My Playmate, My Sister Ch. 02


"You don't have to," she whispered back "besides, I don't know where you learned it but I've never cum like that from oral in my life, and I'm not about to give that up."

We held each other close, our unknowing parents sitting only a few feet away. Sara's backside felt so good against my front that I still couldn't imagine sleeping, despite the release we had both shared minutes before. Sara's shorts and panties were still bunched just below her knees, so when my cock started to stir again, it pressed right between gap between her legs. She was wet as ever and my shaft slid slowly along her slit as it filled along with my desires.

"No way," Sara protested "it's too risky."

But as she resisted me verbally, her body sung another tune. With my hands exploring and massaging the tips of my fingers coming into contact with the sides of her breasts, Sara once again began to writhe under My attentions. I grasped at her body, hands firmly over of 34C tits, her perfect, erect nipples poking into my palms. She could distinguish the tip of my cock from my shaft as we both began to gyrate against each other, Sara still resisting penetration. It was almost animalistic, our bodies moved on our own, needing each other just as much as our first time only a night before. At some point, Sara's worries of being discovered by our parents began to dissolve; she could only think of getting Andrew inside of her. I hadn't even thought about our parents since I had first had my cock in the playmates mouth minutes earlier and I wasn't about to start now. Just as we thrust a final time and pulled away from each other, Sara reached down between us and pointed my rod at her opening once more. I pushed past her slick folds and into her drenched tunnel, feeling like I belonged nowhere else as her walls clamped down on me.

"Do you two want to stop for something to eat or drink before you fall asleep?" Both the children froze as our mother looked back at them.

With my hard cock now fully inside of her, Sara could barely think let alone respond to her mother. It was all the two of us could do just to stop from continuing our incestuous activity without even responding. Sara's bald pussy pulsed in anticipation, gushing around the invading member and ready for it to begin thrusting in and out of her. With much effort Sara managed, "I think I'm rather... oohhh... full at the moment mom." I could hear the ecstasy she was feeling in her voice and was now afraid our mother might too, but I gave her a daring little thrust mid-sentence anyway.

Sara turned her head and looked at me wide-eyed, shocked that I would carelessly jeopardize our secrecy by fucking her as she spoke to our mother. Her big green eyes staring into my only made me want her more and I pulled slowly out of her and pushed back in again, watching her mouth open and pupils dilate in response. I couldn't even stop my slow assault on Sara as our addressed me,

"You too Andrew," my father, Jim asked, "are you too comfortable back there to stop?"

"Yeah pop, you don't even know how good it feels..." I thrust into her again, "being able to finally get some..." another thrust, "rest."

"Alright then, we will see you in the AM," said my father.

Sara and I were already miles away as our mother turned out the final light in the front and the only lights were coming from the dashboard and headlights. We were the only ones on the road and Sara and I now found ourselves in complete darkness. I resumed sliding my cock in and out of my big sister, the heat and feeling of having her tunnel wrapped around me excruciatingly pleasurable. She moved just right and I relished the feeling of my hands upon her, feeling her strong, sexy body moving in front of me. I kissed her neck and sucked at it, her skin tasted sweet and I wasn't even surprised. I pulled my cock all the way out of her and held the tip right against her opening. I then prodded slowly at her, pushing into her pussy less than an inch each time. Sara made a frustrated moan and reached down between us.

"God damn you....uhhh," she let out as I pushed into her just a bit, "just fuck me.... put it all the way in.... fuck......ohh...... you asshole."

I loved what I was doing to her, her need for me was so genuine and I so enjoyed teasing her like this. One more prod and Sara's patience was gone, she reached down and took firm grasp of my cock and pulled it towards her. Her hand wrapped around me felt so good that I lost track of my intentions and started to oblige her. The feeling of being halfway inside my sister and her hand holding onto my other half was like no other feeling in the world. In one last effort I stopped and held there, grinning.

"If you don't fuck me.....oh god..... right now," Sara demanded, "I'm going to straddle you.... and ride you right in front of mom and dad."

Happy with the results of my teasing I gave in to Sara and thrust the rest of my cock inside of her velvety tunnel. I moved slowly at first and began to pick up speed and Sara was now panting her approval. After a minute or so of jamming my pelvis against her soft, grab-able ass I was now pounding in to my sister with passion and Sara rotated her hips in earnest to get more of me inside of her. She felt like she had never been filled quite this perfectly and she grasped onto my hands, interlocking our fingers as if to tell me.

Now free to move about, the little gymnast in Sara maneuvered so I lay under her and she rest atop me, weighing down against my chest as we remained locked together at the hips. I could only make out a little bit of the playmate's body so I once again began to paw at her with my hands. She loved the feeling of my big, strong fingers probing at her, rubbing every inch of her body and squeezing her breasts and ass lightly. Sara lifted her tiny hips and then sank back down hard on my engorged member. Her mound mashed against me as she did so and she rotated around a bit upon each meeting to stimulate herself further.

"Andrew... Andrew..." Sara whispered in my ear with lust thick in her voice.

Her panting into my neck drove me crazy, even more so when she flicked her little tongue over my neck and earlobe. I took hold of her pistoning hips and added to her up and down plunging motion by pushing up to meet her. Our lips eventually found each other and Sara rubbed a hand through my hair as we explored each other's mouths. Sara's tongue wrestled mine strongly, mimicking the rhythmic movement of our bodies.

Sara could feel her orgasm approaching, and she knew it would be a powerful one. The little blonde playmate thought of how taboo it was that she was fucking her little brother, and so dangerously close to our parents at that. The thought only served to bring her closer to climax and Sara continued to slide up and down on her brother's pole in search of it. She whimpered into my mouth and then released my lips slightly, breathing onto them. The soft blows of her breath were stimulating and sensual; I was now close to cumming as well.

"I'm close Sara," I warned her

"Oh my God, me too," my sister managed between thrusts. "Come inside me, please Andrew... uhhh... come inside."

Her begging brought me so close to release that I held on for dear life so my sister could have time to climax. I didn't have to wait long, three more full strokes into her moist channel and she was clawing at my back as she began to cum. My body tensed and Sara sat down hard onto me, impaled and writhing on my cock. Then it hit, my sister and I began to orgasm in unison, clutching each other tight. Jet after jet I pumped into her and Sara bit down on my muscular shoulder to hold back her screams. She could feel herself being filled with my cum and her pussy only clamped down harder on me to experience it. As I released a torrent inside my sister, I was in absolute bliss, cumming so hard that I pushed into more strongly, seeking further depths in which to spray my incestuous seed. She was mine, and if I was going to mark my territory I wanted to bury my cum as deep inside of her unbelievably tight pussy as I possibly could. Sara embraced it and shifted to allow me deeper, bucking in time with her heartbeat on my cock. She milked every single drop out of me as waves of ecstasy washed over her. Sara's soft cries of passion were so sexy I felt like I was once again in a dream. My sister, the playmate of the year was still climaxing atop me, holding my rod firmly inside of her as she came. I held her until she shuddered for the last time, my cock still too sensitive to move. Sara relished the feeling of still being filled and she lay limp atop me, taking deep breaths to recover.

It made me smile to think of how careless we were when making love, casting aside all cares in search of each other. Sara's tight t-shirt was bunched over her beautiful breasts and her bottoms had fallen to the ground. She was disheveled as all get-up and we were both basking in our post-orgasmic amazement. Suddenly, a light flipped on in the cabin and our mother grabbed a water from the package in the middle row. Sara's shorts and panties were visible on the ground from her seat and her naked children were a foot away from them. Were it not for the blanket, she would have been able to see her my mostly-erect cock still buried inside Sara, her daughter, fluids from our lovemaking escaping between us. Furthermore, it would have taken very little effort to see that Sara was laying directly atop me. We held our breath and begged that our mother wouldn't discover the hot, incestuous romp that had occurred right behind her.

Sure enough, Karen's eyes moved quickly over the cast-aside bottoms, her brain not making the connection. As she shut off the light, both of her children let out a sigh of relief.

"That was close," I sighed. Sara only giggled in response.

With that, I teased Sara with one more little thrust and then slid my softening dick out of her. Sara grinned naughtily at the action and kissed me firmly. Our tongues played lethargically for a moment before I rolled Sara off of me. We hugged each other close, my package pressing tenderly against her folds and Sara's soft breasts against my chest. Making eye contact, we examined each other in our satisfied states before we drifted off to sleep. We still had days of sharing a room together ahead of us, but for now, fucking each other in the backseat of a car driven by our parents seemed enough for a lifetime, or at least until we woke up the next morning.

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