tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Playmate, My Sister Ch. 03

My Playmate, My Sister Ch. 03


Sara was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, and more than that she was smoking hot. Her adorable facial features, soft blonde hair, amazing personality and so many other attributes made her beautiful. Her breath-taking body, her breasts, that sexy way she walked, the way she teased me, that's what made her hot.

Sara had gotten back from "school" only a few weeks ago and before she did she had been first and foremost my sister. Now, that hadn't changed, we still shared that same love for each other and I felt I needed to protect her as I always had. However, after the last two nights we had shared together, sharing each other, things had deepened between us and we agreed it was for the better. Sara had always been a great sister, and we had always been very open with each other; talking about our romantic interests and often touching lightly upon the involved sexual activity was rarely out of the question. But this was a new type of openness; she was both my sister and a fantastic lover to boot.

I had seen Sara, or as they called her: Sara Jean Underwood, on the cover of Playboy, her first shoot with them happening to catch my glance as I walked through a local convenience store. I had seen her in gallery upon gallery of subsequent photo shoots for the magazine, completely naked and sprawled out for me to see. I knew it wasn't just for me and obviously so did Playboy, because they were planning on making her Playmate of the Year for all the success her nakedness had brought them. But when Sara got home, what I saw was just for me; her sexiness and the perfection that she'd brought to the pages of the world-famous magazine was within my grasp. Something clicked between the two of us and whether it was the way I could not take my eyes off of her or the security and comfort she found in being in the arms of her brother I do not know. There is one thing I do know now, however: I am the luckiest brother in the world.

It isn't all so romantic; having the cute little playmate around me and constantly recalling the feeling of being inside her and the desire to do so again is far from that. But can I really be blamed? I mean, it's like everything she does plays right into my desire for her. From the way she squeezes my leg as she lifts herself out of the car to the bouncy strut she pulls off as she crossed the causeway onto the boat... like I said, I couldn't take my eyes off her. As we made our way to the sailboat we'd agreed to take a trip on when our parents interrupted what was going to be a sex-filled week for the both of us, even the traveling outfit she wore had me at half-mast all day long. As I watched her checking out the boat from top to bottom, squealing at its more luxurious features, I took her in greedily.

That first day she wore a pair of jean shorts that could have been painted on. Her cute butt taunted me as she leaned over the side rail and looked down at the cool blue water. If our parents and their friends hadn't been right there I would have come up behind her and let us both feel my hips against hers as I pinned her against the rail. Above the shorts was a cropped, loose and transparent top that hung over one shoulder at an angle, displaying the soft skin of her shoulder and neck and of course the sexy, muscular midsection that I couldn't get enough of. Under the top was a pink bikini, or maybe it was a bra... either way it pushed her breasts up just so and despite the fact that I'd held them naked and full in my hands, I felt like I'd never seen them before hidden underneath layers of clothing I just wanted to tear off.

She knew it too. Sara smiled at me with every chance she got, and even wiggled her butt at me when she knew the others weren't looking. A few times, she'd catch my eye and then reach down to adjust her top, shaking her beautiful tits in place and pushing them up further; I had to sit down and catch my breath when she did that. She pretty much spent the few hours we took preparing the boat as an opportunity to drive me bat-shit crazy over her. By the time we finally cast off and were leaving the harbor it was all I could do not to grab her tiny frame in my arm and drag her downstairs to fuck her silly for all the trouble she'd put me through.

But we finally did cast off get out to sea and things calmed down a bit. We sat on soft, colorful cushions in the stern of the boat with the sail billowing above us and a cool breeze brushing back the wisps of hair that had fallen from behind Sara's ear. Sara draped my arm over her innocently and we chatted with the adults about everything under the sun. When it came to Sara's college life, I had to play it extremely cool, knowing that she hadn't told anyone from home about her work with Playboy. But we made it through and chatted as the luxurious sailboat cut through the ocean waves and out further and further until land was only a dot on the horizon.

Sara was hands-down the hottest female under the Pacific sun that day if you asked me, but that wasn't really a fair contest, and there was another woman aboard giving her some competition. See, the man my parents had been invited aboard by was an old work friend of my dad's and his new wife. My dad and his friend Brian were successful partners at a law firm and had done very well for themselves, including the women they had married. My parents were getting older, though still in great shape. Brian was much the same: a good-looking guy, with a kind disposition and salt and pepper gray hair that, combined with the obvious wealth had brought him Julie. Julie seemed to be a great wife for him, loving and trustworthy, but obviously that wasn't the only reason he'd chosen her for the long-haul.

Julie was young, probably only in her early thirties and didn't even look that. She had long, wavy brown hair and freckles sprinkled all over her body. Brian was obviously proud of marrying her and I'd heard him boasting about his sex-life with the gorgeous brunette to my dad on more than one occasion - sure he was a generous guy, but as money often does to people he was also kind of a tool. Still, I thought 'good for him' as I saw him not-so-innocently holding his wife against him in their place across from me. I might have even found myself desiring her if I didn't have the soft skin of my sister pressed against my shirtless torso reminding me that there really was nothing more desirable than her. When Brian playfully grabbed at Julie's thigh I glanced over at Sara and when our eyes met I knew their antics were turning her on.

Julie stood up at one point (I couldn't help but notice that she had a great body as I saw her stretch in front of us) and invited Sara to help her get drinks:

"Hey girlfriend, want to help me throw some margaritas together for everybody?"

Sara in her usually bubbly tone responded, "Sure Julie, lead the way."

As they headed below deck I watched both of their bikini covered asses swish back and forth on their way to the hatch and then disappear. When they returned I was of course blessed with the view of their front. Julie was not as top-heavy as Sara, but she was just right in her own sexy way. Sara must have caught me checking out Julie because she gave me a squinty knowing look as she sat down and handed me the slushy drink. We chatted some more and Sara kept up her antics. She scooted closer into me and licked her lips when I looked toward her; she was unbearable.

By the time Julie suggested that we drop anchor and go for a swim as the sun set, I was completely stiff and struggling to position my penis so that it didn't bare itself for anyone to see. Sara knew of course, and even wrapped as much of her hand around it as she could when we were the last ones on deck before she hopped in the water. I was going to teach her a lesson that night for sure.

We waded in the water, more back and forth chatter and a floating tray of drinks between us. Everyone was staying pretty warm in the cool water with all of the alcohol being passed around. Hardly anyone noticed when Sara challenged me to a race and took off before I could say yes, heading for the front of the boat. I caught up to her and grabbed at her ankle, pulling her tiny frame back and feeling it brush along me as I passed her.

She screamed: "Cheater!" as I swam to the front of the boat and made contact with it before she could. I threw her a look of boastful pride as she paddled the rest of the distance to me, defeated. I grabbed her hand and helped her to float next to me; she was tired from the swim.

"That's not fair," Sara complained.

"I'll tell you what's not fair..."

We were concealed from the view of our parents, Julie and Brian at the front of the boat now. I could still hear them laughing and bantering as I took Sara's hands and lifted them over her head to a bar in the railing. She held them there, lifted ever so slightly out of the water.

"What's not fair is all of the teasing you've been doing all day and the fact that I could do nothing about it. That's not fair."

She was stretched out in front of me, and her legs wrapped around me, helping me to float there and to pull me closer to her. So much skin...so much of her flawless body was on display for me, and her beautiful stomach, the subtle protrusion of her ribcage from her lifted arms...I was in heaven.

"What are you going to do about it bro?" she asked with raised eyebrows.

I took both hands and planted them firmly on either side of her waist, sending them upwards and hearing her breath out sexily in appreciation. It was answer enough for her and she approved further when I pushed the tip of my cock against her mound. Even covered in hers and my bathing suit, it was obvious that the head was indenting lightly into her, and if it wasn't than her involuntary gasp proved it.

"Oh God....this is so naughty with them right over there....just like when you..." I thrust again "Ooohh Andrew..... just like when you fucked me in the car last night."

"Just like I'm going to tonight..." I told her, holding my hands over her breasts and massaging them.

"Mmmmh, how about right now?" she tested.

I looked up into her eyes, searching to see whether she was serious or not. I mean, our little secret fuck in the car was risky in itself, but only 30 feet away in broad daylight were four people that could catch us and make for a very awkward sailing trip. She looked serious.

"I don't know about that..." I said.

I knew we were taking too many risks, there was so much to lose and I didn't think I could stand having Sara any way other than she was to me now. Sara knew too but she seemed too entranced in our foreplay to give it much thought. It may have been risky, but her body just felt wonderful in my greedy hands and Sara was more than loving the attention. I kept repeating the pressure between her pussy lips and Sara cooed a few times at the stimulation of her thin bottoms grinding against her clit. My resolve was chipping away by the second...

I heard one of the adults laugh loudly at a joke on the other side of the boat and it caught Sara's attention. As she looked in their direction I promptly took advantage of her distraction and swiped at the strings behind her neck and torso simultaneously. Sara scoffed and tried to reach for her suit but I was too fast. I locked one hand around the fingers of her left hand, holding it immutably against the rail above. The other pulled her top away so fast she couldn't even come close to grabbing it back with her right hand.

"You are ridiculous," she said looking at me sideways, but I was hardly paying attention.

With her hand over her head her tits hung spectacularly, glistening from the water and high on her chest. I could see her muscles stretching to hold her up, from her flat tummy that disappeared into the water below all the way up to her neck. Dear God, I swear I'll never see a more beautiful sight than that in my entire life.

"Like what you see? mmmm..." she Sighed when I took her hanging breast into my hand and caressed it gently with the tips of my fingers. My fingernails grazed the skin and then I just held her breast in my hand feeling her goose bumps against my palm with my fingers on her perky pink nipple. I'd never felt something so amazing before I swore to myself, and this wasn't the first time I'd had my hands wrapped around her perfect chest. Sara just kept getting better and better, and I wanted to make love to her right there with our parents and their friends so dangerously close.

"Jesus Sara, I swear you're the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen."

"Awww... you're so sweet ...mmmhh... And just think, I'm all yours..." she whispered; she was positively glowing from my compliment. She probably knew how I felt before I'd said it; my cock had grown even more enormous and hard as I continued to gently prod at her covered slit with it. Sara maneuvered her free hand so that her palm lay against my strong abs and then she pushed it downward and painfully slowly. Under the waistband of my shorts it went... down further...until only her thumb and forefinger were touching the base of my hard shaft.

I cringed; the feeling of her tiny hand on my steel hard rod was phenomenal. I brought my head down to her chest, holding one of her soft breasts up and taking her nipple into my lips.

"Oooh, be careful! I'm really sensitive there." she shrieked. I backed off only slightly, trailing my tongue around the tiny areola before it was circling the erect little nub. Sara was breathing harder and it made me happy for her to get enjoyment from my worship of her chest. As I finally took the whole nipple into my mouth and then sucked at it gently, Sara wrapped around as much of my cock as she could get her hand on in one swift motion.

"I'm sensitive there too, ahhhh," I mocked. As I said it Sara firmly stroked up and down on my shaft, wrapping her palm around my head before she returned her encircling fingers to my base once again. We were like teenagers; neither of us could get enough of each other fast enough as we'd been able to display painfully little affection all day. I kept sucking at erect nipple, and more aggressively now. Eventually I began pinching it between my front teeth just enough to get her calling my name between deep breaths:

"Andrew.... oh Andrew..... If you keep doing that.....ughhh... I think I might....."

I was still grinding the tip of my cock into the depression in her bottoms that my efforts were making. My tip was now just entering her, impeded by our clothing but pleasing due to the cool water around us. She was making sure that I was lined up just right as she slid her hand up and down my prodding staff. She was really loving it and as her panting picked up and I was stimulating both her nipples and clit I knew that I'd send her into climax soon. Hell a few minutes more and I would probably release a gallon of sperm into the water between us.

"gotta be.... OOohhhhH..... quiet," she was trying talk herself into keeping silent, but wasn't succeeding all that well. Her attention to my cock faltered but I couldn't have cared less; the gorgeous little playmate's orgasm was all I was focused on and I felt I owed it to her to...

"Andrew....... Sara!" he sounded concerned. My dad was calling out our names from the other side of the boat. I hadn't even considered that they would worry about us after swimming off and not returning.

"Yeah Dad?" I answered, my head settled just an inch or less inside my sister; she was still heaving and didn't stop her attempts to keep my cock massaging her pussy.

"Where's Sara?" He was yelling over the boat.

"I'm here daddy!" I was honestly surprised to hear her pull it together enough to respond.

"What are you guys doing? I don't want you drowning on my watch.

"We were just...mmmh" she was still so aroused and had only slightly come down "playing daddy... jeez we're not kids anymore." she squeezed my shaft as she said it.

"Alright well come on back over we've got margaritas waiting for you!" he had no idea.

Sara slumped into my arms and I held us up with a hand still gripping the boat. She managed a few more frustrated thrusts against me before she gave in and looked into my eyes. They were so beautiful, even with the disappointment in them for being held back and having been so close. A deep and mesmerizing combination of cool grey and lively green, they peered into me and I was lost in her. Sara's naked chest felt amazing against my chest and shoulders, bringing me out of my haze. We cuddled for a few too-short moments while Sara accepted that I wouldn't be able to give her what she wanted unless we wanted to be found out.

She turned around and I helped her wrap the tiny bikini top back around her, happily pausing to make sure the cups were supporting her breasts in the right way. My hands took their last chance to hold on to the pliable flesh before tying her strings and taking back to the water. She shot me a glance that told me she knew exactly what I was after, and then headed off in the direction of our parents. Even the way she swam back, cutting through the water like a true athlete, added to her complete and utter prowess and perfection.

We returned to the circle and couldn't risk even looking too longingly at each other though we desperately wanted to, and a lot more than that. Nobody was the wiser, I comfortably assured myself. We chatted until the sun was only glowing memory beneath the horizon and then climbed back on the deck, Sara grabbed my arm and pulled me back from the group.

"Did you see Julie?" Her eyes were wide.

I thought I had been caught checking out the 30-something year old hottie, so I tried to deny it: "What... who... Oh her, yeah she seems nice."

"No silly," Sara rolled her eyes, "I know she's hot, wouldn't blame you if you thought so. I mean did you see the way she was looking at us?"

"No, I have no idea what you're talking about," I told her, concerned.

"She was staring at me pretty strangely, I think she knows what's up."

"No way, how could she, we were quiet and it's not like we gave ourselves away before then..."

Just then, like clockwork, Julie popped her head around the corner. We were leaned over the edge of the boat inconspicuously so it didn't make me nervous that she was seeing us together.

"Hey guys do you want a burger or a brat?" she asked.

We both told her what we wanted and then relaxed a bit, she was being pretty normal for someone Sara had just suspected of knowing I'd had my cock rubbing against my sister's pussy.

"oh and by the way honey," she was speaking quieter now and with a grin that spoke volumes as she said, "I think your top is inside out."

Both Sara and I looked down simultaneously and Julie disappeared around the corner. It wouldn't jump out at you if you weren't looking for it, but it was a pretty obvious. Sara's suit was inside out and Julie had obviously noticed it after we returned from our little disappearance, hence the weird looks to Sara.

"Oh god, do you think mom and dad noticed?" Sara asked with fear in her eyes.

"No way, we got out of the water last and they would have definitely said something. Julie must have seen it when we were swimming back. Mom and Dad were turned away from us then." I tried to comfort her but it wasn't really working.

"Do you think she'll tell?" Sara was only slightly less worried.

"No she seems too cool to go making accusations like that." I retorted

"That's true, and I swear she was trying to coax something out of me when she told me she thought you were hot earlier."

I smiled widely and my heart jumped when she said that. I felt pretty good that a beautiful woman like Julie thought I was handsome, or 'hot' as Sara had said.

"Oh you're unbelievable," Sara slapped my arm "I guess you can have her for the rest of this trip then" she said as she turned away from me.

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