My Pregnant Mum


'No, Mum,' I whispered, 'it's not enough, not by a long shot.' I unzipped my jeans and at the same time kicked off my running shoes. 'Take your dress off,' I ordered as I stripped and soon I was standing naked in front of my unmoving mother. I sighed and reached for my mother's hands and half pulled her to her feet. 'The dress,' I insisted. 'Take it off – Now.'

My mother unbuttoned the front of her dress and reluctantly let it slip over her shoulders. I watched as her swollen abdomen was exposed to me and I was amazed at the tightness of her skin as it stretched over her precious cargo. I reached out and felt the bump that had so altered my mother's body and I caressed it gently.

'The bra, Mum,' I sighed and kissed her flushed cheek.

'Please...' she responded, one last plea.

'Then the undies.' I was relentless, I was going to carry this through to the end, I would be undeterred.

My mother reached behind her back and unclasped the bra strap. Her big, heavy breasts swayed free and I goggled at them as they hung, ripe and succulent in front of my mother's body. Her teats were thick and elongated, perhaps in readiness for the arrival of the infant who would suckle on these very titties and with the areola around each nipple excitingly coloured a sort of pinkish brown.

I gasped loudly and lifted each of my mother's big breasts in my palms. I was amazed at the springy resilience of her skin and I bent forward to lick at the puckered nipples and to suck on the long nipples that tipped those fantastic tits.

I hooked my fingers into the elastic at the waist of my mother's underwear and pulled the cotton from her body. I pulled downwards and saw my mother's light, blonde pubic bush for the first time. The scrap of my mother's underwear was soon lying around her ankles and I took her hand and helped her step out of the discarded fragment.

I stepped back and looked at my naked mother. She was beautiful, truly gorgeous. I could see the defiance behind her eyes and in the set of her jaw, but as I mentioned earlier, I would have my prize.

'Bedroom,' I said and jerked my head to indicate the back of the house.

My mother offered no resistance and walked to her bedroom, apparently resigned to what was about to happen. I watched her body move gracefully in spite of her pregnancy and I kept an eye on her jiggling buttocks as I followed her into her bedroom.

My mother stood dumbly at the foot of her bed and just looked at me, expressionless. I walked to her with my cock jutting out in front of me and I pushed her gently on the shoulder so she sat on the bed with her feet on the floor.

'Lie back,' I murmured to her. 'Lie back and open your legs.'

Without a word, my mother did as I instructed and I was soon looking right at the soft, curled folds of her sex. She flinched when I put my fingertips against her labia, but settled again and calmly allowed me to continue. I parted the sticky flaps and looked right at the intimate core of my own mother's body. I was fascinated by how pink my mother's opening was and I was curious as to just how hot she'd be between her legs, inside her.

I fingered my mother gently, exploring the secret crevices of her sex and I heard the sharp gasps of breath as I lightly rubbed at her clitoris. I flicked the tight, pink bud of skin again, experimentally, and was rewarded with more hisses.

I then graduated to using my tongue against my mother's body and I lapped at her clit gently as I fingered her opening. My mother's hips jerked as my busy tongue moved over the little nub of flesh and I could feel her insides tightening around my finger as I probed the spongy inner walls of her sex.

As I continued slurping at her clit, I noticed that my mother was beginning to get wet and that her syrupy juice was slowly leaking from inside her. Also, her thighs would twitch and spasm frequently and her hips move jerkily as her bottom lifted from the bed.

Then I heard it, I definitely heard her groan.

She was enjoying it!

I wet the tip of my finger with my mother's gooey juice and rubbed at her clit. 'Is that good, Mum?' I whispered.

My mother sighed in response and then ran her fingers through my hair. She pulled my face closer against the junction of her thighs and rubbed her slippery vulva against my mouth.

'Luke,' she murmured quietly. 'This is... It's...'

I had no idea what she was going to say and her attempts at speech tapered off into a series of low moans, sighs and then guttural grunts. From my position between her spread thighs I looked up past her glorious belly to her face. I could plainly see her features were contorted, with her mouth open in a silent scream and her eyes screwed tightly closed. Everything about her indicated that my mother was actually enjoying my efforts as I slurped at her cunt greedily. The way her body was jerking, the sounds she was making and the expression on her face all indicated pleasure.

Very soon I was in no doubt at all as to whether or not my mother was finding my attention pleasurable. I had just used my tongue on the dark rose of her anus and was just attacking her tight little clitty again when she squealed loudly and gave several short grunts. Her thighs tightened around my head and my mother then pulled my face up and away from her sex.

'Oh no, oh no, oh no!' she whimpered quickly. 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' she half shouted and half grunted. 'I can't... I can't be...' My mother seemed to be aught in some kind of inner conflict with herself.

Looking back, I guess she was trying desperately to hold back her orgasm. She had been shocked and appalled initially when I had forced my sexual advances upon her. She'd been reluctant in the extreme and very naturally so since incest is such a dirty subject. In spite of her best efforts to fight me off she'd eventually been forced to succumb to my demands and now, with her climax demanding release, she appeared to be reluctant to surrender her last remaining line of resistance.

Her efforts were in vain however and finally, with a huge groan that indicated her ultimate capitulation, she surrendered herself to the waves of orgasmic bliss that so obviously overwhelmed her senses.

'Fuck... I'm coming... Luke, this is so bad... but it's so good too.' My mother looked at me through eyes like slits as she spoke and then let her head fall back against the pillow.

I moved quickly while my mother was still gripped by the intensity of her climax. I didn't want her to have any time to think. I wanted to fuck her and knew that if I didn't move fast that she'd probably recover from her orgasm and return to her normal standards of morality.

I eased my mother over onto her side and lay on the bed behind her in a spooning position. I manoeuvred myself so my still hard cock was wedged up against her buttocks and then I lifted her uppermost leg so that her sex was exposed and vulnerable. As I held my mother's leg with one hand, I spread the sodden lips of her sex with the other and pushed my hips forward so that my cock head butted up against the pink, hot centre of her. Then, with a gentle stab, the tip of my cock entered the forbidden zone.

'Luke...' my mother hissed when she felt me against her body. 'You can't... you can't fuck me. It's just so wrong.'

'Mum,' my voice was hoarse and raked with the tension. 'Mum, I love you... It'll be Ok, please...'

'No, please Luke, don't do it ...No.'

I ignored my mother's plea and pushed harder against her. More of my iron hard cock slid inside her and I was amazed at the heat and moistness that enveloped my cock. I had never felt this way before in my life. I'd fucked other women, well girls my own age, but none had felt so deliciously sublime.

My mother was in a league of her own. This may have been due to the fact that I didn't really care for any of my earlier fucks; they were just a means to an end for a randy nineteen year old with an itch, but my mother... Well there were all the feelings I had for her, along with all of the associated emotion. Easing my fat cock into my own mother was, for me, a joy and I just hoped that she would come to feel the same way. I thought I'd had her where I wanted her when she'd come, but her protestations as I pushed my cock against her gave me cause to think again.

I held my mother's hip and slid the last inch into her until I was as deep as I could go at that point. I pushed my hand around her body and felt the drum tight skin of her swollen tummy. The feel of her full belly under my palm sent a frisson of excitement through me and caused my cock to physically throb within the oily grip of my mother's cunt.

I pulled some of my shaft back out and immediately forced it home again, not too hard, but with sufficient force to make my mother gasp.

'Luke,' she whispered again and turned her head awkwardly to look over her shoulder at me.

As my mother turned, she had to lift herself on one elbow to ease her body up from the mattress. This minor shift in her position meant that I could ease my free hand between her body and the bed, giving me clear access to her big heavy breasts.

'Luke,' she said again as I squeezed the weight of her. 'If you're going to do it to me, then do it. Fuck me, please; I want you to do it to me.'

Then she pushed her hand down between her legs and I felt the sharp jabs of her fingernails on the shaft of my cock as she diddled at her clitoris.

Those words! She'd told me, in no uncertain terms, to fuck her.

I began to move more and more quickly as I stabbed my mother's now squelching sex. As my excitement grew I could feel my spunk threaten and I moaned loudly with the inevitability of my orgasm. I moaned and mauled my mother's big jugs as I held onto her, one hand under her body and the other over her. As I squeezed my mother's flesh I leaned my head forward and tried to kiss her. My mother was panting and frantically rubbing at her clit, but she opened her eyes and realised what I was trying to do.

She shifted her position a little and we kissed. It was a real lover's kiss, with our tongues sliding and coiling with serpentine urgency.

My mother pushed the fingers that had seconds before been rubbing against her clit into my mouth. I tasted the syrup that had dribbled out of my mother's body and covered her fingers and my mother purred with delight when I'd licked them clean.

As she found her pink button with her fingers again, my mother sighed, 'Do you like the taste of me? Do I taste good?'

My mother pushed her hand against my belly and eased me away from her body. My cock slid out of her and I felt a rush of disappointment; was it over?

My disappointment was unfounded and short-lived. 'I want you from behind me, I want it doggy.'

My mother pushed two pillows onto the bed and eased herself on top of them, keeping her pregnant belly cushioned and clear of the mattress. She held herself up on her elbows and offered her rump to me by seductively wiggling her hips from side to side.

'Come on, lover,' she said playful now. 'Stick that lovely cock back into Mama's dirty cunt.'

The apparent change in character and attitude took me by surprise, but the use of the obscenity really knocked me for six and then spurred me into action. I climbed behind my mother's inviting rump like an eager puppy and I pushed my cock head against her sodden opening and felt only a momentary resistance before my shaft was once again gripped by her clenching insides.

I felt my mother's soft round buttocks against my lower belly as I fed my cock into her. I held myself high above her body in respect of it's fragile cargo, but I made sure my fat cock was pushed deep and hard into her juicy opening.

I settled myself and then began to pump into my mother from the superior position I was now in. To my delight and surprise, she pushed her buttocks up and back at me. She seemed to be trying to get as much of my cock inside her as was possible and very soon confirmed that intuition verbally.

'Give it to me, baby,' she grunted as her head lolled loosely and her blonde hair spilled over the pillow. 'Fuck mummy with that lovely, fat cock... It feels good, fill me.'

I had no idea where the change in her attitude had come from. All I knew was that her new found vocabulary was exciting me beyond belief and I drove in and out of my foul mouthed mother with gusto.

'God!' my mother cried as I fucked her. 'I'm so fucking horny when I'm pregnant... I crave cock... I need to be fucked... my cunt, oh my God, my cunt...'

My mother's cries trailed off and she pushed her face into the bed. I heard her muffled cries and sobs as she surrendered completely to the sweet climax that so obviously took hold.

The combined factors of my mother's convulsing body and the filth that poured from her mouth sent me over the edge as well and my cock spurted the first jets of my cum into my mother's already filled womb.

I held onto her tightly as I spat gout after gout of hot semen into her. I had absolutely no fear about impregnating my own mother since she already had a belly full and I just let my head loll back and clenched my teeth as I groaned out my pleasure.

My mother knew I was coming as her own climax sent her into a spasm of ecstasy and she called out in rapture, 'Luke! I can feel you coming. I can feel the pulses of your cum inside me. Fill me with it, please, fill my thirsty cunt...'


My mother confessed to me later that night, after I'd given her a mouthful of my seed; that she had actually been fantasising about me fucking her.

She then proceeded to cry and sob in such a way as was designed to show me that her initial protestations had all been a sham and that she would have let me fuck her anyway.

We lived as lovers until Dad came out of jail, and then when he got sent down again, we carried on.

I loved to see my mother when she was with child. I adored the way her belly was distended and full. Her breasts grew large and her nipples darkened in such a way as to excite me hugely. I would hold her big belly gently in my hands as I fucked her as we spooned and she would press her soft, round buttocks against me every time I came, my cum spitting inside her and filling her up.

My Brother was born a few months before Dad was released after Mum and I became lovers, but the next kid...

Well he was born after dad had been in Jail for over 13 months...

That left just one candidate for the Father... and it wasn't Chambers.

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