My Pet Teacher

byMr Creator©

Giving her a few moments to adjust, I then began pumping my cock in her ass. At first I went slowly, but then as I felt her starting to respond beneath me, I began picking up the pace and driving it deeper with each thrust. Within a few minutes, I was bottoming out on each thrust accompanied by loud moans of passion from Becky. To help me drive deeply into her ass, I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and began using it like the reins of a horse. I would pull hard on her hair as I drove my cock in, pulling her head back which forced her to arch her back painfully each time.

"That's it, cum on my cock whore. Let me know how much you like having your ass raped." This just seemed to drive her closer to the edge, as she began to push her ass back to meet each thrust of my cock. My balls were soaked from slapping against her sodden pussy.

In no time, she reached her climax, as her entire body went rigid again, this time with an intense orgasm. A steady "uuuuuuunnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh..........." could be heard from around the gag. If I thought her asshole had been tight before, I was sorely mistaken. She was clenching so hard from the orgasm, that my cock felt like it was in a vice. The pain was fucking intense. I think I howled in pain as well. Thankfully, after a few moments, she began coming down from her high and, with shudders, her body began to relax. Wasting no time, I began pounding into her asshole with wild abandon. My orgasm was near as well.

With a final thrust, I released her hair, whipped my cock out and began spraying my cum all over her ass and back. I watched in fascination as her once gaping asshole began to quickly resume its starting shape.

Working the last of cum from my cock and wiping it on her ass cheek, I stepped away from the bench and pulled out my digital camera. Though I had captured the whole thing on video, I also still wanted some different angle shots for my 'scrapbook.'


A nice shot of her dark red ass covered in my cum.


A nice closeup of her face, mottled red from the exertion, hair plastered to her head with sweat, and drool running down her chin puddling on the bench underneath her from the gag. What a sight she was. If I wasn't running short on time, I think I would have probably went another round. As it was, I still had to keep reminding myself that there was no rush. I owned her now, and could do whatever I wanted with her, whenever I wanted.

Putting my pants back on, I went and retrieved the camera, and then put the supplies into my bag. I then bent down and removed Becky's blindfold and gag. It took her a few seconds for her eyes to adjust, as she also worked on loosening the muscles in her jaw which were strained from being been held wide open for so long.

"Well whore, do you have anything to say for yourself?" I asked.

After a few seconds thought, she replied, "Thank you Master for punishing me. I won't disappoint you again, I promise."

It was certainly not what I'd expected. Her submission to me and this whole situation was complete.

"Well, I certainly hope not whore," I said as I put the blindfold and gag into my bag. I then stood up and began walking out of the room. When I was several steps from the door, Becky hollered out, "Please Master, don't leave me here!" in a very panicked voice. "I'll be good, I promise I'll be good. Please," she begged.

It really was quite pitiful. I had no intention of leaving her there. I had only meant to tease her, but her submission to me was so absolute that it was now within the realm of possibilities that I would do that to her.

Making it sound as if she had convinced me, I said "Alright, I'll let you up from there. But if there is any more disobedience, I will tie you to that bench and let the entire football team have their way with you. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master, thank you." she quickly replied.

Kneeling down, I removed the key from my pants pocket and unlocked the handcuffs from her wrists. They were red and marked from where the metal had chaffed and rubbed against her skin as a result of her exertions. After placing the handcuffs in my bag I stepped back and silently waited for her next move.

Somewhat to my surprise, while still lying on the bench, she began reaching back with her left hand and scooping my cum off of her ass and back and depositing it in her mouth. I hadn't expected her to do that without first being told.


It seemed a good picture to add to the collection. The camera was now so common place with Becky, that she no longer even reacted to its use.

As soon as she had the cum cleaned up, I had her get dressed. I told her though, that she would not be allowed to wear panties for the rest of the day. I then ordered her to place her panties into the garbage can by the door of the locker room. I figured this would be a good puzzle for anyone who happened to look in it and see them there.

I then sent her on her way. After she had departed, I did a quick scan of the room to ensure nothing was left behind before heading next door to the janitor's closet to retrieve the recording equipment.


I didn't see Becky again until math class last period in the morning. As the class began, I noted her whole demeanour had changed, and she was now referring to her students by their last name. It was Mr. or Ms. for everyone. I also noticed that when she went to sit down, she did so very gingerly, and the slightest of grimaces would momentarily flash across her face. She also refused to meet my eyes. All in all, I liked the changes I was seeing in my new slave.

When the class finally ended, I stayed in my desk until the last student had left for lunch. Then I got up and casually strolled to the front of the class. Becky stayed in her seat and kept her eyes downcast.

"Lift up your skirt whore," I ordered.

"Yes Master," she replied and hastened to comply. Despite the fact the door to her class was still open she was obeying without question. I had conveniently stood in such a location that my body was between the door and her body, so that anyone passing by would only see a student standing beside the desk talking with a teacher.

Once her nicely shaven cunt was exposed, I ordered, "I want you to play with your cunt whore and make yourself cum. You will not be allowed to cover yourself up again until you have cum for me."

She quickly dropped her right hand down to her pussy and began rubbing in small circular motions on her clit. In no time, her eyes fluttered closed, and the pace of her rubbing began to increase. Removing my camera, I got another few choice shots of her self-humiliation.

When I could sense her nearing an orgasm, I began to spur her on. "That's it whore. Rub that cunt. You're probably hoping someone will walk in right now and watch you humiliate yourself. Maybe I should have you do this for the class this afternoon. Hmmm?"

Her breathing began to get ragged as she began to grunt and her hand was literally flying across her pussy now.

"Tell me what you are," I ordered.

"I'm a whore," she grunted, eyes still closed.

"That's right, and what turns you on?"

"I like being humiliated and abused," she cried.

"Say it again."

"I'm a whore and I like being humiliated and abused."


"I'm a whore and I like being humiliated and abused," and with a shriek, she came all over her fingers.

Worried we might be discovered, I quickly peered around at the door to see if anyone had heard the shriek and come to investigate. Thankfully no one was there.

"That'll do whore. You can cover yourself up now."

"Thank you Master," she replied as she allowed her skirt to fall back down over her legs.

"You belong to me, don't you whore?" I asked.

"Yes Master," she quickly replied.

"And you'll do anything to make me happy right?"

"Yes Master, of course."

"Very well, after science class this afternoon, I want you to tell Ms. Beaumont that you need to speak with her after school today at 3:30 pm. Alright?"

"Yes Master, but why?" she questioned.

"Do I need to explain myself to you whore?" I admonished.

A very meek, "No Master, I'm sorry." It almost sounded like she was going to cry. Perhaps she feared I was going to punish her for it.

"Very well, I'll see you in science class then."

"Yes Master."

I turned about and left, elated over my total control of my science teacher.

Now I had one final phase of my plan to execute. Lisa Beaumont had spurned and ignored me for far too long. Soon she too will be learning her new place in life, and I don't think she's going to like it at all.

Science class came and went, without event. Becky continued to be polite and respectful to her students, and still would not meet my eyes. She also appeared to be having an easier time of sitting down.

At the end of science class, when the students were filing out of the room, Becky spoke up and said, "Ms. Beaumont, I need to see you for a few minutes after school today concerning your project. Can you please come by the classroom at 3:30 pm?"

"Of course, Ms. O'Hare," she replied puzzled.

The last period of the day was a blur to me as I was completely focussed on what was going to happen after school today. When the final bell rang, I actually had to keep myself from cheering out loud.

I quickly rushed down to Becky's classroom. I only had about 15 minutes to get things set up before Lisa arrived. Upon arrival Becky was sitting in her chair with a quizzical look on her face.

Ignoring her, I took out a flask of juice from my backpack with several disposable plastic cups. Pouring equal amounts in both cups, I quickly replaced the flask. I then removed a small white envelope from a side pocket of the bag and poured the contents of the pouch into one of the cups.

Turning to Becky I said, "Now listen very carefully whore. When Lisa arrives, I want you to have her sit down in a desk in front of you. I am going to crank the heat up in your class so that it becomes sticky in here very quickly. You are then going to convince her to have this glass of juice to drink to cool her off. Be very sure that you drink only from this other one." which I lifted and placed next to her.

"What am I supposed to talk with her about, Master?"

"Just make it up. Tell her you want to discuss the direction of her project. Anything to keep her here. Once she drinks the juice, the powder will take hold very quickly," I explained.

"Can I ask what is in the powder Master?" she timidly asked.

"It will not harm her. It is just a variation on the date rape drug that's very popular these days. It will simply 'make her out of it' for a little while. When she comes around, there will be no damage, but she won't remember what happened either. Can you do this for me whore?"

"Yes Master."

"This will please me greatly if you can do this," I offered.

"I won't fail Master."

"That's my girl," I said, patting her head affectionately. I think she almost purred at that.

I then told her I was going to hide in the supply closet, until the drug had taken hold. After several minutes of sitting in the stuffy closet, I heard the classroom door open.

I then heard Becky say, "Ms. Beaumont, could you please close the door for me?"

"Uh, sure."

"Please have a seat in one of those desks there, would you?" Becky asked politely.

"Alright. What's the problem, Ms. O'Hare?" Lisa asked.

"Oh, no problem, Ms. Beaumont, I just wanted to discuss the direction you were planning on taking with your science project."

"Oh, OK. No problem. Jeez Ms. O'Hare, its kind of hot in here." Lisa complained.

"I know, I think the thermostat is broken. I have a call in to maintenance for them to have a look at it." Becky explained. "Would you like a glass of juice? I made it myself. It might help take the edge off," she reasoned.

"Uh, sure. Thanks."

"There you go," Becky said as she placed the glass on Lisa's desk.

"Thanks, this is pretty good. What kind is it?" Lisa asked.

"Uhh....its just a medley of fruit juices thrown together." Becky hastily improvised.

"Well, what I was planning on doing with my project was to take...samples...from the plants...and...uhhhh...I'm not feeling well..." Lisa began to mumble. The drug was obviously acting very quickly. After several more seconds Lisa was slumped over on her desk.

Stepping out of the closet, I ordered, "Whore, go lock the door."

"Yes Master." She jumped out of her chair and ran to the classroom door, throwing the deadbolt in place.

"Now help me lay her on the ground and get her undressed."

Becky hastened over and helped me lift her onto the floor. As I started with the buttons on Lisa's blouse, Becky knelt down and began working on the fastenings for the skirt. I was surprised at how cooperative Becky was being. She did not appear to be hesitant, nervous or even reluctant to help me.

Once the blouse and skirt were removed, we both began working on removing the underwear. Becky had the panties off long before I managed to figure out the clasp on the bra.

"May I do that for you Master?" Becky meekly asked.

Nodding my head, I stood up and took a step back to admire the view. Becky quickly scooted up and had the bra off in a few seconds. As it was with Becky the first time I saw her naked, it was again with Lisa. After years of dreaming and fantasizing about her, it was all suddenly coming true. The raw feelings of dominance and control were intoxicating.

Looking at that tight petite little body had me instantly rock hard. Her breasts were small, probably a good handful each, but the nipples were fucking amazing. Despite her breasts being fully half the size of Becky's, her nipples had to be at least the same size as Becky's, if not bigger. Her skin was deeply tanned, except for a very noticeable bikini line, and she had the smallest little mound of blond pubic hair. It was so light, that the hair almost looked white. She was as beautiful as I had imagined her to be. And boy was I was going to enjoy knocking her down a few pegs and teaching Lisa her new place in life.

When I finally managed to take my eyes off of her naked body and look at Becky, I found that she was still kneeling beside Lisa, and was looking intently at my crotch. Obviously she could see the effect Lisa's body was having on me. Looking more closely at Becky, I could almost swear her expression was one of jealousy, rather than the expected disgust.

"Fuck, this is almost too good to be true," I mused. "Take off your clothes whore," I said turning my attention to Becky.

She immediately began to comply. While Becky was undressing, I also took the opportunity to get out of my clothes. I also removed my camera from my bag and began taking photos of Lisa's naked body. I only had a little while to work, but it was critical that I get enough quality pictures to facilitate the next step of my plan.

"All right whore, we're going to start 'posing' our little student here so we can get some good photos. Lets get her sitting up." Reaching down, we each grabbed an arm and pulled Lisa into a sitting position. The drugs didn't knock her out completely, but rather left her in a type of catatonic state.

"Now kneel down in front of her. I want a picture of her sucking on your tit," I ordered. "No, the other tit whore" I snapped, when she began moving her left breast towards Lisa's mouth.

"Jesus Christ whore, I need these pictures to look realistic." Reaching down I grabbed her left nipple and began squeezing and twisting it roughly.

"Owww" she moaned pitifully, but didn't resist. When her nipple was sufficiently red and hardened, I let go and began applying the same treatment to her right one. Once I was satisfied with the look, I then had her place her left knee between Lisa's legs, so that she was straddling Lisa's left leg, and shuffle her body far enough forward that she was able to place her right breast into Lisa's slack mouth. With just the right angle, I was able get a perfect picture of Lisa sucking on an unidentified set of titties.


Her partially open eyes almost made her appear as if she was in a state of arousal.

Motioning Becky away, I then approached Lisa's head and placed the tip of my still raging hardon into her mouth. I sure hoped she wouldn't reflexively bite down on me or anything like that. Grabbing a handful of hair, I pulled her head back so it appeared she was looking up at me with those aroused eyes while her mouth was full of cock.


"All right, lets get her sitting up against the side of your desk." Grabbing an end each, Becky and I carried Lisa over to the desk and propped her up against it. "Now spread her legs wide open. Wider than that whore. You're not going to hurt her for fuck's sake, she can do the splits." Becky, with bowed head hastened to comply as she knelt beside Lisa. When Lisa's legs were opened an obscene amount, I then ordered Becky, "Now lean over and start sucking on her tit."

With only the slightest hesitation, she leaned forward and took Lisa's left breast into her mouth and began loudly sucking on it. Standing behind Becky I was able to get a perfect shot of Lisa's exposed charms and of an unidentified female sucking on her breasts.


The sight of my slave willingly sucking on another woman's tits was having a strong effect on me, and I began to absently stroke my cock between pictures.

"Now move down and lick that pretty little cunt of hers," I ordered. Again, with only the slightest of hesitation, Becky bent further down and began tentatively licking Lisa's pussy. In this position, Becky's back was arched and her ass was thrust up high into the air begging for attention.



Quickly snapping off a couple more photos, I put the camera down, and without warning, knelt behind Becky's upturned ass and slammed my cock home into her pussy, burying it on the first thrust. To my surprise, her pussy was already soaked. This fucking whore was enjoying being made to lick another woman's cunt.

"Unnhhhh....." she moaned. Her head raising up as I pounded into her.

Grabbing a handful of hair and twisting her head around to face me I sneer, "Did I tell you to stop licking that cunt? Now get down there and start licking, and don't stop until I tell you to whore." With my hand still in her hair I then twist her head back around and shove it back into Lisa's pussy. Without complaint she began licking again as I madly pound away in her cunt.

With a rapidly building tempo, I begin to berate Becky. "My little whore likes licking pussy does she? Your cunt was soaking wet before I even touched you, you fucking whore. I wonder what people would think if they knew you were in here fucking two of your students?" I asked rhetorically through gritted teeth. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

My humiliating words seemed to have the desired effect on Becky as her entire body suddenly went rigid and she began grunting loudly into Lisa's cunt. Her pussy began to pulse around my cock as if it was trying to milk the semen right out of it. Her orgasm was all the stimulation I needed to bring on my own climax.

Yelling at Becky, "Get out the way whore," I quickly shuffled forward with my cock in hand and with a final stroke began covering Lisa's face and tits in cum. When the final strand had fallen, I shakily got to my knees and quietly admired my handiwork. Lisa looked like a real slut with cum all over her face and chest, her legs opened an obscene amount, and that same aroused look on her face.

Grabbing the camera, I take a few more shots for my collection.



Turning to Becky, I ordered, "Clean her up whore." I realize that time is likely running out and Lisa may be coming out of her stupor at any time. Becky hastily bent down and began licking the sperm from Lisa's face and tits.

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