tagMatureMy Perverted Life Ch. 02

My Perverted Life Ch. 02


I hardly slept the night after I had fucked 'Grandma'. I would like to say that guilt was what kept me awake -- it wasn't. The reason I couldn't sleep was that I wanted more. As sick as I knew it was I couldn't help but be excited. I would fall asleep for a little while and then wake up.

I beat off twice during the night but it never calmed me down enough to stay asleep. I couldn't wait for the next morning. As soon as my daughter left for school I was going to find out if 'Grandma' or Murine was around and if it was Murine I was going to fuck her and fuck her hard.

Even though I struggled all night with how I could have done what I did to 'Grandma' as soon as my daughter was off for school I stripped off my clothes and went into the guest bedroom where Murine was sleeping.

I pulled the covers off of her and stood there watching her nightgown rise and fall as she took the deep breaths of sleep. Her large breasts seemed to stretch the material of the gown making my hard-on grow even harder as I stood over her.

One wonderful thing about my wife's family was the women had large breasts. I had been around long enough to know that they started out with sizeable tits and then would balloon after pregnancy. I remember years ago how I couldn't wait to see if my wife followed suit.

She did.

I climbed on the bed next to 'Grandma' and moved very close. I pawed her big tits which only served to fuel my desire to spear my dick into her depths. In my state I wasn't thinking clearly and before I realized what I was doing I grabbed the collar of her gown with both hands and pulled ripping the gown and freeing those big tits.

"Shit," I said out loud.

My mouth was on her left nipple instantly. It hardened as my tongue went to work. I could hear her breathing change and I knew she would wake soon.

I didn't want to give her the chance to wake up and stop this before I had a chance to feel her warm wet pussy around me. If she were her normal self when she awoke I would just have to hold her down. While I kept sucking on her tits I positioned myself over her rubbed the head of my dick up and down her entrance a few times and then shoved it right up her cunt.

I stopped only because my pelvis met hers.

Her eyes flew open.

"Fuck!" she yelled.

My heart raced was she 'Grandma' or Murine?

"George, you're an animal," she said looking up at me and bucking her hips back to meet my thrusts.

I could have exploded right there. She was just who I was hoping for. I leaned down into her and kissed her full on the mouth my tongue penetrating her lips. Her tongue met mine and they danced. It was like we were trying to suck the life out of one another.

Pulling away from her kiss I told her, "you are the hottest piece of ass I have ever had."

I meant it. She wasn't the prettiest, her body wasn't the greatest but she had a love of dick and it showed.

Murine reached up and grabbed my head, looked me right in the eyes and said, "Fuck me! Fuck me and don't stop until I pass out or die!" Then she pulled my head to hers and resumed the kiss.

I was going to obey that order and I began thrusting faster. We were fucking so hard that we weren't just rocking the bed we were bouncing off of it. The headboard was slamming into the wall. The force was such that at some point the crowning piece of the headboard broke off but I didn't care. All I wanted then was to fuck Murine, who just got more excited and wet the harder I fucked into her, with every ounce of strength I had. She really was a grade 'A' slut.

I was so far gone I couldn't even tell you if she ever came. I was in a completely animalistic state at that point and didn't even know that my own orgasm had started until I heard myself grunting as my body locked up on a forward thrust. I didn't shoot ropes. I just came all in one long stream it was the strangest feeling like I was pouring my essence into her.

My arms gave way and I just collapsed on her. My face was planted on her big sweaty right breast and it felt great. One big soft pillow made just for me that breast was.

"Your breasts are magnificent," I said talking into her breast between ragged breaths.

"George, you're still hard," she said matter-of-factly. "If we hurry we can keep it hard and go again."

That's when I realized a few things: first, I didn't have the energy to move; second I was still in her and third she was indefatigable.

In no time she had rolled out from under me, flipped me over and was riding me. On top of me was the woman I had known until recently as 'Grandma' a prim and proper woman who believed in long skirts and high collars and she was sweating, naked, swearing and impaling herself on my dick.

"Don't just lay there," she yelled at me "fuck me!"

If I wasn't careful this woman was going to kill me. I would be found fucked to death by a 79 year old woman. I thrust up weakly as my body was still tired. She slammed herself down onto me. This happened over and over with her slamming down each time until she arched her back and I felt her pussy milk my dick.

"Don't move. Right there -- right there... let me do it. Right there!"

The contractions in her pussy were almost painful as she gripped my dick. The boiling returned in my balls and I was ready to blow a load again.

She must have sensed it.

"Don't you fucking cum!" she cried out. "I need another one!"

There was no way I could hold it back. My dick was twitching inside her and my balls were contracting. The head swelled inside her and I began shooting.

"No! Fucking no, no, no...!" She grabbed my spurting dick held it still and slammed down the front wall of her pussy on the head. "Yes, Yes, Yesss!"

I had never seen anything like it. She was grinding the head against a spot of the front wall of her pussy and squeezing the life out of my dick. Then she collapsed on the bed.

I lay back feeling weak. Realizing that sleep was pulling me down I pushed myself off the bed. I couldn't sleep here if she awoke as 'Grandma' and found me in the guest bed with her she would know that I had come to fuck her.

I moved to the door on weak legs and realized as I was about to exit the room that she would be able to, as hard as we had fucked, feel it in her pussy when she awoke. I stumbled back into the room and grabbed her limp form. It took all the little strength I had left but I hoisted her over my shoulder and carried her to my bed.

I tossed her onto the bed and then climbed in myself. As I drifted off to sleep I figured that it had worked the day before so it should work again. As sleep took over I noticed the time -- 8:30.

The first thing I thought when I heard yelling was that my daughter had come home and saw us naked in bed together. My eyes shot over to the clock and I saw that it was 12:47. That was way too early. Trying to clear my head I realized that it was my name being yelled and it was Murine yelling it.

Murine was sitting on her knees in the bed trying to cover herself with the sheet. "What's going on here?" she was yelling.

As I came to I realized that she must have been herself again. I looked at her groggily and just shook my head.

"Why are you in my bed?" "And, why are you naked?" I asked as if I didn't know.

Slowly each of our gazes fell upon my dick which was laid sleepily across my leg. It didn't have the normal dark coloring it looked like it was coated with some dried film.

"You..," I started.

"I...I," she stammered.

"After yesterday I thought you would..."

I hadn't even gotten it all out when she shot back, "yesterday?!?"

I had assumed that because she was lucid she would remember events sequentially and so I wanted to use yesterday to cement in her mind that she had come and used me thereby absolving me completely of any wrongdoing.

"What did I do yesterday," she asked meekly. "Did I do -- this?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Oh lord my mind is really going," she sobbed.

It was so evil what I was doing to this woman but I could not help myself. When she was Murine and not 'Grandma' she was a hot blooded sex crazed woman who would take anything you threw at her. She just took it no matter how soft or how rough. She had a genuine love of dick. And, my dick loved her for that.

"What are we going to do," she exclaimed. "We can't have sex"

"Now you listen to me...," I said. "This is the second day in a row I have awoken to find you in my bed." "This is the second day that it was evident that you used me in my sleep to satisfy yourself." "You are obviously in need and can only admit it to yourself when you have an episode."

It was mumbo jumbo but I hoped it made enough sense to seem plausible. I could see her brow furrow and knew she was trying to make sense of all of it. Having slept and regained my energy her nakedness was getting to me and I started getting hard again. Her eyes took notice of my rising nature. "Oh lord, what is the matter with me...even...now...I," she trailed off realizing she was actually saying the words.

This made my hard dick twitch. Her eyes seemed to glaze over. I laughed inside. 'Even 'Grandma' wants my dick,' I thought.

I reached out and grabbed her by both arms, "tell me even now what?"

"I --I can't," she sobbed. "What is wrong with me?"

"You can't," I snarled. "You come in here and use my dick to satisfy yourself and now with your mind back to normal you are looking at it like it's a fucking piece of meat and you can't!" "You can do it but you can't fucking say it," I spat.

"Please, don't say those things -- don't use those words, "she begged.

I almost cut her off, "you're worried about the words I use?" I pulled her a bit closer, "You fucking slut, you, you are worried about words?" "All you can seem to think about is my dick," I use the words like a weapon with emphasis on the word dick. I knew it was like a punch to the gut for her.

"I'll finish the sentence for you, you slut." "Even now when you are in your right mind, even now all you can think about is your granddaughter's husband's dick!" "Even now all you really want is...," I looked down between her legs for effect "all you want is for me to stick my dick up your cunt!"

Tears were streaming down her face. She tried to look away and cover her face with her hands but I grabbed them and twisted her onto her back.

Kneeling between her legs I looked at her my hard-on twitching wildly. "Is that what you want," I asked looking at it. "Tell me slut!"

"Lord forgive me, yes, that's what I want that's what I need," she cried. "I need your di..."

I was in her.

"Then you're gonna get it," I said beginning to thrust into her.

"Please Natasha forgive me," she cried.

Natasha was my wife's name.

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