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My Perfect Valentine's Day


Dear Sue,

It's Monday morning and I have to tell you about the glorious weekend I just spent with my husband, Tom. He is still the love of my life and such a tiger in the bed. Now, I know why I like cats.

Saturday was Valentine's Day and Tom had to work in the city that morning. I was so disappointed because I thought we had planned to spend the entire day in bed. My mother had taken the kids for the weekend, so there were no excuses for having our love-making sessions interrupted with the kids banging on the door. Oh, and by the way, Mom said to say hello to you and wants to know if you have found a "man", yet? I don't think she is ever going to understand your secret.

On Saturday morning, Tom and I had a quickie before the kids got up. It was just slam bam, thank you ma'am and off he went to work. I wanted to give him breakfast in bed, but he said he had to catch the 6 o'clock train or he was never going to make the appointment for that closing. The mortgage business has changed so much just in the last couple of years. He's not used to working this hard and I think it's starting to takes its toll on him. His hair is getting grey and you probably won't recognize him the next time you see him. But, you know what they say, "There might be snow on the roof, but there's a fire in the furnace." That's my Tom!

Since I was alone in the house, I thought I would relax with a nice hot bubble bath. Tom had given me some Laura Mercier bubble bath for Christmas. Oh, Sue, you would love it. The scent is called crème brulee. It smells so sweet and just mellows me right out. He picked it up at Nordstrom's when he bought my Burberry bag. Get some. It's to die for, my friend!

I was just getting out of the tub when the doorbell rang. The florist delivered 15 red gerbera daisies in a huge crimson colored vase. Tom is so romantic. The card read, "Huni, I'll see you tonight. All my Love, Tom". Our 15th anniversary is coming up, so he must have been thinking about that when he ordered the flowers. That is my all-time favorite flower. I know most women like roses, but gerbers are the happiest flower on the face of the earth. You can just picture a smiley face right in the middle of them. I had to admit to myself, my morning was turning out very well.

I wanted to go to the mall that afternoon, so I threw on my cashmere sweater, the burgundy one you gave me for Christmas. Fits me like a glove and Tom says my tits look even bigger when I wear it. He makes me laugh. I call him the Boob Man. He's always reaching over and pinching my nipples. It doesn't matter where we are, either. He said I look my best in the meat aisle in the grocery store where it's cold. He pinched me one day, right in the middle of the Stop N Shop. I had to slap his hand and tell him, "This isn't the Stop N Pinch store!" All the men around there were laughing and giving him a thumbs up. I guess all men are boob men.

Bloomingdale's was having a huge sale and I picked out a deep red silk tie for Tom to wear Valentines's Day night. The color reminded me of the glass of merlot I had while taking my bubble bath that morning. We had dinner reservations at Max's. You remember that place. That's the restaurant that's downtown. It's kind of dark with big windows and quite cozy. Phenomenal food and the waiters are gorgeous, too. There's one waiter there from Italy. He's got the cutest little accent. He makes me giggle when he chops up the English language, but we always ask for him. His name is Alfredo and after my second chocolate martini, I'm usually calling him, "Freddie". He's got such a great smile. Dark waving hair and muscles that are going to burst right out of that stupid little jacket they make him wear. Now, Sue, he would be great for you. I'm sure he would fit right in with your life style. Next time I go, I'll get his number.

When I got home from shopping, there was a heart-shaped box of chocolate sitting on the front steps. The card attached said, "Huni, I will be your dessert tonight. All my Love, Tom". That's when I realized that Tom is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. He's always thinking of me and all I bought him was a shiny red tie.

Tom got home around five o'clock and I was standing in the kitchen with my back toward the sink. I handed him his usual cocktail, scotch and water. He gulped it down with one hand and grabbed me with the other pulling me close. I could feel he was already excited about being home and eager to celebrate Valentine's Day by the bulge that was nestled between us. I was wondering if he had remembered to wear the little red thong I left out on his dresser last night. He kissed me hard. I could taste the scotch on his tongue. His lips were cold from the glass, but they soon warmed up. His tongue played with mine and his hand caressed my breast. He started to kiss my neck and whispered in my ear, "I must remember to thank Sue for this sweater. You look so damn hot in it!" That's when his hand reached underneath and he pinched my nipple. He is the ultimate French kisser!

His other hand slipped into his pocket and pulled out the little blue box. THE blue box, Sue! He told me the deal had gone so well that day it could only be celebrated with something from Tiffany's. Inside the box were white gold hoop earrings. There's diamonds all done the front side. Just gorgeous! He said, "If the mortgage business keeps going in the direction it's going in since the election, maybe next year, I can have diamonds put in on the back side, too." What a great guy he is.

I tossed on my little red dress, twisted my hair up into one of those fancy knots and we went downtown to have dinner. Tom wore his red tie. He's so damn cute! We asked to sit at Alfredo's table, but they told us he had made plans to pick up his mother at the airport that day and wouldn't be working. Instead of Alfredo, we had Raymond wait on us. He was an older gentleman, I think from Canada. He had a little French accent. He may be somebody your mother might be interested in. I think the three of us should do lunch downtown some day. Ask your Mom what day would be good for her.

I have to finish telling you all about my perfect Valentine's Day with Tom. When we went to bed that night, there was a card on my pillow. It was one of those mushy Hallmark cards. I cried when I read it. My eyes are all filled up now just thinking about the words. I put on my red teddy and we made love before we finally shut the lights off. In the morning, I got up and brought him breakfast in bed. After we had our coffee, he made love to me again, but that time, he only used his tongue. Oh, Tom has a wonderful tongue. I didn't know I was capable of cuming in his mouth, but he has a won-der-ful tongue. My insides are shuddering now just thinking about it again. This February 14th was an absolutely perfect day and it just spilled over into the 15th. What a weekend!

When you get a chance to write, I want to hear all about your new love. Make sure you ask your Mom about lunch. See you soon!

Yours SINSerely,

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