tagIncest/TabooMy Powerful Aunt Krisztina Ch. 04

My Powerful Aunt Krisztina Ch. 04


Disclaimer: If you only like reading realistic things, please don't read this. I only like to read and to write fiction.

All characters and facts are pure imagination. Everybody is over 18 years old.

Please read this story's previous chapters to better understand this one.

My situation grew mad when my folks came back home. My stepmother Sheila met my aunt.

Let me introduce you in a few words to my stepmother. Sheila is a beautiful brunette aged 38, who 10 years ago my married father, who is 12 years older. From the beginning, I didn't like her very much, she was younger than my real mother and my father divorced my mom to marry her.

Daddy insisted very much that I treat her as my real mother, and I tried hard to do so. As I grew up, I became proud of having a hot stepmother. All the boys told me she looked 10 years younger and that she had a killer body. Two of my mates even admitted that they would like to fuck her marvelous tits. Soon I began to dream of seeing her naked breasts, too.

Sheila's main job is spending my father's money, and I must admit it's not an easy task, because his company has an astounding growth rhythm. That's why she sincerely admired Krisztina, who knew how to make big money using her own body and mind. She touched her biceps and caressed them, saying she always liked women who have enough willpower to work out.

Sheila wanted them to get to know each other better and asked Kris to stay another 2 weeks in the USA, which Krisztina very warmly agreed.


Yet Sheila wasn't a fitness woman at all. That's why it was strange to me that Sheila began that very day to use my training room together with Kris. I solved the mystery when I went to work out in the basement. The door was open but the hallway was dark, so they didn't see me. I could not move shocked by the erotic scene which was happening before me.

They were holding each other tightly and kissing feverishly. Sheila wore a short pink sweater and a knitted mini-skirt that was slit up the side. Her calf rubbed against Kris's thighs. Kris was wearing a blue stretch denim bustier top and blue shorts.

Suddenly they stopped kissing and threw their clothes all over the room. Then Krisztina's arms enveloped Sheila again. Her soft lips touched my mommy's cheeks, her lips, her throat, then pressed her full breasts against her face. She grabbed her long black hair and yanked her head back, licking her chin, then her throat.

She laid her lover on the bench and began covering her juicy tits with slow wet kisses, leaving no part of her tits unkissed, insisting at her nipples. Then she took her nipples deep into her mouth and tongued and sucked them until Sheila squirmed with arousal.

Kris kneeled between Sheila's thighs and lowered her head so that her long hair trailed between Sheila's legs. My mommy shivered with passion when her brunette pussy was touched by the golden river of hair.

I always thought of my mother as a respectable woman in her late thirties, I never thought she would have sex with another woman! I could see they were enjoying themselves greatly.

Krisztina disappeared from my view outside the door for a few seconds. My eyes widened as I saw my aunt was now wearing a strap-on. The red dong was at least 8" long with a thick head.

Maybe I made a noise, because my aunt looked straight in my direction. I was terribly confused, I wanted to hide, not to be seen, but Krisztina had already spotted me. My stepmother was very ashamed to be seen by me. I could tell by her red face.

Krisztina acted like everything was under her control. "You mustn't be afraid or ashamed of this little cunt-eater! Come here, punk!! Tell me, slave, why did you spy us?"

"I didn't know I'd find you here!"

"Shut up! Little pervert! I must punish you! On your knees!"

I froze, just long enough for her to grab my hair and pull me face down to the floor. Feeling her strength, I shuddered at what could happen next.

"You will watch me and your sweet mum while we're fucking. I'll take care of you afterwards! And remember the rule!"

"No wanking, I know..."

"You are not allowed to say a word until I ask you!"


She slapped my neck so hard I almost fainted.

"Did I ask you anything?"


"Then don't say anything! Do you know what's nice about this strap on?" she asked. "It feels like a real cock. Do you think you'd like 8" of hard cock up your ass?"

I shook my head, terrified.

"Maybe you would like to deep throat it, do you?" she asked, slapping my face with the rubber cock. I shook my head again. I couldn't image myself doing all these kinky things.

To my deep amazement, mum was delighted. "Wow, I've never seen such a powerful woman! Can you teach me how you do it? I always admired women who can handle a man easily."

"Sure, sweetie! But you must keep up the training with me, ok?"


They began to kiss very sweetly. Their tongues were sweetly wrestling.

A terrible hate filled me. All I desired was to get up and punish the two whores; then call my father and tell him the whole story. But I was very aware of the fact that my aunt Krisztina could punish me more painfully for not being obedient.

Soon, I was sinking into a deep shame and salty tears begin to drop from my eyes. This made me feel even weaker. I felt like a little kid watching his mother being raped. But I realized that my situation was even worse. I was a strong young man, but I watched a woman fucking my own mother and I did nothing. I was afraid of being punished by a sexy blonde.

"Wank yourself using this!" She handed me my own mother's bra.

"But I can't..."

Mum wanted to help me. "Krisztina, I don't think it is good for him to do so!"

Kris hushed her with a finger against her lips. She approached me and I trembled. She grabbed my face, pushing two fingernails painfully under my cheekbones, leaned forward, and whispered using a sultry voice, "I didn't ask you whether you would like to jack off or not, I told you to do so! I don't think you want to upset your auntie, do you? I see you have a massive hard on and I want to help you, even against your will."

The noise of my zipper broke the silence. Her long fingers snaked deep in my underwear. She scratched gently the cock's velvety skin with her sharp fingernails.

"I'm sure you always wanted to do this! Do it now!" she said, caressing my red face.

Tears began dropping off my face. She licked one, tasting it.

"Stop crying bitch ... Just do as I fucking say... you got it?"


She kneed my left ear, ramming my brains through my head bones.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"That's my good little slut. So you have to wank yourself steadily. Do you understand, bitch?"

I barely nodded.


"Where were we, Sheila?"

My stepmother was delighted. She was totally transformed. She kneeled before the tall blonde goddess, opened her sensual lips, and sucked in the dildo. Krisztina began moving herself back and forth, shoving the penis deep inside the brunette's willing mouth. Soon all the thick shaft disappeared down her throat. To my surprise, Sheila didn't gag while her lover's relentless hand was guiding her head as she made her suck off her faux cock.

The pressure on my balls increased while I watched this hot scene. I felt very lucky I was allowed to jack off.

"You are a good little cocksucker!"

My stepmother seemed to love the feel of a big cock in her mouth, sucking hard on it, using her tongue and cheeks like a real pro. "Please, Kris, I need you to fuck me to death!"

Kris took Sheila in her strong arms and laid her on her back, guiding the fake cock into her lover's cunt. She was sliding slowly while my stepmom closed her eyes. When she was all the way in, the blonde stopped.

"Please, Kris, I need you inside me!"

"Do you want me to fuck this juicy cunt of yours?"

"Yes! I beg you to fuck me!"

Kris pulled the huge dildo back slowly and started to fuck her, slowly building up her pace. I was fisting my rigid cock in one hand, pre-cum coating my palm and fingers and impregnating the bra's cup.

Sheila lifted her legs, clenching her thighs around Krisztina's muscular ass and urged her, "Ohhhh, like that! You are soo good!"

"You... are....a... hot... bitch!"

Sheila reached up and feverishly cupped Kris's massive tits, then fondled her tummy, while the fake penis swayed back and forth. She leaned forward and bit her nipples and breasts everywhere she could. My stepmother was enjoying it.

I wanked myself furiously, one hand cupping my balls, the other viciously stroking my cock through the thin fabric. My stepmother was in trance, squealing like a whore. One terrific orgasm made her shudder uncontrollably. I exploded at the same time, filling the bra's cup with my hot cum.

Finally, the blonde moved back a bit and then leaned down and cupped her wet face in hand and kissed her fiercely on the mouth.

"Oh, Kris, you are the best love maker I've ever seen!"

Kris kissed her once again.

"You are the best fuck I've ever had, sweetheart! It looks like your little son enjoyed the show, too!" she said, turning her face towards me.

More to come!

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