tagBDSMMy Pregnant Wife

My Pregnant Wife


** The last part of this story will contain explicit content that may not be appropriate for all ages. It will contain a sort of "gang bang" if you will of a newly wedded pregnant woman. This story is a dream and is in no way real what so ever. The characters portrayed in this story are in no way affiliated with any real people. Any people the characters are based on have been notified and consent was given to proceed. In addition, there will be no actual penetration scenes in the first two chapters but there will be toy play. Thank You for your support. The story was a request. If you have something, you would like to see written, feel free to ask. Thank you and enjoy. **


The girl could not help but fiddle with her collar. It's still so new yet everything is changing... The twine had already taken the colour of her hair, a soft teal and the charm that hung from the front had smoothed out due to her constant rubbing of it. She had grown much more attached to this collar than the one before, a blue one with a round charm painted like a globe, a symbol to her that her M'Lord was her world. She closed her eyes, her hand holding the red charm tight, warming it in her hand. The ceremony was only hours away... She touched her belly now protruding from her body, bigger than her own oversized -- in her opinion -- breasts. With her hand on the top of her belly, she smiled as she felt a kick, a strong one at that. Taking it as a hint to get off her ass and get moving, she stood from her chair and looked in the vanity mirror to the dry cleaner's bag on the bed.

It was time...

She looked beautiful in green, absolutely stunning. Her hair had finally agreed to cooperate with her, her bangs slicked down, her hair pulled back from her face by a simple black headband, standing out in comparison with her vibrant red hair. She had taken a small piece of hair, about an inch thick, on each side and rested the pieces over her shoulder, the curls landing them next to her swollen breasts, as if cupping the luscious ivory skin.

Her dress brushed against the dirt floor which was fine by her, a little dirt never hurt, especially when you were outdoors. The dress she had originally wanted to wear had needed a bit of an alteration due to the unintentional and unplanned baby bump, but one she had wanted for a long time. The dress was cut in a traditional renaissance pattern, the neck line a box, the corset having had been removed but at the waist, the green parted ways to each side as a silk like silver filled the middle down the dress, a light fabric almost see through in the sunlight. Her feet were bare underneath and looked tiny when they peaked out from under her dress. She was only six months pregnant and the woman felt like she just needed this child out!

Turning side to side in the full length mirror, she felt like a blimp, tears coming to her eyes as she thought there was no way she was going to be able to walk like this in front of her closest friends... Not while she was this big... Just as a tear spilt over, a voice called.

"Oh Meshy... Don't cry. This is a joyous occasion. It's not every day you get hand fasted... No more tears Meshy..."

The woman turned around and hugged the man, her tears falling without abandon.

"How can I go out there when I'm this fat? Everyone is going to laugh at me..." she wiped at her eyes, glad for once that she had yet to put on make-up.

"My dear Princess, you are beautiful..." His hands went to her belly, petting it softly. "Princess, I'd do ya in a heartbeat if I could." He said with a chuckle, a playful jab at the woman. He laughed loud as her cheeks reddened with embarrassment, knowing the extent of her feelings for him. He placed his hand on the back of her head, pulling her close to kiss her forehead. She smiled and hugged the man before wiping her face clean.

The man left without another word. The woman settling once more looked in the mirror. Her brown eyes seemed to glow, shining with tears and slightly red. Nothing a little washing of the face could not solve.

Twelve bells chimed... The time has come. She left her dressing tent after quickly setting her red tulip wreath over her head. It was time to walk. A buzz came from her panties; she had forgotten the wedding gift the man had given her... He was going to torture her through this entire thing, she could tell... She walked as normally as she could, her body shaking, unable to take the sudden onslaught of pleasure. Her eyes would tear up as she tried her best to move her hips to get the egg to move just slightly to the left. So close... So close! She got to North Road and the vibrations stop.

She cried out, "No, don't stop!" The small group of people looked at her funny before noticing she was walking weird. Chalking it up to her pregnancy, they shrugged and surrounded her. The ceremony was to begin...

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