tagIncest/TabooMy Personal Secretary - Mom

My Personal Secretary - Mom


This is a fictional story involving masturbation, vaginal, oral and anal sex. If this is not what you are looking to read, please go back and select another story. All participants involved are considered to be over the age of 18.


Hi, I'm Tom Hamel and I'm a junior executive at a major bank. I've worked my way up the ladder to this position. I'm up for a promotion and the competition has been furious.

Before I start telling this story, I must lay the ground work. This was 1973. I didn't have to but I lived with my widowed mother. She had not worked outside of the home for a great number of years. My mother was smart and attractive. She had two bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Science, and an associate's degree in Business (Secretarial school) which is what she had always done for work.

Mother, as I said, was an attractive woman. She was 5'-7," thin but no too much so. She had nice breast (I'd seen them once and never forgot), size 36C. I'd looked in her lingerie drawer once just to see what size. I remember from when dad was alive that she had nice legs. She hadn't worn a dress since he died. The sexiest thing mother owned now was stirrup pants. She had, along with her sister, had her hair dyed blonde.

I'm fairly average in appearance. I look more like my dad than I do mother's side of the family. I'm 5'-11," 175 lbs., muscular but not overly so, dark hair and fair complexion. Down stairs I'm adequate, 6.5" but very thick, which sometimes led to an unpleasant experience for some women that I dated.

My secretary, Martha, had recently been ill and the temp that was assigned by the steno pool was alright but she just didn't have the demeanor that I needed.

I knew Martha would be almost impossible to replace. Not only was she the best secretary any executive could hope for but she had a wonderful way of relieving stress. When during this process I would be having an exceptionally bad day or was under a lot of stress, Martha would hit me on the office intercom.

"Boss, do you need some help?"

I would always reply, "I sure do." That was the signal that I needed her special help.

Martha would always enter my office, close and lock the door before saying, "Vaginal, Oral or Anal?"

I would respond with the corresponding choice and she would take the position to make the appropriate act happen.

I'd make my choice.


She would come over to me, take her panties off and bend over my desk. I'd flip her dress up over her butt and wash my stress away while penetrating her beautiful asshole.

There was never any sex talk, moaning or screaming during sex. Instead I would ask her about her family, her children and political topics. She would tell me about her children and what they were up to. It was a very enjoyable time, in more ways than one.

When I was through, she'd put her panties back on, straighten her dress and leave the office with the calm decorum that she had been known for.

It turned out that Martha had cancer and would be out for at least six months. I was given the option of accepting the steno pool secretary or find my own replacement. I chose to find my own.

That evening when I got home, Mother was making supper. I helped her with placing the dishes and we sat down to one of her scrumptious meal.

"I found out today that Martha has cancer and will not be back for at least six months. I have to find a replacement. I really hate it. You know me, I always evaluate things and weigh the odds. I'd bet you $100 that Martha will not come back to work."

Mother, the ever optimist said, "Oh don't count her out yet. I'll take your bet. I think she'll be back before you know it."

"I sure hope so, I already miss her."

"Have you started looking for a replacement?" Mother picked up her plate and headed for the sink.

"No, I'm not sure I could ever fully replace her. She did so much for me. I dread the process."

She turned on the water and started cleaning the plates. "I'm sure you'll find someone."

I watched mother's ass wiggle as she scrubbed the plates and other dishes. A sinful idea came to mind.

"Mother," I said as I was getting up, "Why don't you apply? You have a ton of secretarial skills and I'd love to have you working under me."

"I bet you would" she said, "You'd love to boss your old mother around, wouldn't you!"

"Well yes" I replied, "But it's more than that. I need someone I can trust completely. Someone who will do what I need done, when I need it. You've always been a great planner and organizer. You've got all the assets that I need."

"I don't know honey, wouldn't it be a little awkward to have your mother working for you?"

"Well, yes and no. You could apply under your maiden name and no one would be the wiser."

"I guess that would work. My degrees are under my maiden name. My voter's registration is too."

"I'll call HR and recommend you. They will do the paperwork and get you started but listen, you're going to have to wear a dress every day in order to fit in."

Mother looked toward the hall that led to her bedroom, "I'm not sure I have any dresses that would be in style or would even fit."

I pulled out my wallet and handed her four $50's. "Here, go to the store and buy some dresses that will be suitable for work. Get you some high heels too."

Mother complained, "I haven't worn heels in almost ten years."

"Well, you're going to start back and the higher the better!"

She sighed as she got up, "Oh, you're awful!"

The next morning I left for work and mother left for the department store.

I stopped by HR and told them that a woman named Gerry Miller would be in sometime this week to put in an application to be my secretary. I explained that she was my choice for the position.

"How young is this woman," the HR director asked with a raised eyebrow.

I looked at her and smiled, "I'd say she's in her mid-forties."

The HR director looked relieved. I guess she thought I was going to hire some bimbo. "Okay, I'll look out for her."

By Friday, mother had a job as my secretary. She was to start on Monday morning.

She showed me her dresses and shoes. I thought they had potential.

On Monday, I thought it would be best if we went separately.

Mother didn't have to be there until 9:00 AM and would report to Human Resources for company training. When I left the house, she was in the shower.

I told my temporary secretary that she could report back to the steno pool. I expected my new secretary to be there by lunch.

Sure enough, my new secretary reported to me around 10:00 AM.

I greeted her as HR brought her up, "Ah, Mrs. Miller, glad to finally meet you." Mother was wearing a nice charcoal gray dress, dark hosiery and black high heels. Her blonde hair was done to perfection. She looked every bit the part of a seasoned secretary.

She smiled at the HR lady and then said, "Nice to meet you too. What do you prefer to be called?"

"Mr. Hamel will do Mrs. Miller."

I showed her to her desk and made sure she had everything she would need. "I'd like for us to have lunch together today, if you don't already have any plans."

"That would be wonderful," mother responded.

"We'll go at 12:00 Noon."

Mother smiled and sat down at her desk. I went into my office and closed the door. Now that I had her at work and had seen her in a dress, the memories of her legs raised through my mind. I could remember eighteen years earlier, holding onto mother's legs as a child. I remember the sheer nylon fabric covering her legs. Her nylons were so soft, so smooth, the texture was enticing to me. I was too young at the time to know what sex was or anything about masturbation but I instinctively knew that there was magic at work. I would try to look up her dress to see what was there but was never able to do so. It was a mystery. A mystery I hoped to solve soon. Mother had worn pants since dad died and I hadn't seen her legs in at least sixteen years. I had to pull it out and whack off before lunch. I spilled my seed into the trash can and covered it with some papers.

At noon, I asked mother if she was ready and took her to lunch in the most prestigious restaurant downtown.

We were shown to our table and the waiter held the chair out for her and I sat down across from her.

"Well, how has your first hour been?"

"Everyone is so wonderful," mother replied, "All the other secretaries came around and introduced themselves. Seems your Martha was very popular."

"Yes, she had many, many friends in the office and she was invaluable to me. She did everything that I needed, when I needed it. She had a way of relieving my stress that I will really miss."

"Well, maybe I can learn to relieve your stress too," mother said.

"Maybe," I replied, remembering how much I loved Martha's pussy.

We talked over lunch and I made sure that she remembered that between 8AM and 5PM, she was Gerry Miller, my secretary. No one must ever know or suspect that we were related. After 5PM, she was mom.

I complimented her on her appearance and told her how nice it was to see her in a dress.

"Thank you honey," she said as we walked back to the office, "I think I'm finally getting the hang of these high heels again. Will it be okay if I take them off while I'm at my desk?"

"I guess so, as long as you put them back on before you leave your desk."

She went to her desk, I went to my office.

I was busy with my reports and hadn't noticed the time until I heard a knock at the door.

"Boss, er... I mean Mr. Hamel, it's five o'clock. Unless you have something for me to do, I'm going to head home."

"No Mrs. Miller," I replied, "I'll see you tomorrow."

I heard her heels clacking down the hall as she headed for the elevator.

I finished the reports that I had been working on, put them in the inter office file system and headed home.

As I walked into the kitchen and I immediately smelled something wonderful cooking.

"What's for supper?"

"Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans."

"My favorite!" I put my brief case down and sat at the table.

"It will be ready in about 30 minutes," mother said. She had her back to me as she was breaking the green beans in the sink. She still had her dress, hosiery and heels on. I just sat an admired the view.

We ate supper and talked about our day. She had a wonderful day, meeting lots of new people. I'd never heard her more jubilant in a long, long time.

After supper, I went to the living room and found a movie to watch. We had a new service called Home Box Office. "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is coming on. Do you want to watch that or Easy Rider?"

"Butch," she said from the kitchen. "I'll be right there."

I took my shoes off and put my feet up on the coffee table. Mother came in and took her heels off and sat down near me on the sofa. I saw her rubbing her feet together.

"Would you like for me to rub your feet?"

"Oh honey, that would be heaven. It's been so long since I've worn heels. My feet are killing me."

She turned toward me and swung her legs up, placing her feet in my lap. The heels of her hose covered feet were nesting in my crotch, rubbing against my cock, which I noticed was starting to grow.

I started rubbing her foot. I noticed that the nylons she was wearing were pantyhose but where of good quality. This was a time of transition. The older ladies still wore stockings but the younger ones were beginning to wear pantyhose. They were made of the same nylon material that stockings were made from, 100% nylon, 10 denier, non-shrink with reinforced heel and toe. They felt wonderful. I was in heaven. I rubbed her feet and watched as she nestled into the corner of the sofa and closed her eyes. I moved my hands further up her leg, massaging her calves and around her knees. I scooted up under her legs so that her knees were nearer my crotch than her feet. I thought about pulling my dick out and just rubbing between her legs but figured I'd never get away with it, asleep or not.

Mother woke when I was massaging her thighs.

"Oh, thanks honey. I obviously felt better," she laughed, and added "I had a good nap."

She pulled her legs off my lap and stood up. "I guess I'd better get ready for bed. Goodnight sweetheart."

"Goodnight mom," I said.

The next morning I was up and ready to leave when I heard mother's shower start. I thought I'd see how the day went today.

Around 10:00 AM I called Mrs. Miller into the office. I saw she was wearing a white blouse and a plaid, pleated, skirt, dark hosiery and black high heel shoes.

"Come around here," I said as I pointed to the right of my chair, "I want your opinion on this memo. Please read the memo and let me know what you think."

She did as I asked and I handed her the memo. She started reading and I casually let my hand rub the back of her knee. She started to move away.

"Stand still," I commanded. She did but looked down at me in a questioning manner.

"Read the memo," I repeated.

She started reading again and I started rubbing the back of her leg. She didn't move. I started rubbing her leg on the inside and went above the knee, under her skirt. She still didn't move.

"From what I see here, your memo is clear and concise. It reads well and I believe will be easily understood," she said, still standing at my desk with my hand between her thighs, well up her skirt.

"Is that all you have to say?"

"Yes sir," she replied.

"Good, you may go."

"Thank you sir," she replied as she moved away, my hand lifting her skirt as she moved further from me.

She was almost to the door when I stopped her.

"Mrs. Miller?"

She stopped and turned toward me.

"In the future, when I call you into my office, I would appreciate it if you would close the door and lock it, just so we're not disturbed."

"Yes sir, as you wish sir," she said as she opened the door and went out.

"Baby steps," I said out loud, "Baby steps." I had won the first skirmish. Now to win the war.

After lunch, I played my hand. It was winner take all, loser goes home. Yeah, if I lose this one, I have no

Home to go to.

I called Mrs. Miller into my office.

She entered and as instructed, she turned and locked the door.

"Yes sir," she said as she approached my desk.

"Please come around here and stand next to me."

She moved around and stood next to my chair.

"Mrs. Miller, I'm going to give you some instructions and I want you to follow them explicitly. Do not deviate from my commands. Do you understand?"

Mrs. Miller shook her head that she understood.

"Good. No place your hands on top of the desk."

She did as I asked.

"Now, bend over the desk."

She turned to look at me like I was crazy.

I said, "Do as you are told."

She bent forward over the table.

I got up and stood behind her. Her plaid skirt was lifting up in the back and I placed both my hands on her ass and squeezed. I heard mother sigh but she didn't move. I lifted her skirt up and flipped it up over her back. Her pantyhose covered ass looked beautiful.

I heard mother sigh again and she looked back at me. "What are you doing?"

I slapped her ass and said, "Shut up!"


"I told you, Shut up!"

I slapped her ass harder and heard her whimper. I could see that mother was one of those women that took the term pantyhose to heart. She was not wearing any panties under her pantyhose. I ran my hands all over her ass and down her legs to her knees. Her legs were straight as she bent over the table. She was beautiful. She had her feet together and there was a perfect opening between her legs, just below her pussy. I couldn't resist anymore. I unzipped my pants and pulled my raging hard on out. My cock had a large drop of pre-cum on the head and I smeared this between her legs. Mother didn't say anything but I could feel her trembling. I pushed my cock between her legs and started pumping. The fabric felt so smooth, especially with my pre-cum soaked into the nylon. I knew with my thick cock pushing against her pussy, she would have to have felt the, shall we say stimulation? I felt I was going to cum so I pulled back so that the head of my dick was between her legs and ejaculated. I knew it had to have shot forward but I hoped the bulk of it would have been caught between her legs. I put myself back together and zipped up before pulling her skirt back down over her ass.

"Thank you Mrs. Miller, I feel much better."

She stood up and adjusted her clothing.

"Will that be all Mr. Hamel?"

"Yes, thank you Mrs. Miller."

She walked over to the door, unlocked it and went out. I assumed she went to the restroom to clean up. Don't know that she did or not. I really didn't care.

At five I heard a knock at the door.

"Yes," I said.

"I'm leaving. Will you require anything else before I go?"

"Yes, now that you mention it. Please come in."

She came into the office, closed the door and locked it.

I opened my wallet and handed her $50 dollars.

"I would like for you to go to the department store and purchase several pairs of nylon stockings and a few garter belts. You will be required to wear them to work from now on. No more pantyhose. Okay?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Hamel, you're the boss."

I shook my head and said, "Thank you Mrs. Miller."

"Goodnight sir." She left the office.

I sat there and was amazed at what had happened that day. I was pleased with the advancements but was a little apprehensive about going home. I waited into late that evening before going home.

I walked in the back door and the kitchen was dark. No supper tonight I told myself.

The light was on in the living room and I turned to go in there. Mother was sitting in the overstuffed chair. She had changed from her business clothing and had on her PJ's and a robe. I sat down on the sofa.

"We need to talk about the elephant in the room," she said.

I just sat there and didn't say anything.

"How could you do what you did to your mother?"

I took a deep breath and said, "I didn't do anything to my mother."

"You most certainly did!"

"No mother, I did that with Mrs. Miller, my secretary."

"They are one in the same," she almost shouted.

"No mother, they are not. One is a woman that I highly respect and love, the other is my secretary who had pledged herself to do whatever I asked. I see them as separate and distinct persons."

"Well, the woman that you panty popped at the office had to come home and take a shower to get the smell of sperm off her clothes."

"You need to separate the two lives," I told her. "Mrs. Miller by day and Mrs. Hamel by night. They should be, have to be, distinctly separate. If you can't do that, then we need to find you another place of employment. Mrs. Miller needs to take care of me during the day. She is my stress relief."

"Stress relief? It makes me feel like a whore, a call girl."

I sighed and said, "Mrs. Miller is so much more than that to me. I need her help."

Mother stood up and left the room without saying anything else.

I left the next morning as soon as I could. I didn't want to have an argument before work. She would either be there or she wouldn't. I'd wait and see.

Around 9AM that morning I hit the intercom and Mrs. Miller answered.

"Mrs. Miller, would you come in my office please."

Mother came into my office, closed and locked the door.

As she was walking over to my desk I said, "I had some good news this morning when I came in. I've been promoted to a Vice President position."

I saw a smile cross her face, "Well that's wonderful!"

"I knew a promotion was coming for someone but I really didn't think I had a chance but surprise!"

I held out the memo for her to read.

"I'm so proud of you Tom... er, I mean Mr. Hamel."

"Thank you Mrs. Miller. If you don't mind, will you stand next to me and put your hands on the desk?"

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