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My Pretty Woman Moment


Being a busy sort of guy, I don't often get a lot of time to spend with my wife. It's something that pains me because I love my wife to the point of infatuation and I adore spending time with her. But I also love providing for her, and in order to provide I have to work.

It's a vicious circle.

So on a random Tuesday when my wife, Jess, popped her head into my home office to say she was going shopping for some new clothes I volunteered to come with. Not because I wasn't busy, but because I could bring my laptop and and smart phone along and work while she tried on her outfits. Just another example of technology making our lives better.

My wife is a real cutey. She's about 5'6" with ash blond hair, pert D-cup breasts and the sort of curvey curves that makes a man want to grab a hold and take a ride. When she smiles she beams with her whole face and seems even younger than her 27 years. Watching her happily trying on new outfits is a real treat.

Just getting to be the man who makes her happy is a treat.

We arrived at my wife's favorite store - an upscale sort of establishment with helpful attendants who spend a lot of time with the customers. Jess caught the eye of one of the clerks - a hot nerdy little thing with long, long brown hair in pig tails, horn rim glasses and a name tag saying her name was Tyler - and they quickly began to amass a mountain of clothes to try on.

I retreated to a comfortable looking couch with my bag of gadgets and set up shop to get some work done until it was my time to do my best Richard Gere/Pretty Woman impression and play judge. Not that it mattered. My wife has excellent taste in clothes, but she doesn't really need it. She could make a potato sack and clogs look positively fetching.

The large store wasn't very busy, so we had a secluded corner of it to ourselves.

I'd been working for a bit, and had judged a few outfits (I said yes to whatever seemed to make her happy, one benefit of my working is getting to buy my lady what she wants), when I noticed that I hadn't seen Jess or Tyler for a while. I stood up from my couch, stretched out some neck kinks, and sidled over to the changing area.

I could hear Tyler and Jess, who had been getting along famously, talking and laughing in one of the curtained booths in the middle of the row of changing areas. I was about to return to my perch on the couch when I heard my wife's giggle turn into a "mmmmmm" of the sort that is unmistakable.

Something, or someone, was turning her on.

I quietly slipped into the booth next to the one Jess and Tyler were occupying, stepped on the provided bench, and slowly peeked over the wall into the next booth. I didn't want to be caught. After all, a moan is no smoking gun and if all was innocent I didn't want to look like an ass or a peeping tom. Though, of course, this was my wife in the booth.

Lucky for me (in more ways than one it would turn out) things were far from innocent.

Tyler was standing behind my wife ostensibly helping her adjust the upper part of slinky little gown, but on closer inspection I noticed a couple of fingers on her right hand slowly circling the tip of Jess breast which was exposed just above the top of the dress. Both were frozen still, staring at one another in the mirror, then Tyler moved her head in closer and began to kiss the edge of my wife's ear lobe.

This got a hooded-eye smile and another of those adorable giggles out of my wife who leaned back a bit to facilitate Tyler's ministrations. Given this tacit sign of approval, Tyler moved her hand down under the top of the gown Jess was half wearing and cupped her heavy breast while moving from kisses to licks long the edge of her ear and down to her neck.

Turning around, Jess shrugged off the top of the dress leaving it pooled around her slender waist - just above the sexy flair of her hips - then pulled Tyler in to her for a full-on, mouth-to-mouth, tongue-twisting kiss. The sexy girls began running their hands up and down each other's backs and cupping each other's asses while making muted kissing and moaning sounds.

The ardent make-out continued as Tyler slipped her thigh in between Jess' legs, hiking up her skirt with the move, and both commenced grinding - Tyler on my wife's bare thigh and Jess on Tyler's jean-clad leg.

It was the sexiest sight I'd ever seen. Two beautiful women humping at each other, kissing and running their hands all over each other and I had the best seat in the house...but I wondered if it could get better. Could I inject myself into this situation without dispelling the magical aura of lust which some how seemed to have cropped up between them in this strange setting, or should I settle for the front-row seat I already had?

As Tyler pushed my wife into the corner where she slid down and exposed the fact that she was already, somehow, without her panties I made up my mind. Tyler went to her knees clearly intent on licking my wife's pussy, and I came down off my bench and walked around the corner to the curtain closing off their booth.

I whisked the curtain aside, stepped in quickly, and shut it again behind me. The store was mostly deserted, but not exactly empty, and whatever was about to happen I didn't want an audience.

My wife looked up at me, her hooded eyes widening in alarm. She may have thought some store manager had caught them, and she seemed relieved to see it was her husband, though she was still more than a little apprehensive at being caught with a strange woman's head between her shapely thighs.

Tyler, for her part, had a look of abject terror behind her cute eyeglasses at the sight of her customer-turned-tryst-partner's husband, and I sought to set them both at ease with a grin.

"We may not have a choice but to buy that gown now honey," I said in a bemused way. "It's going to look used."

"Oh don't worry, we have a liberal return policy," Tyler said with her features relaxing into a small smile. I couldn't help but notice the small gleam of moisture from my wife's pussy on her chin.

"Are you mad at me, honey?" my wife asked, her knit eyebrows indicating that she was still not quite certain how I was going to react.

"We came here to find something nice for you, and somehow I ended up finding something nice for me. If you don't mind my saying, what I was just seeing was sexy as hell, and if neither of you mind I'd love to participate," I replied.

"That's up to Tyler," my wife said more relaxed and looking at the other woman in the room with us who was, in turn, looking at me with an arched eyebrow and a half smile.

"I don't know what's come over me. I've never had a sexual thought about a woman before, but I saw you two walk in and felt a twinge. Then when your wife had me helping her try on clothes I...I just couldn't help myself," Tyler said with gleaming milk dud eyes. "I'm going to be disappointed if we don't do something...though quietly. I do need this job."

So there I was, standing with a raging hard-on in front of my bombshell wife and the hot young sales clerk was was just eating her out with both of them smiling at me and waiting for my next move.

"As you were, ladies."

Tyler turned eagerly back to Jess' spread legs, and Jess in turn pulled her face back into her pussy. All I could hear was quiet slurping, but from the way my wife's thighs were twitching and her toes were curling Tyler knew what she was doing whatever her cunnilingus experience level.

Soon Tyler had her hand up under her chin and was curling two fingers in and out of Jess' pussy as though she were gesturing to someone to come hither. This had quite an effect on my wife, causing her ass to begin bucking off the bench prompting both Tyler and I to simultaneously shush her.

Tyler looked back at me with a grin, then let her eyes fall to the not-so-inconspicuous lump in my pants clearly questioning if I was planning on using it. I caught my wife's eye when she opened them for a moment between quiet pants, and she gave me a nod and a smile.

I moved behind Tyler and reached underneath her to undo the chain-belt that was circled around her waist. Feeling only slightly self conscious, I reached under her body and unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to her knees then off as the lovely young lass stretched out her legs to help.

The slip-ons she'd been wearing on her feet were already gone.

I looked down at her gorgeous, ass and couldn't help but laugh when I saw she was wearing a pair of Battlestar Galactica panties. "Nerd" wasn't just some sheik fashion magazine fad for this girl. She was the real deal.

I pulled off the underwear too, leaving her naked alabaster ass exposed under the soft and flattering lighting of the upscale changing room. It was a sight to behold. Heart-shaped cheeks surrounding just a hint of pink lips and dark, trimmed public hair. Hips that tapered into a narrow waist with just a small hint of tummy hanging down underneath, and her beautiful skin was dotted with freckles that stood out in stark contrast to her white skin.

I had to have her. At this point, the entire store staff along with mall security could watch for all I cared.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down along with my underwear exposing my cock to the air. Hearing my clothes rustle, my wife slitted her eyes open and gave me a small smile as I advanced on the backside of the young girl who was eating her pussy.

Still not entirely believing this was about to happen, I guided the tip of my dick to Tyler's pretty pink lips. The girl shuddered when I made contact, then began to softly push back against me as I ran myself up and down to gather up some moisture to ease my first thrust.

When I had things lined up, I put my hands on Tyler's warm and soft hips and slowly pulled myself into her letting out a slow sigh as I did so. Tyler, too, sighed into my wife's pussy and Jess, for her part, whispered "That's so hot."

And it must have been, because right then she pulled Tyler's mouth tight against her and began to buck against her face. "Mmmmmmmph," Jess said as I noticed her nipples poking out just above the crumpled top of the gown she'd been trying on were rock-hard. The cord's of Jess' neck began to stand out, and I began to be worried that she was hurting Tyler by pulling on her so hard, but then she released and went limp.

By this time I was buried in Tyler as deep as I could go, so I took off my shirt, then slowly began to work in and out of her pussy. Rocking back against me, Tyler began to kiss up Jess' thighs then laid her head against my wife's breasts tickling the tip of one nipple with her tongue. Jess cradled Tyler's head and watched me as I began to pick up my pace a bit.

"You give this girl what she just gave me," she whispered. "Make her cum honey."

I closed my eyes to focus on what I was feeling with my cock and my hands. Tyler's pussy was a firm, wet glove around my cock. Her skin was like silk spread over taught, firm muscles. She was pushing back into me, flexing her pelvis so that each push gave my cock a through stroke.

Soon I could feel from the way her muscles were moving that she had an orgasm building, and opening my eyes I saw her and my wife looking into each other's eyes. My wife was saying something that looked to be "Do you enjoy my husband?" but I couldn't quite hear.

Soon all my attention was focused on making sure this young fantasy-come-to-life I was currently balls-deep in came before I did. She stopped moving entirely, and I picked up the pace thrusting into her with a tight grip around her waist. Anyone walking near the dressing room could likely have heard the tell-tale skin-on-skin slapping of copulation, but I was beyond caring. All that mattered was pleasuring this beautiful young woman in front of me.

Soon, despite my best efforts to hold it back, I felt that familiar tingle in my balls. This was going to be a big one, I could tell, and I desperately sought a way to help Tyler over the hump before I came too early.

Without thinking, I moved a hand down her backside and pressed a thumb up against her asshole.

It was like pushing a launch button.

Tyler let out an involuntarily yelp of pleasure, the latter half of which was quickly buried in my wife's cleavage, came like a rocket. Her pussy clenched at my cock to a degree that was just short of painful, and she began to thrust again with her hips. I kept my thumb on her asshole and buried my cock as deep as it would go inside her before letting go with my own orgasm.

I was sucking wind in with gasps, desperately trying to stay quiet, as I pumped load after load into Tyler's pussy. My wife was whispering into Tyler's face again, their eyes locked, and this time I could hear her clearly.

"You like my husband's seed? Did you make him cum hard you hot little bitch? Is he filling your womb?"

Womb. I hadn't even given pregnancy a second thought before letting go inside this hot young thing, but clearly my wife was concerned so I filed it away for more thought later.

I slid my cock out of Tyler's pussy and sat down against the opposite wall of the dressing room. Just then a voice from outside the changing room cut through the post-orgy euphoria.

"Tyler, are you in here?" a female voice asked.

"Yes Darla, just helping a customer, I'll be right out."

We heard the click of departing high heels, then Tyler began to dress in a hurry. She pulled her Battlestar Galactica panties up her thighs, rubbing the crotch once in place and looking at me with a face brightened by a noticeable flush.

"I want to keep all of that in there," she said.

Then, turning more business like, she finished dressing telling Jess and I to dress quickly as well as management tends to get suspicious of those spending too much time in the dressing room even when accompanied by a store employee.

Tyler left, blowing a kiss at us before shutting the curtain, and I looked at my wife. She had a flush too, starting at her just-visible nipples and disappearing up into her hair. She looked so sexy slouched there, and my cock was still so hard, I just couldn't help myself.

I got back on my knees, moved between her legs, and slipped into her wet, boiling pussy. She put her hands around my neck and began to pull herself onto my cock.

"Did you like that, daddy? Did you like fucking that hot little thing while she ate my pussy?"

Needless to say, with talk like that I wasn't going to last long no matter how hard I'd just come. Soon I was shooting a load into the second of two women in less than five minutes, this one so hard it made the back of my balls ache a bit.

Without saying another word Jess and I cleaned up quickly, gathered our purchases, and made our way out of the changing room. It wasn't until we were clear of it that I realized we probably should have left separately but nobody was around to notice.

We walked past Tyler on our way to the front counter. She smiled from behind those nerd glasses and told us to "come...again real soon" accentuating the suggestive pause.

At the counter the woman who I assumed was Darla checked us out, raising an eyebrow at the crumpled dress my wife had been wearing in the changing room but not making a comment.

I paid and we left with our packages. In the parking lot, as I put my wife's packages in the back of the truck, she turned me toward her then gave me a deep kiss.

With gleaming, mischievous eyes she pulled a slip of paper out of her pocket and showed me a phone number.

"So," she asked. "When are we inviting Tyler over?"

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