tagTransgender & CrossdressersMy Place in the World Ch. 02

My Place in the World Ch. 02


Devin was frantic to say the least. His thoughts went from panicked to an attempt to calm himself to panicked again. The warm summer wind blowing through the wood hit his sweat soaked body, cooling him after a long day ride in the box. Devin had not realized the extent of his nakedness until now. He was completely nude except for the three bands binding his limbs together and the gag filling his mouth.

The man carrying him, the tall well dressed black man that abducted him from his home earlier today, carried him with ease. Devin tried to maneuver his head so that he could see where they were going or catch a glimpse of his abductor. However being carried over the shoulder and with his face behind the black man, all he could make out was the woods around him and the leg of the well tailored suit moving forward.

Devin felt the man come to a stop. He heard beeping sounds from buttons being pushed fallowed by a electric latch unlocking. 'This much be where he takes his victims. Damn it, damn it. Think what can I do?'

The man carried him threw the doorway and shut it behind them. The A/C hit Devin immediately on his hot sweaty skin. It was heavenly. The cabin seemed to be laid out like a hotel room. The first room contained a TV, night stand, dresser, and a large king size bed already made. The next room he was carried threw had a refrigerator, a sink, trash can, and a microwave. Next came the bathroom. It was larger than expected, it contained a sink, mirror, a stand up cabinet, toilet, and a exceptionally large tub/shower. The man carried him to the tub, opened the glass door, and laid him inside.

"Not to be rude, Baby, but you stink something awful. Let's get you clean before your own smell ruins your dinner" Said the man in what could be taken as a kind and caring tone under other circumstances.

'I smell like this because of you, Asshole!' Devin wanted to say badly. Likely he wouldn't have had the courage even if the gag was removed. The man standing over him was intimidating. He took this moment to study his captor. He was muscular and was no longer wearing the top half of his business suit. Now only a white wife beater that restrained his massive figure. His jaw was square and hidden behind a thin beard. He was bald though far too young to be balding, maybe 10 years Devin's senior. Devin assumed that meant he shaved his head.

"My name's David. You don't know it yet but we are going to be great friends. I'm going to take care of you." David said as he turn on the shower head. The cold water felt amazing on Devin's still over heated body.

Soon the water turn warm and David started to wash his prize. Devin started to imagine all the violations that might be visited upon him by this otherwise kindly man, as David proceeded to touch him in every place imaginable while bathing him. David brought Devin to his knees to wash his upper body. After scrubbing his face, David leaned in to plant a kiss on the outside portion of the gag. It was intimate and disturbing to Devin. 'Fuck, fuck! That settles it. This guy is going to rape me!'

David grunted as his lips moved away from Devin's. "Oh baby, you are going to be so sweet." David held Devin's head in his massive hands preventing Devin from pulling away. Devin whimpered, but that turned David on more. "Don't be scared of me baby girl. I just have trouble not getting excited. Especially around a cute little thing like you."

'Baby girl?' Devin thought. David continued to wash him touching every inch of his skin along the way. Some things that weren't so private still seemed a violation to Devin. Such as when David lifted his bound wrists over his head to gain access to his nearly hairless armpits. When David reached the lower half of his torso David stopped and help Devin down onto all fours. As he continued he payed special attention to Devin's tiny 3" cock and equally tiny balls. Devin tried to turn away but David effortlessly held him in place with one arm around his hips.

"Shh, baby. We have to get you clean. If you embarrassed don't worry. I was hoping it would be small. It's cute. You should be proud of how cute it is."

David then moved to Devin's rosebud. His soapy hands ran up and down Devin's crack focusing on the tightly puckered ring. He leaned down and planted sweet and gentle kiss on Devin's cheeks.

Devin tried to pull away frantically but to no avail. He was terrified this might be the moment the rape officially begins. While David's finger circled his hole he never applied pressure or tried to penetrate him.

Once satisfied with Devin's level of cleanliness, David turn the shower off. He then pulled Devin to his feet and laughed as he tried to keep his balance with his legs bound tightly together. As he dried Devin off he admired how even when standing his prize only came to his shoulders. "You're prefect, you know that."

Devin didn't know what to think. David warm smile and continual agency over his body seemed to calm and unnerve him at the same time. No one had even told him he was perfect before. Ever. All his life it had always been go fast, work harder, get better grades. He could never remember being complemented on his looks.

David picked Devin up and carried him to the bed, sitting him there upright. "Okay Honey, I've been sweet to you so far. I need you to understand two things. One, I'm not a bad guy. What I am doing here, I'm doing for your own good. A year from now you're going to thank me."

The mention of a year from now alleviated Devin's fear of being murdered. Images of his freshly raped body dumped on the side of the road somewhere had crossed his mind. "Second, I don't have to be so nice. What is happening is not your choice. It will happen regardless. You just get to pick how painless or how miserable the process is for you."

Devin set calmly and obediently listening, he had come to terms with being helpless in the moment. 'If I don't have a choice, and it doesn't seem I do, let's try for painless' Devin thought.

"I'm going to take this out of your mouth," Davis said undoing the strap that helm the gag in Devin's mouth. He places his hand on the front of the gag keeping it in Devin's mouth as he continued "Here's the rules. It's not time to talk yet. Not one word. That will come later. I'm going to take this out, give you water, and give you food. You show me how grateful you are by not saying a word until I tell you too. Nod if you understand."

Devin nodded slowly. His mouth was dry, his jaw sore, and his stomach rumbling. He would behave he decided. As the gag was pulled from his mouth he had trouble opening his mouth wide enough to let it past his teeth. His gums where so dry they stuck to his gag. When it finally popped out he was relieved and also amazed by the size of the thing. It was round and slightly smaller than his fist. One end was pointed into a cone and the other side was a small round cylinder with a base-plate attached to a leather strap.

David set the large rubber butt plug he was using for a gag beside Devin on the bed. He went to the fridge an retrieved a bottle on water. He opened it and placed it in Devin's bound hands. "Don't spill any one the bed. I'll make you a sandwich."

After drinking three bottles of water and eating a small turkey sandwich with David's help Devin was already feeling better. He could have ate more but he was afraid to ask for more. David was still being really nice to him considering the circumstances. David wiped his face free of crumbs and drops of water.

David then picked up the plug-gag and knelled down to Devin's level. "This is only temporary. You won't need this thing forever, I promise."

Devin panicked. He dreaded having his mouth filled and held open again. His jaw still hurt and had made eating very difficult. "Please!" He screamed. "I'll behave, I promouu..." David had forced it back into place and fixed the strap.

"I sorry, Baby. Like I said maybe tomorrow you won't need it." David took Devin to the bath room, unbound his arms, and allowed him to use the bathroom before turning down the bed coverings, rebinding his arms, and laying the naked body down for bed. David then stripped naked and crawled under the covers from the other side.

Devin had heard David undress but couldn't bring himself to look. As David came closer, Devin felt David's arms around him as he was forced to become the little spoon. He felt for the first time some hard poking him from the bottom of him butt cheeks.

David held Devin still as he panicked. "It's okay. You're not ready for that yet anyway. I just like feeling it rub against you." He grinded into Devin's backside slowly.

"I guess you want to know what going on? You're going to be my wife. Tomorrow we are going to my home. And next week we are getting married. This week is... let's call it a courtship. A time to get to know one and other. That may seem crazy to you know, Baby Girl. I can tell by how hard your trying to avoid feeling my dick on you. But here very soon my dick is going to feel the best parts of your day. And I'm going to treat you right too. Help you find your place in the world. You're not going to be my slave, you're going to be my partner. I'm going to love you and you're going to come to love me too. I know that. But for tonight why don't we just call this first base."

Devin head was spinning hearing all this. He was not going to get Stockholm syndrome he resolved. 'First time David lets his guard down I'm making a run for it' he told himself. He heard a container being opened and something cool and slippery being poured onto his butt cheek and then rubbed into his crack. David's penis felt massive. It was slippery now too.

David held onto Devin's hips and pushed this cock along Devin's crack. "Dry" jumping him. His 10' monster was larger than the trench that hid Devin's hole. Almost twice the size. David loved the ratio. He had always hope for a gurl this much smaller than himself.

Devin squirmed as David held him in place and used his body to masturbate. He felt wholly used and disgusted but he knew deep down it would only get worse. He felt his ass smashed against David's hard rod. Periodically he felt David push his cock against his hole. David would push ever so slightly, not even enough to cause pain, before moving on grinding the rest of his crack. Devin wondered how painful penetration was going to be. He knew he would likely not be able to avoid it.

David moved faster now, he was really grinding down hard on Devin's backside. He knew he was close so he grabbed Devin, pushing him onto his back before standing him. Jerking furiously Davis said, "Here it comes, Baby. Oh, here it comes"

Devin saw David's cock and naked body for the first time. He looking ripped as his muscular hands stroked the bulbous end of his huge cock. Devin thought David was peeing on him at first as a torrent of cum sprayed from the head of David's cock. It was thick and smelled musky when compared to his own. The first shot of cum over shot him a little bit, mostly landing in his curry bush of hair. The second shot landed right above his eye fallowed by another stream to his check and neck. About five or six more volleys of cum hit his chest and tummy coating him completely.

"Damn that was good, Baby. Don't worry. You're going to love this type of stuff before it's over with. Now, one of the rules is to never waist my cum. I need you to rub it into your skin for me, Baby." David said as he moved his dick up to Devin's face. He squeeze the last drops of cum out and onto Devin's cheek.

Devin hesitantly started to do what he was told. The cum felt very different from his own. It was in thick, yet there was some much there was no way he was going to rub it into his skin.

Seeing Devin's hesitance, David said "Better get to it, Honey. I told You I don't always have to play nice. I might just go ahead a pop your cherry tonight if you don't listen." That seemed to motivate Devin to do as he was told. It took 15 minutes or more but finally David felt Devin's skin and it felt dry. "Good Girl, now I now sleeping is probably hard tied up and with that gag on. Let me help you out."

Devin felt David roll him back over into the spooning position and felt his massive cock push back against his ass. 'I wanna got home.' Devin felt the comforting arms of the very man causing his stress envelope him lovingly before a cloth was pushed into Devin's face forcing speed upon him.

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