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My Pleasure


Of course I have someone who gives me pleasure. He's very attentive and he knows all of those special places that really drive me wild. But his touch isn't as gentle as I would prefer. He licks my pussy and massages my clit but uses a little more force than is necessary for my pleasure.

Yes, I'm relaxed when the lovemaking is over, but my body doesn't necessarily tremble with excitement when he finally rolls over, once his dick has filled my pussy with his seed. And his breathing becomes the soft, measured breath of content sleep. He has been satisfied.

So, when I hear that deep sleep breathing, I roll over and lick my fingers. I get them very wet and I spread my pussy lips until I find the soft under skin of my labia. She is already juicy from his loving attempts to make me happy and content.

Slowly, I fingers softly trace the mounds of my love hole and linger briefly on my vibrating clit. Then my fingers fuck my pussy deep inside until I find that pleasure spot that makes my legs tremble and my knees pull up toward my cunt.

I spread my legs wide open and with my other hand, I gently stroke my throbbing clit very faintly and slowly. I want the pleasure to mount little by little until I feel the heat rising to my belly.

My fingers jet in and out of my wetness then I slip them out of my pleasure and lick my nectar off their tips. Sucking them as a baby suckles a nipple. Their slippery, salty taste calms me and my finger on my clit rubs her even faster.

Trembling legs reveal the strength o the passion in my body and I finger fuck my wet pussy deeper and deep while my other hand caresses my throbbing clit.

Within minutes, my knees begin to tremble and my love box tightens around my fingers, trying to suck the pleasure deeper into my being. My breathing quickens and my legs shake beneath me.

My body convulses as in a seizure. Only it's a rattling of ecstasy as every muscle contracts with pleasure and the fire of my felicity rattles my body and the heat of my lust warms my soul.

Sighing, I release all of my pent-up energy and my body goes lip. My legs still tremble from the liberation of my needs.

I lay quietly for a few minutes and my body finds rest. But my mind wants more pleasure.

Climbing onto my knees, I spread open my legs once again. My clit screams for attention. Licking my fingers, again I pinch her between my thumb and forefinger while slipping my index finger deep inside my Venus pond. My body sucks it in and closes around it.

Slowly, I pull it out then let my lust suck it back in once again. I let my quim control what it needs and wants. I am now my own sex slave to my body.

My clit cries out for joy. Touch me! Play with me! Both hands manipulate my cunt and my back arches to allow deeper penetration of my two fingers. Yet my passion grows.

Slowly, I roll off the bed, careful not to wake my lover. I sneak into the closet and find my bag of goodies. A nine-inch dong awaits my pleasure.

Licking my lips, I slip it deep down my throat lubricating its shaft. Then I spread my legs wide once again, sitting on the cold ceramic floor, I spread open my let pussy lips and force the thick head deep into my beaver and fuck myself deeply.

I lay back against the wall, my legs spread wide. One hand pushing the cock in and out of my wetness and the other delicately run my thumb over my tingling clit.

My knees pull up on their own volition. My breathing quickens and my legs tremble. A tear of joy drip from my eyes and my pleasure nub vibrates.

Releasing my humming clit, I reach for my now hard tit and I squeeze it. The joyful pain burns deep into my belly as my legs begin to shake and sweet juices run onto the floor as the fake dick is jerked in and out of my pleasure zone.

Squeezing my tits tight together only increases the pleasure I need and my juices run from my body and onto the cold floor.

I slip onto the cold surface, the dildo still in my cunt. The coolness of the tiles calms me and my face embraces the smooth cold.

I fall asleep....


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