tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Pet Sam Ch. 02

My Pet Sam Ch. 02


Please read 'My Pet Sam' before this story, to understand exactly how Sam came to be my little toy!


Poor Sam. Poor, poor Sam. I thought I should add a little more to his story, considering the fun I've just had with him. I did something I told him many, many times over the past few months I could never do.

I've teased him, fucked him, bound him tighter, sucked his dick, stroked his dick, forced him to listen to the erotic stories I write, playing with him, made him cry with frustration. I would tickle and nip his pink nipples, lubing my fingers and running the very tips lightly over those sensitive little points. I bought a vibrating fleshlight, so both his dick and his ass would be buzzing all night and all day. In short, I control his world, his feelings, his pleasure and pain.

One day, I even tortured him by pretending I was finally going to allow him to cum. After weeks of being helplessly kept at the edge of climax, I was finally going to fuck him, take off his cock ring, and feel him cum deep inside me. When I reached down to his balls to take it off, however, I pretended it was stuck. I told him I couldn't get it off. I went as far as to go get some lube to stroke over him (god did he moan when I did that) to try and ease it off, still pretending there was no luck. He groaned and whimpered and bucked his hips while I pretended to panic. I even pulled him onto my lap and apologised, promising if I could let him free I would, but since there was no way, I'd take the best care of him I could... Stroking his hair and feeling him weakly jolt and shudder, I couldn't help but wonder how helpless he must be feeling.

***The day she tortured me like that, oh man I still remember it when I'm lying awake at night struggling... how she held me close and whispered to me if she could let me cum she would, but now it was impossible... Knowing it was no longer in anyone's control, not mine, not hers... It turned me on more than I could believe. Stupid thing to say for someone in my situation, I know, but honestly I think even if I wasn't being repeatedly pleasured to the brink of orgasm multiple times daily, I think I'd get off on it. Either that or she's turned me into a massive masochist...

She kept it up for days, bringing me my favourite food, talking sweet to me, not teasing me... which, in my situation, kind of just made things worse. However, for those few days, I felt like I was in heaven - I was the ultimate toy, plaything of fate, nobody or nothing could end this eternal subspace of pleasure and torture and feeling... so so close... forever...

When she finally laughed at me, telling me she was still in total control and could free me whenever she chose, I felt myself jerked back to reality harshly. What a cruel trick to play on me... but I loved her for it... It gave me a wave of both relief and arousal - she was very much in command, and I was as much under her control as I ever was. She wouldn't let any harm come to me... but, no matter how much I begged, she still wouldn't let me cum... ****

But, finally, one day a fortnight ago, on a whim, I let Sam climax. I went in his little room, as usual, bringing him something warm to drink (I'd got in the habit of bottle-feeding him... it made even mealtimes feel like an exercise in teaching him who controlled his life, and meant I didn't have to unbind him in the slightest). Those big brown eyes met mine and he greeted me with his usual whine and wriggle to try to make the simple task of replacing the batteries in his vibrator a chore. He nuzzled me as I fed him, and I worried for a moment he was getting too comfortable with his routine. I was also struck by curiosity - what does he think about? When he's ungagged, he usually just howls my name, or begs "please... please..." over and over, but what about when he's alone? I wondered if Sam was still in there, Sam who brought me coffee every morning with a cheeky grin and a flirty wink, who tried to impress me with stories about Peru and the mountains he was planning on trekking.

So, on a spontaneous whim, when he was finished drinking and rubbing his cheek against my arm softly, I pushed him away. I climbed between the bar holding his knees apart and his dick, and pulled off the fleshlight. This wasn't unusual, I often got into this position before sucking him off, so he didn't squirm too much. Then, his eyes found mine. I don't know why, he must have realised something was about to happen, as he suddenly panicked. He began thrashing - or, at least, as much as he could, being tied wrist to ankle and shin to thigh. It was more of a weak rocking than a thrashing, but I knew the amount of effort that required.

"Stop." I ordered him, and his eyes went wide with terror. I took hold of his erection, and rubbed my hand up and down. He struggled against me, clenching his fists, pushing his hips upwards through my hand to maximise the sensation... thinking, as usual, that it would all be for nothing when I decided his torture was through.

Instead, I sat up higher so his dick pointed straight at his face, rubbed him at a pace I knew was driving him mad, and slipped off the cock ring.

The effect was explosive. With a hoarse yelp of shock, pain and overwhelming pleasure, he shot his load hard onto his face, chest, and mattress.

"Nooooo!" He howled, still thrusting helplessly through my hand, tears streaming down his face. "Noooo!" His cum was streaming, I could feel the powerful throbs of his cock pushing against me, his balls tensed.

"No..." The amount of cum in each shot gradually lessened. He must have climaxed for at least thirty seconds, and still more jizz gently pooled on his stomach as I slid out from under him and started to unbind him. "Why...?"

"Because, Sam, I've always wanted a toy to keep forever for-"

"No... Why did... you let me... cum?"

For the first time, I wasn't sure what to say to him. I took the vibrator, still buzzing, from his ass and chucked it next to him, then unbuckled his ankles and wrists, helping him ease his stiff legs straight.

"How... long?"

"Three weeks."

"I... need..." He had gone helplessly limp, so I decided to let him sleep. Without saying another word, I got up, stared at the floppy half-naked man trembling with orgasmic aftershocks beneath me, snuck out, and shut the door.

**** I must have slept for hours. At first I didn't even have the energy to clean myself so I lay in my own mess, hardly able to think or feel anything, but so so tired. I woke with my head still spinning, and cleaned myself weakly with a blanket, pulling up my pants which had been forced down all that time ago. My muscles hardly seemed to work. My cock was still throbbing and wet and red, semi-hard, my ass felt achingly empty. It was too light in that little room, my head pounded, but I soon slept again.

I wondered why. Why she had pushed me over the edge I'd trained myself to believe was never coming. What did I do to deserve that? To be on the edge of heaven, of ecstasy, perfection... only to feel it, to have the one thing my mind obsessed over, have it forced upon me then to bring me back to cold, dark, scary reality. Had it really only been three weeks? I kept waking in shock, reliving the moment she squeezed my balls and slid the ring over them, the sudden rush of intense heat and pleasure and pain and helplessness... the hard relentless contractions of my dick, the hot fluid splashing over my face, my eyes... Every time I woke I'd find I'd climaxed a little more, a little more cum squeezed from my aching body. I longed for my owner to return, she would understand, she would make everything better again, surely...****

I returned that evening with another bottle. I was a little wary of opening the door - I worried my moment of weakness would mean I no longer had a little toy to play with whenever I chose. Maybe he would attack me when I went down there. I checked on my little camera I had installed to keep an eye on him... he was curled in a ball, awake but not moving, cuddling his little vibrator close to his chest like a child may hold a teddy bear.

I opened the door carefully, as quietly as I could. His body didn't move but his eyes followed me warily.


"Uhh." His attempt to move towards me was weak, so I scooped his shoulders onto my lap and cradled his head, letting him drink. For a few minutes, the only sound was him suckling. His knees bent into his chest and he held his hands limply like paws over his stomach - he was so used to lying in that position, it must have become instinctive. Finally he finished, and he gazed up into my eyes.

"You're my owner." He said at last.

"Yes." I replied firmly.

"I love you, Owner."

"Don't get soppy with me." I snapped, and he cringed in my arms.

"Please... please don't make me leave."


"I want to stay with you. Don't make me leave."

"I'm not letting you go, Sam." I saw the relief flood over him, and I felt a twinge of arousal. He was giving himself to me, totally, he wanted me to control him, he wanted to be mine...

"Why... did you let me cum?"

"I felt like it." I shrugged. "You're just my little plaything, I can do with you whatever I want. I used to think of you as a pet, but you're less than that. No decent person could leave a pet tied up here alone all day and all night. No, you're lower than a pet - you're a toy. If I chose to fuck you, you'll have no choice but to give in. If I chose to deny you the chance to ever climax again, then you'll never climax again. Ever. If I want to make you into my helpless, hopeless, pathetic little plaything, then that's what you'll be."

"Uhhhh..." Sam groaned, and I noticed the damp patch on the front of his pants growing. He'd cum. Just a tiny bit, just a few drops of cream, but he'd still orgasmed to the sound of my voice. I loved the waved of power I felt.

"Sam, you're not going anywhere. You're staying here until you get your strength back, and then your training will start." I smirked at the look on his face, helpless, weak yet filled with hope.

"Yes... Owner."

"Now. Clean yourself up. No blanket this time, use your tongue. I'll be down here tomorrow morning, and then, then you'll know what it feels like to truly belong to me."

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