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Mark and I had been chatting for a while online and on the phone. He is 25 and I'm 59. Mark is my pet. He likes to serve me. He lives in NY and I'm in WA. He wanted to come for a visit but he also wanted not just me, but my friends as well. He wanted my friends to use him. Most of my female friends just don't like sex. I didn't see how I could pull this off.

Mark kept begging me. So I contacted the only person I could think of. Lisa. She owns a sex shop in Seattle. She is a lesbian and in a committed relationship but she does like sex!

"When does he want to come?"

"He has vacation coming up soon." I gave her the dates.

"Hold on. Let me check my calendar."

I waited while Lisa checked. She came back to the phone sounding very excited!

"You guys are going to love this! I have a new line of sex toys due to be delivered next week. It's a special line designed just for men. We could kill two birds with one stone here. Your pet will get what he wants, and I can get some first hand experience with these new toys. I might as well bring some of the other stuff I've been meaning to try out but haven't. This will be perfect!" She also told me that our mutual friend, Pauline was coming from Oregon for a visit at the same time Mark would be here. Pauline was one of my few female friends who was did like sex.

I wasted no time contacting Pauline. She didn't believe me at first. She had mentioned sex to me many times in the past but she used to have a creepy husband who was always trying to get into my pants and I was just not interested. I suspected that they might be swingers and did not want the two of them to think I was interested in that with them!

Pauline was indeed interested in having this little get together. I promised her that I'd serve something other than Mexican food. She knows how much I like it and I know how much she dislikes it!

I counted the days down eagerly until the day that Mark arrived, Lisa and Pauline arrived about an hour before he did so we could get things ready. Lisa brought the food with her. She has a lot of good places near her that do catering and takeout. She's also very good at arranging things so I let her get creative with the food.

Pauline and I sat down on the couch, checking out the various toys that Lisa brought with her. Some were obvious, like the paddle and the flogger. Some things looked sort of like dildos but not the generic kind. We also saw various clamps, butt plugs and restraints. And a few things we had to guess at.

"I hope he's good at eating pussy!" Pauline blushed through her lily white skin. "Last time I had that was when I hooked up with that truck driver and he left me a bit unsatisfied."

We all giggled. "He'll do what I tell him to do. He's here for our pleasure."

The doorbell rang all too fast. We hadn't had the chance to discuss our plans other than to let Lisa go first since the toys were hers.

Mark arrived with just a small bag. He wasn't going to need much clothing on this trip. I planned to keep him naked.

Lisa and Pauline excused themselves to my bedroom to change clothing. I instructed Mark to get naked. Thankfully the weather had warmed up some so he wouldn't freeze.

Lisa returned wearing a long black jumpsuit with a low cut neckline, her ample boobs threatening to pop out, some short black boots and a sinister grin.

Pauline kept a more demure look with a silky black and white blouse and skirt set and sensible black pumps.

I contemplated changing into something less but I'm not into women so thought I would feel funny changing into lingerie. Instead, I put on a stretchy long dress of black and white. I figured at least we could match our colors.

I told Mark to get naked.

We sat down to eat. Mark was nervous and barely picked at his food. Then again, Lisa chose lighter fare that was more likely to appeal to a woman.

"Eat up sweetie!", Lisa said to Mark. "You're going to need your strength and I need to get you cleaned out so we can play with these toys."

"Cleaned out?" Mark blinked a few times.

"Are you familiar with one of these?" Lisa held up an enema bag. The dinner was over! Pauline and I went to the kitchen to put away the leftovers and clean up a bit.

The enema part took a little longer than I thought it would. Lisa said Mark hadn't been the most cooperative and she thought he should get a spanking. Mark seemed a little too eager to get one.

Mark did as directed and got onto my bed on his hands and knees. Lisa handed Pauline the leather paddle. Pauline blushed as if she had never used one of these before. I knew she had.

Pauline gave Mark a few quick swats on his bare bottom, ran her hand over his flesh, and told us how tender and soft his flesh was.

"My turn!" Lisa came at him with the flogger, laying down quick and smarting stripes across his thighs and cheeks. He squirmed a bit and cried out in pain. "Okay honey. Lie down on your back and spread your legs for us."

Mark did as he was instructed.

Lisa brought out a small blue silicone flogger. "This is new. I'm going to be careful. This is supposed to be kind of fierce. I don't want to cause any damage so I won't tie you down just yet." She drew back the flogger and gave him a quick blow to each of his inner thighs. He yelped in pain as two deep red stripes appeared.

"Mmm... That is intense, isn't it?" She ran her hand over his smarting skin. Then she turned around and returned from the table behind her with two clamps. "These will help you take the pain better. Your nipples will be hurting so badly, you'll forget about your cock and balls!" She laughed.

Mark looked scared, but his cock was stiff.

Lisa continued her torture, lightly slapping his cock and balls. They took on color quickly and he squirmed to avoid the blows.

"Okay honey. I think we'd better lay off of this. We don't want to really hurt you! You should get a little pleasure now."

Mark squirmed again but looked relieved.

Pauline gave a little tug on his nipple clamps before pulling them off slowly. He cried out as the blood began to flow back in.

Up until that point, I had been observing. Lisa pulled out a blue silicone dildo with a curve to it.

"Get back on your hands and knees honey. You're going to get a prostate massage."

Mark did as he was prompted. His cock was hard and dripping.

"We don't want him to cum just yet." She fastened something around his cock and balls. But he is dripping and we don't want him to make a big mess all over the bed." She positioned him so that his cock was right over a little glass dish. "There. This will catch it all and then he can drink it. He's going to need the protein."

Lisa applied coconut oil to the dildo and had me watch closely as she began to push it in. She instructed me not to push it all the way in. She put my hand on it along with hers and showed me how to maintain that depth and no more.

I fucked him slowly like that while listening to him moan. Every once in a while, Lisa put her hand on mine to correct what I was doing. Mark began dribbling into the dish.

"Okay honey. Get on your back." She had me pull the dildo out quickly. Mark drew a sharp breath as the pleasure was taken away from him.

I propped him up so he wouldn't choke, and put the dish to his lips, and made him drink all of his pre-cum. Pauline unfastened whatever was around his balls and began rubbing the circulation back into them.

Lisa said that she and Pauline were going to play with him for a while because they only had a little time with Mark while I had all week.

I told them they could do whatever they wanted to him but I told him that he wasn't allowed to cum. He was to save all of his cum for me!

Lisa brought out some restraints and secured him to the bed. She handed me a small black thing. Looked a little bit like a rubber scraper. She told me to use that on his balls if I thought he might be close to cumming and that would stop his orgasm from happening. She assured us that there would be no damage to his balls.

Mark held off very well. Lisa and Pauline really put him to the test. I did have to slap his balls a few times but mostly I praised him and told him what a good boy he was. Lisa just kept bringing out toy after toy. Some things went in his ass. Some things vibrated. Some things sucked. Some things did a combination of things.

Two hours later, they decided that Mark needed a break. Lisa put a straw to his lips and allowed him to sip some cold water.

Pauline looked embarrassed and waved us out of the room so he could give her some pleasure. I shut the door to give them some privacy then put the music up a bit louder.

Lisa and I sat down and discussed the sex toys. Some were better than others. Some needed a certain sized cock and those didn't necessarily work with him.

Eventually, Pauline came out. The two of them told me that that they needed to change their clothes and leave. Lisa had to open the store in the morning and she was going to drop Pauline off at her son's house on the way home.

I found Mark still restrained. It took me a little while to free him of the restrains as I wasn't really sure how they worked. His face was covered with Pauline's juices. I rubbed all of the places where the restraints had been.

I heard Lisa and Pauline tell Mark and I goodbye. I then turned to Mark and told him to go into the bathroom. "Go pee and wash your face." Mark's mouth flew open. I knew how difficult it was for a man to pee when his cock was this hard. I told him I knew this but he was going to do it anyway.

I heard Mark making disgruntled noises from the bathroom. Finally I heard the water come on. He came out of the bathroom.

"You need to cum, don't you?"

"Yes please. I really do."

I kissed him gently, told him again what a good boy he had been. I told him to lie down on the bed.

The skin over his cock looked red and tight. His balls looked tight too. But I wanted to prolong his discomfort. I wanted to make him ache so badly that he couldn't stand it. I slicked my hands with coconut oil and began working them slowly and lightly over his cock in a twisting fashion. He squirmed on the bed.

"Hold still and be a good boy for me. I'm going to let you cum, just not yet."

He moaned and struggled to hold still. His cock was dripping and trying to cum. I pulled my hands away. His hips thrust upwards like a man's hips will do when he needs to cum. I pushed his hips down into the bed and held him there, telling him how good he was being to hold off. He was panting now like mad and begging to cum.

I stroked his inner thighs and tummy and told him that he needed to hold off for a little while longer and that I wanted him to do that without my having to restrain him. He told me that he would.

Then without warning, I put my hands over his cock again, this time stroking him harder and faster. He couldn't hold back. He shot thick streams of cum everywhere!

I kept my hands on him, milking every last drop out of his sore balls and slicking my fingers over the head of his cock.

He took it well for almost a minute but the intensity got too much for him. He began vocalizing his pain and trying to squirm away. I kept my hands on his cock and balls, rolling around on the bed with him until we entirely switched places and were upside down. I gave him one last stroke then a slap to his balls.

He relaxed a bit but looked wary.

"You've been a very good boy for me. And you didn't eat much dinner. So I'm going to go fix you a nice juicy burger. I want you to relax and rest for me. I'll be back in a little while." I covered him with a soft blanket and went to the kitchen.

I found him asleep when I returned. I stroked his hair. He moaned in his sleep and turned on his side. I grabbed his shoulders and began massaging them. He moaned some more but then rolled over and sleepily kissed me.

I helped him to a sitting position and handed him the plate.

"You eat that while you watch me play with myself."

I took out my favorite blue glass dildo and reclined on my purple and gold, armless chair, making sure to keep my legs well spread so he could see me well. The light was dim in the room but I placed a couple of puck lights near me to illuminate me.

His eyes grew big as he bit into his burger and I placed the head of my dildo between my lips. I didn't let it fully enter me at first. I just kept it between my lips and worked it back and forth. My pussy was dripping badly. It was very swollen. It didn't take long for the first orgasm to hit me and drag the dildo up further inside of me.

He was eating as if by rote. His eyes trained on me as he stuffed his mouth and chewed. He didn't finish the burger. He did eat most of it but dropped the rest on the plate as if in a stupor. I could tell how sleepy he was but his cock was hard again.

"Okay then. Let me take this plate away and I want you to stroke your cock until I get back. Then I'm going to climb on top and fuck the hell out of you."

I saw him begin to stroke himself slowly. I dashed to the kitchen and got back as soon as I could. I pulled off my dress, straddled him and began fucking him. I knew he had jet lag. He looked exhausted. His eyes kept fluttering closed then springing back open. He was trying hard to stay with me.

I brought my hips down faster and faster, harder and harder, squeezing my pussy tightly each time his cock buried itself deep inside me. My orgasms came fast and furiously. He did cum after a few minutes but I think it was more akin to a wet dream than a good hard orgasm because he was so sleepy.

"Good boy. You did very well tonight and you pleased me very much. But you need to get some sleep. We have the whole week ahead of us, and Lisa has left all of those toys for us. Some are still in the packages. I intend to use every one of them on you before you leave here."

He let out a groan and I pulled him into me, snuggling into his young, warm body. I smiled to myself and let my mind wander to what I might do to wake him up in the morning. Oh yes. We were going to have lots of fun. "Goodnight my pet." I kissed his forehead as he fell into a deep sleep.

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by Anonymous

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by Familyluv2114u04/20/19

You're very welcome!

Actually,and I'm not afraid to admit this mind you.....but I did have a pre ejaculated moment at a certain part of this little story,and it wasn't even a sexual scene haha,go figure....well when Paulinemore...

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by bone25104/19/19

Hot and good!

This is the most wonderful thing, a bsdm story by a girl. I love the feeling of being used by a girl to please her. I could feel that in this story. It wasn't what the guy wanted, it is what he got aftermore...

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by Anonymous04/19/19

I'd like to help you, but there is so much wrong here - from poor grammar and punctuation to tense shifting to telling us what people said instead of using dialogue that I don't know where to start. Bad.more...

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by Jada5904/18/19

Glad you got excited!

That makes me smile! Thanks!

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by Anonymous04/17/19

Cruel to be kind

An ordinary story, no imagination, and very amateurishly written. If it was an essay at school the teacher would have written “must try harder.” I’m sure if you did try harder you could probablymore...

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