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My Pirate


My husband is extremely sexually repressed and vanilla. He was the one with all the experience when we met. I was 28 and still a virgin, never even been on a date. He's always been self conscious about the size of his cock, but truly, if he hadn't made such a big deal about it, I never would have noticed. At the time, I had nothing to compare him to and didn't know what it would feel like for anything bigger. He should have kept his mouth shut, but he didn't. I used to think I would never cheat, but that put a seed in my brain. He insisted on telling me I was missing something, so if something is missing, you have to find it right?

I found it at work. I work at a police department as a 911 dispatcher. Police departments are giant Peyton Places, full of drama. There are hundreds of officers (mostly men) and dozens of dispatchers (mostly women). a friend told me a joke before I started working there. What's the difference between a Mercedes and a dispatcher? Most police officers have never been inside a Mercedes.

I'd been working there 8 months. It was Cinco de Mayo, a huge thing here. There are cops out everywhere around the city. Even the older guys that have seniority have to come in and work on their day off. I lucked out and was assigned to the report center, so didn't have to deal with all the loud music/party/fight calls. I had a lot of down time to play on the work computer, the MDT (mobile data terminal) aka mobile dating terminal. Cops are notorious for being male sluts. They love to flirt over the computer and in person with the dispatchers. The MDT's were how we communicated with the officers and other dispatchers and sent our events.

I was looking for someone to talk to because I was getting bored. At that time I didn't have a laptop, and we didn't have any Internet there. I finally found someone I knew who wasn't busy. I had known Bill for at least 15 years. I saw that Bill was working a 2-man car with someone I didn't know but I typed to him anyway. Bill and I used to play TV/Movie trivia over the computer. After a few rounds of questions, the answer came back. "This isn't Bill by the way, he's driving. This is Robert."

We kept playing trivia all night. I never knew what Bill had told Robert about me, but we seemed to hit it off. And the next night when Robert was back to his own patrol car, I typed to him again. We started playing trivia. it was probably the next week that we started flirting. He would send me messages that had my pussy so wet; I wasn't sure what to do. I had never felt this way before. I'd never even kissed anyone but my husband before. He started asking if I'd ever thought of being tied up. I lied and said of course not. I'd really been thinking about it since I was 12 or 13 years old. After a few weeks, I wanted to meet him so bad. I had started dreaming about meeting him. I had no idea who he was and was dreaming about a tall balding man with a big mustache and smile to match.

Early on, I started calling him Curly because he would type NYUCK instead of LOL or HAHA. He called me lilgirl, but I never knew why. When I saw lilgirl I wouldn't even have to look who it was, even if he wasn't in his usual assignment. I knew it was him right away. In fact, as soon as I saw Hi lilgirl on my screen, my panties would be on their way to getting soaked.

His birthday was almost exactly a month after our first messages on Cinco. I baked some cookies and brought them to work with me. I had to meet him, and I needed an excuse. I told him I had a present for him and wanted to meet him to give it to him. He said he couldn't take anything home. I told him that wouldn't be an issue. He agreed to meet me.

It was 4 am when I got off work. I drove about a mile from the PD and met him on a side street. He was parked and I drove up behind him. I got out of my truck and started to walk up to the car and he got out. And then I saw him for the first time, over 6 feet tall, balding, big mustache, big smile, the same as in my dream. I had seen him at sometime during briefings when I was on graveyard shift and must have subconsciously known it was him. I used to say hi to Bill every night, and I guess my brain remembered the guy that sat next to him in briefing.

I walked towards him and didn't know how to greet him, so I stuck my hand outto shake. "Hi I'm Karen, nice to meet you." He laughed and shook my hand.

I handed him the plate of cookies. "I guess I should thank you." He leaned over and gave me a kiss that took my breath away. It was like he was sucking the air out of my brain. My feet and hands and face went numb. His hands slid under my shirt and were skating around my back. I loved the feel of his cold hands on my skin, and the hard feel of his ballistic vest against my chest. I can't explain it but there is nothing sexier than a cop in uniform! at least for me.

I was really falling into Robert's kiss and could barely catch my breath. his hands pulled my bra up over my tits along with my shirt and my breasts were out in the cool summer night air. Until he bent over and started to suck hard on my nipple. God it felt good. I was practically swooning. I'd never known what was meant by that term, but I did then. I was in heaven and I could feel my pussy wet and swollen, locked away in its pants.

All of a sudden I saw headlights. He pulled my shirt down and stood up and picked up the plate of cookies like he was looking under the foil. The police car drove by slowly and he smiled and waved at the other cop. I'm sure he had an idea of what was going on. We were off the beaten track. His car was in front of my truck, so it was obvious he didn't pull me over. Plus he was way out of his district. My bra was still pushed up just under my chin underneath my shirt, but I managed to act non-chalant.

As soon as the police car rounded the corner, he pulled me close and pushed my shirt back up and started sucking and biting on my nipples, hard! I gasped and moaned. We had barely said a word to each other. It didn't feel strange at all though. I could feel the power coming from him, holding me there. He backed away and started opening his pants. "Suck my cock lilgirl." I dropped to my knees and was face to face with the second cock I had ever seen in my life. He was maybe 6 inches long, and soooo thick. I held his shaft in my hand and started sliding my tongue on his cock head, like a lollipop, listening to him moan. he has a deep, gravelly voice and it was sooo sexy to hear his noises out there in the dark.

He had his hands in my hair, pulling me farther on his cock; I had it all the way in my mouth as it started to get hard. I realized just how big it was, because I couldn't keep my mouth on it as it grew. In fact, by the time he was fully hard, I could just get the head in my mouth. I don't have a large mouth, and his cock is THICK! I did the best I could sucking the head. He was hard and throbbing in my hand, and I was more than glad to keep going, but he pulled me up and told me to stop. I was confused. Why didn't he want me to keep going?

He told me to unzip my pants and pull them down. He stuffed his cock back into his pants (not an easy thing to do) and he got on his knees in front of me."Hold your lips apart for me lilgirl." I did it and then he sucked the oxygen out of my brain for the second time that night, only this time through my clit. He licked and sucked on my clit and my pussy, his tongue seemed to hit everywhere at once.

I started shaking and had to hold on to his shoulders as I came in his mouth. I could barely hold myself up. My legs were numb. He stood up and helped me pull my pants up. He made sure I had put myself back together. "We'll do this again lilgirl, but I have to go back to work now. Thank you for the cookies."

We parted ways and I drove home to my sleeping husband, still shaking.

Robert and I were meeting maybe once or twice a month after I got off shift, and I would suck his cock behind a store parking lot. Or he would meet me somewhere and have me take off my pants, lay on the seat of my truck and watch me play with my pussy. I loved the sight of him standing at my passenger door, the darkness behind him, holding his flashlight pointing at my pussy as I slid my fingers over my clit and into my cunt. He would watch so ntently. "That's it lilgirl, you're so nasty, naked in your car out in public; playing with your pussy. Does it make you hot?"

Robert had a deep, gravelly voice that I loved. At work they used to call him The Pirate, but he was my Pirate, and I loved everything he said to me. As soon as I started to cum, he would tell me what a slut I was, what a nasty dirty slut to do this for him. Then he would lean in and lick up some of my juices and tell me how good his nasty slut tasted. I always left with weak legs.

I loved sucking his cock. It was thick; I could barely even get my hand around it, much less my mouth. I especially liked having it in my mouth when it was flaccid so I could get it all, and then feel it growing, pulsing, and throbbing in my mouth. And of course I loved hearing him call me his nasty little slut. "Oh lilgirl, you suck my cock so good. Who would think that such a good girl could be such a dirty little slut, sucking her Master's cock outside a store."

The whole time I would be sucking and licking his cock, his gun belt was on and his gun was inches from my face. It was fucking hot, 4 o'clock in the morning, in a dark alley or parking lot, on my knees on the hard dirty pavement. Then I could feel him tense up. He'd grab my head, hold me there, and pump gobs and gobs of cum into my mouth. It would shoot into the back of my throat. I couldn't keep up with swallowing and would always lose some out of the corner of my mouth. He would pull his cock out of my mouth and tell me what a good little girl I was to suck his cock so nicely.

It was months before we ever got a chance to fuck. He called me one day and said his wife was going to be out of town for the day and to get a motel room and he would meet me. I waited for his call in the room, and when it came, I was so nervous and excited. He walked into the room. "Get undressed lilgirl." I stripped and it was the first time he'd seen my whole body naked at once. He undressed and started stroking and squeezing my tits, pinching my nipples so hard I almost screamed.

He put a blindfold on me and told me to get on my knees and suck his cock like a good little slut. It was so hot not being able to see, feeling every inch of his cock with my fingers and lips and tongue. He would be moaning so loudly and it made me even hotter. "Lick my balls lilgirl." I would slide slowly off his cock and lift it up and lick his balls, sucking the tender skin into my mouth until I heard him take a big intake of breath. This was the first time he was naked in front of me, and I loved the feel of his legs and ass in my hands as I sucked harder and harder.

He took pictures of his little slut with his cock deep in her mouth. He shot hard into my mouth, his hands gripping my head, not letting me move as I had to swallow in order to breath.

I licked my lips. He took off the blindfold. I and looked up at him with devotion in my heart "Mmmm, that tasted so good Sir." I smiled and he helped me to my feet and told me to get on the bed and spread my legs. He handcuffed my hands together in front of me, handed me a vibrator, and told me to make myself cum.

I took it and started playing with my clit, moaning, while he took pictures of me fucking myself with the vibrator. He told me he wouldn't fuck me until I had made myself cum. I tortured my clit with the vibe. I wanted to cum fast so he would fuck me. God I wanted to feel his thick cock in my pussy. I'd had only had one cock, and it was tiny compared to him. I moaned loudly and came hard, almost coming off the bed. I was panting hard and wanted his cock so bad.

The time had come, and he was going to fuck me now. he climbed up on the bed and kissed and licked my pussy. "My little slut tastes so good." He pulled my thighs apart and slid his cock to my wet slit, pushing the head in, I almost came unglued, it was so big. he got part of the way in, and then, I was so tight, he couldn't get past it at first. He had to slide out and in, in and out several times until the head popped past a tight ring. I felt so stretched open.

I could feel every inch of his cock as he slid in and out of my open pussy. I was moaning, begging him to fuck me harder. he leaned down and was biting my tits hard, then sucking them even harder. I lifted my chest up to him, encouraging him to suck and bite even harder. he did, his hips pistoning in and out of my tight cunt. he was moaning, telling me how nasty I was, what a tight cunt I had. that I was the perfect slut for him. I wanted to wrap my legs around him, but he had me splayed open wide so he could fuck me as deep as possible I was in heaven, his fat cock spearing me over and over. I felt every bit of it. He grunted loudly and came hard, pumping into my tight tight pussy.

I lay there panting; I had another orgasm when he came inside me. I was worn out but he wasn't done with me. He had been telling me for months that he wanted to fuck my ass, but it scared me to death. He promised me he would never do anything to hurt me and I believed him. But I was really too scared to do try it; so he decided he would lead me in the right direction.

He lay between my legs lapping at my pussy. I was so ready to cum again. I felt him spreading my ass cheeks and his tongue slid down to my hole. It quivered under his tongue. It surprised me and I jumped. He held my hips still. "Don't move lilgirl. I won't fuck your ass today, but I think if you relax, you'll enjoy what I'm going to do today."

His finger was stroking my wet swollen pussy and now his finger was soaking wet. He went back to licking my cunt and I felt his finger slide down, and INTO MY ASS!! I begged him to stop, I was almost crying. "Please Sir, please take it out, I don't like it."

He lifted his head up from my pussy. "Its ok lilgirl, just relax, push out towards my finger and it will slide in easier." I started breathing deep, trying to calm myself down and did what I was told. I pushed out and his finger slid in. to be honest, it didn't hurt, just felt different. I wasn't sure what I thought about it. He let it sit there for a minute so I could get used to it and lazily went back to licking my cunt. There was no end to the juices I had there for him.

He slowly started finger fucking my asshole. At first it startled me, but as he moved faster and harder in and out, still licking and sucking on my pussy, I almost wanted to beg for more. And then, to my amazement, I started cumming, harder than I ever had before. My hips were pumping into his mouth and he jabbed his finger in faster and harder. He was sucking the juices right out of me as I came and came and came. When I had finally come down from the clouds, he was still between my legs. "Didn't like it huh?" He smiled at me and I melted. I knew the next time we had a motel room, he would be fucking my ass.

Robert had told me to get a butt plug and start practicing with it so I would be ready for his cock. I called him after the first time I got it in. It hurt to push it past the sphincter, but once it went in, oh my god did it feel good. My ass would close tight around the base and pulse. So would my pussy. I tried to practice when I could. I didn't want to not be as ready as possible for him (or rather his cock). Every time I practiced with the butt plug I realized that my orgasms were stronger.

Months later, Robert was taking a class in Lake Tahoe. He was there with two other people that he worked with from the department. That same week I was going to meeting in Orlando. I had an extra day off. I asked him if I could get to lake Tahoe, could he get away to meet me? He said he could get a few hours. I was so excited. I flew to Reno, took the bus to Tahoe and checked into my hotel.

After I got settled in my room, I went off to the store to find everything he had asked for. I walked up and down the aisles, a six-pack of beer for him, Bailey's for me, some KY jelly, and an enema. As I was making my purchases, I wondered if anyone thought it was a strange assortment. I walked back to my hotel and felt like everyone that I passed knew what I was going to do that night. I know they didn't, but I couldn't help feeling self-conscious.

When I got up to the room, I started getting ready. I went to the ice machine and filled up the sink with ice to get the beer nice and cold for him. I put on a porn movie to spend the time. It wasn't very good but I was in the mood. I put my butt plug in and waited. It seemed like forever, but finally, the phone rang and it was Robert. He was downstairs. I gave him the room number and waited.

I jumped when I heard the knock on the door. I opened the door and as he walked in, he saw the porn movie on the TV and chuckled. "Such a little slut, couldn't wait huh?" I showed him the beer and I opened one for him and got a glass of the Bailey's for me. I wanted to cool my nerves a little. "So what have you been doing? Did you cum?"

"Oh no Sir, I would never cum without asking for permission, I just went to the store, and then put my butt plug in and waited."

He looked at me, and I realized before he said it that I had made an error. "Did I tell you to put in the butt plug before I got here?"

"Uhh, no Sir."

"Did you use the enema?"

"Uhh, no Sir, I thought I would wait til you got here."

"Did you read the instructions?" He walked over and picked up the box and read it out loud to me that for full effect allow an hour. "You should have used this an hour ago. You'll have to be punished. Bend over."

I did as I was told and leaned on the bed. First he pulled out the plug and didn't take his time about it. It hurt for a second as the bulbous part pulled out. Then he started spanking me. He loved to see his red handprint on my white ass. Both ass cheeks stung but it still made me wet.

He told me to go into the bathroom and put the enema in. I'd never used an enema before. Robert helped and told me to hold it. After about five minutes, I started feeling a really big urge to go to the bathroom. He said no. five minutes more and I asked again. He said no. five minutes more and I was begging to be allowed to go to the bathroom. He finally said ok and stood in the doorway. I looked up and asked if he could close the door. "No, I'm going to watch you. You can't hide anything from me."

As much as I needed to go to the bathroom, it was so hard to do in front of him. But finally I went. It seemed to take forever. When I was done, he took a washrag and cleaned me and put the butt plug back in. Now I was ready for him and his cock.

I had another glass of Bailey's and was feeling a little buzzed.

"Undress me slut." I walked up to him and lovingly took his clothes off, carefully folding them as I put them on the chair. Soon he was standing there as naked as I was. His cock was hard and standing out from his body. Too bad, I wouldn't be able to get it into my mouth all the way. I was looking at his cock and he could tell I was hungry for it. "Suck me lilgirl."

I smiled. 'Yes Sir." I quickly got on my knees and took him as far as I could into my mouth. My tongue ran around his cock head, tasting his precum. I licked down his shaft and under his balls. His hands were in my hair, pushing me harder into his pelvis. His cock was so hard it was bobbing with the throbbing of his pulse. But he didn't want to cum in my mouth. He backed away and told me to get up on the bed and spread my legs and play with my pussy for him.

I lay across from him, sliding my finger around my hard clit, feeling how wet my cunt was, how swollen the lips were. While I fingered my pussy, I was watching Robert sitting on the other bed, stroking his cock. It was so hard; it looked like it was ready to burst. He spoke quietly. "Cum for me lilgirl." I exploded right then and there, moaning and writhing on the bed.

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