tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Pool Hall Adventure

My Pool Hall Adventure


When I was in Phoenix a few months ago, I finally met up with a guy that I met on line. During our date, we drank and laughed had a nice dinner. After dinner, he asked if I wanted to go dancing at this Western bar. Since I liked to line dance and haven't boogied country for some time, I was thrilled to go.

So we walked a few blocks down the street to an older wooden building. As I walked by this older decaying building to the corner door, I was wondering if this was what I imagined. I could hear the music as we walked in, which made me excited to dance.

Once inside, it was dimly lit with booths scattered around this small dance floor. The bar had a dozen seats around with only half seated with guys dressed in cowboy attire. One booth had some homely looking over weight girls sitting and they stared at me, when I walked by. The band was playing some weird country song that a few couples were trying to dance.

We finally found a booth in the back next to a three-quarter high wall. I could hear laughter coming from behind the wall, which I didn't pay much attention to. As I sat down, a waitress came over and took our drink order. I had my normal Martini and my new friend had a beer with shots of tequila. He did talk me into having one with a lime, but I preferred my Martini.

Once the band started to play, some girls got up to line dance. I got up and tried to drag my friend with me to no avail. So the seven other girls and I were on the dance floor alone.

I felt a little self-conscious, because I was the only one not wearing jeans and cowboy boots. Instead, I was wearing a black flowing short hip hugging skirt, white sleeveless cotton blouse with three buttons and tied at my belly, a white bra under it, and white stockings with my black stilettos. Oh and I had on a black thong. As I danced, my moves sometimes exposed my panty, but after a few more Martinis I didn't care.

As the night went on, my friend became drunk and obnoxious by making nasty comments and trying to grope me. I was becoming perturbed with his advances. So hearing a loud laughter in the room behind the booth, I left him to see what was happening.

The room had a pool table with a bunch of guys drinking beers and playing. As I watched the guys playing billiards, I asked if I could have next game. They were very friendly and accommodating, although it was a bet of ten dollars a game. When it became my turn to play, one guy told me that he would love to see my boobs instead of the ten dollars when I lost. I laughed and put the ten down, then proceeded to run the table. Another guy came over and challenged me. I missed one shot but won again. I was very happy taking these guys money. Then this guy named Cody challenged me. He was wearing jeans, cowboy boots and hat with a white tee shirt that had graphics of horses and said, "Durango Rodeo 2012". He mentioned that the other two guys were bums and I needed to play a real pro.

He was very arrogant, so I laughed and said: "OK, whenever one showed up." He just smiled and told me to break.

Well it didn't take long for me to run the table on him. I missed two shots and he didn't make any balls in. I was beaming with confidence, when he asked for a rematch. Just as I was about to shoot, he stopped me and suggested that we should make the game more interesting. I asked what he had on his mind. He laughed and suggested betting on each ball instead of the game. Thinking it was for money I smiled and agreed.

Cody had a devious grin as he explained the rules and bellowed: "So cutie, every ball you sink you get to either slap me or kiss me or take a piece of clothing off me. Now I get to do the same to you, when I sink a ball. If you miss, you have to drink a shot of tequila. The winner will get twenty dollars and one request that the loser has to perform. So what do you say? Are you up for a real contest?"

I figured since I was breaking this would be easy. Cody was such an arrogant, good looking brat that I would love to slap. My eyes lit up at that thought. So I said: "This sounds like fun. I will love slapping that smirk off your face!" He laughed, like he knew something I didn't.

I wiggled my ass in his face and broke the pack. Luckily, I sank one ball. Turning toward Cody, I had a huge smile across my face and said: "Ok Cody, let's see what I want to do to you."

The other guys were yelling to slap him hard. So I went up to him, pretended that I was going to kiss him, but instead, slapped him as hard as I could. You could hear it throughout the room and the others hooted at him getting hit.

He put his hand over his reddened cheek and said: "Wow, Kathryn! Not so hard. You know you could have kissed me instead."

I laughed and said: "Sure, maybe next time!"

Well after the fourth slap in a row, he nastily said: "You better not miss."

My next shot I had to lean far over the table to hit. I could feel the guys standing behind me looking at my ass. I guess with everyone looking at me and having a hard shot to make that I hit too soft. Missing, I left an easy shot for him. I don't think I missed it on purpose, but I would make that shot 9 out of 10 times.

He smiled and said: "Go ahead and drink up. Now it's my turn."

One of the other guys handed me a completely full shot glass of tequila. As I guzzled it, he sunk the easy shot. Everyone was watching, as he came up to me. He put both hands on my shoulders said: "This is going to be so much fun!"

He told me that he's been watching me all night and it was about time I showed my boobs. He began unbuttoning my blouse down to the tie. Then he reached behind me and unhooked my bra. He took the straps through my arms and pulled the lace undergarment off me. Throwing to one of the cheering guys watching, he put both hands over my boobs and began making my nipples stand erect.

Then he said: "Finally I all get to feel those hot tits of yours. They feel so firm. You like me playing with them don't you?"

I tried not to enjoy his fondling, but with no success. So I gave out a little sigh and nastily said: "The bet wasn't for groping. So hit your next ball."

Since he didn't button up my blouse, my boobs were somewhat exposed. Everyone one was now instantly on his side. I guess they wanted to see more of me or what he would do next. They quickly found out because he made his next shot with ease. He grabbed me in his arms and gave me such a passionate kiss. Even though he's been a brat to me, I really enjoyed that kiss. Next shot was another easy one for him.

A loud chant about my skirt was echoed throughout the room. He smiled and had me sit on the edge of a table right in front of everyone. Then he unzipped and pulled off my skirt. Spreading my legs apart, he moved the g-string to the side and began to fingering my clit in full view of all.

Looking up at me he said: "Oh my, you're already so wet! You must be enjoying this way too much!"

The group of six other guys yelled: "Don't be selfish let us see"!

I instantly stood up and readjusted my panty to their dismay. Now some girls were in back giving me very dirty looks and making nasty comments, because all the guys were paying attention to me instead of them.

Back to the game and he made another shot. He told me it was time to remove my panty. As I slip out of it, I crossed my legs. Now he had a hard shot and sunk it with no problem. I was still at the table with my legs crossed as he approached. He told me to spread them apart. I giggled and said why. "Eat her, Eat her", was the chant.

He lowered his face into my wet vulva and licked away. I leaned back on my arms right in front of the crowd. Closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure. My hips were slowly moving as his fingers played with my wet opening. Wow! I was so hot, but he suddenly stopped before I could cum.

I stayed seated with my legs spread apart, thinking of how good it felt. I was still slowly moving my hips hoping for Cody to continue. Suddenly, I heard some comments about how hot my cunt looked. Opening my eyes there were many guys standing around me with lusty looks across their faces. So I quickly stood up and watched Cody taking another shot. I was hoping he would make it, but instead he missed a sure thing. He told me that I caused him to miss. Everyone laughed.

My turn to make the shot and it was easy, although those Martinis and tequila shot were finally taking effect. He stood as I walked up to him. I went to slap him again but instead I unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and proceeded to rub my bare breast against him.

He attempted to grab me but I said: "You can't touch, my turn to tease!"

I bent forward for a difficult shot with my bare ass in his face and made it with ease. Turning around, I unbuttoned Cody's pants, pulled them down to his ankles and pulled out his huge cock. I made him stay at attention until I sank the next one. Then I went over and took off his boxers. His cock was long, skinny and standing at full attention as I rubbed his magic rod.

Three balls to go and I'll be the champ. I made one with no problem. Going over to Cody, I took another kiss while rubbing his cock. His hands were on my ass, pushing me closer to his hard manhood that was plastered against my clit. That felt so good against me and for a moment I wished he was in me.

For the next shot I had to sit on the side of the table, while spreading my legs apart for balance. I missed, but everyone got another good view of my pussy as I was shooting.

So drinking another full shot of tequila was now making me very tipsy. I just hoped I could concentrate enough to finish the game.

Cody had a tough shot, but sunk it without a problem. He walked over to me and untied my blouse. I helped him take it off. I was now naked except for my stockings and shoes just as Cody was with just his hat on. He took off his boots to get his pants off while I was shooting.

I was feeling very horny and leaned against the table. He walked in front of me, put his hands on my knees, spread me apart and said: "So what do I have to do to sink my cock in you too! I know you want it."

I was hot from almost cuming and said: "You need to triple bank that last shot and sink the ball, then you can take me on the pool table, in fact if you make it I'll let everyone have a turn too."

At that moment, I was so drunk. I become so horny when drinking and didn't care who had his cock buried in me. The more the merrier. I heard the word slut yelled from the other girls. I knew they were jealous of all the interest I was getting.

But the guys were chanting: "Make it! Make it! Make it!"

Cody went back to the table and I stood up to watch. I leaned against him plastering my boobs on his side. Whispering: "Triple Bank Shot," as I rubbed them against him.

He looked at the shot and hit it hard. Wham! One bank, two banks, three banks hitting the ball and it rolled close to the hole. They all gasped to see if it had enough energy to make it, as they yelled: "It's going in!"

I was watching as it approached the corner hole and for a moment it looked like I would be fucking everyone, but it stopped short of it. Everyone was complaining to Cody about missing. I took my time and shot the last ball in the hole.

"I'm the champ," I yelled.

I leaned against him, kissed his cheek and whispered: "Too bad Cody. That's as close as you will ever get to put your thing in me."

Giggling with satisfaction, I picked up the twenty and my clothes. Quickly, I dressed and went over to my friend who was now passed out in a booth. Cody followed and tried to talk me into the back room. I just laughed and asked him to help me with my friend. We got him on his feet, called a cab and back to my hotel we went. I told the driver to take the guy home and went inside the hotel.

Just as the elevators doors were closing I heard someone yell: "Hold the door Please"!

I did and to my surprise it was Cody. He smiled and told me he had to follow me, because I still needed to collect on the last part of the bet. I just smiled and asked what that was.

He laughed and replied: "I have to perform one act to your satisfaction."

With a huge grin across my face, we went back to my room. I knew exactly what I wanted him to do. Once inside, we passionately kissed, while ripping our clothes off each other. I wanted to feel his cock throbbing in me, as much as Cody wanted to fuck me.

I was on my back, when Cody took my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He stood in front of me and I sat up to watch him pushing his big cock into me. My pussy was soaked with anticipation and he felt so good going in. He leaned over me with my legs spread wide apart, as he slowly pumped my wanton box. Our eyes were open looking deep into each other's and we had lusty grins across our faces. I began to moan as he pumped me faster. He kept grinding his cock deep in me faster and faster for many minutes. When suddenly, he pulled out and began to spew his seed all over my stomach and pussy.

I giggled and sarcastically said: "Oh mine Cody. I hope you aren't done yet. I'm still so horny."

He had a sneaky grin on his face and answered: "I was hoping you say that Kathryn. I have a big surprise for you."

I looked puzzled, when he took his phone and text something. Then he went, got a towel and cleaned his goo off my belly and pussy. When his phone beeped with a message, he quickly walked to the door. Opening it, four guys from the bar walked in. As I sat up to look, I quickly closed my legs.

Then I shrieked: "What the hell is going on Cody?"

Walking over, he sat down next to me and answered: "Well Kathryn, since I'm only a one pop guy, I invited my friends over to satisfy that horny cunt of yours. I know you still want it, don't you?"

I didn't know it was that obvious. I did want to continue. He spread my legs apart and began rubbing my clit, making me moan in elation. Then he kissed me as his fingers went inside my wet slit. I felt the bed move, as if someone else sat down. When we broke for air, the guys were undressing standing and sitting next to me.

When Cody stopped fingering my hole and clit, he looked into my eyes and whispered: "Yeah Kathryn, I knew you still wanted it. So who do you want to fuck first?"

I don't know if it was too much booze making me so horny. Deep down, I really wanted to be gang banged. So it didn't matter who went first. This wouldn't be the first time that I've had multiple guys fucking me at once. The thought did cross my mind in the bar and why I said everyone could have me if he made that shot. When he missed, I was disappointed.

So I blurted, "Whoever wants to be."

Cody laughed and said: "Ok guys! You heard the Lady. She's going to be a willing participant."

I could hear nasty comments like, "Can't wait to sink Bubba in you! Yeah I knew she was a slut by her outfit! I love a shaved cunt, because it tells me she likes to fuck!"

A tall lanky guy came over to me and stood in front of me. He unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. With them still around his ankles, he took my knees, spread my legs farther apart, and pulled me to the edge of the bed. As he pushed his long hard cock in me, I began to moan with glee and fell on my back. The other guys quickly stripped and had their cocks in my face to be sucked. Willingly, I began alternating sucking on each of their yummy hard rods, as this guy was plowing in and out of me. My body was moving in pleasure with each hard thrust, until one guy yelped: "Come on Willy, let me get Bubba in that hot cunt of hers!"

Once Willy was out of me, the other guy came over, grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs above my body. He slowly began to push his thicker cock into me pulsating pud of wetness. Once he was all the way in, he began to speedily pump me. The force of his rapid thrusts made me stop sucking on the others and loudly moan with pleasurable delight.

I heard some laughter as he said: "Yeah baby, I knew that hot tight cunt of yours would enjoy Bubba. It feels so natural fucking you too. You have such a gorgeous fuckable body that we will have fun taking turns in. Oh yeah baby! I'm really fucking enjoying this!"

I was relishing his pounding so much, moving with him that I blurted: "Oh Bubba, fuck me harder. I love it. Yes! Yes! I'll love it all!"

After my moaning to fuck me harder, I heard many more comments from the others guys. Most comments dealt with wanting to take their turn and telling me how good I looked with a cock stuffed in me.

But it wasn't long after the verbal dissertations that he began to grunt. Pulling out, he dumped a huge load of goo on my stomach splattering up to my breast. Then another took his place. Just after he went in me, I cum with a huge orgasm, but my orgasms didn't stop with just one. I had many more throughout the night or was it morning by then.

As these four were taking turns fucking me in many different positions, Cody was taking photos on his phone. He did send me some. I don't remember how long I was ravished, but it continued until everyone was drained of sperm. The sex feast left me with loads of cum splattered all over me. I was one sticky mess, except no left any in my pussy.

After the four guys left, Cody helped me in the shower, cleaned me up and then tucked me in bed. He kissed me on my cheek and said: "I knew when I saw you that you were going to be fucked. Too bad it wasn't in the back room at the bar like I planned. I would have had a lot more guys enjoying that wet cunt of yours. But Kathryn, what surprised me is how much you loved it. So thanks for a great evening. We should have a rematch sometime."

I just whimpered: "Ok!"

I heard the door close behind him and I crashed into a well-deserved slumber. I have no regrets because I had so many wonderful orgasms. Maybe I will go back for the rematch on my next trip to Phoenix.

The next day, I was a very happy satisfied young Lady. Everyone at the meeting wondered why I was so cheery. Only if they knew what a naughty vixen I was, although I was a little sore for the next few days.

I hope my tail of passion has created a stir in you. Write me and tell me if you liked it.

Kisses Kathryn

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