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My PhD Student


Normal day at work... lot of stuff to do, I'm annoyed that one of my proposal has been refused... which means that I don't get the money for this 3 years project... this is really pissing me off!

I can't really work so I'm browsing through my list of "things to do"... and I realize that you gave me something to read some times ago, that I obviously haven't... it's normal your my student so you have to do things by yourself... I'm not here to work for you but just to manage your little butt! Speaking of that, you have a nice butt... and I can feel my cock growing as I fantasize about it...

I'm starting to read your manuscript, but it's boring and I can't concentrate so I just order by email to come in my office to chat about it... I feel a bit bad because I know I'm going to pass my nerves on you!

You reply straight away saying you're not in yet and that you're running late... but you be there soon!

I like the way you write, direct without caring if I care or not, I know you're dedicated... and as a bonus point you're quite hot... and again I start to think of your butt... especially when you put those summer dresses... mmm I wish I was younger... I remember that night at a conference when I was dancing with you slightly drunk... I'm sure you felt my cock against your leg... you didn't say anything... and I wonder if at some point you were not enjoying it...

Finally you arrive... and you smell alcohol... party must have been good last night... you dressed in a rush, shirt and squirt... I can see your g-string under your squirt (as I'm staring at your nice and lovely butt before closing the door behind you)... wondering if it is the one you partied with. I jumping directly to your work and I'm not satisfied with it. I know you like to be telling that your job is shit... but I'm enjoying hearing you apologizing... you know that I don't like to waste my time... you cross your legs... and I can't but let my eyes looking under your squirt... you directly realize it and I feel a bit ashamed but I jump on telling you about my proposal... some of the money would have been used for you... I'm telling you that I'll try to resubmit it again so you can keep your grant... I'm just thinking in my head where I could resubmit it and I don't realize that you stood up and came close to me... I look at you like coming out of my thoughts and you suddenly kiss me grabbing my head in your hands...

you lips are soft... your hands are warm... and I just let myself go... you push your tongue against my lips in search of mine... mmm that is so good... I didn't have such a passionate kiss for a long time...

You push my chair away from my desk, look at me in my eyes and say a quiet... "sssshhhh"... you take out your shirt and you pull down my pants and take out my hard cock from my boxer... without saying anything you engulf my shaft in your mouth... omg it is so delicious... you lips are amazingly soft and you tongue is so good... mmm you know how to suck cocks... your handing is stroking it in the same time.. I'm taking out your bra to release your cute little boobs... mmm you look so hot sucking my dick down on your knees...

I stand up and push my stuff on my desk... I have to pull you off my cock... and sits you on my desk.. I pull up your squirt and take out your string... and insert my tongue directly in your already wet vagina... I feel your nails on my head... you know you have to stay quiet... my tongue goes up your clit and down to your butt... I feel your clit growing and your pussy becoming wetter and wetter... mmmm your juice is delicious... I slide my fingers in your pussy while I'm focusing on your clit... I can hear you moaning very slightly... biting your lips... you're pulling out my fingers form your vag and direct them to our butt... it is wet enough for them to slide in it easily... I feel your legs tightening my head as they slide inside it... mmm you're so horny... I can feel the beat of my pulse in my cock... I can't wait to rape your pussy but first I want to make you cum with my tongue... and I don't need long... you're pushing my head against your pussy... I can feel your body tensing up... hear you breathing faster... and suddenly you push me away, you're shaking on my desk... your head backward, your legs widely spread... your pussy is all wet and ready for a good fuck ... I can see you smiling... as I'm moving back, you pull your legs around me to catch me and pull me back against you... one of your hands is grabbing my cock to direct it against your pussy... I don't need to force very much for it to slide in it... mmmm it feels so good... warm, wet and soft... I look at your face as I'm sliding inside you... your mouth widely open... but no sounds come out it... you must enjoy it a lot... you grab your arms around me and bring back your mouth against mine to kiss as my cock is starting to pond your little tight pussy... I can hear you moaning while you're kissing me... your nails in my back are tearing my skin away... I'm so horny thinking I'm fucking my student on my desk... again you push my fingers down your butt, and you're whispering me that you want me to come in your ass...

Mmm I like that... I can't believe what is happening but I'm fucking you the best I can..

You push me away, and turn around to present me your amazing butt... I have been fantasizing on since a long time... you look at me... and I know you're telling me "take me now and finish it"... I spit on your ass and push my cock against it... you don't stop looking at me... you want me to enjoy every winces of your face as my throbbing cock is entering your tightest hole... I push at bit harder and all a sudden my cock is engulfed inside your butt... your eyes are closed and your mouth wide open... I don't know what is happening in your brain.. but I know you enjoy every inches of it...

you let you face going down on the desk and grab my back with your hands and pull me even deeper inside you... you can't contain a load "aaaah" ... you retain me a bit and then you reopen your eyes and I understand you want me to finish it.. my cock is overloaded... but I start to move back and forth in your ass.. you gabbing the desk with one hand and your biting the other as I'm ramming your tiny butt... I don't need long to feel a big load coming along my shaft... and I push myself deep down inside you as I cum strongly... you can feel the muscle of my cock contracting inside you... aaaaah it feels so good... I lying on top of you for a moment... before the phone suddenly rings and bring us back to reality... we quickly move off my desk and get dressed... and sya nothing but.. I'll work on my paper and you apologize for wasting my time.. and that I should not worry for the money.. and you left...

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