tagIncest/TabooMy Promiscuous Mom Pt. 01

My Promiscuous Mom Pt. 01

byGeorge VI©

Author's note: This is a slow-developing story. While I hope you find the story erotic from the beginning, the real heavy sweating and grinding doesn't happen until the later chapters.

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fictional. All characters are 18.


I always thought my mom was such a prude. She acts conservative, dresses conservatively, doesn't use bad language, and scolds me and my sister for saying anything that she considers the slightest bit inappropriate. A prim, naive, churchgoing mom to the point of embarrassment. Or so I thought.

I started to consider the possibility that she had another side of her when I had some friends over after school. We were munching on snacks at the kitchen table, and I left Brian, Chad, and Ron there to finish up while I went down to the basement to try to get the Playstation hooked up. Just a couple of minutes later when I came up to look for an RCA cable, Mom was in the kitchen, having just come home from work. I went into the living room to look for the cable without being spotted by Mom or the guys. From there, just around the corner, I could hear their conversation. After Mom's standard greetings to the guys, and the guys' standard, "Hi, Mrs. Balin," Mom asked them, "Where's Brad?"

"He's downstairs hooking up the Playstation," Brian replied.

Mom continued chatting with them, asking how school was, if they needed any more snacks or drinks, etc. "I spilled some lunch on my clothes," she said. I better get these off and into the wash right away." I peeked into the kitchen. I could see the tall, brown-haired figure of my mom with her back to me. She was wearing a typically conservative work outfit; a sweater under a blazer, and some black slacks. Mom slowly dropped her blazer off of her shoulders, and hung in on the back of an empty kitchen chair. She slowly sauntered into the laundry room, which was connected to the kitchen. All of the guys' eyes followed Mom, so nobody noticed me looking in.

Mom very deliberately closed the laundry room door, but left it open a good foot or more. My three friends' heads were turned and peering through the door. Mom was only partially visible from my distant angle, but completely in view to my friends just six feet away from her. I could see her grab the hem of her sweater, and pull it off. She unzipped her slacks, and slowly pulled them down her long legs. Standing in a big black bra and pink cotton panties, she threw the dirty garments into the washer. My friends were silent as they watched Mom turn her back to us and take some clothes off of the hangers above the dryer. They were no doubt staring at her panty-clad butt while Mom took her time pulling up some denim slacks, bending at the waist. Then she turned toward the door and gave them a good frontal view as she finished pulling up her pants, and then threw a t-shirt over her bra.

The guys turned away as Mom opened the door and re-entered the kitchen. I ducked from view as I heard Mom simply say, "see you boys later," as she walked upstairs.

I could hear multiple muted groans and exhales from my friends. "She seems like Little Miss Priss all the time, and then when Brad's not around she does shit like that!" said Chad in a low tone.


I was pissed and embarrassed. Fuming! How dumb was my mom? How could she humiliate me like that, letting my friends see her in her underwear? She never even lets ME see her in her underwear! How embarrassing, to have my friends looking at my mom like that, and talking about her like she was just some chick! I seethed the rest of the night. By the time the guys left, my sister Susan was home, and I couldn't yell at Mom. It wasn't until nearly bedtime, when Susan was downstairs watching TV and Mom went to her bedroom that I went up to confront her.

When I went upstairs, Mom's bedroom door was open. She was heading into her bathroom. She turned and looked at me just inside her bedroom, and said, "Yes, Brad?"

"Mom, all the guys were watching you change clothes in the laundry room!"

"What? Oh, no, I don't think they were."

"Yes they definitely were! You left the door wide open!"

"Oh, it wasn't WIDE open," retorted a smiling Mom, as she stood with her hands on her hips.

"Well, it was open enough! You could have closed it, or gone into the bathroom right there to change. It's hard to face them knowing you let them see you in your underwear!"

"Oh, it's no big deal, it's just underwear."

"You won't even let ME see you in your underwear," I blurted, without realizing what I said. "We'll see what Dad says about you doing that! I'm telling him!" I was so mad at her cavalier attitude and seeming lack of respect for my feelings that I was making idle threats.

"Please don't tell Dad, OK?" asked Mom.

Now she seemed to be taking me seriously. "You want me to keep secrets from Dad?"

There was a pause as she looked at me, her head bobbling slightly. "If I let you see me in my underwear, will you promise not to tell your Dad about the boys?"

"Huh?" She's suggesting she'll bribe me for my silence? Just then, I heard the garage door open. Mom heard it too. No doubt Dad was home.

"Do you promise not to tell Dad?" Mom asked slowly and calmly.

I could hear the downstairs door to the garage open, and the footsteps of Dad entering the kitchen. "Uh, Yeah," I answered, a little befuddled.

Mom crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her shirt, and lifted it up over her head, and dropped it on the floor. She unzipped her jeans, and wiggled them down her hips. As she bent over to pull her pants off of her long legs, I stared down into the significant cleavage that was spilling out of her bra. I hadn't realized that Mom had such big tits. Well I guess I KNEW she did, but I hadn't REALIZED!

Mom stepped out of the pants, put her hands out and in the air, palms up, like a model, and posed for me in her bra and panties.

"See, no big deal," she calmly said. But she had a dirty smirk on her face like she knew it was. And it was for me, seeing a woman in only her bra and panties for the first time.

After a long moment of gawking at her with my mouth open, Dad's voice at the bottom of the stairs broke up the moment. Mom picked up her nightgown from the bed, and headed into her bathroom. I watched her ass cheeks rise and fall in her tight cotton panties as she walked away and closed the door.

I was in shock and trembling. I didn't realize I could get so aroused by looking at my own mom in her underwear. I stumbled down to my bedroom, climbed into bed, and for the first time jerked off envisioning my mom as my sex fantasy. God, my mom is such a slut!


I spent the next several days wearing loose jogging pants, and almost constantly playing with my dick, thinking of Mom in her bra and panties, smiling and posing. Having had an incestuous awakening, I started watching Mom closer. I realized what an attractive older woman she was. Though well into her 40s, she had a pretty face with full kissable lips, shoulder length brown hair, was very tall with long legs, really big tits (40D according to her bra!), and a respectable shape for a woman her age, if one forgives a few flaws.

Not only was I looking at her differently, I started watching her interactions with others more closely. I kept recalling what Chad said: "When Brad's not around she does shit like that!" I'd love to hear what "shit" she's done with my friends.

The following weekend, a number of Dad's relatives, along with our family, stayed at my aunt and uncle's house for no particular reason, although it was one of my younger cousin's birthday. Some people had to leave early on Saturday, so late that morning after breakfast, while most people were still in their pajamas, my aunt brought out cake and presents. We were about to start singing "Happy Birthday" when I got stuck taking out my dog. Outside, the dog walked around to the back kitchen window, and I could see all of my cousins and aunts and uncles crowded around the kitchen table to sing to my cousin. It was a cloudy morning, and all of the lights were on in the kitchen. Dad was in the middle of the pack with his back to me. Mom was standing in the very back, behind Dad, just to the right of Uncle Bill. Mom was wearing her typically frumpy sleepwear: a loose, sloppy, navy cotton jogging suit. Her bulky sweatshirt hid her voluptuous figure pretty well, and covered the top two-thirds of her ass. She was wearing a white t-shirt under it that hung below the sweatshirt.

Uncle Bill was my dad's brother. He was a year or two older than my dad, taller and in better shape than my dad, but he had less hair. Uncle Bill's shoulders were brushing against Mom's. Uncle Bill put his right arm around Mom, and rested his hand on her right hip. Everybody else was in front of them, watching my cousin opening presents, except for me peering through the window. Uncle Bill and Mom seemed to exchange subtle glances, then both looked forward. Uncle Bill lowered his hand down further, and rested his palm square on Mom's right butt cheek.

Mom did nothing to stop this brazen move. If anything, she may have moved a little closer to Uncle Bill. They both kept watching the gift opening. Bill's hand did more than rest there – his palm slowly circled Mom's half-globe, sliding a little under her sweatshirt, squeezing Mom's ass through her sweatpants.

I watched with growing anger at Mom and Uncle Bill for getting dirty like that, with my unknowing dad just a few feet away from them. I also realized that there was a tingling in my groin, as my cock began to stiffen.

Uncle Bill moved his palm between Mom's two cheeks, and ran his fingers right up her butt crack, before moving away from her. With no acknowledgement from either, they went about their way as the party around the table broke up.


All of my nuclear family's clothes were in one bedroom upstairs. By the time I'd gotten inside with the dog, Mom was in the bedroom getting ready to change, with the door still ajar. I barged into the bedroom and closed the door behind me. "Mom, I saw you and Uncle Bill through the window. You were letting him GROPE you!"

"Whhaa, what?" Mom stammered. She was speechless for a moment. "Oh, that was nothing. He just patted me on the rear. We're family."

"He more than patted. A lot more!" I said.

"Honey," Mom said, "Don't make a big deal about it. And don't tell anyone what you saw."

"If it's not a big deal, then you won't mind me telling Dad and Aunt Jane what I saw," I said, and began to walk towards the door.

Mom moved between the door and me. "Brad, wait! PLEASE don't go out there and say anything to anybody."

The look in her eyes told me she was pretty desperate for me to cover for her. "Why shouldn't I?" I asked her, standing right in front of her near the door.

"What would you like from me?" She asked.

Was mom offering a bribe? She was in a tight spot. But what was I going to do? Demand money from my mom? What I really wanted at the moment was right in front of me. "Since it's 'not a big deal', I'd like what Uncle Bill got."

Mom looked at me with her "angry mom" look, and I thought I'd gone too far. But then her face softened. "THAT'S what you want to be quiet?"

I'm about as tall as Mom. Alone in the bedroom, with the din of the relatives wafting up the stairs the only noise, I saw mom take a deep breath. She moved her hands out and grabbed my wrists. She pulled them toward her and around her. She placed both of my palms squarely on her butt.

I was so close I was nearly hugging her now. Mom now had that dirty smirk that she wore when she stood in front of me in her underwear. I curled my fingers around her two butt cheeks. I did what Uncle Bill did, circling my palm over her cheeks, except that I had both cheeks in my hands. I felt Mom clench her butt cheeks tightly, and loosen them again, and I squeezed her soft flesh hard, letting it ooze between my fingers. My hands were over her sweatpants, under her sweatshirt.

Mom reached around me, and placed her palms on my ass! It took me by surprise, but then I relaxed as she squeezed my ass the way I was squeezing hers. Mom's back was leaning against the door, but her hips were thrust forward. She spread her legs slightly, and pulled me close enough to her that my crotch was touching hers. Almost as good as the ass-groping was having my hard cock pressing against what I could tell was Mom's pussy mound. She slowly rubbed her pussy up and down on my dick.

I've hugged my mom all my life, so I was used to being close to her. But this time my eyes were looking right into hers, inches away. Our lips were practically touching, and for a moment I considered kissing her, but I was chicken to try.

The deal was that I got to do what I'd seen Uncle Bill do, but I tried one thing he didn't. After having my way with mom's ass for a half-minute, jiggling and lifting Mom's fleshy butt cheeks, and since she seemed to be enjoying groping my ass, I tried subtly hooking my left thumb into the elastic of her jogging pants, and pulling down a little. But I only got a few inches when Mom broke her grip of me and took hold of my forearms. "That's enough," she said. She placed my hands to my sides, and the spell was broken, and she became Mom again. "I have to get dressed now," she said, opened the door behind her, and moved aside to let me out. I took my queue and left the room. But with one look back, I saw mom give me a little smirk. God, she's a slut!

CHAPTER 3) The next day – the very next fucking day, Sunday at Uncle Bill's house, everybody was getting ready to go home. I have a first cousin named Jimmy that's my age. At these family gatherings I usually spend most of my time hanging with him. His family was leaving shortly before ours. As his family was loading their van, and my family was packing our gear and making one last check around the house for forgotten items, I was upstairs in the darkened bedroom we had used, when I heard Mom walk up the stairs and call for Jimmy. She found him in another bedroom kitty-corner to the one I was in. Up until recently I wouldn't have thought anything about it. But rather than drawing attention to myself, I peeked across the hall into the other bedroom.

"Jimmy, you weren't going to leave without giving me a hug, were you?" Mom said.

Jimmy's shorter and skinnier than me, and a quiet kid. "Uh, no," he stammered, looking up at Mom. Mom was wearing a heavy knit sweater. It wasn't all that flattering, except that it made her tits look big and round.

"Give your aunt a hug, then," Mom said. She wrapped her arms around Jimmy. She hugged him close for a minute.

Hugs aren't uncommon among my family members, although sometimes aunts and uncles have to beg for them from the little ones. Sometimes some aunts will give one of us a peck on the cheek. But I saw Mom do something I never saw before. She planted her lips right on Jimmy's and kissed him. Long. Tenderly.

Mom held onto her nephew as she made out with him, moving her lips, jaws, and neck. She put one hand behind his head, and held it in place while she twisted hers. Her mouth was open and I could hear the smacking sounds as she sucked his lips. I watched her big tits pressed against Jimmy's chest. Jimmy appeared reluctant for a second, then wrapped his arms lightly around Mom, and went with it.

Finally, Jimmy came up for air. He had a big smile on his face. He took a deep breath.

"Come and visit me sometime," Mom said quietly. Not "us," but "me." Jimmy just shook his head up and down as Mom left the room.


The entire drive home, from my seat in the back of our van, I stared at Mom's lips, wondering what it would be like to kiss them. Damn Jimmy for obviously enjoying kissing my mom, his aunt. Damn Mom for acting like a slut. Damn, I was jealous.

We got home Sunday night. My sister was in her room, doing homework. Dad was lying on the couch in the family room. He had a ballgame on the TV, but his glasses were off, his eyes were closed, and he was snoring. Mom was just around the corner, in the kitchen, putting clean dishes away. She was wearing the same black denim slacks and knit sweater that she wore a few hours earlier while making out with my cousin. I approached her quietly so as not to wake dad.

"Mom, Mom!" I quietly scolded.

"What?" She asked, turning around to face me.

"My cousin! Your own nephew!"

"Uh what?"

"I saw you with Jimmy."

"Oh. Uh, when? What did you see?"

"I saw you kissing him."

"Oh, that. In the bedroom."


"So I kissed him goodbye. I can't kiss my own nephew?"

"You know that wasn't just a kiss. You were making out with him."

"Shh. Not so loud," Mom scolded, nodding to my sleeping dad. I couldn't see his face around the corner, but I could see his feet still up on the couch, and I could hear him snoring.

"Do you want me to go wake him up and tell him what we're talking about?" I said, pulling the "I'm telling Dad" card.

"No, no. What do you want me to do?"

"I want what Jimmy got."

Mom knew what I meant. Her expression changed from "bothered," to "mischievous." "You know that's just wrong."

I stood silently across from Mom for a moment. She leaned back against the kitchen counter and folded her arms. Her eyes darted over to Dad's feet and my eyes. She sighed. "Where's your sister?"

"She's doing homework in her room."

Mom couldn't suppress her dirty little smirk. She unfolded her arms, and put them around me. I put my arms around her back. She pulled me closer to her, turned her head sideways just a little, tilted her chin up, and pressed her lips against mine. Mom made out with me.

With the sound of the TV and Dad's snoring just barely around the corner, Mom and I were entwined and kissing. Her soft lips were gently pressing mine, her mouth was opened wide, and her tongue slithered into my mouth and found my tongue. I wasn't expecting that, and after momentarily not knowing what to do, I stuck my tongue out. Mom's tongue twirled around mine, and I tried to mimic it with my tongue. I had no experience at it, and I got too slobbery and drooly.

With wetness dribbling down our chins, Mom breathed hard. I could hear our lips smacking. I felt her big tits pressing into my chest.

Just for good measure, I moved my hands down over her denim slacks and squeezed her ass cheeks. She inhaled audibly, pulled me closer, and continued her tongue whipping.

Dad made a snorting noise in the next room, and we quickly broke off and released each other. I looked at Dad, then back to Mom. In the fluorescent kitchen lighting, I saw her saliva-covered mouth and chin. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve.

Dad continued to sleep, but Mom returned to putting away dishes. She took one last look back at me, smiling. I returned the smile, then went down to my bedroom to get ready for bed, and to jack off.


My car was in the shop with a bad belt. Rather than walking home from school, I took Mom's van, and I had to go pick her up from work after school. Mom works part-time, three days a week. I got to her office about 3:30 PM, and she retrieved me from the reception area. She told me she'd be another hour or so, and said she'd set me up in the empty cubicle next to her to do my homework while I waited.

The woman that met me in the reception area did not look like my mom. That morning when I took Mom to work, she was wearing a loose button blouse with the tails out, covering her light blue dress slacks in back. She usually wore frumpy outfits like that to work; a loose un-tucked blouse, a buttoned blazer, or a fleece sweater that zipped up. Always loose tops that covered her ass. Now at work, she had taken off the blouse, and for the first time I saw what she had on under it. Her red sweater was thin and tight and clung to her like a second skin, showing every detail of her bra through it. It scooped way down in front, and some of her ample cleavage was popping out the front. As she walked toward me, I could see her heavy tits sway a little. As she led me down the hall to her desk, I stared at her ass. Her slacks were also skin-tight, clinging to her ass, showing her panty lines, which were smaller than any of the panties I'd seen her wear around me. I'm not sure her ass was small enough to be wearing tight stuff like that, but it sure was sexy watching her cheeks rise and fall. Damn, she dresses so conservatively around my family and me, but at the office she dresses like a slut!

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