My Pet Ch. 02


"See you in the morning pet," I said, "Oh are you going to go out tonight pet? You have my permission if you want to go exploring."

"I'm not sure Miss. I might just go out for a wander around for an hour or so," he replied.

"Ok pet. Just don't get lost this time. Get a map from the reception desk," I instructed.

Then I grabbed hold of the leash that was still attached to his collar and gave it a little tug.

"You don't want me to have to put out a lost dog notice, do you?" I said in jest, giggling.

Nicky laughed at that cheeky remark. "No Miss," he retorted, "I will make sure I don't get lost this time."

I gave him another kiss whilst pulling on the leash as if to pull him to me. Then I broke from the kiss and released my hold on the leash, letting it fall back down against his chest.

"Bye for now pet. I love you," I said as I opened the door. Nicky stood back behind the door just in case anyone may have been in the corridor.

"I love you too Miss. Bye and thank you Miss," he answered.

I smiled at him and closed the door behind me. I wasn't late today; I would make it home in plenty of time to get dinner organized.

I drove home listening to music on the radio and going over the days events in my mind. I had done most of the things that I've been fantasizing about for five years, but I still had three more days with him to complete my wish list.

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