tagMind ControlMy Power - The Shroom Party

My Power - The Shroom Party


This is the second story in my series. For more detailed knowledge into my 'power' please read the first story "Being Rachel". I really would appreciate any comments or ideas.


"I have this power and I'm not sure how I can describe it. It's almost like I can leap into people's bodies, wherever they are, whoever they are, and control them. I can make them do whatever I like. I can feel what they feel, see what they see. I almost become them. And the best part? They won't remember a thing."

I stared down at the books open on my desk desperately trying to memorise the words printed on the page, but it was no use. You see, I had my final exam in less than 7 hours and I hadn't exactly been studying very hard. I really wanted to finish my first year of uni without using my power to cheat. The problem was I spent half of the last year partying. To be honest I was pretty surprised there was anyone to party with, seeing as all of my mates were cooped up in their rooms surrounded by books to study from. I glanced back down at the page below me. The words danced across the page making crazy patterns; probably because of the magic mushrooms we took last night (though I had a strange nagging feeling that it was probably only an hour or so ago we took the drugs, seeing as shrooms can mess up your sense of time) My phone buzzed. It was a text from Mark.

Mark was this really fit guy in my class, who I somehow convinced to come to my shroom party. "I hope Im not late for the party! Do you mind if Rachel comes to?" the message said. I scowled, "Fucking Rachel" I thought to myself, "since when were they together. Doesn't he know I gave her chlamydia." I laughed at my own wording. Technically, I didn't give it to her, some random stranger did when I was in control of her last time. Well maybe I could have a little fun with Rachel tonight. I grinned evilly to myself "Sure, why not?" I replied and opened the door to the lounge.

As I had thought, it wasn't really 7 hours to my exam, and the 'party' was still in full swing. It wasn't really much of a party, just a load of spaced out people 'dancing', vomiting and having sex on the floor. I have to admit it, I was feeling rather turned on by all this. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I burst out laughing, since when did the doorbell sound so hilarious. I giggled to myself that it was probably the shrooms again. I opened the door to see Mark and Rachel standing outside. "That was quick!" I wondered, naturally blaming the drugs again. Mark was looking handsome as ever but surprisingly, Rachel looked kinda reserved, for a whore that is.

"Hey" I greeted them sounding surprisingly cheery.

"Hey yourself'" Mark replied with a heart warming smile. I glanced over to see Rachel scowling at mSe. She looked peculiar, I reckon the shrooms were making me hallucinate because her hair was a vivid, migraine inducing shade of orange. She bounded over to me with her fake smile and gave me a fake hug. "What do you think of my hair? I got it dyed especially for the party!" she gushed in a fake friendly voice. Looks like it wasn't the mushrooms after all, I should probably have some more. I led them into the living room and offered them some stalks. We all took them and stood waiting for the effects to take place while crazy, drugged people wearing tea towels for hats danced the Macarena behind us.

"Anyone want a drink?" I asked,

Mark answered " Yeah sure."

"Yes please Babes," Rachel said in a Essex accent. Eurgh, she called me babes! How she managed to get into a university studying anything I don't understand.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed 3 beers out of the fridge. When I returned to the 'shroom room' I found Mark and Rachel pushed up against the wall snogging like it was the end of the world. Meanwhile my other guests had started doing the YMCA, whilst throwing water balloons filled with paint at each other; Where they came from? I'm not quite sure! I looked back at the two 'lovebirds'. 'Bitch!' I thought and then a sneaky idea crossed my mind.

I'd always wanted to try and see if I could use my power WITHOUT leaving my own body. Meaning I could ACTUALLY control someone! I steadied myself against the door and stared hard at Mark. "Stop kissing her!" I thought "Stop kissing, stop kissing, STOP KISSING!" and just like that, I watched as he broke Rachel's kiss and pushed her away. I strutted towards them, attempting to look sexy and handed over the beers. Rachel looked kinda pissed and stormed off into the toilet. "And then there were two," I said matter-o-factly. Mark smiled at me again and took a sip of beer. I needed us to get together before the mushrooms kicked in and made us go crazy.

"Kiss me," I ordered in my mind now with more idea of how to make my power work. Slowly he leaned over and pressed his lips to mine. It was and amazing kiss! His lips were unbelievably soft. As he pulled away, his face was pink with embarrassment. "I- I-I'm sorry!" he stammered blushing "I-I don't know what came over me!"

Smiling coyly, I whispered "I never told you to stop." whilst flirtatiously batting my eyelashes. He pulled me in for a full on snog, holding me close and running his hand through my hair whilst the other was wrapped around me. Suddenly, I felt the whole room go cold, like there was an unearthly presence in the room. I felt his lips leave my mouth and his hand fall from my waist. I turned to my left to see Rachel looming in the doorway, her face like thunder.

I watched as she flounced of down the hall and Mark start to chase after her. "You're not leaving me now!" I silently screamed. "GET BACK HERE!" my mind commanded! Mark stopped in his tracks and turned back to me. "Now," I said seductively, "where we're we?" I led him to my bedroom and firmly slammed the door shut behind us. He looked reluctant. "FUCK ME FOR GOD'S SAKE!" my brain yelled. I was getting angry now, and this had nothing to do with the drugs. He roughly pushed me against the wall and unzipped the back of my dress. I felt shivers as it slid off my body and onto the floor. In an animalistic manner he pulled off his trousers while I unbuttoned his shirt. God he was hot! As I'd expected, he had a six pack which perfectly suited the rest of his toned, tanned body. He ran his fingers down my back sending ripples through my spine. He hoisted onto my bed as I pushed the books of it. Like a beast, he ripped off my bra and thong leaving me naked and horny.

"Fuck me!" I begged as he kissed and sucked my neck making me even wetter, "Please fuck me!" He slid down his boxers and slowly pushed his hard, long cock into my beckoning pussy. It felt so good, like a million fireworks all going off at once. He started to thrust it into me, but he was being to soft. "HARDER" I ordered. He obeyed and pushed harder into me. I groaned as the pleasure mounded, building up inside of me. Moaning louder, I could tell I was about to climax. His load went off first, shooting warm cum inside me and causing me to orgasm. Spasms shook through my body making me scream louder. We lay for a while, panting and snogging,trying to catch our breaths. When we'd steadied our breathing he pulled out of me and kissed me passionately on the lips. "I'll call you later," he promised as he pulled on his clothes and left my room leaving me naked, sweaty and with an intense feeling of euphoria. Either my second dose of magic mushrooms had kicked in, or I was in love.

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