tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Playmate, My Sister Ch. 02

My Playmate, My Sister Ch. 02


My sister Sara and I lay spent in each other's arms, Sara's head nestled in the crook of my neck allowing me to take in the sweet aroma of her hair. We had just encountered the most passionate sex either of us had ever had, and despite the fact we both wanted more of each other, neither of us had the energy to move. Instead we drifted off into a satisfied slumber. Even though I had just experienced her in the most intimate way possible, my dreams were still filled with visions of my sister, and for good reason. She was the soon-to-be playboy playmate of the year and possibly the hottest women in the universe: Sara Jean Underwood. I imagined taking her in every position, in every place I could think of, immersed in her beautiful moans of ecstasy.

I knew I could tell nobody about this new direction in my life and the incredible luck I had stumbled upon, not that anyone would believe me anyway. It was all too much of a fairytale that a normal guy like me, though I like to think I'm handsome and charismatic, would ever find myself in the arms of a goddess like Sara. She was the very image of perfection: smooth, with a toned form, soft, hand-filling breasts, flowing blond hair and an absolutely angelic face. Though it had taken me finding her in the pages of a playboy, I now couldn't possibly imagine making love to a more ideal woman than Sara.

"Girls like Sara don't show me the time of day," I thought, "let alone my sister!"

Nonetheless, as I awoke to an empty bed the next morning and shuffled downstairs with sleep still in my eyes, there she was. She truly was a goddess, her silky blonde hair cascading around her gorgeous face. My eyes continued down, taking in her petite frame, smooth and toned in all the right places. I watched her for a moment as she bounced around the kitchen; it was like I had court-side seats to one of the playboy photo shoots I had found of her online only a week ago. She seemed so happy, with a beautiful smile on her face and an energy in her step that made her glow; it was even better to know that I had a part in her cheerfulness. As she bent over to reach one of the lower drawers, a flash went off in my mind, reminding me of a pose just like one of the photos I had seen. Then she arched her back and reached her hands up, stretching out the morning stiffness, flash, a sexy pose only Sara could do just right.

Flash again, I wish I'd had a camera as Sara reached up to a shelf just a bit too high for a coffee mug, the little yellow sundress riding high enough for me to see the pair of pink, lace bottoms she was wearing. Sara heard me behind her and knew that she had been giving me a show, making sure the cup she wanted was far enough back to prolong my view. As she finally grabbed the mug she wanted, I slid behind her, causing her to shiver just a little at my touch. I put my hands on her arms gently and simply stood there, taking her in.

"Good morning to you too Andrew," Sara said seductively.

"When you weren't there this morning, I thought I had dreamt it all up." I complained. I rubbed my hands up and down her arms and she leaned in to me lovingly.

"I considered giving you a little wake-up call," Sara said, placing her hand gently on my hardening cock over my boxers, "but I figured you might want to rest a bit more, I don't think I've ever been with a guy who lasted that long before."

I couldn't help myself, I slid my hands under the bottom of her dress, strongly moving them over her smooth skin until we came to cup her flawless breasts. Sara continued massaging me through my shorts and my cock grew into her palm in response. She reached up and scratched at the back of my head with her free hand. Showing off the flexibility her yoga had brought her, Sara turned and arched her back to bring her lips to mine, still facing forward with my hands kneading her luscious mounds.

The feeling of our hands upon each other was so gratifying for both of us that we pushed against each other, Sara firmly planting her toned ass against my growing member. She stood up a bit on her toes and pushed her little but over my shaft. A few soft and playful bounces against me and my body was begging for her. My hands continued their worship of her body, one focusing on her squeezable tits and another on her curved hips. I reached for her bottoms while still grasping one of her breasts, rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. We dry humped each like that for probably three minutes, our desperation and haste getting the better of us.

Sara needed me, and she writhed beneath my grasp, her hands prying me closer to her. Her heavy breaths forced themselves out as she tried to keep her tongue locked in a back-and-forth battle with mine. She purred soft moans at me, her hips rotating her lower half around my hardness. I could almost feel the heat of her sex against my boxers and it snapped me back to reality. I had to be inside my this gorgeous playmate now and as much as I could while this sexy little jackpot of luck was within my reach. My own sister was the very definition of my lust and love and probably was of any guy she had come across since her first photos were snapped. I reached down between us and hooked my finger on her panties and began to push her bottoms down, preparing to take her right then and there. We were both aching for it, holding our breath as the material slid down her silky when...

"Hello!" said our mother, opening the front door.

The mug Sara had been holding dropped from her hand into the sink, shattering, as both Sara and I scrambled to separate. I slid onto the stool at the island and Sara smoothed out her shirt just as my mother rounded the corner and gasped.

"Sara!" both of us frantically looked around, thinking we had missed something that would give us away, "you didn't tell me you were going to be home!"

I sighed in relief as my mother moved to hug Sara and I shook my dad's hand as he followed his wife into the kitchen. I noticed that my father was looking across the kitchen instead of at me as I asked about their vacation. his eyes were locked on his little girl, whom he had not seen in months, and I figured he was reacting to the sight before him just as I had when I had first seen Sara days ago.

"Sara, don't you think you should be a little more covered around your brother?" asked Jim, our father as I poured myself a bowl of cereal.

"Nice to see you too dad," Sara said with a smile on her face, "besides, it's not like I was looking at me anyway, he's too focused on his food as always."

I immediately looked down into my cereal bowl and shrugged, hoping my dad wouldn't push the issue any further. I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep my cool now that my mom and dad were back and our watchful eyes were upon us.

"I'm sorry, and it's good to see you too Sara, and I'm glad you're back," Jim rebounded, "just try to cover up a bit more, okay?"

"Sure daaaad," Sara drew out.

"Leave her alone honey, she's a grown woman now," said Karen, our mom. "Speaking of which, Sara, you have got to get me on whatever diet you are, because you look great!"

As the women chatted, our dad told me that he had forgotten his laptop charger at home, and that they could only stay for two days on the boat trip they had planned; ten days was too long for a lawyer such as my father to be out of contact.

"So kids..." started Karen, "we still have the sailboat for eight more days, well seven now, and I think we should all head back to Florida today so we don't end up wasting the money."

I could feel my luck turning from bad to worse. my morning had started with the prospect of fucking the most gorgeous blonde vixen I'd ever known, my sister, and a playboy playmate over the sink before I even ate breakfast; and who knows what the rest of the week could have had held in store. I looked over at her, even with the flowing dress I could make out her sexy frame, and I couldn't believe I had just been cock-blocked by my own parents. Sara caught me looking at her and made eyes at me to answer my mother.

"I don't know mom," I said unenthusiastically, "it's kind of short notice. Besides, how could we all even fit on the boat, especially with your friends already there."

"First of all," replied Karen, "I know for a fact you have nothing else to do, and second, this is not just any sailboat, it's built to fit six comfortably. Of course, you'll have to share a room with Sara but it's nothing you two haven't done before."

Sara and I stole a glance, smirking at the double meaning, and we could both feel our luck turning. We knew we couldn't say no to our mother's request and since Sara didn't have any photo shoots with playboy scheduled for a few weeks, her tan could certainly use some work before then. (Her work with playboy was still unknown to Sara's parents and she intended to keep it that way as long as possible.) We had nearly been caught fucking in the kitchen moments before and had planned to do so as often as possible before our parents returned home, but all was not yet lost.

Hours later, we were packed and headed to the airport once again. Sara and I sat as close as possible in the backseat without looking inappropriate as the car bumbled along. Sara had to fight off smiles and giggles as I gave her knowing looks and we chatted with our parents. If we were alone, we wouldn't be able to keep our hands of each other, but in only a few hours we would have the opportunity once again.

"I'm dying over here," I whispered to my sister as we both exited the vehicle.

"Me too, just a few hours and you can show me just how HARD it is for you." she whispered back and pretended to stumble as she exited the vehicle, pressing her little ass against my yearning cock.

As we made our way through the airport toward our gate, Sara thought about how things had changed in the few nights since she had returned home. There had never been a shortage of guys begging for her attention, but the way she and Andrew had come together had just felt so... natural. He was just the kind of guy she was always looking for, caring and cute, but sturdy and down-to earth. All the guys she had met since college and now in her work with Playboy felt so fake to her. They were no different than the TSA officer who joked that she had been randomly selected for a pat down before eye-fucking her and waving her by. She nearly threw herself at me and wrapped her arm around mine when we were both through, she was so disgusted with everyone but me.

Our affection for each other became more manageable now that we had been forced to act appropriately for long enough. The flight to our connection in Nashville was uneventful save the not-so-jokingly references we both made toward joining the 'mile-high club.' We talked the entire flight, interesting and loving conversation that had brought us so close in the first place. Our parents looked across the aisle, happy to see our children getting along so well as Sara slumbered on my shoulder for the last half-hour before landing.

Unfortunately, as most things usually do, not everything worked out so peachy in Nashville. Due to our short-notice seats, and though we had gotten lucky in Chicago on standby we would not be taking the afternoon flight to Jacksonville as planned. Even though our father could afford it, even the first class seats were sold out, so given the choice to stay the night and take the flight the next evening, we chose instead to rent a car and drive the rest of the way. Nobody was too happy about that, but once again we found themselves shooting down the freeway toward our destination in no time. Always opting for the more luxurious option, our dad had rented a large van with comfy captain's chairs and a large back row.

After we all stopped for dinner, our father announced that he would drive through the night and the rest of the family could sleep unless he needed a replacement. With the sky now completely dark and our mother keeping my father awake in the front seat, I moved toward the front, asking:

"Everything okay up here?"

"You bet, we've got our snacks and this Cat Stevens special on the radio has got us in a great mood," replied Karen, enthusiastically.

"Well, I haven't gotten much sleep from finals this past week so I think I may go pass out on the seat in the back," I said with grogginess in my voice.

"Hey!" fired Sara, "I wanted that back seat, Andrew."

"You'll just have to share it then, it's plenty big for the two of you," Karen mediated.

I looked back, now realizing what my sister had intentionally done, and saw that naughty grin on her face she'd shown me multiple times since she'd been home. Our father turned the music down in the rear speakers and I made my way toward the back. Sara quickly followed me, and as I laid down on the large backseat, Sara took her place in front of me, sliding her sexy frame so that I spooned her ever so slightly.

Karen looked back at her two children; they seemed to be fidgeting a bit to get comfortable in the darkness of the backseat. She could just make out their forms but thought that the seat must have been smaller than she had previously judged.

"Andrew, why don't you be a gentleman and take one of the blankets and lay on the floor so Sara can sleep comfortably," she implored me.

"It's okay mom, he's a big oaf but there's enough room for me," Sara teased. "Oohmphf," she let out just as she was finishing her sentence.

"What's the matter honey," Karen asked upon hearing her daughter's funny noise.

"Nothing mom, just caught a bump back here," she lied.

Truthfully, as Sara was teasing me to our mother, I had worked my hand to her breast and pinched her nipple solidly over the fabric of her cotton t-shirt. Sara moistened at the contact and knew we had to be extra careful with our parents in the front. She reached behind her and took hold of my cock with her hand ever so slightly. She could feel me thrust my hips forward at her touch and she wished we were alone so we could both release the intense feelings of desire we had felt for the second time that day.

"You know, I actually wanted to get a little sleep," I said quietly.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, you go ahead," Sara replied, cutting off all contact and crossing her arms in front of her.

Too turned on by having my fuckable playmate sister curled up in front of me, sleep was now the last thing on my mind. Instead I began to tease my sister by tickling lightly at the backs her crossed arms, trying to break her from her feigned stubbornness. Sara leaned away as I touched her, trying to sell her act further, but I was not discouraged. I moved my hands down her abdomen and slipped my fingers just under the waist of her athletic shorts. I moved them slowly around the waistband, massaging gently; it was becoming impossible for Sara not to react. Then I began pushing the shorts down just below her hips, exposing the white cotton panties underneath and the wet patch they held over her sweet quim. As I moved my fingers toward it and felt the spot, I knew she wouldn't be able to hold out for long. I began to push one finger against the puffy lips over her panties.

"Still going to hold out on me?" I challenged her quietly.

"You're the one who wanted the sleep," Sarah said back, holding her ground.

But truthfully, Sara couldn't take it anymore, Andrew was too good; it was as he I knew all her sweet spots as well as she did. She began to gyrate her hips back against me and we were once again spooning firmly against each other. If felt so good to have Sara back in my arms, and having her mouth-watering cheeks split over my fully hard cock didn't feel so bad either.

Rather than let me continue, Sara sat up quickly and quietly and reversed her position. Her face was now rather close to my cock, and she wasted no time. She grabbed at my waistband and pushed it down over my cock. I could feel her warm breath on my shaft and nearly shouted as she grabbed a hold of my member and took the tip into her mouth. Not to be outdone, I pushed her shorts and panties down her legs in one move and grabbed her hips in both hands. Simultaneously, we then began to pleasure the other.

I darted my tongue out over Sara's clit, licking first in broad stokes and then quickly over her little nub. Sara held back a scream, and may not have if she had not been inching my cock into her mouth at the time. After she worked it in and out about half-way a few times, Sara sucked gently at my tip and flicked her tongue out over the slit. I was in heaven - and I too began to breathe heavily. Using my fingers while continuing my attack of her clit with my tongue, I reached up and worked a finger inside of her tight little hole. She began bucking at my touch and felt as if she could hardly concentrate on the blow job she so wanted me to enjoy. I continued to lap at her cunny and Sara started moving involuntarily; I could feel how strong her core was as her hips bucked in my hands. I sucked her clit into my mouth and pulsed around it as Sara neared her orgasm, her pussy now getting wetter with each passing second.

Sara too was getting the desired effect out of her efforts; I could barely keep up licking at her with my tongue in between heavy breaths as Sara's head bobbed over my stiff cock. I had pulled her on top of me by now and placed a blanket over our bodies. The captain's chairs hid our heads from view but if our parents had flipped the lights on we would easily be found out. Not to mention that Sara let out the occasional squeal that was apparently just quiet enough to be drowned out by the radio. I was glad of it because the I loved the sweet sounds that Sara made, letting me know I was doing a good job on her.

"Sara... Sara... I'm almost there," I alerted her.

I expected her to release me as I continued stimulating her with my fingers and tongue, but Sara had no such plans. Seconds away from release, she could feel me unintentionally thrusting toward her and she took me in as far as I could go, massaging my soft sack with her nimble fingers. Once, twice, a third time she slid her luscious lips almost entirely up and down over the length of my cock. On the third she held me there and I began to pump my semen into her mouth. I was in heaven, breathing out heavily onto her wet pussy as I shot rope after rope into her throat. Never before had a blowjob made me orgasm so hard. I shuddered as Sara pressed her lips over my sensitive tip, swallowing and erasing all traces of my release.

But Sara had been close just before I came, so as she proudly kissed the tip of my member, I picked right back up where I had left off. Sara was back in no time to her panting and twisting about as I grasped firmly at the soft skin of her ass and began to sink my tongue into her soaked canal. She tasted so sweet, and I held her tight as she involuntarily fought my hold on her because the pleasure was so intense. She was dripping now, and had to bury her head in the seat in order to hide her moans from our parents. I began to fear that they might turn around, but ignored the thought as I sent my sister over the edge. She arched her back, pressing against me as I continued plunging my large tongue in and out of her, making sure to connect with her clit every time. Sara came hard, and as her eyes rolled backwards and her vision went stark white, she was immersed in a warm bath of ecstasy. It flowed over her body forever, and when she finally came to, she had to push my head away from her drenched pussy; even my breath was too much for the sensitivity I had caused her.

She lithely moved back into the spooning position, and we lay there with each other, two lovers lay in a post-orgasmic bliss, unfathomably satisfied and proud.

"I don't think I'm ever going to be able to let you go Sara," I spoke to her, softly.

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