going to have three kids. We even picked out their names. We are going to make it to old age," I said with enthusiasm.

"I hope you're right, son. I truly am. Just remember that when I was playing pro-ball, I was married for 11 months of hell to an actress-singer, who was also a high school cheerleader in her teen days. It took me four years to recover from that. Then I met the perfect woman, your mother Sarah. She was the bank manager who helped me with getting a commercial loan expedited. Now its 24 years later and we're still together. Please reconsider son before it's too late."

My Mom chimed in with an anxious voice, "Please listen to your father, son!"

"I want to marry Darcy, mom," I said stubbornly.

"What do your instincts tell you, Henry?" Dad asked quietly.

I didn't give him an answer even though I had one.

Good things happened weeks later. I was a second round choice to a team located in a state that voted for Trump, thankfully. I signed a $2.8 million dollar over two year's contract plus a big signing bonus. I made my dad my business manager. Darcy got accepted to M.I.T. and didn't seem unhappy that she didn't get the Gen1 internship. Gen1 was supposedly looking to invent a cancer vaccine, and she had really wanted that paid internship. Now it didn't matter to her.

My instincts kicked in and went to yellow alert, yet I ignored them again.

Five months later, we graduated. We had a modest June wedding. My parents suggested getting a prenuptial. I didn't want a prenuptial because I thought it would be telling Darcy that I didn't trust her. So my Dad then said okay and that he would take care of me no matter what. I asked him to see about setting Darcy and me up with joint checking and savings accounts. He said that it wouldn't work since I would be living down South and she was in New England.

My parents were rather cool towards Darcy during the wedding rehearsal dinner, but were smiling during the wedding and reception. As Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heller, we went on a South Pacific honeymoon. After we got back, I reported to rookie football camp while Darcy headed to M.I.T. and lived in a nice apartment that I paid for. Our love-making was intense that night knowing that we would see each other only one weekend a month.

Professional football is a very intense sport, and my rookie year was spent trying to stay competitive. I had limited free time because of the practices and games. So when it came time to buy a house, I picked a house and let dad take care of the sale using a general power of attorney. He also was in charge of investing my earnings.

During the season, we tried to keep in touch with one another. Hover after a month it was more like me trying to keep in touch with her. Over half the time, I got her voicemail. There were usually delays with her in answering my e-mails and text messages. Our few conversations became shorter.

When I had a game in New England, she seemed to get together for dinner and some sex at her apartment. She was 35 minutes late for dinner, and she looked frazzled. Her hair looked out of play, and her clothes were wrinkled. Darcy was always meticulous about her appearance so this was new to me. When I asked her softly why she was late, she said that it had been long day and changed the subject.

After dinner, we went to her apartment where she immediately took a shower with the door locked. The shower done, she took her clothes and put them into the washing machine. That was strange too since doing laundry was not one of her favorite things to do. Our lovemaking seemed flat since she just lay there like her mind was someplace else. The next morning she drove me to the airport, and gave me a kiss...on the cheek. As I stood there on the sidewalk, I realized that we had never actually kissed since we got together yesterday.

Again, my instincts went active and were at red alert.

Only this time, I decided to accept my instincts and get to the bottom of what was going on. Later that week, I met with my parents at their home and told them about everything that was going on with Darcy and me. I told them I was afraid that her doctoral program was destroying our marriage. My mom said that a real wife would have stayed home with her husband and found another college to get her doctorate.

My father still had my general power of attorney, and he said he would try to find out more about the Darcy situation since he wanted me to focus on football. We then made plans to go hunting after the season was over.

A couple of weeks later, there were two games left in the season and my team was at 12 wins and two losses which was enough to make the play-offs. That's when I got a phone call from my Dad who sounded both sad and angry. He said that he was driving up to visit me tomorrow and that he had a lot of information on Darcy.

We sat at my dining room table as he laid out what the private investigation agency had discovered. It was not good. My Dad spoke softly and trying to be sensitive to how I was going to react to the evidence.

"Son, I am so sorry to have to tell you all this, but there isn't any good way to tell you this. Darcy has definitely been cheating on you, and she has been seeing this guy off and on since high school."

"WHAT? You mean since we were together in high school? When we were exclusive in college? And when we were engaged?"

"Yes, it's all there in the investigation report."

"So she stopped cheating on me when we got married?"

"No. I hate to tell you that she....was...is....still seeing this guy. The relationship is sexual too, on a regular basis. She has been spending 4-5 nights every week at his house."

"No! No! NOOO! It can't be! She loves me! What...what proof do you have?"

"The agency managed to hack his e-mail and his hard drive. They also downloaded Darcy's stuff using her password that you provided. Then there are the pictures."

To my horror and anger, Dad laid out a series of pictures that had dates on them going back to our senior year in high school. The pictures were of some dork and my wife at different places like the beach, restaurants, parks, etc. One picture series, from our junior year in college, showed her jogging naked on the beach. Some of them were her stripping out of slut dresses and her cheer uniform, others of them having sex. The latest pictures were taken four days ago and had her posing naked while leaning against the mast of a sailing boat.


I jumped up and threw a dining room chair into the living room, smashing the glass coffee table which had Darcy's grandmother's antique vase on it. Well, there goes a thousands bucks. Fuck her lying cheating ass!

"Game Mind, son," my dad quietly said. When I was a kid, he would say that to me when I was too hyper or worked up during a Pop Warner game. I closed my eyes and started to take long, deep breaths and started thinking about chocolate milk shakes and cookies. Those were my rewards for playing well.

Now calmed down, I sat back down. My Dad looked concerned about me. I guess that's the thing about being a parent. You never stop loving and worrying about your kids, no matter how old they are.

"Who is this fucker?"

My dad handed me a photo of short, somewhat built, guy dressed in an expensive 3-piece suit. Darcy was standing next to him. She normally wore 4" heels, so that means he had to be about 5'5" to 5'6" tall.

"The fucker's name is Dr. Chad Malman. The guy's some super Mensa type. He was her science lab partner in high school. He graduated a year early. In Darcy's junior year, he was a grad assistant working on his doctorate, and she took a couple of classes from him. Later he founded and became CEO of Gen1."

"This is him? He looks okay!"

"Well, he wears lifts, and had some face work done. He also works out at the gym. Now easy son, it gets worse. He's is the direct supervisor of Darcy at Gen1, and he's rich too."

For five minutes I just sat there stewing and trying to absorb how my life had just been torpedoed out of the blue. I loved that girl, but obviously her affections were for some geek in a lab coat.

"How...uh...who got all this information?" I glumly said.

"An old golf buddy by the name of Victor Deswine owns a private security company. Don't recognize the name? His wife is that cute little gal named Laura Beth. She was the television reporter who interviewed you just after you were drafted. As a favor to me, his staff did a full investigation into Darcy and her scumbag boyfriend. Victor also said that Gen1 isn't all they say they are to the public. That info is in the orange folder. Look son, why don't you read all of this stuff while I cook us some supper. Then we can talk more."

Dad cooked. I read. By the time I was done, I felt burning anger not just at Darcy, but at Chad and Gen1 for all the lives they ruined in the names of corporate profits. There had to be justice met out to all three of them.

40 minutes later, we began eating quietly. We were also killing a bottle of Jack.

"So son, what do you want to do? Burn or Reconciliation?" my Dad softly asked as he buttered a dinner roll.

"Burn. Darcy and Chad and Gen1. To the ground," I said venomously.

"I have a friend of a friend who works at SEC. I'll get him linked up to Victor. As a back-up, a couple of my old football teammates, Wild Bill Gustafson and Bobby Grendel, will be also contacted and brought in on Operation Burn. They co-own a dark ops company, kinda like the old Blackwater outfit."

"Uhmmm Dad, isn't Bobby that guy who took those three cheerleaders a few years back? Is inviting this guy into the operation a good idea?" I said with concern.

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