tagBDSMMy Pregnant Wife Ch. 02

My Pregnant Wife Ch. 02


**The last part of this story will contain explicit content that may not be appropriate for all ages. It will contain a sort of "gang bang" if you will of a newly wedded pregnant woman. This story is a dream and is in no way real what so ever. The characters portrayed in this story are in no way affiliated with any real people. Any people the characters are based on have been notified and consent was given to proceed. In addition, there will be no actual penetration scenes in the first two chapters but there will be toy play. Thank You for your support. The story was a request. If you have something, you would like to see written, feel free to ask. Thank you and enjoy.**

Keith stood before the woman, an evil grin on his face. This was all a game to him. As he spoke about the hand fasting traditions, his hand fell casually to his pocket, picking up a small remote control and with the push of a button, sent the woman to her knees. She looked up sheepishly at her Dom, His eyes borrowing into her skull. His hand went to the back of her hair, the motion bringing a gasp to her lips. A smile formed upon His lips. He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"I like you on your knees at my side... Good girl. Now stay still." He had encouraged. The small egg inside her seemed to work its way up inside her, rubbing in all the right places to make her tremble. Her breath grew ragged and she knew if she was to stand, the bottom of her dress would be soaked by her sweet honey pot's juices. She buried her face in her hands as her hips bucked. She was so close... She tugged on her Dom's arm, but He only took her hand and smiled. She let out a small whimper and He just shushed her.

"Yes..." her Dom would say. Her head looked back and forth between Keith and her Dom, confused as to what was going on. Keith repeated himself.

"Meshy, will you be Phelan's faithful partner for life?"

"Of course!" She practically stammered. The buzzing stopped and she almost cried out again, wanting nothing more than to hike up her dress, pull out her vibrator and go to town on her own clit. Somehow, she contained herself and the first cord was wrapped around their wrists.

The ceremony continued at the same pace. Just before Keith asked the next question, the egg would come to life inside her and as it came her turn to answer, as she almost begged out loud for release, it would stop, fade away from her and go back to normal.

The cords came off their hands, they exchanged rings, and then finally, her collar was taken in hand. Her eyes filled as she watched the silver glisten in the setting sun, beautifully back lit by the cherry wood box and the trees that surrounded it.

"Girl Meshy, do you offer me your love?"

The buzz went silent.

"Yes M'Lord..." she would whisper, eyes focused on the collar for a moment before falling to His frowning face. He would lift a goblet and hand it to the girl.

"Then drink of my golden nectar to express this love." He handed it to her, the champaigne sparkling in the low light, and she drank it all, greedily, ready to prove her love... Even for what she knew was coming...

"Girl Meshy, do you honor Me?" He asked awkwardly, His feet shifting as He looked down to her, searching her face. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before nodding.

"Yes M'Lord." Silence for a moment...

"Then worship my feet to express this honor." Keith hissed as he heard this. He knew how she had a distinct fear of feet and only now did he understand how serious the collar was... She took a breath... And kissed each foot four times, each kiss only a few seconds long but to her, it was the least she was willing to do. The buzz came back again but she was so overtaken, she barely noticed it.

"Girl Meshy, will you obey your submission to me?" He said, hand going to His hip, playing with a flogger hidden in His kilt's back loop.

"Yes M'Lord." She barely managed to say, her body tensing. The man moved behind the girl, His face composed. The buzz grew, her hips wiggled...

"Then accept this lash as an expression of obedience." Without another moment of hesitation He hit her hard on her back, once, twice, three times, each drawing a whimper from her, her body lurching forward, arching, moving around the vibrator until it was rubbing against her g-spot. Her breath quickened and she panted as she straightened, the Man walking back to His spot in front of her.

"Girl Meshy, do you offer Me a symbol of your commitment?" This next part would be a surprise. They had agreed on a leash but Meshy got to pick it, keep it hidden until it was time.

"Yes M'Lord, i offer this leash..." With that, she pulled out a simple black leather leash with the letters M and P imprinted on the handle. The buzzing grew louder, more powerful, her back was arched, her hips bucking, not caring now if others watched.

Her Dom picked up the collar from the box, fingering the metal.

"This collar is a symbol of my love for you, a reminder that I honor and respect you, and a commitment to obey the responsibilities of being the dominant force in your life. It is a visible symbol of O/our commitment in a D/s relationship. This is my physical promise to you to protect and Love you. May you wear it proudly." Easily, He cut the red collar from her neck and clicked on the eternity collar, locking it in back. She gripped onto His leather straps on His chest and buried her face in His neck. She whimpered in His ear and He grinned.

"Good girl..." He whispered to her, gripping the back of her hair. "Cum my Pretty Princess... Cum for me!" He growled, kissing her hard as her hips bucked. She shot right up, her vibrator shooting from her as she tightened to the point where it was impossible for anything to stay put. She was grateful for the thong or else she would have been founded out. She shook as she came in front of about 10 different people, most of them males and already half dressed. The ceremony was over... And the celebration was about to begin.

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