tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Pet Sam Ch. 01

My Pet Sam Ch. 01


So, I'm a girl and I want to share a wicked secret with you.

I have a toy in my basement. A very special toy. My fiancé has no idea about it, and I'd like to keep it that way, but it's way too much fun to keep to myself.

This all started when I was given a cock ring as a gag present. I had joked that my then-boyfriend couldn't last very long in bed, and so for Christmas that year my best friend got me this little antique ring. It soon became apparent this was no ordinary cock ring - it had a very magical property.

It makes it impossible for the wearer to climax.

I'll be honest with you guys. I'm not a faithful girl. I soon learned this ring didn't just work on my man that way - it worked on any man. It didn't matter how much I stroked, sucked, fucked... the guys just couldn't cum. I loved it. It made guys worried about their quick-fire performances into stallions overnight, I could be pleasured for a long as I chose with any man I desired.

After a while, though, I started to get bored of springing it on unsuspecting men. I started to consider the long-term uses of this little artefact. I came up with a wicked scheme.

I installed a mattress in a certain room in the house. In our basement, we have a little cupboard, but due to space reasons we had to put the tumble dryer in front of the door. As a result, neither of us ever use that little space. Thinking about what's down there is turning me on as I type this.

I'd had my eye on Sam for a few weeks. He worked in my local coffee shop, and we'd flirted and joked around for a while now. Now was the time. He was going away, going travelling around South America, a whole two years in another continent, his flight was the next day. I told him it's now or never - no strings attached fun, my place, tonight?

Of course he said yes. Who wouldn't? I told him not to tell anyone... He knows I'm engaged, and of course he kept it quiet. He's a good boy.

I picked him up in my car, drove him to my place when my fiancé was working late. He brought wine. I remember thinking that was so cute. I drag him downstairs.

"The basement?"

"Yeah the basement! Come on, you know I can't risk anyone finding out about this. We have a spare bedroom down there, come on..."

"Hahah, sure. I guess it's a bit kinky anyway, right?"

"Oh, you're into that?" I grin. I know he can't resist.

"Well... I'm willing to try it!" He's so cute, so naive, I'm so turned on planning what I'm going to do to him I can feel my breathing speeding up.

"Good, get in there!" I playfully throw him onto the mattress, flicking on the light.

"Call this a spare bedroom?"

"It's all you'll need!" I snigger, grabbing one of my purchases from earlier. "You said you were willing to try something, right?"

"What's that?"

"A strap to hogtie you with."

"Whoa, whoa, isn't that a bit much?"

"Do you want to fuck me, or not?"

"I really want to fuck you."

"Good. Let me put these on you." As I strapped his shins to his thighs, I felt a rush of adrenalin. Hardly warning him I handcuffed his hands to the buckle of the strap, and he giggled nervously. Oh he still thinks this is a game, how sweet.

"What now?"

"Now, I'm going to gag you!"

"Do you have to? I mean, I don't really want to go this far..." But I could see how hard he is. He's playing with me, he's loving every moment. I ease down his pants as far as I can, I know he's loving how helpless he feels... but maybe if he knew what I had planned.... Maybe he wouldn't be so relaxed right now...

So I gagged him. I stroked his cock, I teased him, all that other vanilla-kinky stuff I've grown so bored of. He loved it. His cock was so fucking wet, I knew his little moans were him begging me to fuck him. I wanted to get him close. So so close to climax...

When he was about to cum into my mouth, I whipped out my little friend, the cock ring. I slipped it over his nuts, and I heard him groan, thrusting his hips as best he could... It was so hot. But I wasn't done with him.

I saw his eyes widen as I reached for a bottle of lube. I rubbed it over my fingers, and started working his ass with them. God, did he struggle at first, he certainly wasn't used to that sensation. But I was relentless, and soon his moans of protest became moans of pleasure. I hadn't told him the little secret of my cock ring... But I'm pretty sure he would have cum long ago if he wasn't wearing it. He groaned and sputtered and I leaned over and grabbed the last two things I has bought. He saw what they were, and he struggled in a sudden, helpless panic.

One is a vibrator, pink and lubed, I stroked it across his chest. "It has four settings... six different speeds... you're going to enjoy this one."

"Mmm! Hmffff!" He struggled weakly, but I knew it was only a matter of time before he submitted. I waited patiently, and soon he must have realised there was no getting out of this one, and he still had such a massive erection, and boy he must have felt like his nuts were about to explode. Weakly, he allowed me to slide it into his butt.

Well, the last thing I bought was another strap, this one tied to the others across his butt. So there was no way that vibrator was coming out, unless of course I took it out. I padlocked it for good measure.

"There's four hours battery life in that thing." I said, as I watched him squirm and moan. "When I come back, I'll change the batteries. And the setting. So don't go thinking you'll be getting used to it." With that, I turned off the light and left him groaning and rocking helplessly, and laughed to myself.

I go down and see him whenever I'm home alone. I'm a nurse so I know how to keep him going, and I often fuck his permanently hard cock while his eyes plead with me. I suck him off, even use a fleshlight on him. I know nobody will come looking for him for at least a few months. I sometimes wonder what he must think about, permanently on the edge of an orgasm he will never experience.

Oh, the fun I'll have with him... But maybe one day, I'll decide my toy needs a little break... but until then...

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