tagBDSMMy Professor's Office

My Professor's Office


I sat nervously in my Professor's office...legs crossed in my chair, wearing my denim skirt, white tee, hair up, it was a hot May afternoon. The semester was almost over, and I just HAD to be able to continue my internship, I couldn't afford the tuition without it. I was hoping that Mr. Lang was in a negotiable mood.

I was jittery as I heard the door creak a little. Then nothing, "argh, where WAS he?" I felt aggravated at my Professor for making me wait. It was getting hotter in there. I wiggled in my seat and leaned down to fumble with my sandal. I sat up fast when I heard my name, "Katie.." I must have not heard him come in. He walked to the desk and stood, he seemed cool as a cucumber in the heat. He must have come from air conditioned faculty lounge, bastard. Here I sat sweating...

"Katie, I really can't talk to you for very long and to be honest, I have a few more interviews to do today." He spoke quickly.

I started to stammer, "But Sir, I, I, really have had a crazy busy semester, and a few personal issues have come up...I really, I mean really need to continue this internship throughout the summer semester."

He said, "Well, is that really fair, Katie? I have a few more students who really have outstanding resumes and I'd like to give them a chance to do an internship too."

I started to talk faster, "But Sir, I can take some time this week to do some extra work if you need, research or extra projects or even er, um...."I trailed off and he smiled.

"Perhaps we can make some kind of arrangement. Do you know that I am a creative writer as well?"

Where did that come from? I was doing a marketing internship and he wrote books on business practices. Not sure how that could be classified as "creative".

"Do you mean your text books? I uh hadn't realized that those were creative writing, I mean traditionally, they seem like research based texts..."

"No, Katie, I don't mean my textbooks, I mean my own writing that I do on the side. Creative stories."

"Oh, I see. I mean I assumed, Sorry..."

"Since you are a creative writer, I figured you would appreciate reading some of mine sometime."

"Do you mean my research articles? Most of them are for the Professors in the department to have a base for their research. I am not sure they are very 'creative'".

"I don't mean those, Katie, I mean your other writing, your blog."

I stopped and stared. What was he implying? He knew about my blog? I felt my cheeks flush. I felt fear in my stomach. He can't mean my private erotic blog that is totally anonymous. It's just a way to let off steam, to fantasize and to have fun with the subscribers.

He smiled, "Yes, come to learn we share some interests. You write an amazing erotic blog and I am a follower of it. I have to admit, you inspire me, Katie. I am not just looking for a research assistant, I am looking for more of a muse, Katie. An inspiration to fuel my writing, someone who can get their hands dirty, so to speak."

My eyes got bigger. "I don't know, wh, what you mean, Sir."

"No worries, Katie, it will remain a secret. I only happen to know that you are the author since you have been working on it during your internship and it uploads through our server. Nothing to be embarrassed about, its erotic and very imaginative. Once I knew it was you, I was able to pick out things in it that reflect your personality."

I was dumbfounded. No one knows about my blog except me.

He continued, "your silence tells me a lot, Katie. As I said, no one will know your identity by me sharing it. It's our secret."

I nodded in agreement and he smiled.

"Would you be willing to do a few special assignments to allow me to research my personal writing?" he asked.

"I think I could do that, Sir..." I was having a hard time looking him in the eye. He was really hot and I felt embarrassed of my admission.

"What kind of research do you have in mind?"

"Please stand up Katie." He said abruptly. I stood. He smiled and said, "I want to ask you a few questions, please be honest in your responses, it will guide me in knowing which avenue to pursue first."

"Okay, do you still want me to stand?"

"Yes, please stand in front of my desk while I ask."

I stood there awkwardly, starting partly at the books behind his head and quick glances at him.

"I am wondering if you have ever had an idea, a fantasy if you will, about something you thought you would never really do in real life but entertained the idea in your head?"

"Um, yea I guess so..." my mind trailed to the fantasies I had while working in the library, daydreaming of fucking rock hard cocks in the stacks.

"Please do share, Katie..." He made a gesture with his hands, indicating me to continue.

"I uh, work in the library, as you know...and I uh something work late a night and you know libraries are sometimes places people think of fantasies... and uh, something it seems like it would be fun to um, have some sex or uh something in the stacks?"

Sir smiled, amused, "Yes, that does seem fun, Katie. Ever indulge?"

"Um..." I began..

and he said, "No need to feel embarrassed, its a common fantasy and act here on a campus, I'm sure my admission you would not be the only one."

I smiled nervously. "Well, yes, my sophomore year me and my boyfriend at the time decided to take some steam off and spend some time on the table in the reference room."

"Ah, lovely, and deliciously naughty. I wonder if that act inspired your blog at all?"

"Yes, some of it..." I stared again at the books behind him and he reached for a bound book.

"I would like to share some of my writing with you, Katie. Perhaps we have something in common."

He handed me the book bound in leather, I realized it was a journal and not a book.

"Please, feel free to read any exerpt, I only ask that if you read it, you must also read it aloud."

I watched him carefully as opened the journal. I noticed there were sections, like chapters and the first began with, "She came into my office wearing a black dress, just above the knee, revealing a little cleavage and high heels." I started to read silently and he cleared his throat, "as we discussed, Katie, please read aloud..."

I swallowed hard and then said, "Okay, Sir, as you wish...." I started to read the entry about the tarty co-ed to walked into a professors office with desire. I was amused at how cliche the storyline was. The story began to take an interesting twist.

"She slid to her knees before the Professor, her thighs parting slightly and her breasts heaving with desire. Sir stood above her and ran his finger along her jawline and then down to her breasts. He then firmly grasp her hair in his hand and turned her neck up to meet his gaze. 'Remove the dress, slut.' he said with command. She obeyed and unzipped and slid out of her dress, wearing only lace panties and heels..." I stuttered as the story began to get more intense. I tripped over the words a little bit.

"Please, keep reading, Katie." he urged.

I continued, "He took one hand and unzipped his pants, revealing a rock hard cock. She licked her lips and asked, 'May I, Sir?' He pressed her face roughly to his cock and she began to lick along his pulsing shaft, her red lips finding his fat cock head and she began to suck. He moaned and gripped her hair tighter."

Mr. Lang was leaning back in his chair, listening as if he had never heard this before, even though he wrote it.

"Stop there for a moment, Katie, may I ask you what you think so far?"

"It's uh, interesting, Sir. I mean this girl really seems to want to obey him."

"Yes, it seems that doesn't it? Why do you think she wants to obey?"

"Um...fear? Maybe she really desires someone to tell her what to do? or maybe its just a fantasy they both have?"

"Perhaps it is...I'd like to see if we can act out this story, really get into it." He paused to see my reaction.

"I, uh, am not so sure about this, Sir. I mean I really think its inappropriate for me to be reading this, us talking about this. I mean, my blog was supposed to be totally private, no real life stuff just fantasies..."

"I understand that, Katie. But it seems that in your writing, you are very very creative and erotic. Only a truly erotic mind could write what you write. It's not just smut, its something else..."

I didn't answer him immediately. I had had that same thought before, I had more and more been unable to reach orgasm without a little necessary roughness, taking me further to the edge. Finding dirty talk and dirty words almost necessary to cum anymore. What did that mean? I wasn't even sure and I wasn't sure I was ready to find out.

"I really must be going now, Sir.." I stood to leave and remember my ridiculous outfit. I had changed into this willingly, what did that mean?

I stopped as he watched me in my outfit. "I guess we could maybe see what acting something out could be like..."

He stood facing me. He leaned toward me and caressed my cheek, "only as you wish..." He reached for my pigtail and teased them with his hand. Then took the end and ran it along my cleavage. I let out a deep breath and he leaned closer so that I could smell his clean soap smell and hint of cologne.

"Do you know what happens to naughty girls who write erotic stories that their professors read?"

I just shook my head no.

"Well, let me know you." He dropped my pigtail and sat in his chair. "Lie across my lap, Katie."

"I um...well..."

"Now." he commanded.

I felt a jolt inside me and the urge to obey without question. I leaned across his lap and he lifted me up off the ground so that my ass was up and my legs were splayed across his knees. I blushed and also felt my excitement rise. He lifted my skirt and rubbed along my ass cheeks and upper thighs.

"Relax, Katie....this will be just what we both desire." He slipped a finger into the band of my panties and moved it slowly. Then his hand rested on the small of my back and I felt him suck in air and his other hand came smacking down flat on my ass. I jumped with surprise of the sting. He began to paddle my ass with rhythm, smacking it up and down and then rubbing it with his hand. I whimpered as he roughly tugged my panties down to expose my bare ass and then smacked even a little harder. I wiggled and felt my cheeks burn, feeling my face blush, my nipples grew rock hard as Sir paddled my bare ass cheeks. I couldn't help but moan with pleasure and pain as he spanked me.

What was happening? I was getting aroused by a spanking from my Professor!So was he. I felt his hard cock poking against my thighs. I felt his hand smack hard and then stop, hand resting on my ass. He slid me off his lap and to the floor.

"Stay there, Katie, kneel for me....be a good girl..."

I looked up, having my ass paddled firmly by this man, I obeyed by staying on the floor, getting to my knees, in a kneeling position.

"Lovely, Katie...." he said and he stood before me as I knelt on the floor looking up at him. He pressed my face into his pants and I felt his arousal hard on my cheek.

"See what you do to me, Katie, in your writing and also here now..."

He took a hand and swifty unzipped his pants, taking the other hand to my pigtails and leaning closer. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it along my lips, I let my tongue slip out and coat the head in saliva. He groaned a little and slid his finger and his cock head into my parted lips, making sure to coat it with more spit from my tongue.

He sucked in air and pressed his rock hard cock forward into my mouth. My mouth forced to open to take him in, my tongue working to please. So eager to please...

My cunt creamed at the situation of me on my knees obeying his commands. I started to suck slowly and he pulled harder, urging my mouth down further around his cock. I opened my mouth wider to take him deeper. "That's nice, Katie but I need a little more..."

He gripped my hair tighter as he started to fuck my mouth carefully and roughly. I felt his pulsing cock fill my hungry mouth and slid deeper with each thrust into my throat. He said as he started to thrust his fat cock deeper into my throat, taking my hair like handles and making me gag, louder then louder. My eyes watered and I worked hard to please him. He stopped abruptly and pulled his cock out, then slapped my face hard with his cock, back and forth, making me whimper a little. He then shoved his cock back into my throat and held it there, I squirmed and gagged, but he dominated my mouth harder. He smacked my naked tits with a backhand as he reamed my mouth, fucking it like a cunt. I moan as he used me like this, feeling like a slut with a cock fucking my mouth, humiliated that I was so wet from this, eager to please him, all these feelings in one...I looked up at him as he stood over me, dominating my mouth, in total control of it....

"Now Katie, stand up." He said suddenly. I let his cock drop from my mouth and stood. He leaned over and ran a finger along my pink slit. "Mmm..just as I expected, nice and wet." He smiled and said, "I knew this kind of treatment would make your pussy wet, Katie. I could tell from your writing that you would need this..."

I closed my eyes, blushing, ashamed of my secret.

"Nothing to blush about, Miss Katie, I will train you to unleash that submissive inside you..." He slid a finger along my cunt lips slowly and then brought it to my lips. "Taste your desire, Katie, taste what a submissive slut tastes like." He slid his finger into my parted lips and I tasted my own juices, his finger was wet and tasted of my sweet salty juices." I licked at it obediently, craving more, feeling my cunt gush as he made me do this. "Mmm...Katie is hungry I see." He held my head as he slid his finger deeper into my mouth, making me gag a little. "You see, I like to make nasty girls gag..." He smiled as he watched my eyes water. He then thrust my head forward and held his cock up to my lips, "Now suck, little slut Katie..." he grabbed my head and shoved his cock into my open mouth, I sucked harder, tasting his pre cum and my juices both on my tongue. His thrusts made my tits shake and my nipples ached with arousal. I sucked his cock loudly, making slurping noises in between gagging involuntarily and he dominated my throat. His heavy balls smacked my lips and chin as he used my mouth. He reached down and pinched my nipples and I moaned hot breath on his cock. He smacked my tits and I felt them shake harder. "What a good little cocksucker you are, Katie. You have cocksuckers' lips, I knew it the first time I saw you..." My pussy juices ran down my thighs as he said these words. I moaned louder on his cock as it filled up my throat over and over. " He used my pigtails and handles as he drove his cock into my abused mouth. He grabbed my face and held it with one hand as he slapped his cock across my face and tongue. "Now open up Katie, you are going to earn my cum." He slapped his cock across my tongue and lips and then I felt the warm wet cum start to cover my mouth, he moved my face forward and proceeded to coat my forehead, cheeks and mouth with his hot white creamy cum. "Don't move, Katie, you really have earned this..." I let out a moan as he held me in place and creamed my face. I felt it drip from my mouth to my lips as he smacked my nipples again. "Good girl, now leave it there....."

I looked at him in surprise. "You heard me, leave my cum on your face, you made me so hard and made me cum today, you will now wear it to show your obedience. Wear it there and walk back to your apartment, just like that..."

I dressed quickly, stood and he opened the door, gesturing his hand out. I was so pissed.

I left the office and made my way across campus, trying not to be seen with cum on my face. I was totally humiliated. I showered and tried to erase the images of Sir's domination from my mind. I felt the warm water wash over me and I started to relax. My mind drifted to the recent images of me on my knees, obeying my Professor, as he dominated my mouth and made me obey him. I felt myself growing wet between my legs and felt shocked at my bodys' reaction to this use. What was the matter with me? I blushed at the images in my mind of his cock in my mouth, I could still taste him on my tongue. I felt my hands slowly start to caress my tits, my nipples aching at the touch, feeling my pussy lips start to drip as I remembered the afternoon. I rubbed my clit and felt its hardness, my pussy aching to be filled with a hot cock. Maybe next time, Sir would fuck me hard over his desk. OMG, shocked at my own thoughts, I stopped rubbing my clit and took my hands out to wash under the water. I just can't go back there, it's not right. I have to forget this. I dried off and dressed quickly, trying not to think of anymore. I stood before the mirror and looked at myself. I still looked the same as I did this morning, or did I? There was something there, behind my eyes, a secret. Something deeper than the surface...I shook myself out of thoughts and decided to take a walk. I walked a few miles around campus and found myself standing outside East Hall, where my Professors office was. I stood nervously at the front door, debating on whether to go in. I finally got some courage and opened the door. I made my way up to the offices and noticed how quiet it was. It was late in the day and everyone had gone home.

I took the stairs and took my time, I had never noticed how ornate the building was, columns, carved ceilings and beautiful architecture. I was caught up in my surroundings when I heard footsteps. Uh oh, who was that? Was it him? I felt fear rise up in my stomach and turned to go back down the stairs, but I heard a door open and I froze. I didn't see anything at first and then a shadow stood in the doorway of the 3rd floor entryway. My hear beat faster, I knew it was him. He stood at the doorway wearing a white shirt, sleeves rolled up, khakis, casual and he smiled when he saw me. He tipped his head to the side as a gesture for me to come up and turned and walked back through the door. I followed up the stairs and down the hall to his office. The lights in the hallway were out but some late day sun was still streaming through in rays. I didn't see him when I entered his office, noticing that it looked so much like a normal Professors office with bookshelves, a big desk by the window, a potted palm in the corner of the room. No one could tell by looking at it that some kinky sex had gone down here.

There was a key laying on the chair by the window. It looked like a locker or key to a safe. On it was tied a red ribbon. I picked it up and looked at it while I sat down on the comfy chair, looking around, still wondering why I was here, when I should really be running away.

I turned the key on the lock and opened the door. Inside were several hangers with clothes hanging on them. I reached up to look at them, one was a plaid skirt, the other a white blouse, in a small bag were thigh high stockings, a white lace bra and also white lace panties. There was a note as well, "Class starts in 10 minutes, don't be late."

Seriously? Was I supposed to wear this? There were also 2 ponytail holders. Pigtails, I knew it. I pushed the items back into the closet and shut the door. WTF, I can't do this. I grabbed my purse and started to leave and then remembered that a few years ago, on Halloween, our sorority had dressed up like schoolgirls in uniforms and had a blast. Why was this any different? Well for starters, it was Halloween and not some kinky teacher's idea of sexy.

I braided my pigtails on both sides and tied them off with the ponytail holders. The white shirt was too small and it didn't hide the lace bra much at all, I'm sure that was the idea. The panties were actually pretty comfortable and I had to admit my legs looked awesome in the short plaid skirt. Once dressed, I felt a surge of daring, naughtiness stirred in my stomach. I grabbed my purse and stuffed my clothes into it, a switch in my step as I walked out of the room.

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