My Pet Ch. 02


Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Room service," announced the woman on the other side of the door.

I opened it and took the tray from her. I was still fully dressed so I had no hesitation in opening it, but Nicky looked a little nervous, hoping the woman wouldn't notice him and the leash that was dangling down his chest from the collar.

She smiled at me and I smiled back, and then I thanked her and locked the door again behind her.

I walked back over and placed the tray on the table.

Without even having to remind him, as soon as I locked the door, Nicky removed the towel from his lap. He knew I liked to eat with him when he's naked.

I sat down with him and we enjoyed our refreshments. We did not speak of sexual things as we ate. I felt quite calm, just chatting and eating lunch with Nicky. I liked that I was fully dressed and he was totally naked apart from the dog collar and leash. It gave me a sense of superiority. I knew it would not be comfortable sitting on a chair with a butt plug up him, but he did not complain, he seemed to relish in the humiliation of being treated as my inferior. It almost seemed a normal thing for him to be sitting at a table eating whilst naked with a leash dangling down his front.

"Did you go out last night after I left pet?" I inquired.

"No Miss. I was too tired and thought it best to get an early night Miss," he replied.

"Oh ok. Did you sleep well pet?" I asked.

"Yes Miss. Thank you for asking Miss. I hope you did too Miss," he answered.

"Yes I did pet. I also went to bed quite early. I actually thought about taking you out today for lunch, but the time went by so fast. Maybe tomorrow." I replied.

"Would you like to go out for lunch somewhere tomorrow pet?" I offered.

"Oh yes please Miss. That would be wonderful," he answered with a smile, "Thank you Miss."

I smiled back at him. We had both finished eating and were just sipping at our coffees.

Time went by too fast. I only had three more hours before I would have to go back home again and there was so much more I wanted to do to my slave before then. I hadn't even made him make me cum yet. That was about to change. I also needed to relieve my bladder. I wanted to use my slave's mouth to achieve both of these needs.

It was going to be messy, so the bathroom seemed a good place to go. I got up and picked up the end of the leash that dangled down the middle of Nicky's chest. As I reached down and took hold of the leash I couldn't resist giving his cock a slap. Making him jump as it was unexpected, forgetting momentarily the butt plug, which caused him to winch in pain when he landed back down in the chair. He let out a small yelp which made me grin and snicker at him. Nicky smiled sheepishly at me. He knew rest time was over.

Nicky got on all fours and followed me as I lead him away from the table by his leash to the end of the bed.

"Heel doggie," I said, indicating that he should sit at my feet.

Nicky obeyed and sat at my feet looking up at me for my next instruction.

"Take off my skirt slave," I ordered.

Nicky reached up and gently pulled down my skirt and I stepped out of it. He smiled when he saw my dark purple g-string. He laid my skirt nicely across the bed and sat back down waiting to see what I wanted next.

"Open your mouth dog," I commanded and he obeyed.

Nicky sat at my feet looking up at me with his mouth wide open. I put the handgrip of the leash in his mouth. Then I took off my blouse and placed it on the bed on top of my skirt.

"Stay!" I ordered my pet. Then I walked off to the bathroom and stood at the bathroom door and turned to look at Nicky who was watching my every move. He looked so much like a dog holding his leash in his mouth wanting his owner to take him for a walk.

"Come here dog!" I called to him, "Here doggie doggie, come here boy!"

Nicky crawled over to me on all fours as fast as he could. It looked quite humorous and I had to giggle.

I moved over to the toilet and put the lid down. I then lifted up one leg and rested my foot on the toilet seat lid, opening my legs wide as I could.

"Come here boy," I ordered and he crawled over to me and sat at my feet like a good dog.

"Open that potty mouth and suck on this!" I demanded, pointing to my pussy. My panties were already a bit wet. He let go of his leash in his mouth and hungrily began to suck on my crutch. He was sucking my panties right into his mouth as he tried to get his tongue underneath the fabric.

I grabbed him by his hair and held him there tight. Then I just released, I relaxed and just let my piss flow into his waiting mouth. He was making slurping sounds as he tried to swallow as much as he could. But some of it was leaking out and dribbling down his chin and down my legs. My panties were completely soaked with my pee and I was close to cumming. It turned me on so much to use his mouth and body as my personal toilet and I loved calling him nasty names while I did nasty things to him.

"Suck up all my piss you dirty fucking dog!" I hissed at him, "That's it slut-dog use your potty mouth and lick my legs clean," I demanded. Nicky lapped up the drips of piss that had run down my legs once I released my grip on his hair.

It felt so good to feel his tongue on my skin and it turned me on so much looking down at him and seeing his face wet with my urine.

I grabbed him by the hair again to make him stop.

"Enough dog!" I commanded, "Now pull down my wet panties and get to work making me cum. That is your job isn't it slut?"

"Yes Miss!"

Nicky obeyed and pulled down my soaking wet panties and I stepped out of them. I then grabbed him by the hair again and pulled his face back into my wet pissy cunt. I didn't have to tell him again. He just went straight back to licking and sucking. Prodding my cunt with his tongue, pushing it in as deep as he could. I felt him dart his tongue in and out, fucking me with it. He scrapped his teeth lightly across my clit, causing me to moan loudly. Then he put his mouth over my clit and hummed. Damn that felt good. I started to hump my hips into him, feeling my release was close. He worked hard, licking and sucking and prying with his tongue. I was panting. I pulled on his hair and grinded my cunt into his mouth, making it hard for him to breathe but he kept going. He knew what his job was, he knew his purpose.

Finally it hit me. That wonderful wave of pleasure flowing through my body and I gushed my cum into my slaves expectant mouth.

"Ohhhh fuck yessssss!" I moaned, still holding onto his hair, but for support this time.

It felt fantastic and made me a little giddy, so I removed my leg from the toilet seat and put it back down on the floor to steady myself.

I let go of my grip on Nicky's hair and then patted him on the head.

"Good boy," I said praising him for his efforts.

"Thank you Miss. You taste delicious Miss," he responded.

I loved seeing his face smiling up at me, so wet with my piss and cum. He reeked of me and I loved it. Was like some primal form of marking my territory. I had marked my property with my scent.

I felt like the time was right to try out my most expensive sex toy. I lent down and picked up my soaking wet panties off the floor.

"Open your mouth dog," I ordered. Nicky obeyed and I shoved my wet pissed in panties into his mouth. That will keep him quiet I thought.

"Stay!" I commanded and I walked off back into the bedroom. I left Nicky there kneeling in a puddle of my urine and sucking on my pee soaked g-string.

It took me a few moments to work out the harness, but I got it attached and the dildo felt good as part of it went inside my pussy as well as having a big plastic pink cock on the outside.

I took off my bra so that all I was wearing with the strap-on dildo and harness. I took out a plastic sheet I had packed in my bag. I didn't really want to have to explain to the hotel management if the bed got wet. I stripped the bedding off the bed and lay the plastic sheet down and then walked back to the bathroom and stood in the doorway.

Nicky's eyes grew wide when he saw my big plastic pink cock sticking out of me, he knew my intentions.

"Come here dog," I instructed and he crawled over to me, "Spit out my panties on the floor now slut."

Nicky obeyed and sat staring up at the big dildo protruding from my body. He was obviously trying to work out how much bigger it was than the butt plug I had implanted in him to stretch his hole.

"Suck on my cock slut," I ordered, "Show me how a whore gives head."

Nicky grinned up at me; he loved it so much when I called him nasty names.

"Yes Miss."

Nicky began to kiss and lick my plastic cock. He licked it up and down a few times and then he took it into his mouth. He started to suck on it and as he put pressure on it with his mouth, I could feel it being pushed a little inside me. It felt good, but more than that, it looked so hot. It was really turning me on watching Nicky sucking on my substitute cock. He began to make soft sounds of pleasure as he sucked. It made me wish I had a bisexual male friend to share my slave with, as I would love to force Nicky to give a real cock a blow job and watch him swallow some other mans cum.

I patted his head to show my approval of his actions.

"Good doggie," I praised my pet.

Then I reached down and held his face in my hands and slowly I began to move my hips so that the plastic dildo moved in and out of his mouth. He stopped sucking and did his best to adjust to me fucking his mouth. He was breathing in short sharp breaths, trying not to gag on the intrusion in his mouth. I just loved this feeling of dominance over him, forcing him to take my artificial cock. It made me feel like I was raping his mouth. I felt the power rush again. I moved my hips into him a bit harder and a bit faster and he gagged on it. He made this choking sound and instinctively pulled away.

I grinned down at him. I understood now why so many men love to make women gag on their cocks, it looked good and it sounded good. I could have made him do it again but I had other plans and I didn't have all night.

"Sorry Miss," he apologized for stopping without permission.

"That's ok pet," I replied, "It's time to move into the bedroom anyway. But before we do, get into the shower. Stand up and bend over."

Nicky obeyed. He was facing the shower wall with his ass pointing towards me. I picked up the shower hose off its cradle and turned on the water, changing the pressure so that the water came out in a fast narrow torrent. I grabbed hold of the butt plug wedged into Nicky's asshole and I pulled it out and let it fall to the floor of the shower. Then I aimed the water and cleaned his hole. It was cold and he let out a yelp. His asshole was now open and ready for fucking. I didn't really know about how to administer an enema nor did I have any equipment here for that, but I figured a good clean out with the shower head on high pressure would do the job. I didn't want my new dildo getting dirty and I'm sure Nicky will be grateful for this clean out later when I make him suck on my plastic cock again. I told him to turn around and I aimed the cold water at his cock too. He didn't enjoy it, but I wanted his cock to soften so I could take off the cock ring. It worked and I removed that as well. He whimpered like a hurt puppy when I took it off but didn't say anything. I then moved the control and the water had warmed up and I continued to wash him down like a dog. I rinsed him down then turned off the water. I passed him a towel and he stepped out of the shower and quickly dried himself off.

"Come on now dog," I said as I picked up his leash and lead him to the bed.

Nicky glanced at the plastic sheet but said nothing.

"I want you to lie on your back dog," I instructed, "I'm going to fuck you like a woman, like my bitch."

"Yes Miss," he responded and got on the bed on his back, "I am Your bitch Miss."

He lay there with his legs open wide. I considered just shoving my plastic cock into him without any lube, but as this was my first time fucking a man with a strap-on dildo I wanted to make it easier for myself. I got the tube of lube and coated my dildo in it. I could see his cock had gotten hard again, it was throbbing and he was panting with anticipation.

"Lift up your balls and hold them out of the way dog," I ordered as I positioned myself between my slut's legs. He obeyed and when he lifted up his heavy cum filled balls up, I could see his asshole was now so much bigger. The butt plug and done its job well. From my position it didn't look like an asshole anymore, this gaping hole was now a man-cunt and I was going to fuck my bitch's man-cunt hard.

I pushed my big pink plastic cock into him. I didn't just push in a little way and stop. As soon as I got the tip in, I just pushed right in. I was amazed how far it went in.

He screamed, "Ohhhhh fuck!"

His eyes filled with water from the pain and he began to pant hard and loud. I just grinned down at him and held my position inside him. Damn it felt so good to be above him and looking at his facial expressions. Part fear, part pain, part excitement.

I moved my hips so that my cock withdrew almost all the way, then I slammed it back in again.

"Take that slut!" I hissed at him, "You're my whore, my bitch and I'm going to fuck you hard!"

The force when I slammed back into him felt so good as the other end of the dildo was embedded in my pussy. It was twice the pleasure for me.

I moved in and out of him again, I was getting the hang of this and I liked it. Nicky liked it too. I'm sure he was now grateful that I'd left the butt plug in him for so long. He was moaning in pleasure as I fucked him. His hard cock was oozing pre-cum, it was throbbing wanting to explode but he knew he wasn't allowed to yet.

I started to gain momentum; in and out of my slut's hole I pounded my big pink plastic cock. My big tits were hanging down, swinging with each thrust into my whore. Nicky was staring at my breasts as they dangled just above his face.

Even under the strain of trying not to cum, he was a clever dog. Nicky knew just what buttons to push and when to push them. He knew me well.

"Can I suck on your beautiful breasts please mummy?" he asked, putting on his 'little boy' voice.

"Ohhh fuck yes!" I moaned. It turned me on so much when he spoke like that to me. I felt my pussy juices flow.

Nicky smiled and reached up with his left hand, as his right hand was holding his balls out of my way, and he grabbed hold of my right breast. He lifted his head up slightly and took my nipple into his mouth and started to suck on it hard.

I moaned again. It felt so good to be fucking him like this while he sucked on me.

Nicky then let go and grabbed my left breast and sucked on the other nipple. He sucked me hard; he knew I liked it so that it hurt just a little. I could feel his teeth on me. It was making me moan. I just kept fucking him at a steady pace.

I wanted to cum. I was close. I lifted up slightly so that my tit came away from his mouth.

"You're such a dirty boy, aren't' you?" I said lustfully, "Naughty little boy that wants his mummy to fuck him, aren't you?"

"Ohhhh yes mummy!" he moaned, "Please fuck me mummy. Fuck your son harder!"

That was the right button. I gasped with delight and with all my energy; I pounded my pink plastic cock into his man-cunt as hard as I could. Then it hit me. It was a pleasure tidal wave. It washed over me and through me. I held my breath and froze for a moment while I climaxed. I clenched my fists, grabbing the sheet of plastic beneath him.

I screamed out as my orgasm shook me. Then I just collapsed on top of him.

It was then that I noticed he must have came too, as I felt his sticky cum squishing between our bodies. I had been so engrossed in my own orgasm that I didn't even register that his gasp and low grunt was caused by his loss of control. I must have hit his prostrate with those last few hard thrusts.

"I'm so sorry Miss," he apologized, "I just couldn't help it Miss."

I answered his apology with a kiss. I lifted myself off him a fraction and kissed his mouth hard. My kiss said I wasn't angry with my slave. He kissed me back with passion.

"Good boy," I said when I broke the kiss and pulled back from his hungry mouth.

Nicky smiled at me. He knew I had cum good and it made him happy to make me feel good. I smiled back, I definitely felt good. I moved off of him, withdrawing the artificial cock from his body. I knelt between his legs and looked down at the sticky mess on both of our bodies.

"Did you cum good pet," I asked, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear it from him.

"Oh yes Miss," he said grinning at me, "That was fantastic Miss. Thank you Miss."

I smiled back at my slave. Then I lay beside him on the bed.

"Yes, it was fantastic pet. I loved it too," I responded.

"I hope you are not angry at me Miss, for cumming without permission," he said, cautiously.

"No, I am not angry at you pet. I am pleased with you and I did tell you this morning that I was going to allow you to cum," I said, reassuringly.

"Thank you Miss," Nicky said smiling at me, contented.

"Now be a good pet and come here and lick your cum off me," I instructed, "And you had better say thanks to this," I said cheekily, pointing at the dildo still attached to me.

Nicky grinned at me and sat up and started to lap up his sticky cum off my body. It tickled and I giggled. Then he kissed the tip of my plastic cock as it stuck up in the air.

"Thank you," he said to it in a whisper, and then he opened his mouth and engulfed the pink rod of plastic that had given us both so much pleasure and sucked on it.

I knew it would taste bitter but knowing he did that to please me, made me feel so much in control. I absolutely loved owning this man. There was nothing he wouldn't do for me.

I looked at my watch. Almost that time again. Almost time to go back home and be Mrs. Suburbia again. I had better get showered and remove all evidence of my secret activities.

I got up off the bed and took off the harness and dildo, placing them on the floor.

"I'm going to go shower now pet. It's getting late," I said, walking naked towards the bathroom.

"Do you want me to come and help you Miss?" Nicky asked.

"No pet or I will want to play with you again and I will be late. I want you to clean up this mess. Wipe down the plastic sheet and fold it up and put it back in my bag. Then I want you to clean the dildo and put that away too. And then you may shower yourself," I instructed.

Nicky looked a little disappointed that I didn't want him to join me in the shower but he just nodded his understanding of my instructions.

"Yes Miss."

I left him to his tasks and got in the shower and washed away all traces of cum and urine from my body. When I got out of the shower and came back into the bedroom, I noticed that Nicky had tidied up and put away the plastic sheet away and made the bed again.

While I was getting dressed, Nicky went into the bathroom taking the dildo with him to clean. I also heard him brush his teeth while he was in there.

I was glad I remembered a clean pair of panties in my handbag.

Nicky reappeared in the bedroom and he put the dildo and harness away in my bag.

I know he hated this part. I didn't like to leave him either but it was just how it had to be.

He had that sad lost puppy look on his face again.

"Don't fret. I will be back again tomorrow morning pet," I said reassuringly, "And I'm taking you out for lunch tomorrow too, don't forget." I gave him a big smile and he smiled back at me.

I picked up my bag and walked towards the door. Nicky followed me. He was still naked and hadn't showered yet, he still reeked of my cum and piss, but I didn't care. I took his sad puppy face in my hands and kissed him goodbye, silently grateful that he had been considerate again and had brushed his teeth for me. Nicky returned my kiss with love.

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